No, They’re Not 5G-Enabled

This Everyday Glassware Is Made of Old Smartphone Screens

How many times have you read about how scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, grease-resistant, everything-resistant the screens of contemporary smartphones are? The German-English master trash-turned-treasure designers at Pentatonic heard it a lot, and noticed that despite how durable and high-tech each new release was at the time, it was inevitably phased out and by-and-large disposed of in two years at most. So the company, which has literally made it its business to make garbage into artful, useful products, has a new, massive material base to build stuff with.

Hence its new line of curvey, smokey everyday glassware dubbed “Handy,” with the tagline “we’ve decided to reunite your hands with your old smartphone screens.” The line consists of a bowl, and sets of small and large glasses, each letting you know how many doomed-to-landfill smartphone screens were used to manufacture it. Starting at $45, they’re available now.

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