Kelley Blue Book just handed the 2019 Jeep Wrangler the Best 5-Year Cost to Own Award for Off-Roaders. Basically, if you’re on the market for an off-roader and on a tight budget, the American icon is the best four-wheeler you can get.

When you go into the dealership to buy a new car, truck or SUV, the only costs the sales guy will mention are the MSRP, dealer fees and taxes – what money you need up front. What the car ends up costing throughout its lifetime under your ownership would make the purchase seem wildly more daunting and off-putting, so they tend to avoid laying out the true cost of ownership.

Kelley Blue Book looked at all the cars on the market and factored in all the possible ways you’ll spend money on your car after you leave the dealer lot. KBB factored in depreciation, finance fees, insurance fees and state fees, fuel costs and maintenance costs, and the 2019 Jeep Wrangler came out on top in its category. So not only is the Wrangler ridiculously affordable for an off-roader upfront, you’ll also hold on to some cash down the line. Just as long as you don’t go rock climbing and roll it over, but that’s never happened to a Jeep, right?