A good beach chair is light, stable and worth sitting on. Does it help if it looks decent? Sure, but after a few hours in the sun and sand, most are typically less inclined to worry about aesthetics. In finding the best beach chairs of the summer, we focused on ones that were cheap, comfortable and easy to carry. These 10 examples are all those things.

Rio Gear Aloha

Stupidly simle, stupidly cheap and the best chair to buy if there are a dozen people at your seaside HQ. The seat sits as low as low gets (like a classic beach chair) is 300D polyester and the frame is aluminum.

Rio Gear Beach Classic

Classic beach chair looks with a couple clever features — Rio Gear’s classic chair folds nicely and sports a surprisingly useful towel rack on the back. Five reclining positions, more than 25 color and pattern options and wood arms round out the value.

Chillbo Baggins 2.0

If you can get past the name and embrace its unconventional style, this is a great beach chair. It takes two to three minutes to blow up, allos you to either sit low like you would any beach chair, lay down or take it out into the water. Having used one for a recent beach trip I relate to you rolling your eyes at this, but you won’t get a lighter, more functional seat on the beach.

Wildhorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Chair

Fat Terragrip feet that are guaranteed not to sink into the sand to create the most stable chair you can get. This sits comfortably and weighs in at a very low two pounds. This chair is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with its own mesh carrying bag.

Lawn Chair USA Sea Island Beach Chair

Lawn Chair USA’s many-colored folding seats harken back to decades past with their flexible, comfortable cross-webbing. They also feature plastic armrests, which absorb less heat than wood or metal, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

Tayla Folding Beach Chair

It wouldn’t be a list of the best beach chairs without one of these on it. For the person who comes to the beach and whines about the sun, ther are these very foldable wonders. Multiple reclining positions, your own personal canopy and a zip up dry spot for cell phones and keys round out this obnoxious buy functional beach staple.

Oniva Picnic Time XL Chair

Where most beach chairs cap out at 250-pound weight capacities, Oniva’s wider, sturdier, altogether bigger chair carries up to 400. It comes with a lifetime warranty, a cup (beer) holder, sloped armrests and a powder-coated steel frame instead of the more liable to be aluminum.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Folding Chair

Similar to other high weight capacity chairs on this list, but for people who aren’t comfortable with the classic ultra-low seated beach chair — KingCamp’s steel chair folds up tidily. It’s certified for up to 330 pounds and folds out with a built-in side table and personal cooler bag. This is a great chair for heavier people or those with aching knee or back issues.

Crazy Creek Air Chair

You could argue this isn’t really a chair, seeing as you’re still sort of sitting on the ground. But, thanks to a total weight (when inflated) of 26 ounces, two layers of ripstop nylon and carbon fiber flat bar stays, this is ideal beach seating for those who move up and down the beach frequently.

Alite Designs Mayfly Chair

Thanks to the ripstop nylon and aluminum it’s made of, this wide-seat chair is just one-and-a-half pounds and probably the most durable on this list. It also rocks a bit if you want it to and comes with its own stuff sack.