Tali, a French startup, unveiled its new smart motorcycle helmet at CES 2020. With advanced features like innovative LED lighting and connected technology, it could well herald the future of motorcycle riding gear.

LED lights, including a brake light and turn signals, are predominately located on the helmet for better visibility for other road users. A photochromic visor offers the rider superior visibility.

The helmet can pair via Bluetooth with Tali’s smartphone app to automatically call emergency services if it detects an accident, as well as provide theft detection services. The Bluetooth connection also provides all of the low-distraction connectivity a rider could want: this lid can play music, make calls, provide turn-by-turn navigation, respond to voice commands, even integrate with the rider’s voice assistant of choice.

Roadshow reports that Tali is targeting a starting price of $1,200, which seems reasonable, given how expensive traditional motorcycle helmets can be. The one catch is that it will also be a few months at least before you can buy one. Tali does not expect to have a full production unit available for testing until spring.

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