The greater robot-vacuum space is a weird one. For one, iRobot’s Roomba vacuums have become all but a generic trademark to anyone who’s yet to google “best Roomba” or “best automatic vacuum.” And though Roombas are perfectly effective, they come at price points not feasible to some people.

The solution for the budget-conscious would-be robo-vacuum owner are Eufy’s significantly cheaper robot helpers. The brand, a sub-brand of Anker Innovations, just released its latest and most-connected offering yet: the RoboVac 30C.

The 30C is much like the Eufy’s previous robot cleaners — comparatively affordable, backed by a reliable brand, and bolstered by quick cleaning and a decent warranty program — apart from a couple key new features. First, you can now command it to do its job via Google Assistant or Alexa, a first for the brand (you could already control and command it via its app). Second, it’s skinnier, which is quality-of-life add that helps folks with exceptionally low-riding furniture.

Eufy’s 30C is available on Amazon today.