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Prefix Performance, the outfit that revealed its take on the fifth-generation Dodge Viper convertible two weeks ago, said on Monday that it acquired Arrow Racing Engines to aid in the development of more performance vehicles.

Arrow was founded more than 30 years ago to support Chrysler Motorsports, Performance Parts and Production. The team was involved with the Viper’s V10 engine development, as well as supporting design, research and testing.

Prefix also purchased the assets of Arrow Performance Parts in Canton, Mich., and will combine them with its Prefix Tool business, which can do specialized machining of engine blocks and heads.

The company is now a fully functioning manufacturing base that can create special custom vehicles, design and build luxury interiors, make prototypes and do precision machining, paint and finishing.

“The engine development and performance expertise was all that was absent.” says Prefix CEO Kim Zeile. “This addition provides us with every element necessary to develop new specialty performance vehicles, while at the same time expanding opportunities with our existing customers.”

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