Admit it. Nothing sucks more than having fire blown by the wind when you are lighting a campfire, a cigarette, or just acting out your inner arsonist with a lighter. It can sometimes be time-consuming to get that spark in an angle that does not catch the breeze.

Good thing there are people who find it necessary to create a nifty device that creates a fire that never goes out. The Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0 is perfect for those times when you are roughing it out in the woods. It is fuel-free and works on an electric charge.

This ingenious device is windproof because there’s no flame to blow it. Instead, it shoots plasma between two nodes to create an electrical arc powerful enough to light something on fire. This flip-style lighter comes with a micro-USB cable for charging.

This lighter is a perfect EDC device because it not only creates fire but also functions as a flashlight. It has a built-in 15 lumen LED light in the bottom, which activates with a 3-button click

The Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0 is made from premium and durable high-temperature resistant, soft-touch plastic.  It is also extremely lightweight at 1.4 ounces, making it portable to carry around in your pocket, so you never have any excuse not to bring it with you.

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Photos Courtesy Of Power Practical