There are two ways to go about Prime Day. You could impulse-buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need (and will probably never use) — like this bagel slicer. Or you could take advantage of one of the superlative coffee deals below. We’ll be doing the latter.

Our Favorite Coffee Maker Is $100 off Right Now

If your Prime Day mission is to hunt down the best deal on a coffee pot, this is it. Breville’s Precision Brewer, our pick for the best overall coffee maker, is the most advanced consumer-level coffee maker money can buy.

The machine works perfectly fine on autopilot, but it allows some flexibility other drip brewers don’t — you can adjust everything from water temperature, flow rate, infusion time and even the shape of filter you want to use (cone or flat bottom). It’s also one of only a handful of coffee pots to obtain the Specialty Coffee Association’s stamp of approval, a designation the third-party organization rarely hands out.

Save $60 on This Excellent, Wildly Popular Coffee Maker

Known for improving upon unsexy kitchen paraphernalia, Oxo also happens to make one of the best drip coffee makers you can buy. The Barista Brain brews a full 9-cup pot in six-and-a-half minutes and it’s got the Specialty Coffee Association’s notoriously scrutinous seal of approval, which requires a brewer pass a series of highly specialized quality standards (only eight other brands have coffee makers that meet them). During Prime Day it’s marked down to $140 — good for the lowest price it’s ever listed at.

Everybody’s Favorite Coffee Accessory Is 25% Off Right Now

Gear marketing relies upon the word “professional” too much. Not everything is used by professionals or for commercial use. Fellow’s excellent Stagg kettles are a rare exception.

Marked down 25 percent during Prime Day, anyone who owns the electric Stagg kettle is someone you should trust to make you an excellent cup of coffee (like, say, World Brewer’s Cup champion Jia Ning Du using the all-white model in her championship-winning routine). The spout is angled in such a way that water can only exit in a steady stream, it heats up more quickly than any electric kettle (or stovetop) we’ve tested and it has a built-in timer for those of us who include timing in their recipe. Plus, if you take the kettle off the heating base and flip the Fahrenheit and Celsius switch back and forth, a game of Snake activates on the base’s tiny display. It also just looks really badass. Get it for $38 off its regular price during Prime Day.

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