Between those who know how to dress and those who don’t, summer is the great equalizer. Gone are opportunities to show off your skills at matching patterns and textures over a dozen layers. Summer is about how little you can wear without making other people uncomfortable. Hence the short-sleeved t-shirt reigns supreme.

The plain, boring, single color and otherwise altogether uninteresting t-shirt is the shirt of summer. And if you care about value, you should care about Uniqlo’s wonderful Supima Crewneck.

It is unadorned and made with Supima cotton, which is essentially the best cotton you could hope any of your things to be made from. Supima is grown in the states, represents less than one percent of cotton grown worldwide and sports an extra-long staple, granting it strength and resistance to pilling.

Uniqlo’s Supima shirt is cozy, airy, comes in 10 colors and, right now, costs just $8. Stock up while you can.

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