Entry-Level Iron

This 8-Inch Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet Is $11 Right Now

Cooking on cast iron has never been this accessible. Lodge, the king of affordable, American-made skillets, presents cast iron in its most basic format — heavy, heat-retaining and rough. More modern cast-iron skillets may machine down cooking surfaces or use various proprietary hand-casting techniques to create a smooth surface, but Lodge’s skillets are sold as-cast, and carry a noticeable sandpaper-like texture on the cooking surface. If you’re new to cooking on the cookware, it really isn’t much of an issue. But if you’re to pull the trigger, it may be of some comfort to know you can try it out for all of $11.

An ideal size for bachelors cooking for themselves, the 8-inch skillet accommodates a thick steak, fried eggs, bacon or a small serving of cornbread with relative ease. Its size also makes it a bit lighter than the more traditional 10 to 10.5-inch skillet ($15).

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