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Ahead of the Dubai International Motor Show, Infiniti is teasing its next-gen QX80 full-size SUV. We don’t know much about the upcoming Infiniti QX80, other than its current polarizing styling is going to change, and the SUV will still be a luxurious behemoth — at least, judging from the interior’s teaser.

Looking at the QX80 Monograph, the next-gen QX80’s concept design, we can imagine that the styling will be sharper on the new SUV. Of course, the razor-thin pillars won’t make it to production, but the boxier shape should. The bigger grille looks to have also made it from the concept stage to the production, finally ridding the design of its bulbous hood.

 The Infiniti QX80 Monograph concept New York auto show preview

Formerly known as the QX56, the QX80 got a new name in 2013 but never changed much in appearance. We doubt that the QX80’s powertrain will see much of a change and expect the new QX80 to still offer the 5.6-liter V8.

Until the folks at Infiniti rip the cover off the new QX80 in Dubai, these teasers are all we have to go by.