As far as technology is concerned motorcycles are notoriously years behind the automotive industry. Anti-lock brakes, traction control, even digital displays were on cars long before the two-wheeled world got to enjoy them. But it’s always nice to see the moment motorcycles catch up and the Jarvish X-AR smart helmet is poised to be the next step that helps level the tech-playing field.

The Jarvish X-AR has a carbon fiber shell, cooling vents and comes with an industry standard ECE 22.05 safety rating. In a modern helmet, we’ve come to expect nothing less. It’s the technology built into the lid that’ll make it the most advanced motorcycle on the market. An integrated Heads Up Display, Alexa compatibility and built-in front and rear 360-degree cameras bring the Jarvish on par with any modern dashboard.

The front facing camera will be 2k quality, and the voice-activated, retractable heads-up display projects your current speed, the speed limit, navigation, directions, weather and doubles as the backup camera. The Jarvish also comes with a 16GB memory card, but you can opt for the more massive 256GB. One downside is that the battery life of the helmet is only four hours. So if you’re planning on a longer ride, it might make sense to bring an external battery or make sure you bring a charging cable to hook up the helmet to you 12v socket on your bike.

If you sign up now for a pre-order, you’ll get 35 percent of the full $1,320, which is a damn good deal, compared to buying a carbon helmet and attempting to tack all of these extras on afterward.

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