Supple, textured and rustic, suede is a fantastic material used on some of our favorite jackets, shoes, bags and even caps. The material is equally at home on your wrist, as an eye-catching and comfortable accouterment to your watch. While we’d recommend suede for just about any watch, the pre-broken-in look and feel of a nice cut of suede makes it especially ideal for your favorite patinated timepiece.

StrapsCo Suede Vintage


An affordable option available in numerous colors.

Fluco Dark Grey Suede

Dark grey suede looks oh so nice. 

Clockwork Synergy Autumn Brown Suede


‘Tis the season, after all. 

Rios1931 Suede Full Stitch


Handmade by a German company that’s been in business since 1931.

ColaReb Vegan Watch Strap EcoSuede Rust


This strap is vegan-friendly, made in Italy from a leather alternative called EcoSuede. 

B&R Bands Mocha Vintage Nato-Style Suede


Leather NATOs are a great way to make watch wear more prominently.

Crown & Buckle Woods Camo Suede


Camo’s not going to work well for just any watch, but on the right one it just might be awesome. 

Molequin Marine Suede


Wasn’t there an Elvis Presley song about blue suede straps?

Hirsch Heritage 1765 Golden Brown


Hirsch is a family business that’s been making straps since 1765.

Hodinkee Beige Suede


Pairs well with early chronographs, cashmere sweaters and champagne. 

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