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Chinese automaker GAC Motors, also known as Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. (and Trumpchi, but not here), is entering the North American market late in 2019. The company made the announcement at this year’s Detroit auto show, alongside its ambitious Enverge all-electric concept. Trying to establish a dealer network, GAC’s president announced the company is attending the North American Auto Dealers show later this year.

Before you question the idea of buying a car from a Chinese car company, consider that Volvo is owned by the Chinese corporation Geely, and sales are better than they’ve been in years. Closer to home, Buick’s Envision crossover is built in and imported from China to the United States. It’s only the next logical step for a Chinese car company to start shipping its own products here.

We’ll be interested to see what cars GAC introduces to the States. GAC brass said the production version of the Enverge concept is targeted at the United States, so we assume that it’ll be part of the launch alongside its Volkswagen Atlas-like crossover. To know for certain, we’ll have to wait until late next year to see if GAC is still on target.