A.P.C.’s Surplus Sale has just begun and it’s basically a very big web page full of great gear from past seasons.

Though you might expect a French fashion brand born in the ’80s to be a bit louder, A.P.C. is decidedly quiet and minimal. Its founder, Jean Touitou, once told Business of Fashion “There are too many fashion shows, too much loss of quality, too many parties.” Basically, his company is in the business of making classics, as cliché as that sounds. This begs the question why it should matter if the goods available at or around 50 percent off during this sale are a year or two years old — if you aim to make timeless goods, shouldn’t 2017’s jeans be pretty similar to 2018’s?

A lot is packed into this sale, so we’ve picked a few of our favorite items below (including one of the best basic white t-shirts you can buy). As of publishing, plenty of sizing and color options were available.

Petit Standard T-shirt by A.P.C. $95 $48

Xavier Shirt by A.P.C. $200 $100

Bleached Low Standard Jean by A.P.C. $250 $125

Florida Jacket by A.P.C. $425 $213

Rustic Collar Sweater by A.P.C. $200 $100
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