The workstation is a sacred place. If you’re spending 40 hours a week there, it better not be to the detriment of your health and productivity. Standing desks have found their way into a number of offices, and home offices, as they’re linked to helping alleviate the stress of prolonged sitting. But you can’t just buy a standing desk and assume all of your health worries will resolve on their own. We write a lot on why you should buy into an ergonomic workspace, but the old saying is true: “health is wealth.” So if you just bought a standing desk, or are planning to in the near future, props to you for taking one big step into looking out for your body. Just make sure these six standing desk accessories and essentials also find their way into your office setup.

Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand


You brought your standing desk up to your height, but there’s a big Sophie’s Choice decision you’ll have to make: are you going to prioritize your monitor level or keyboard level? To reduce neck strain, the Mayo Clinic recommends that the top of your monitor be at eye level, or slightly under. For some, bringing a standing desk to that point will make it supremely uncomfortable to use your keyboard and mouse. Grovemade’s monitor stand allows you to set your desk at a good height for typing and clicking, and it compensates for those extra few inches so you aren’t having to look down at your screen.

Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Keyboard and Mouse Tray

Uncaged Ergonomics


Cornell University notes that the ideal typing position for sitting is when your elbows are tight to your body, and the keyboard is sloped slight away and downward, also known as negative tilt. This keyboard and mouse tray helps you replicate that orientation with its adjustable height and tilt. 

Fully Luna Standing Desk Stool


A standing stool sounds like an oxymoron — are you sitting or standing? The Fully Luna Standing Desk Stool is sort of the perfect in-between. It helps you achieve a 120-degree sitting angle, which is good for your posture and blood circulation. The stool forces you to activate your core, open your hips and keep you active, hence why this is called active sitting. With an adjustable height between 23.6 inches and 33.5 inches, the Luna is good for whatever level you set your standing desk to.

The Best Standing Desks for the Home or Office


Each has been selected for their design, ergonomics and ability to toggle between sitting and standing positions.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat



In the same way sitting for too long is bad for you, so is standing for too long. While the idea of sit-and-stand desks is to alternate between the two, you don’t need to suffer while on your feet. An anti-fatigue mat will reduce the ache of standing on an uncomfortable floor. And using this cheap one from Amazon will ensure you focus more on your work than on your achey feet and joints.

Inheming Arm Rest Support



When you’re typing, your arms are just sort of there. Give them a place to rest, which will actually help with shoulder and neck problems, by getting these support rigs for your desk. They clamp on to any desk and make for a more comfortable work experience.

GE 12-Foot Extension Cord



Electrical outlets never seem to be in the most convenient place. With a standing desk, your charging and power cables might need an assist to reach those out-of-the-way power sources.

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Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

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