Aston Martin introduced its then all-new DB11 in 2016 with the V12 monster. However, the V8-powered DB11 landed and quickly eclipsed its bigger brother in both aural enjoyment and driving dynamics. Today, the sibling rivalry rages on with the introduction of the V12 Aston Martin DB11 AMR.

Utilizing the same 5.2-liter V12 as the standard DB11, the AMR variant adds 30 more horsepower bringing the total output up to 630 hp while torque remains strong at nearly 500 lb-ft. The jump in horsepower translates to immediate performance gains as the dash from 0 to 62 mph is over in just 3.7 seconds — an improvement of two tenths. If you keep your foot mashed on the throttle, you’ll eventually see a speedometer that reads 208 miles per hour.

Early drives of the ‘regular’ grand touring V12 machine garnered a lot of praise, but also a few points that needed addressing. For the AMR, the transmission is retuned, the exhaust has more bark — this car feels much more like the V12 we hoped to discover when driving the standard version.

Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s President and CEO wanted to draw more of the inherent sporting nature of the car out to the surface: “Since its initial launch back in 2016 the DB11 range has matured rapidly and intelligently, selling close to 4,200 V12 examples in that period. With the exceptional V8 Coupe and Volante we felt the V12 could reveal more of its sporting potential while remaining the consummate GT. By applying a suite of carefully considered performance and styling enhancements, the DB11 AMR is both faster — 208mph –and more precise. It’s a combination that engages and cossets in equal measure to create a dynamic and seductive new flagship for the DB11 range while consolidating the existing V12-powered DB11s as future collectibles.”

The new AMR V12 set itself apart with exposed carbon fiber trim pieces complimented by darkened headlight surrounds and smoked tail lights. The front grille, exhaust outlets, roof strake, side sills and splitters are also more delightfully evil looking.

The Aston Martin DB11 AMR is on sale now for $241,000, if you’re interested. If you want something more unique, however, you can always spring for the AMR Signature Edition, which gets more carbon fiber inside and out and is painted Stirling Green and Lime. Just 100 examples will be built and each will cost $300,000.

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