Summer’s here, and that means you’re going camping — a lot. From the mountains to the forest to the beach, you’re following the trail where it leads and, at the end of a perfect day of hiking/swimming/fishing/being your rugged self, you’re happy to kick back at the campsite with a tasty tipple of something. But what? Cocktails would be a surefire crowdpleaser, but glass bottles of liquor and mixers are heavy and a hassle.

Solution? Canned and pre-mixed boozy drinks. You won’t have to reach for your headlamp to measure anything out or hunch over a wobbly table trying to slice a lime by campfire light. Just grab one of the following faves from the cooler and keep the good vibes rolling…

Rita’s Pear-Orange Sangria Spritz

This canned cocktail seamlessly combines a citrusy bite and “just right” pear sweetness. Consider one of these carbonated bad boys your reward after ten miles of up-and-down terrain on your hike. Refreshing is the order of the day when it comes to Rita’s, and the Pear-Orange Sangria Spritz is not only a mouthful to say, but also a mouthful of refreshment.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer: Black Cherry and Rosemary

Remember that weird Super Bowl ad with the mermaids pitching to sharks? That was for Bon & Viv. They’re the OG of this spiked seltzer craze, which makes sense when you consider how popular LaCroix is. Bon & Viv’s beverages are also relatively healthy, coming in at 90 calories and zero grams of sugar. Among the plethora of flavors, Black Cherry and Rosemary stands out for us.

Malibu Piña Colada

Malibu’s canned Piña Colada brings the beach party no matter where you’re camping. This canned 5% ABV version somehow nails that creamy, pineapple-y tropical flavor that’s been hardwired into your cerebellum since that college spring break trip to Cabo. Malibu’s seriously gone overboard with different flavors of pre-mixed cocktails, but trust us: you only want this one.

Old Forester Mint Julep

We get it, mint juleps are only for the Kentucky Derby. Or maybe not. While Old Forester’s pre-mixed concoction is the drink served to the masses at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of May, there’s a place for it on a camping trip, too. What else are you looking for after a big day out in the woods beyond a refreshing kiss of mint, a little simple syrup and some delicious bourbon? Fill your camp coffee mug generously with ice, pour some of this stuff over and daydream about hitting the trifecta.

Cutwater Spirits Tequila Paloma

A summertime staple for camping trips of all stripes, Palomas come with that double edge of being too deliciously boozy for their own good. Cutwater’s Paloma delivers the grapefruit and tequila goodness without the excess. On a camping trip in Wisconsin, this one made me a believer in pre-mixed cocktails. Bonus: If you’re looking for a little hair of the dog after watching that campfire burn down low the night before, the brand also makes a mighty tasty Bloody Mary.

Narragansett Li’l Dinghy Vodka Lemondrop

New England’s legendary Narragansett Brewery launched Li’l Dinghy this spring in conjunction with Faber Spirits, which supplied the vodka. Weighing in at a muscular 9 percent, the Li’l Dinghy brings big flavor and a little more booze to the 12-ounce can than some of the others on this list. Take your time with this one, lest you crash your boat right into the dock.

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