The Most Powerful Instant Pot

The Biggest, Newest Instant Pot Is at an All-Time Low Price


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In a few short week Instant Pot will release the Max model, which will take the Ultra’s crown as biggest, baddest Instant Pot to date. But, until August 1, the 8-Quart Ultra is still the best you can buy, and today it’s 33 percent off.

That price drop — $180 to $120 — is the biggest in the product’s history by a $40 margin. Beyond being the newest and having a swanky LCD interface, the Ultra is the model you’ll want if you’re a recipe tinkerer, or you just hate recipes. It’s the only current model with programmability, which essentially means you can craft your own cook times and temperature levels. If you’re into min-maxing meals to the perfect setting, this is the Instant Pot to get. The 8-quart model is the biggest Instant Pot available, and the brand says it’s suitable for households of up to six people.

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