Logitech just announced a new wireless mouse that’s the ideal portable solution for laptops and tablets, but it’s really great people who take a lot of video calls. That’s because the MX Anywhere 3 ($80) has customizable side buttons that, using Logitech’s Options software, you can program to toggle your microphone and video off and on during Zoom or Microsoft Teams video calls. No need to find the mute or video on/off buttons on the actual video call anymore.

The MX Anywhere 3 has a lot of other features that you’d find on Logitech’s higher-end wireless mice like the MX Master 3, too. The new mouse has a metal MagSpeed wheel that supports electromagnetic scrolling, and it is built with DPI Darkfield technology which makes it easy to use on most surface materials (not just a mouse pad). It also charges via USB-C.

The main thing is that the MX Anywhere 3 is very small and light— only 3.5 ounces — so it’s designed as a great portable mouse. You can take it anywhere and it’ll work with your iPad or laptop. Plus, you’ll likely get used to the small size in no time.

The MX Anywhere 3 comes in two different models: one that’s optimized for Windows, Chrome OS and Linux computers, and one that’s optimized for Apple’s Macs and iPads. The MX Anywhere 3 comes in three different colors, rose, graphite and gray, but the Mac version is only available in gray.

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is available for preorder right now, and you’ll be able to buy it from most retailers in early October.

Buy Now: $80 (Logitech) Buy Now: $80 (Amazon)

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