Bucket hats, also known as Boonie hats or giggle hats, have a long history in both the fishing world and in the military. With roots stemming from the Vietnam War, the bucket hat has made its way through a variety of branches of the military in olive drab and more recently, camo.

The reason it still rules the roost in the outdoors? Well, it’s practical, easy to use and acts as a storage spot for fishing flies. Did we mention these hats are easy to travel with? Fold ’em up, stuff in your bag and never worry about the hat holding its shape. Whether you decide to splurge on a more fashion-forward product or not, the OG style in a ripstop fabric still works wonders on fishing and hiking trips. Here are a variety of styles you can rock in any situation.

Declan Chelsea Boot by Grenson ~$93

Camp Boonie Hat by The North Face $35

Bucket Hat Green by RAINS ~$32

Tennis Hat by House of Paa $84

Bucket Hat by Engineered Garments $106

Boonie, Od Green by Tru-Spec $12

Boonie Hat Classic US Combat Army Style by UltraKey $8

Kiruna Bucket Hat by Fjallraven $55

Packable Bucket Hat by Champion x Beams $69

Propper Cotton Ripstop Boonie Hat by Tactical Gear $10

Field Rip Stop Hat by Snow Peak $73

Soft Mesh Hat by Snow Peak $85

Embroidered Linen and Cotton-Blend Bucket Hat by Battenwear $65

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