The Reverso was initially built decades ago with the very singular purpose of being a watch that could be worn during polo matches without getting destroyed. Yeah. The reversible timepiece was little more than a time-only watch on one side and a blank steel case on the back that would protect the rest of the watch from a wayward polo mallet. The Reverso has since become iconic to the brand, in the years since its inception, the “reversible watch” concept has allowed the watchmaker to get creative.

This concept is what we have here in the Reverso Tribute Tourbillon Duoface, a celebration of the brand’s 185th birthday and a super-limited run of about 50 pieces. The watch is, on the surface, a classic, blue-dial Reverso but, as “Duoface” suggests, flip it over and you have a second, intricate and skeletonized dial showing off some of the movement’s inner workings. Each dial can also be set to a different time zone.

This isn’t the first time the two-dial concept has been incorporated on the Reverso, but it is the first time a Duoface Reverso gets a tourbillon. A refresher: a tourbillon is a highly-complex mechanism in which the watch’s escapement and balance wheel are mounted in a rotating cage in order to negate the adverse effects gravity has upon a watch’s accuracy. The overall effectiveness of the tourbillon is arguable, but regardless, it’s a difficult-to-manufacture, beautiful complication that’ll set you back tens of thousands of dollars at the very least.

The tourbillon’s inclusion here on a two-faced watch and on an iconic design is, more than anything, an unabashed display of Jaeger’s watchmaking prowess and is reflected in the watch’s price: an eye-watering $123,000.