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starts under $20,000

Australia is renowned for heavy-duty all-terrain vehicles that can withstand the torturous Outback. So you can be more or less guaranteed that a company calling itself Australian Off Road would produce exactly that — even if the vehicle in question is actually designed to be towed behind another vehicle. Last year, we wrote about AOR’s Sierra trailer,  which is basically a mobile bunker in case your weekend goes all Mad Max. Now, AOR is offering a cheaper, pared-down version: the Sierra ZR.

The Sierra ZR offers pretty much maximum versatility, enabling you to turn it into whatever you want. It can be a fully out-fitted mobile campsite with a tent platform, a well-equipped kitchen, fridge and barbecue setup, awnings, even a shower; or, it can simply be a stripped-out rig to store your gear. Whatever your setup, the common element with all Sierra ZR is off-road capability; with dual Outback Armour Offroad shocks on each wheel and a 40.7-degree departure angle, it can follow your off-road vehicle of choice pretty much anywhere.

The Sierra ZR starts at a little above $19,000 in U.S. dollars — which is about $10,000 cheaper than the Sierra with its sleeper cabin. Neither trailer, alas, is available for sale in the United States as of this moment. But if you’re looking for an American alternative, the awesomely-named Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear has a similar concept, and a base model costs less than $10,000.

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