Porsche revealed the Mission E concept back in 2015, sending a clear warning shot to Tesla. Now Porsche has revealed that its production version, the Taycan, will be priced around the $90,000 to slot under the Panamera sedan. In other words, Porsche has gone from warning shot to clear target-lock on Tesla.

Tesla, regardless of build quality issues or small design faults, is the de facto benchmark in every aspect of electric vehicles. Still, performance, style and design were never going to be a worry with Porsche — whether an SUV, crossover or EV, Porsche refuses to let anything leave the factory unless it handles like ein Porsche and bleeds the brand’s design language. As such, the Taycan will be one of the pioneering EVs with the first 800-volt battery on the market — more power, quicker charging. It’s claimed to produce the equivalent of 600 horsepower and a range of 310 miles overall; when using a 350 kW charger for just 20-ish minutes, it should have a 250-mile range. For reference, the Tesla Model S 75D claims 518 hp a 300-mile total range; after 30 minutes on a Tesla Supercharger, it will yield 170 miles of range.

Porsche has the means to build a better Tesla than Tesla — that’s almost inarguable. The uphill battle Porsche faces is against Tesla’s well-established and ever-expanding Supercharger network around the country and the world. The Taycan will only charge as fast as the charger it’s hooked up to and standard EV charging points can’t handle that sort of speed. The numerous Tesla superchargers can give Tesla owners that kind of speed, but Taycan owners will have to resort to finding a Porsche dealership until the brand’s own network expands. Moving into the all-electric space takes a delicate balance of performance, design and style but also, crucially, customer support, given the still ever-present range anxiety factor. The Porsche Taycan is poised to steal a big chunk of the market from Tesla, but it also runs a real chance of failing right out of the gate.