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A portable projector, or a pico projector, is a great little gadget because it lets you put a big screen — over 100 inches, in most cases — almost anywhere. When shopping for a portable projector, there are a number of things to look out for. There’s its brightness and the size of the picture it can project. There’s also the matter of connectivity and whether it has built-in operating system which will allow it to stream content directly without the help of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There’s its size, because not all portable projectors are actually that portable. And then there’s cost, of course.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite portable projectors of 2020.

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1 Nebula Astro



  • It’s Anker’s smallest and most portable pico projector
  • Capable of creating up to a 100-inch image
  • Built-in Android operating system makes it easy to stream
  • 2.5 hours of battery life isn’t enough to get through the longest movies
  • 100 lumens of brightness isn’t great

2 Sony MP-CD1



$299.00 (25% off)

  • Supports USB-C charging
  • It has an extremely portable design
  • A max brightness of 105 lumens isn’t the best
  • 2.5 hours of battery life isn’t enough to get through the longest movies
  • No built-in operating system so you need to connect to a smartphone, laptop or gaming console


AAXA Technologies


$399.99 (20% off)

  • Very small and portable design
  • Max brightness of 600 lumens is better than many other pico projectors
  • Capable of producing an image up to 120 inches
  • It only has 90 minute battery life, so prepare to use it plugged in most of the time
  • No built-in operating system, so need external source source to stream

4 BenQ GS2



  • Max brightness of 500 lumens
  • Good sound with built-in stereo speakers
  • Built-in Wi-Fi makes streaming easy
  • 15-degree tilting hinge allows you to easily adjust the picture
  • Despite being relatively small, it doesn’t have the most portable design
  • More expensive than other pico projectors

5 Nebula Mars II Pro



  • Built-in Android operating system means it can be used as a standalone streaming device
  • Can project up to a 150-inch screen, which is huge
  • 4 hours of playtime is very good
  • 300 lumens of brightness is pretty average
  • Not the most portable design

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