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prep for that polar vortex

A lot of Ford F-150 buyers want the most badass, most capable rig in the neighborhood. That desire is why Ford sells (and never has to offer incentives on) the Raptor. It’s why tuners like Hennessey Performance build crazy 775-hp versions. It’s why that bro down the street jacked his Ford’s suspension into the stratosphere and added some stupid-big tires with massive rims.

Icelandic tuners Arctic Trucks may have them all beat, at least on appearance, with their new 2020 F-150 AT44 build. Their goal was to modify an F-150 to be fit for an arctic expedition. (Arctic Trucks, for the record, is the company that modified the Toyota Hilux used by Jeremy Clarkson and James May for Top Gear‘s North Pole expedition.)

The AT44 name comes from this F-150’s massive studded 44-inch Nokian Hakkapeliitta snow tires. The AT44 also gets some wide fender flares and upgraded body armor. Arctic Trucks hasn’t posted all of the information on the build yet. So, it’s not clear which F-150 engine they used, let alone whether it was modified. Muscle Cars and Trucks, which stumbled across this truck, says they suspect it has the 3.0-liter V6 diesel.

There’s also the small matter of pricing. It’s not clear how much the AT44 mods would cost…and even if it was affordable, shipping your F-150 to Iceland and back probably wouldn’t be cheap.

While the AT44 appears to be supreme overkill for any situation that isn’t an expedition to the Arctic, you will look like a genius when that freak polar vortex blizzard hits and you’re the only one able to get to Starbucks.

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