Goodbye Changing Rooms

Amazon Finally Launches Prime Wardrobe, Its New Try-Before-You-Buy Style Service

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe might be the easiest and lowest-risk way of shopping for clothes online. The service, announced last summer, is finally available to all US Prime Members.

It works very simply and stocks an absurd amount of clothes. You cycle through the Prime Wardrobe list of eligible items (which is large), identify which you would rather try on before buying and order. Only you aren’t charged for anything until you want to buy something, and all shipping and returns is 100 percent free. You may try three to eight items at a time, and have seven days to make a decision to buy or pass, then you’re required to either send them back or make the move to buy. The only catch is the shipping isn’t Prime’s two-day standard speed, it instead opts for a four- to six-day ship time (allegedly to cut down on boxes sent).

For those previously uninterested at the prospect of clothes shopping on Amazon, the site does harbor some quality brands, despite a reputation that suggests otherwise — there’s plenty of runnings shoes, casual-wear, office garb and most everything in between. Below are a few picks from the new Prime Wardrobe collection.

Smoking Slippers by Soludos $85

Short-Sleeve Tropical Shirt by Penguin $61

Alphabounce Beyond M by Adidas $70+

Neo Stand Collar by Theory $73+

Gates Low-Top by Frye $140

New Wayfarer by Ray-Ban $130