Curating a growing watch collection is all well and good, but if you don’t know how to perform some basic maintenance tasks such as changing a strap, replacing worn spring bars, or resizing a bracelet, you can easily begin racking up a hefty bill with your watchmaker. This basic watch repair kit features many of the tools that you need to get started, including spare spring bars, a case back opening tool, a spring bar tool, and a set of micro screwdrivers, all in a handy zip-up carrying case that allows you to easily bring the kit with you on the go.

There are numerous versions of this kit available, some of which come in soft carrying cases, some in hardshell aluminum cases, etc, but this one is a particularly good value and comes in a compact package, and though the tools inside admittedly aren’t as refined as those that a professional watchmaker would use, they’re more than adequate for the amateur tinkerer (I personally use a version of this kit on a weekly basis to re-size bracelets, replace spring bars, and open case backs).

You know what they say: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to re-size his own watch bracelet, and he never bothers you again.

…or something like that.

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