If you’ve never experienced the performance and quality delivered by a properly-configured audiophile setup then you are probably missing out on audio nirvana. Experts suggest that in order to maximize your enjoyment, you need the appropriate gear. This includes a pair of Hi-Fi headphones, a lossless audio compression format of your favorite beat, and a Hi-Fi media player with all the bells and whistles to handle everything we throw at it. The Sony DMP-Z1 seems like the perfect candidate for the latter on the list.

Let’s face it, a lot of us indulge in our music collection via our smart devices or portable music players like the iPod. Some are just content to slip on a pair of headphones or earbuds and groove along with their tunes. With the DMP-Z1, playback will not be a problem since it supports a variety of conventional lossless formats. The craftsmanship of the device is mesmerizing, we can make out an H-shaped chassis designed to separate each circuit board—this apparently reduces external interference. Moreover, the elegant analog volume knob is plated with both copper and gold to keep the signal pure.

The device comes with 256 GB of internal storage, but if you need more space, there are 2 microSD slots available for expansion. Its Bluetooth receiver can even improve your wireless music stream via DSEE HX upscaling. A full charge provides approximately 10 hours of playback for regular formats and around 9 hours for lossless formats. It even comes with a carrying case to protect your investment—after all, the DMP-Z1 is priced at almost $8,000.

Sony DMP-Z1

Photos courtesy of Sony