There isn’t really a question about who makes the best home espresso machines. According to the likes of Business Insider, Spruce Eats, Epicurious and virtually any other review site that’s gotten its hands on one, Breville’s espresso makers are the best for non-coffee professionals.

This makes a lot of sense. Breville is an Australian company and Australia has been an espresso country for well over a decade. Eight strong, its line of espresso makers routinely haul in awards, and now Breville has released the most affordable, compact addition yet — the Bambino Plus ($500)

The Bambino Plus pulls useful tech from Breville’s larger, pricier options — a three-second heat-up time, shot pre-infusion and its fairly incredible milk wand.

“Milk, in the past, has been the hardest thing to get right at home — a lot of milk frothers make this really blown-out, bubbly milk,” Joe Coffee’s Andrew Oberholzer once told us of the milk wand, “With this, you’re actually getting microfoam that’s possible to pour latte art with, if you know what you’re doing. I don’t know too many other home machines where you could actually steam that kind of quality of milk without even having to do anything.”

Unlike some its larger models, the Bambino does not come with a grinder or doser built-in. The process to making espresso on it is as follows: tamp, trim, press a button.

Breville’s Bambino Plus is available through its website and Williams Sonoma now.