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TOKK Reactor Speakers

Buy the TOKK Reactor Speakers if you want some wireless audio companion that’s like nothing else in the market. Not only do these speakers feature rich stereo sound, they’re also pocket-sized so you can take them anywhere.

With a built-in battery offering up to eight hours of listening time, you can enjoy your favorite playlists without missing a beat. The real highlight here, however, are the magnetic wireless halves that affix together and to other magnetic surfaces. That means these can attach to any metallic surface thanks to its magnetic ability.

As for the sound, it features 4W RMS — just fancy talk that means the speakers can deliver loud and high-definition sound. Unfortunately, it’s still stuck with Bluetooth 4.2. That severely limits its capabilities, sadly. However, you should have no problem connecting it to your devices. You can even use it to take a call or talk to Siri if you pair it with an iPhone. Google Assistant is also supported, of course, as is other select smart assistants.

And before we forget: this thing’s also waterproof. IPX5, to be exact. That means you can use it for poolside hangouts and not have to worry about occasional splashes. Just don’t dip it into the water for very long.

Perfect for traveling, camping, or anything, the TOKK Reactor Speakers are a sleek pair of feature-rich speakers that will accompany you with your favorite tunes as you go about. The package comes with a lanyard and carabiner for easy carry, and a microUSB cable.


Devialet Phantom Reactor Speaker

Devialet’s Phantom Reactor Speaker is that its two hermetically sealed woofers deliver mind-numbingly low bass. Plus, its active speaker monitoring provides incredible detail without your sound getting distorted.

The Phantom Reactor, a more compact version of Devialet’s Phantom speaker, is just a quarter of the size of its predecessor. Yet it preserves those features, things that made its pricier sibling such a compelling purchase.

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days. With a market filled to the brim with so many options, it’s often difficult to stand out. However, what people particularly love about Devialet’s Phantom line is that they can get loud. Scratch that. They can get really, really loud. And as we already mentioned, they don’t distort sound quality even at insane volumes. That and it’s also able to provide an incredibly wide soundstage from a very small enclosure.

You also get a full range of support for audio streaming like Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and Bluetooth, and you can pair multiple Phantom devices together if you want an even more immersive audio experience.

You can choose between two versions of the Phantom Reactor, one with a total amplification power of 600W, and one with a whopping 900W, but we’re warning you now, these don’t come cheap. Pricing starts at $999 for the 600W model, and goes up to $1,299 for the more powerful one. At those prices, the Phantom Reactor is obviously at the higher end of the wireless speaker spectrum, but that’s the price you pay for topnotch audio. You can get them starting Oct. 24.


LG XBOOM Go Wireless Speakers

LG’s latest XBOOM Go wireless speakers lets you take your favorite music anywhere and have it on full blast, thanks to its excellent audio quality and handle design. It’s part of the company’s latest XBOOM lineup revealed at the IFA trade show, alongside the XBOOM AI ThinQ smart speakers and other mini components.

This new speaker is a redesigned version of the XBOOM Go range, built from the ground up for portability. Other Bluetooth speakers, though they sound good, are often lacking in the ergonomics department. This is something LG has clearly thought about, so it put convenient handles called Grab-N-Go and X-grip to let users more easily carry and the speaker anywhere they please.

And when it comes to sound, you won’t be disappointed. LG, though primarily known for its smartphones, TVs, and other home appliances, actually excels when it comes to audio as well. Proof? All its recent phones have Quad DACs, making them a goldmine for audiophiles. It also has partnerships with Bang & Olufsen for its smartphone headphones, and Meridian for its other audio products. So it makes sense that the XBOOM Go supports aptX HD from Qualcomm for superb lossless 24bit/576kbps hi-resolution audio streaming, greatly reducing loss of sound fidelity through Bluetooth.

On top of that, the speaker also features multicolor mood lighting to match your listening experience. LG claims it’s water resistant, too, and has a long battery life. It’s the perfect accessory for all music lovers out there, and it should be available soon.


Photos courtesy of LG

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Wireless Speaker

Harman Kardon’s Onyx Studio speakers series grows by one with the just-unveiled Onyx Studio 5. It’s the maker’s latest wireless speaker also carrying its flagship Dual Sound feature, which lets you pair two more speakers for a more immersive listening experience.

The speaker itself features a circular design with a handle that doesn’t interrupt the machine’s sleek shape. Unfortunately, it comes in only three colors: grey, blue, and black. Harman Kardon should’ve opted for more adventurous colorways, but it probably wanted to the luxe presentation to remain. Riskier, more experimental themes could sit well with the millennial crowd, that’s for sure. However, one look at the price ($480) tells you they’re not the target market.

The main selling point isn’t aesthetics, though (although that fabric looks fancy as heck). It’s the aforementioned Dual Sound capability built in, which enables you to pair up to two different Bluetooth speakers at the same time. With this, you can can share your music streams with other friends. Take it to a BBQ, pair them together, and let ‘em rip.

Harman Kardon is light on details, but claims the new wireless speaker has a “built-in high capacity rechargeable battery.” That should give you up to eight hours of playtime. Sprint is selling the speaker exclusively In the United States, while Brightstar is handling international distribution. Again, the Onyx Studio 5 costs $480. That makes it a tad bit pricier than most Bluetooth speakers in the market right now (and some of them have smart features, mind you). Hoever, Harman Kardon is one of the most revered brands when it comes to audio quality, so that ought to account for something.


Sodapop Wireless Speaker

There are a few rare exceptions, but all portable wireless speakers seem to share one unfortunate limitation: they struggle to reproduce low-frequency bass, resulting in a somewhat muddy and feeble sound. This is an extreme no-no for bassheads, of course. However, a Norway-based studio called Permafrost may be on to something with its Sodapop speaker.

Developed in Oslo, the Sodapop is a compact and wireless speaker with its own bass bottle that doubles as a protective case. It features a chamber that utilizes the material and air inside to increase bass-range sounds by as much as 10dB. As a result, the speaker is approximately twice as loud to the human ear. That basically means the speaker can generate twice as much bass just by attaching it to the speaker.

The portable speaker can also work with most plastic bottles from all over the world. It’s essentially the perfect travel companion for all music lovers out there.

The Sodapop features two full-range 4-watt speakers that Permafrost claims will provide rich sound without distortion. A passive bass membrane lies at the center of the speaker which gives the bottle an extra “kick.” There’s even a built-in touch panel for adjusting volume, skipping to the next track, or answering calls received on the smartphone it’s paired with. You’ll be able to squeeze up to 30 hours of music playback from this baby, thanks to its long-lasting 1600mAh battery.

Sodapop recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, with 263 backers helping bring the project to life. The wireless speaker should be available soon.

Sodapop Speaker Kickstarter Page

Photos courtesy of Sodapop’s Facebook page

Roku’s Wireless TV Speakers

All the top TV manufacturers make use of a built-in streaming player. And in most cases, they adopt Roku’s. It providers viewers a one-stop space for all their channel needs. Unfortunately however, the same quality service cannot always be said for these great manufacturers’ TV sound quality. The new wireless speakers by the same go-to technicians see another Roku product being at the top of the pile.

These speakers offer rich bass and high frequencies, a 3.5” woofer, automatic volume adjustments during shows and movies for quieter and louder scene adaptation and maybe the coolest one of all, voice activation. You can control the settings of your wireless speaker by some simple instructions from the comfort of your chair or bed.

Roku aren’t trying to eat the whole cake with these exceptional speakers. Instead, they have been tailored to only work with TVs that already make use of their streaming players. Presumably so they can enhance viewing pleasures of their already valued customers. Kind of neat eh? This isn’t such a limited bunch though, as about 1 in 4 TVs sold in the USA has Roku technology already installed.

The speakers’ Bluetooth capabilities are not asexclusive. Using Bluetooth means the speakers can be paired with other devices, including phones and iPads. So, you can turn on your tunes without having to turn the TV on.

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