The James Brand Holcombe Carabiner keeps your keys where you want them safe and secure. It features a secondary compartment that keeps your keys snug no matter your movement and wherever you hang the carabiner. It is designed to be one belt-loop wide so it has a slim yet trustworthy form.

This simple yet elegant EDC may be slim but it does not rock and it hangs straight. That is thanks to firm spring-loaded bent wire/gate that ensures the carabiner stays in place wherever you attach it to. This keeps your mind at peace since you don’t ever have to worry about losing your keys and other small items you have hooked through your carabiner when you are on the go. Likewise, the spring-loaded gate allows quick and easy access to your keys in the second compartment.

The James Brand Holcombe Carabiner is a minimalist practical yet efficient key holder that also adds a rugged style to your getup. It comes in two color finish, the PVD-coated black which is of stainless steel material and the tumbled raw titanium finish made from 6al 4v titanium. Its construction tells you that it is going to last for many uses.

This does not add bulk and heft to your set of keys since it is only .3 ounces/8 grams. It also only measures 3″ in length, 1/4″ in thickness, and 7/8″ in width. Moreover, the James Brand Holcombe Carabiner serves a dual purpose. It is not just a carabiner but also a handy utility tool. It also comes with a scraper and a flat-head screwdriver.

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Images courtesy of The James Brand