Electro-Harmonix released a compact reverb pedal with 11 highly tweakable modes. Dubbed the Oceans 11, this pedal is a significant follow-up to the brand’s highly popular Holy Grail reverb. While the older pedal has three digital and a single knob controlling saturation, the Oceans 11 pedal has many more reverb modes, a Time knob, a Tone knob and a Level knob. Also, a Mode button, situated between the knobs lets the user select up to three variations of many of the reverbs.

The reverbs included in this pedal include classics like Hall, Spring and Plate, and more exotic sounds like Auto-Inf (an auto infinite reverb that triggers a ‘reverb wash’ for each note) or Poly (a polyphonic reverb with two configurable bi-directional pitch shifts), among others. The pedal also has a Secondary Knob Mode that allows players to access hidden parameters to further tweak each effect. Also for those wanting complete control: an internal Tails switch allows players to choose whether the effect fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass.

The Oceans 11 pedal is the most recent in a number of triumphs for Electro-Harmonix in 2018. The company, founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews, released the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory ($550) in January — it was subsequently awarded Best in Show at the 2018 National Association of Music Merchants trade show. And, according to Matthews, the Oceans 11 pedal is Electro-Harmonix’s best reverb yet. If you’re looking for a highly versatile digital reverb pedal with a small footprint, this should definitely be at the top of your list.

More About Electro-Harmonix

Electro Harmonix is a pioneering force in the world of effects pedals. Since 1968, the company has created some of the most important and innovative pedals available and its latest release, the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory, is no exception. We interview founder Mike Matthews about brand’s enduring success.Read the Story