Daredevil, Season 1 (April 2015) 

Daredevil is the first-ever Marvel superhero that debuted on Netflix. It can be recalled that 20the Century Fox’s movie adaptation starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner disappointed the fans.

The first season of Marvel’s take, however, did not fail to impress. Upon its release on April 10, 2015, Charlie Cox’s version is dubbed as one of the best superhero series to land on the small screen.

Season 1 has introduced Matthew Murdock, played by Charlie Cox as Daredevil, the man without fear. A lawyer by day, he turns into a masked vigilante at night. He fights crimes and defends the streets of New York City using his mind-blowing abilities, which make him a superhuman.

Orphaned at a young age and without any family to take care of him, he was brought up in an orphanage. He lost his eyesight due to radioactive chemicals in a freak accident. All these setbacks in his childhood years did not hinder him, though, to one day avenge the death of his father who was a boxer.

He became a lawyer in order to help the oppressed get the justice they deserve. Matt Murdock also secretly trained to master hand-to-hand combat. With his fighting skills, he goes after a Russian mob, a Japanese gang, and other notorious groups of criminals lurking in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.

His best friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), only knows him as a practicing lawyer. But for the people in his neighborhood, however, Matt Murdock has become the vigilante at night whom they call the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

The first season of Daredevil amazingly stood out from the rest of previously released superhero shows. Its rivals simply tell the backstory or origin of the character. Daredevil, on the other hand, inspires viewers of a handicap who might have lost his sight but is able to use his gift of heightened senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing to protect the innocent.

His nemesis Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onorfio, also makes a huge impression to the critics and fans alike. Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin, is tagged as one of the best-portrayed villains on the small screen in this era. A single episode of the first season entices viewers to binge-watch the entire season.

Daredevil season 1 gets raving reviews online and earns critical acclaim with three Emmy nominations in creative categories, including visual effects. Marvel’s first superhero show on TV receives a 99 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.7/10 rating on IMDb.