Whether you’re a hardcore runner or you’re just getting started, there’s no easier way to find inspiration than by scrolling through Instagram. There are loads of underground run crews and organized groups that list runs, motivational quotes and showcase races. We picked through a few of our favorite running accounts — from individual elites to big-time track clubs to photographers — to help you find your mojo. There’s sure to be something in here that’ll get you out to the track or on the road. It’s basically like crowdsourcing your workout.


This race used to be a total secret — all 340 miles of it. Dubbed The Speed Project or TSP, there are no rules. Your team has to get from the Santa Monica Pier to Las Vegas on foot. The rest is up to you. The race takes place at the end of March, but follow along year-round for motivational images of runners pushing themselves to the absolute limit.


The winner of last year’s New York City Marathon (one of the best if we’re being honest), shares her journey with running. Get updates on her cookbook, what she’s eating, feel-good moments from past races and her role as a team member of the Bowerman Track Club (and Bowerman Babes).


This London-based running crew shares its weekly runs and running puns, along with race day results for the team. Our favorite posts part of a partnership between Jaybird and RunDemCrew founder, Charlie Dark, which features pumping music and a history lesson on London running.


Bridge Runners is an NYC-based crew that’s looking to “bridge the gap” in running. Follow along for special events, weekly runs and a dash of party time — get ready to see lots of bridges. Bridge Runners has been around since 2004 and meets weekly on Wednesdays, running over — you guessed it — all the bridges.


Pretend Jerry Schumacher is your coach and Olympic medalists are your teammates when you follow the Bowerman Track Club. We’d recommend monitoring this account closely as marathon season continues to unfurl to be the first to know who’s racing when. Plus, with the 2020 Olympics in sight, we’re sure there will be a load of athletes coming out of this Oregon-based track club.


This digital content production studio monitors all types of athletes, but mainly track and field. Most posts include a plethora of racing photos, each accompanied by a run-centric quote.


Tempo Journal is an online magazine focused on the tempo of running internationally. From the launch of the Pegasus Turbo, to a weekend of running with Australia’s next generation of track stars, the publication hits a wide range of topics with high-brow athletes.


Founded and written by runners, Citius Mag’s Instagram and corresponding website bring a bit of humor to the running world. Citius means faster in Latin, which is certainly fitting for a magazine focused on running.


Jason Suarez, a photographer who covers all things sports related, shares his picks on Instagram, which is heavily running-focused. He has shot everything from the 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships, to the Orchard Street Runners 10K, to Mo Farah and Abdi Abdirahman’s practice. There’s a lot to take in here.