Morgan may be the most distinctive brand in the automotive world. They were founded in Britain in 1910. And their old-timey design aesthetic has not evolved much beyond the immediate decades after that. The company still uses wood in its construction.

Morgan would probably be the last brand you would expect to get extra-trendy and build an off-road-capable overlanding vehicle. But that is precisely what has happened. Morgan partnered with Rally Raid UK on the Plus Four CX-T. The Plus Four is Morgan’s cheaper, four-wheeled vehicle — you have to clarify that with Morgan — and CX stands for the current-generation bonded aluminum platform. T equals trail, somewhere most Morgans have seldom if ever been.

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The Plus Four’s powertrain, a turbocharged 2.0-liter BMW engine putting out about 255 hp, is formidable. Modifications are about what you would expect. Morgan overhauled the suspension for a more robust setup and switched to off-road tires; the new system provides about nine inches of ground clearance. Morgan added a three-mode locking differential for improved traction. And there’s even a flexible rear storage solution for your YETI coolers, adventure gear or — since you own a Morgan — wicker picnic baskets and hunting equipment.

morgan plus four cx t


If the Morgan Plus Four CX-T strikes your fancy, you’re already too late. Morgan is producing a limited run of eight of them for 2021. They cost £170,000, a little over $234,000 at the present exchange rate, before taxes. And according to Road and Track, you’ll have to wait for one to pop up on the used market. All eight have been spoken for.


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