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Maserati switching to in-house twin-turbo V6 and turbo four

Automotive News has been able to put some output figures to the two primary engines that will power Maserati’s renaissance. Last year the Italian luxury brand sent notice that it would terminate its deal to with Ferrari to use the Maranello-sourced F160 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 and F154 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. As new Maserati models appear and current models are overhauled, the brand will begin installing either Maserati’s own 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, or an FCA-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. The V6 will greet the world from the middle of the MC20 supercar poised for debut in September, assuming nothing goes worse with the world than it already has.

Rumor from Mopar Insiders and Allpar forums is that Maserati began building its V6 based on Alfa Romeo’s 690T V6. Alfa Romeo puts the 690T in the Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio, the engine’s development having started seven years ago with Ferrari’s F154 V8 as its heart. Tuned for speed, peak output could reach 542 horsepower. After making its home in the racy coupe, the V6 will also serve a new midsize Maserati crossover coming next year, as well as the next GranTurismo coupe and GranCabrio convertible. In the crossover, power is apparently limited to no more than 523 horses.

In Maserati’s new V6, one piece of technology that permits such high output and emissions friendliness is turbulent jet ignition (TJI). German supplier Mahle has been developing the technology for at least 10 years, and put it to use in Ferrari’s Formula 1 engine about five years ago, after which Japan’s Super GT manufacturers picked it up. Instead of a spark plug igniting fuel directly in the combustion chamber, TJI places the spark plug and an injector nozzle at the top of a “jet ignition pre-chamber assembly.” The injector shoots a mist of gasoline into the pre-chamber, the spark plug fires, and the force of ignition in the pre-chamber sprays the combustion through tiny holes at the bottom of the pre-chamber into the cylinder as the piston rises. Mahle says the shorter burn and improved combustion spread means cleaner-burning gas engines that emit fewer emissions.  

AN says that the “new V-6 engine will be ‘electrified’ in some form.” It’s not clear if that means all versions of the V6 will get some sort of hybrid assistance, or if — as had been thought — there will be a non-hybrid unit. The last report we got on motivation for the MC20 strongly suggested a non-hybrid V6 at launch making around 600 hp, followed by a hybridized V6 with all-wheel drive good for 700 horsepower. The hybrid form is said to eventually replace the TT V8 in the upper-tier Ghibli and Quattroporte, but not before the Ferrari-sourced engine steps up to 582 hp later this year.

When AN writes that “Electrified versions of new V-6 eventually will replace 3.8-liter Ferrari-built turbocharged V8 in Maserati Levante, in two versions with 523 hp and 572 hp,” the opening adjective and the higher output lead us to believe in the chances of a non-electrified V6. 

The second engine will be the Global Medium Engine (GME) 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. That engine does duty right now in other group products such as the Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee, and Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, topping out at 270 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. The mill makes its Maserati debut in the Ghibli hybrid that launches online on July 15.

McLaren Speedtail reveals its hybrid powertrain secrets, and of course it’s impressive

Until now, McLaren has been keeping secrets about its three-seat Speedtail hypercar. We’ve known it’s packing a hybrid powertrain that produces a combined 1,055 horsepower and 848 pound-feet of torque, but that’s about it. Today, McLaren is spilling the beans, and what impressive beans they are.

The combustion engine is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, rated for 747 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque on its own. Its output is nearly identical to that of the 765LT (rated for 755 horsepower and 590 pound-feet). And yes, the two are both equipped with McLaren’t M840T engines. However, the Speedtail’s hybrid powertrain is named M840TQ, since it features an electric motor to help it along.

And help the Speedtail along it does. McLaren says the single electric motor generates 308 horsepower on its own, which is an astounding figure for its application. The tech on display here is derived from Formula E, and McLaren is claiming it’s the “highest performing installation — including cooling and integration — of any electric motor currently in use in a production road car.” 

McLaren is also bragging about its new battery unit. It’s a 1.647-kilowatt-hour (mighty precise there, McLaren) cylindrical-shaped unit that’s “arranged in a unique way.” What way? McLaren doesn’t say. However, it’s an extremely compact unit, and McLaren claims it’s able to provide the best power-to-weight ratio of any high-voltage battery available today. It says the power density of the battery is four times that of the McLaren P1, the company’s only other hybrid vehicle

As for the cooling system, it’s also state-of-the-art. McLaren says the cells are “thermally controlled by a dielectrical cooling system and permanently immersed in a lightweight, electrically insulative oil which quickly transfers heat away from the cells.” This cooling technology is also being claimed as a first in a production road car. The benefit? It’s highly efficient, and will “allow the cells to run harder and for longer.” All of this is great news for future hybrid McLaren supercars, which are coming soon.

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Czinger 21C comes in 1,331-hp widebody version, too

Two months after Czinger introduced its 21C tandem-seater hypercar in regular and track-focused trims, there’s already another variant on the table. Jens Sverdrup, the company’s chief commercial officer, told Pistonheads that Czinger wanted to have a widebody derivative with a higher output ready for the Geneva Motor Show, but that didn’t happen. Sverdrup detailed the new version, explaining that engineers tweaked the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 and the twin high-power electric motors to increase output by an extra 98 horsepower, from 1,233 hp to 1,331, without increasing the weight of the 992-pound entire hybrid powertrain. This makes what was already the most power-dense V8 engine in the world even more power-dense. The widebody component shows itself in new bodywork over a wider track and wider tires, and it gets its own chassis tune. Said Sverdrup, “Anybody who buys one of our 80 21Cs can tick for a widebody version on the options list, giving them a hypercar that might not be the best for narrow Scottish or Welsh roads, but will definitely be great for the race track.”

Czinger’s spending the time before deliveries begin in 2021 honing engine characteristics to ensure tractability throughout the V8’s 11,000-rpm rev range. We’ve been promised a coupe that’s tame around town, Sverdrup saying, “With the hybrid system you can lean more on the batteries at low revs for more refinement at low speed.” Get above 6,000 rpm, however, and it apparently sounds like “an old F1 engine.”

The California company’s vision for life after the 21C is also in the works, with three models slated to launch starting in 2023. These could be more practical than the opening act, adopting 21C philosophies from the powertrain to the build, and continuing the push toward synthetic fuels. With Czinger backed in part by 3D-printer Divergent 3D and Hong Kong venture capital, engineers are already considering how to design a monocoque with built-in cavities for wiring and fluids, and “complex internal structures that enhance crash safety.” 

The 80 planned builds for the 21C should keep the company busy for the next few years, each car said to take 3,000 to 4,000 man-hours to print and assemble. As for the question of whether Czinger will be around that long, of course, one never knows, but the company supposedly has funding for the next three projects already and, unusual in this space especially, Czinger isn’t asking for deposits for the 21C in order to pay for production. Seeing the dealer network is planned to include “20 established supercar sellers in Europe” by the end of this year, further insight into what’s ahead shouldn’t be long in coming.

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Ford Develops Self-Braking Shopping Cart

The future of shopping carts? Self-braking ones. Ford has been using its expertise in the automotive industry to create some highly amusing yet intriguing concepts, like a conveyor-belt bed a noise-canceling doghouse. What Wes Anderson film inspired the automaker remains unknown.

Its self-braking shopping cart is yet another strikingly curious creation. The device draws from Ford’s Pre-Collision Assist technology, designed to prevent any foibles while roaming around retail. If unruly kids ride the cart, use it as a skateboard, or it hightails across the parking lot, there’s a sensor that will detect objects in its trajectory. Then it grinds to a halt.

What inspired this idea? Children, apparently. Here’s what Ford says:

“Children love to copy adults — when they push a trolley, to their minds, it’s like they are behind the wheels of a car — with long, wide supermarket aisles as their racetrack.”

While Ford has a point, it’s also fair to say that adults can be just as reckless. Some just carelessly discard shopping carts after loading their items onto the car. Then the cart rolls away, where it could clash with an innocent driver on the highway.

Of course, this isn’t coming to mainstream shopping carts anytime, soon. Do you know how many shopping carts get stolen? A lot, actually. Imagine loading one with all this tech and it just ending up on the hands of thieves. No, thanks. At best, this is a concept, and it works quite well. It’s a fun prototype and glimpses at what Ford can offer beyond just cars.


Photos courtesy of Ford

The Movavi Screen Recorder Offers A User-Friendly Side To Screen Recording

As you’re probably aware, it is possible to capture video footage of anything that is on your screen using a screen recorder software. However, screen recorder software comes in many shapes and sizes, often with numerous bells and whistles that you’ll rarely (if ever) use.

That is not the case with Movavi Screen Recorder. It is a basic screen recorder that is designed to provide the essentials – nothing more, and nothing less.

The Movavi Screen Recorder Is Simple, Clean, and Intuitive

Compared to other screen recorders, Movavi Screen Recorder has a simpler outlook. Its user interface is clean and straightforward. This comes with convenient icons placed in plain sight to make setting up the recording easy.

The fact that it has a simple approach enables Movavi Screen Recorder to provide an intuitive user experience that is second to none. At no point will you need to fiddle with technical settings, something no one enjoys. Rather, you can customize the recording itself without requiring any specific experience or expertise.

All in all, that is what makes Movavi Screen Recorder unique. This is a user-friendly screen recorder that is accessible, yet customizable.

Key Features

As mentioned previously, the Movavi Screen Recorder does not come with the bells and whistles that you may find in other recorders like it. That being said, it does have a comprehensive selection of features and essential tools that are required for screen recording.

If you use Movavi Screen Recorder you will be able to:

  • Adjust the recording area to capture the full screen of a display, a specific program window, or a frame that you can define from your screen.
  • Select the audio sources that you want to record, including the system audio or audio from external devices such as a microphone.
  • Adjust the volume levels of each audio source independently.
  • Set up webcam recording and display the webcam video footage in a frame overlay within the screen recording video.
  • Customize the frame rate to record videos that are up to 60 frames per second and much more fluid and smooth.
  • Capture keyboard actions by displaying keystrokes on a screen so that they can be recorded.
  • Adjust the appearance of the mouse cursor and hide it completely or highlight it to make it more visible.
  • Set up a custom click sound that is more audible and unique.
  • Automate the recording using a timer or by scheduling both a start and stop time so you don’t need to control it manually at all.
  • Trim the recording after it is complete to remove any parts that you don’t want present.

As you can see the features in Movavi Screen Recorder contain everything you need to record Google Hangout. This is on top of other video calls, create quick tutorials, content from your screen, and more. In fact, it is likely that you can benefit from each and every one of its features in some way.

Surely, they will play an important role when you start to record videos of all kinds. The Movavi Screen Recorder is a different take on something we know and love today. It’s not too technical, yet it does the job of ones that are.

The user-friendly settings make it a must-have for Men’s Gear. Like many, we hate dealing with products that get too technical for their own good. Movavi avoids this and simply does what it’s designed to do, screen record.

Car Health Diagnostic Tools – Do they work for exotic cars?

Owning a luxury and exotic vehicle is a dream for many car enthusiasts. You might have your heart set on racing down the highway in a Lamborghini or pulling up to your house behind the wheel of a Porsche. Ferrari is also a favorite among many car guys and gals. When you own one of these cars though, you should know that you’ll spend more on maintenance than you would on a domestic vehicle. Any auto made overseas will have a higher cost of ownership than a Ford or a Chevy. Not only will you pay more for simple things such as changing your oil, but you’ll also pay more to run performance scans and repair problems.

According to Eric Griffith and Alex Colon of PC Mag, one of the best ways to soup up your car is with a new type of technology such as a car diagnostic tool. If you own a luxury auto, you’ll find that you can use one in your vehicle to run a simple scan. These tools will also work with exotic and foreign vehicles from different manufacturers. You can find out exactly what your car needs before you take a trip to the mechanic and spend hundreds of dollars or more.

  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Land Rover
  • Audi
  • Mercedes-Benz

Use a Sensor on Any Vehicle

One of the best reasons to invest in a diagnostic sensor is that you can use it on almost any type of car. These tools will work on vehicles made in the 1990s and later that rely on gas and on newer models that run on diesel fuel. All you need is a vehicle that has an OBD-II port. If you aren’t sure if your car has this feature, you can consult your manual. In his Fixd review, Dan Reisinger claims that this handy tool can turn a dumb car into a smart vehicle. Though designed for use on domestic vehicles, you’ll find tools that work on exotic models too. Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Volkswagen owners can now diagnose all their car problems at home and on their own.

Top Reasons to Use a Car Diagnostic Tool

One of the top tech tools for checking your engine is one that uses the OBD-II port, according to David Nield of Popular Science.

Before investing in one of these tools though, you may want to know exactly why you should use one. We did research on a few of the top exotic car manufacturers, including Porsche, Jaguar and Ferrari. We found that they all have OBD-II ports, which are compatible with these types of car diagnostic tools. Now, car diagnostic tools were originally used for simpler cars and trucks, but they actually provide even more value with luxury and exotic cars. Why? Because exotic cars often end up unnecessarily at the mechanic far more than normal cars. With a car diagnostic tool, you can often solve diagnose and solve the problem yourself instead of racking up thousands of dollars in mechanic fees for your Porsche.

There are a lot of car diagnostic tools on the market right now, and one named Fixd is getting a lot of attention right now. Do you often find yourself forgetting that you need to change the oil or replace some of your fluids? One of the best benefits of the Fixd device is the creation of maintenance reminders for the future.  These reminders work through the app and can send data right to your phone. The calendar on your phone will pop up alerts the night before the date you set the reminder. You’ll get another reminder the following day.

As a Porsche owner or the owner of another luxury auto, you want to protect your investment. Car diagnostic tools let you know the consequences of your actions. You can get details regarding what might happen to your car if you keep driving after a scan found something wrong with the engine. This detailed Fixd review discussed whether Fixd works for all different types of cars, including luxury models.

The bottom line is that tools like this will help you keep an eye on all your family’s vehicles.

The Panasonic Wear Space Helps You Concentrate

Your colleague is bothering you. Says he needs to show you something. It’s a new video about a cat doing something it’s not supposed to. Or a new music video by Drake. Maybe it’s a new Andy Borowitz piece, a searing satire about a certain man in power. In the office, often the main distraction are the people you work with. Couple that with the internet and you’re basically living in procrastination land.

Panasonic might have an answer. The company just showed off Wear Space, a wearable device that supposedly helps you tune out the rest of the world and focus on thinking clearly. The device combines wireless headphones and a U-shaped band that wraps around the back of your head to act as blinkers for your sight.

The headphones feature noise cancellation technology so as to prevent you from hearing unnecessary background noise, and the band limites what you see, which in effect offers you a more personal space to work in. There’s no guarantee people won’t bug you while wearing the Wear Space, of course. However, the act of wearing it is a crucial part of the whole design.

“When someone is wearing the Wear Space, you can clearly see that the wearer wants to focus. We think this is quite important,” says Kang Hwayoung, who was part of the team that developed the anti-distraction device.

This thing still needs to be tested, needless to say. It’s too early to tell whether Wear Space actually helps you focus or concentrate. Or better to say, whether it increases your productivity. Suppose it does end up hitting the mainstream market, it’s going to run you $245 apiece. A small or huge price to pay for some peace?


Top 18 Tactical Flashlights Over 1000 Lumens


any can remember playing with flashlights as a boy. It might have been trick-or-treating on Halloween, finding the best place to watch the stars or walking to the outhouse while at camp. However, no one can deny the power of holding a light in your very hand. When we talk about holding tactical flashlights, that sense of power and control is still in play.

Often, this remains in play in a massive sense. Tactical flashlights are capable of doing far more than regular ones. That allows for far more light and they manage to rarely if ever break on you. Overall, they’re incredibly useful. Let’s discuss why.

What are tactical flashlights exactly?

It can be confusing to hear words like ‘tactical’ and immediately think about war. Maybe there’s some kind of political association, like with soldiers. Perhaps, it reminds you of communities like survival preppers. However, good tactical flashlights are a piece of gear that should be in any man’s arsenal.

A good tactical flashlight is right up there with a Swiss army knife in terms of multipurpose tools that need to be respected. That, and there are so many different models and brands that finding the best tactical flashlight. All are prepared to suit your needs, but finding the right one is a task that might require a bit of research.

As with any piece of gear on this site, knowing what your needs are is huge. It goes a long way to making sure you find the best product possible. If you’re a hunter, for example, a compact tactical light is great for moving fast when you’re on the go.

However, for people like firefighters or police officers, having rechargeable tactical flashlights might be massively key. They’ll possess different needs thus have a need for different settings. These changes or differences come in the form of things like candlepower, brightness settings, and strobe functions among other things.

Thankfully we have a wide range of options available to us, and this why we at Men’s Gear do the research for you. This gives you the down-low on the best buys on the market today.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best tactical flashlights over 1000 lumens. We’ll also give a summary of just what these flashlights are and why every man should own one.

What are the main benefits of a tactical flashlight?

The benefits of tactical flashlights are going to depend on what you need from your gear. If we want to break it down easier, gear can often be divided into two categories:

Every day carries (EDC) are big deal, and they’re often known as “equipment for specialized uses.” They’re smaller, EDC-friendly lights that offer a majorly beneficial in a jam. Perfect for when things go sideways!

If you’re on a particular mission (or on the job) then investing in something a little heftier might be more up your alley. Either way, the best tactical flashlights for the money are going to be one you can use in a number of situations. Any set of tactical flashlight reviews would be remiss if there wasn’t a discussion of how many uses you can get out of the device.

Their usefulness in an emergency is unparalleled. Whether a power outage in the neighborhood or your car breaking down, having a 1000+ lumen flashlight can make the difference. It could keep you from bad issues, like being stranded. This is especially true of an EDC-friendly tactical LED flashlight.

Another major use is in self-defense.

The ability to shine the light into your assailant’s eyes is incredibly useful. 1000 lumens aren’t enough to do serious damage to the eyes, but they’re seriously bright. However, if it’s dark outside then it’s enough to give your attacker pause that could save lives.

If you’re stranded in the forest or on a highway in the middle of the night, these flashlights are massively helpful in signaling for help.

What is a lumen? How bright are 1000 lumens?

When you walk into a building you’ve never been in before, what’s the thing that makes an immediate difference? The kind of light, of course. Maybe someone’s mounted fluorescent tubes above their cubicle, or maybe you’re in an apartment with that classic yellow wash.

In any case, there aren’t just different types of light, but also different levels.

When we talk about handheld lights, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mini tactical flashlight, a tactical pen flashlight, or what have you. We’re usually talking about a unit of measurement called a lumen.

For all intents and purposes, a lumen measures the strength of a particular source of light. While we could drop all the physics of the thing on you, it suffices to say that one lumen would be the light your eye perceives from a single birthday candle lit about a foot away from you.

Not a whole lot, is it?

However, if you take a typical 60-watt light bulb, you’ll be talking about around 750-850 lumens of light. This is the type of soft glow most of us are familiar with. Yet we’re not always wanting soft lighting. Since this is a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight review, we should be getting around to explain why 1000 lumens is that magical number.

1000 lumens is the amount where we can start using directed light, like from a rechargeable tactical flashlight, comfortably. It’s not so much of a general wash as a directed beam that helps us see particular things when it’s dark out.

Plus, 1000 lumens aren’t terribly dangerous to the human eye. It takes about 4000 lumens to start feeling like things are getting to be a bit much. That’s when we start narrowing our eyes to filter things out.

Why buy a flashlight over 1000 lumens? How far away can they shine?

When you read something like “this tactical flashlight has over 1000 lumens”, any man’s likely to have one of two different responses. The first being, “wow! That sounds awesome! Where can I get one?” The other is a bit more critical “okay, that’s great – but how much are 1000 lumens anyway?

Can I get away with a regular camping flashlight?”

These are natural questions to be asking oneself. Especially as we are trying to navigate a marketing atmosphere that’s trying to sell men stuff that they don’t really need. Does the best tactical flashlight really have more than 1000 lumens?

What’s the difference that it makes?

If we start thinking about regular flashlights then your average headlamp probably produces about 50 lumens. Flashlights typically go from there until about 100 or 150 lumens. You know the type we’re talking about: an unfocused beam that often fades after a half-dozen meters or so.

Your kids might try lighting up the tops of trees and be disappointed.

A high lumen tactical flashlight, on the other hand, doubles down on the intensity and spread. Decent models also include a variety of modes, so that you can either choose an intense, narrow beam or a wide wash that can light up an entire area.

There are often SOS or ‘strobe’ modes that generate a steady series of flashes so you can draw attention to yourself or scare away any nearby critters.

The distance covered by the king of tactical flashlights Amazon sells depends on a number of factors: moonlight, fog, weather, etc. Many 1000+ lumen flashlights can penetrate up to 150 or 200 meters. Meanwhile, objects are still very much in the distance managing to be illuminated.

Plus, it’s darn cool to play with!

How heavy are the average tactical flashlights?

No matter what kind of gear you’re dealing with, one of the most important factors is how heavy it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping, hunting, or trying to protect your home. Having unwieldy equipment is an invitation to disaster. Can you imagine trying to resist a home burglar if you can’t even lift your flashlight?

If you have so many gadgets in your backpack, moving between camps is an absolute drag. Something has to be done and making sure that you’re using gear that’s been engineered tor mobility is the main factor.

Given how many folks in uniform are needing premium equipment, this is something that’s been thought of many times before. Tactical flashlight reviews always focus on product weight, and for this very reason. Luckily tactical flashlights have been engineered with this very much in mind.

Whereas older flashlight models are clunky with heavy plastics and batteries, your average tactical LED flashlight has been made with other types of material. Think NASA-grade aluminum, with the battery problem solved with the rise of rechargeable tactical flashlight models.

No more carrying bulky lights with a dozen spare batteries just in case. Rather, just a sleek, rugged model with a plug-and-go recharger to boot.

When searching for the best tactical flashlights on the market today, weight has to come out on top. That said, there are other requirements as well. Think range, battery life, lumens, run time, the works, and more. That’s why we at Men’s Gear have done all the research for you.

Here are our 18 picks for the best tactical flashlights over 1000 lumens

1) UDR Dominator


2400 (high), 14 (low)

Run time

2.25 hours (high), 22.75 hours (low)


2.4 lbs (with batteries)

To do a man’s job, you need a man’s tool. The UDR Dominator tactical flashlight is nothing if not that. It has a powerful set of options that are good for any situation. These tactical flashlights can be set to 14, 28, 50, 100, 180, 350, 675, 1275, or 2400 lumens.

At its highest setting, it’s the equivalent of a searchlight in your hands. As such, it’s perfect for military or naval missions when you need a steady light that can be moved with ease.

This isn’t just one of the best tactical LED flashlight models out there – it also comes with a crate of extra goodies. Rather than having to choose between rechargeable or disposable batteries, the Dominator comes with both. Either slide twelve 123A into the battery rod or charge up the Li-ion using the wall or car charger.

This model has the world in mind because the wall charger comes with a comprehensive set of international plug adapters.

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2) EagleTac XM-L2 XLamp LED

While choosing a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight might make some men question the need for extra lumens, having a bit extra on the side will do no harm. Which is why EagleTac’s 1180-lumen model is a great choice.

It may not compare with the 2400 lumens of the Dominator above, but that’s because the Dominator is for the military or for show-offs.

These tactical flashlights give you what you need without all the bells and whistles. With two options for power (disposable and rechargeable batteries) the XLamp gives you choices you deserve. This is, of course, hinges on where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing.

Throw onto that a high-grade aluminum makeup and seven different modes (including strobe and S.O.S.) and you have a clear winner.

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3) Fenix PD35 1000 Lumens

Fenix is one of the major brand names out there for tactical performance flashlight models. Therefore, it would be remiss of us not to include one here. Or more than one.

The PD35 is the perfect entry model, as it hovers at the threshold of 1000 lumens without a number of the other features that other models here include. If you’re interested in trying out high-power tactical flashlights before sinking hundreds of dollars into an entry, then this is a good place to start.

It is better to drop a little before you drop a lot if you’re unsure.

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4) TAC10 Gear XML-T6 1000 Lumens

Some might want to dive right into finding the best tactical flashlights money can buy, then drop hundreds. However, looking into some of the lower-end models might be a good first step instead.

Why dish out upwards of a thousand dollars if you’re not even sure how many lumens you’re going to be needing?

With this model from TAC10 Gear, getting started in the world of tactical flashlights has gotten that much simpler. With an incredibly low price, anyone can try wielding a tactical flashlight on their own. Perfect for curious consumers who typically dip a foot into the water before jumping in completely.

However, once you realize the power of a high-lumen flashlight you won’t want to go back!

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5) Feit 1000 Lumen Flashlight

When going through the types of tactical flashlights around, you’re going to come across a wide range of models with just as diverse a range of features. One of these is the entry level Feit 1000 lumen flashlight. Their line includes flashlights with a lower level of lumens, and this is the model that starts reaching into the 1000+ range.

However, for those who might not need 1000 lumens all the time, there’s an option to switch between 250, 500 and 1000.

While some men might have a desire to go straight for the biggest and best tactical flashlight brands, starting small also has its benefits. Just as with the model above, this entry from Feit is priced for those wanting to try tactical flashlights without dishing out a couple hundred for the opportunity.

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6) Klarus XT11X Tactical Flashlight

For consumers looking to explore a mid-level tactical flashlight, the Klarus XT11X model is an ideal choice. While a number of flashlights come with rechargeable and disposable battery options, this Klarus simplifies things by only having a rechargeable battery.

It can be powered up with a conventional wall plug or via USB. On the go? No worries! Use your car charger or your power bank instead and keep going!

This is a tactical LED flashlight with a lot going on under the hood. With a max output of 3200 lumens (though the amount is adjustable), you’re sure to find the amount that works best for the job at hand.

Add to that a changeable zoom feature and rainproof skin. Gentlemen, in these tactical flashlights, we’ve got a winner!

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7) Husky 1000 Lumen Aluminum Flashlight

Built for the man who needs a simple yet powerful flashlight, this entry from Husky does away with a number of extra features. This was done to focus in on what makes a tactical flashlight useful, its high, low and strobe modes. Gone are the multiple charging features and the zoom.

All that’s here are a high-quality Klee LED frame and a tough-as-nails exterior.

This model is a survivor. Via testing on this Husky model by various reviewers, they were able to prove that this entry is waterproof up to one meter and shock resistant up to 30 feet. Switching between modes is incredibly simple, with a single tail-button controlling all three.

Without having to worry about the bells and whistles, a man can get back to doing his job with confidence!

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8) Aukelly Rechargeable High Lumens Flashlight

This is a perfect casual model for anyone interested in exploring what it means to work with a high-lumen flashlight. Most top tactical flashlight entries boast a truckload of extra features. However, this model from Aukelly makes sure that you only get what’s absolutely necessary.

This makes it similar to the Husky model previously mentioned, but it stands out itself.

These tactical flashlights are helpful for men who don’t need a tactical flashlight for everyday use. Overall, this model is inexpensive and lies ready in your drawer or glove box until needed.

This flashlight, though simple, is versatile enough to work in a number of contexts. It is perfect as a handheld high-lumen device for whenever you’re needing to identify objects in the dark. It’s also greatly latched to your handlebars at for night riding.

Making sure you’re visible is important to your safety, and this is a flashlight that can do just that.

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9) AYL Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack

This is the first tactical flashlight on our list not only to be an accessible model but a dual-pack at that. All at an entry-level price and use. These AYL flashlights are compact and lightweight, making them a great addition to glove boxes everywhere!

Unlike other models which take up a lot of space (or weigh your hunting bag or backpack down), these will slide into place perfectly.

What’s more, both are a type of rechargeable tactical flashlight. This means you won’t be constantly buying batteries at the store. Don’t let their size fool you, they have five different settings that can pack a 1000 lumen punch.

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10) Victagen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Picking a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight can be a difficult choice, especially considering all the options out there. That and many models claim to go up to 1000 lumens. However, when tested in a lab, some don’t even make it past 500. This proved some lie in their marketing.

Although, the models we used on this list are fully vetted to avoid such issues.

How terrible is it to see a lying company at work? Men are unable to find a proper working tactical flashlight that serves their needs, especially as they’re in search on the market.

This simple Victagen model is a good start, proven to be what it claims to be. With four settings across a range of modes, you’ll be able to find your way through any dark point! Plus, with its waterproof and durable aluminum frame, you won’t have to worry about it breaking if you drop it on rocks or in water.

You may very well be using this tactical flashlight outside, and this is a model made for the outdoors! Inexpensive and reliable, it’s a great model to have on-hand.

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11) Nitecore MT21C 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Most of the entries on this list have a similar structure, a regular flashlight with a powerful beam. Where this model from Nitecore outdoes them is in their introduction of a moveable head. Whereas there is only one way to hold other flashlights, you can twist the head here 90 degrees like a lamp.

With the included harness, you can even slide it into your belt buckle. This allows you to have an incredibly comfortable hands-free experience.

This feature alone makes this entry an exciting tactical flashlight, but that’s not the only punch the MT21C packs. It’s also shock resistant (they dropped it, you can try it), waterproof, and comes with a rechargeable battery with USB connectivity.

All this makes for a solid mid-level tactical flashlight you won’t want to do without!

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12) MsForce 2000 & 1000 Lumen 2-Pack

Whereas the previous double-pack on this list was comprised of two smaller, lightweight models, this double-pack has two different tactical flashlights with different power levels and functions. If you’re needing a simple light-up in the dark, the smaller 1000 lumen flashlight will more than do the trick.

However, if you’re wanting the power of a mini-searchlight at your disposal, you can bring out the big guns. That is the powerful 2000 lumen tactical flashlight. We know, we were stoked to see this too!

While both flashlights are lightweight models, don’t let that fool you! They’re powerful entries in a list of already powerful tactical flashlights and are competitively priced. This allows them to be available to any consumer.

Don’t believe us? Grab a pair and find out for yourself!

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13) MecArmy PT16 Keychain Tactical Flashlight

The largest percentage of tactical flashlights on this list are entry-level models. This is a great opportunity for curious or wary buyers to enter the market. Unfortunately, it also means that the quality is not going to be as high as it will be for mid- to high-quality flashlights.

While this entry from MecArmy looks small, it packs a mighty punch.

This is the supremely portable tactical flashlight, able to be strung to a wristband or around a belt loop. Just don’t think its size says it all, it can project up to 1100 lumens through whatever dark you’re up against. Living in a rainy city? Not only is this model waterproof, but it’s also built to shine through up to two meters of water.

Not your average flashlight indeed. Add to that a rechargeable battery (with USB compatibility) and a couple wristbands and you’re good to go!

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14) Ultrafire WF502B 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

When picking a tactical flashlight, some men are wanting to find the most durable (in fact, the most unbreakable) models. There’s something deeply masculine about this, the desire to face whatever the elements have and come out on the other side unscathed.

This is true especially in cases where the user works in a high-risk occupation. This those involved in places like police, firefighters, and military member. Properly working equipment can be a matter of life or death. Sometimes, quite literally.

However, this means dishing out some major dollar for these models. What if you’re working in places where it’s easy to lose equipment? In this case, you need a high-lumen flashlight that you’re not afraid to lose. This entry from Ultrafire is exactly that, an inexpensive yet operational tactical flashlight with over 1000 lumens of power.

It’s powerful enough to get the job done, but you won’t be crying if you drop it down a sewer line.

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15) Soonfire NS17 Tactical Flashlight

What makes these tactical flashlights from Soonfire stand out from the rest? Likely, it is its six different operational modes: think high, medium, low, strobe. These are all standard entries, but this flashlight has two additional flash modes, being slow and fast.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get attention or scare away certain critters from your tent. Overall, this is an entry-level tactical flashlight that earns its place in your toolkit.

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16) Nitecore MH25GT Tactical Flashlight

Making sure that you have the right equipment when you have to is an absolute must. Especially if you’re working in a high-risk occupation. For some, particularly in uniform, the quality of your tools can make the difference between life and death.

With that in mind, making sure you pick a solid tactical flashlight is key. While there may be cheaper entry-level models on this list, you don’t want to leave anything to chance with low-quality equipment.

Getting shopping ideas from a list like this is ideal. This is because, when you’re looking for the best type of tactical flashlight around, poking around in stores will limit your options. Seeing how a powerful model like this Nitecore lines up with the competition will only give you confidence in your purchase.

If you’re looking for a mid-range model that works under stress, this is the model is certainly for you.

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17) Creazy 100 Lumens Minipen Flashlight

This entry is unique on this list of tactical flashlights for its size. Only a few inches across, this is by far the smallest and most compact model in this review. While some might take that for a sign of weakness, don’t judge a book by its cover.

This flashlight is capable of beaming 1000 lumens worth of light on its unsuspecting target.

Perfect to fit into small spaces (or as a gift for a girlfriend), if you ever need to whip it out on an attacker they won’t see it coming. Plus, its small status means you can pack it away in any backpack for hiking. With it being so low-weight, you’re also seeing a flashlight that can merely fit in your pocket if need be.

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18) Nitecore P12 1000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

Looking for the right tactical flashlight means thinking about where your needs are. Some need the thousand-dollar models best suited for marine or military use. Meanwhile, some are okay with a 1000 lumen penlight. It’s easy for a man to think he needs the strongest tactical flashlight out there.

However, we know that making sure that you get what it is you need is more important. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is why these tactical flashlights by Nitecore are a great mid-level entry. It’s right smack-dab in the middle of the high-low quality spectrum. You get all the durability and range you need without the bells and whistles. With different modes for every occasion, you won’t need anything else for day-to-day life.

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Shine a Light

All this for a simple light!

When you need something bright in a dark spot, you can’t compromise on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something small and stowable or something business-grade and badass. There’s something on this list for you.

Next time you start thinking about your next trip, whether it’s hunting or camping, think to yourself about what kind of flashlight you should be packing. The same goes for the kind of flashlight you want to have in your car. In the event of an engine failure, that flashlight might be the only thing standing between you and getting home that evening.

For officers of the law, making sure you have reliable equipment is key to getting the job done safely. What are you waiting for? Check out these models and find out what best works for you.

Top 13 DSLR Shoulder Rigs


icture this – you’ve spent the day taking photographs or filming footage, channeling your inner filmmaker. You sit down ready to check the fruits of your labor, excited about the professional results you’re sure to see. Then, disaster! Instead of beautifully shot images and video, all you have is a collection of wobbly images and shaky footage. Sound familiar? The solution is simple, DSLR shoulder rigs.

DSLR cameras are designed to be light, making them great for use over an extended period of time. However, they’re not the easiest to deal with for handheld shots or footage. Without using any of the brilliant DSLR shoulder rigs available, it’s likely your images will be vulnerable to the effects of the day. Making them turn out shaky or unfocused.

In the old days, cameras were much bigger. This actually played a valuable role in stabilizing hand-held shots. However, even those old-school cameras were often shoulder-mounted to stabilize the shots even further. Shoulder mounts are dynamic pieces of equipment which move along with the operator of the camera.

Unlike a tripod, filmmakers can easily move around and make every movement efficient to the shot. The hand-held approach to filmmaking might work for certain types of footage, but it certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. If you want your work to look like The Blair Witch Project, shaky filming might be the answer.

However, if you aren’t going for that, DSLR shoulder rigs will solve the problem admirably.

As you might imagine, not all shoulder rigs are fantastic. We’ve made it easier to decide on the right one for you so that you can avoid making an expensive mistake. Check out our list of the top 13 shoulder rigs on the market today and find the ideal one to suit your next filmmaking project.

What are the main benefits of DSLR shoulder rigs/ mounts?

DSLR shoulder rigs or mounts aren’t needed by every filmmaker. Not all projects have a need for them, to be honest. However, most of the top people in the business will have one or something similar to do the same job.

A shoulder mounted camera is perfect for a number of things, but it often can help deliver a proper narrative viewpoint. This puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. Think war or action movies, where we’re seeing the fight sometimes from a near point of view appearance.

The viewer goes from spectator to part of the actual scene.

DSLR shoulder rigs can ensure the camera’s proper can movement by helping it capture video or images in a controlled way.  Energy is present in the scene, giving an additional frantic element to major, climatic moments.

Shoulder rigs, as we mentioned slightly above, are perfect for action shots. They offer the stability you need for mobile and speedy shots. Tripods and monopods are unneeded here, and you feel closer to the action.

Thanks to their anti-shock, sturdy design they stabilize even the shakiest hands. This offers smoother-looking videos that are completely flicker-free. As an added benefit, they distribute the camera’s weight evenly over the shoulders for longer shooting sessions.

This is due to the ease of making things less difficult on the cameraman, making them less tired.

Carrying even the lightest DSLR camera around for extended periods can be tiring, and a shoulder mount eliminates that problem for a more pleasant shooting experience.

When you invest in a shoulder rig, you won’t have to worry ever again about shaky and wobbly footage making you look like an amateur. You’ll enjoy wonderfully smooth shots that are precise, well-focused, and professional.

What are the different types of shoulder rigs/mounts?

Not every shoulder mount is designed for the same camera or even the same purpose. The two main types are offset shoulder mounts and straight shoulder mounts. Due to what each can do and why they are both important, we felt it would be best to go over them with you.

DSLR shoulder rigs are incredibly useful, but you often need to know your way around the best.

Even the greatest shoulder mount will cause the user some trouble if it’s the wrong thing. It might also not do well for certain people if the type they use is fine for the camera, but not for them. That said, let’s check these different rigs out.

Offset Shoulder Mount:

Offset shoulder mounts are ideal if you’re using a DSLR with an LCD monitor that opens up sideways. This will allow the viewfinder to remain in front of the eyes of the operator instead of beside them. Overall, the viewfinder often makes a huge difference.

The reason this is so important to keep in mind is due to how you’re seeing the action.

Trying to record something you cannot see can really be troubling. Offsets allow you to see everything like you normally would through a camera. Offsets also are known for being used in a handheld fashion, like on the ground with a camera operator running or walking with them.

These are what you may call the “mobile mount.” Though both are mobile, the offset’s viewfinder ability makes it less complicated to use in this format.

Straight Shoulder Mount:

If you use a straight shoulder rig for the same type of camera you’ll find the viewfinder is offset to the side. This can make it harder on the camera operator, as they’ll have trouble viewing. On the other hand, if you really like this set-up than you can easily use an off-camera monitor for your DSLR.

You’ll also be able to place your monitor into the hot shoe mount of the camera as well. However, the most common way to use one is on a rail support system. This will allow you to get the shot, but you’ll be immobile as you’ll need the rails to push a dolly support-type of thing with you on it.

This can be great for shots, however.

These types of things are cheaper than an entire dolly set-up, so it can be a cheaper option to get the same results for independent filmmakers. However, if you’re using a huge studio, the huge dolly set-up won’t even be a discussion. It’ll be there.

How Their Design Plays A Role:

Shoulder mounts come in several designs. Some have flat metal surfaces that allow the camera to be attached to the top. As we referred to above, some have a rail system. While the right one for you will depend on your own preferences and filming style, the rail system is often considered to be better since it can be adapted to more shooting scenarios.

Also, a rail system can be added to over time. Adding on attachments is much simpler with a rail system and if you’re likely to need accessories like lens support or follow focus, a rail system will suit your needs perfectly.

Not every type of shoulder mount can carry the same amount of weight either. Even a small and apparently light DSLR camera will become heavy over time. Especially once you attach a telephoto lens or other accessories to it. The longer your shooting session, the heavier your camera will start to feel.

If you want to avoid the strain of carrying a rig, camera, lenses, and attachments, you might want to consider a type of mount with chest support or arm. The arm will rest against the chest of the operator, and this helps the camera’s front to be supported.

Many DSLR shoulder rigs are also supplied with a choice of counterweight options. When you add batteries, monitors, lenses, and microphones to your shoulder rig, it will start to be front heavy. You can combat the imbalance in weight by attaching weights onto the rear of the rig to rebalance it.

What are the major mistakes people make when buying shoulder rigs/mounts?

DSLR shoulder rigs won’t just make you look like a professional, it’ll also help to improve your stability during shooting. This is a simple fact of film-life for directors and camera operators alike. You’ll be able to film effortlessly for long periods of time without experiencing any aches or pains in your arms and/r hands.

However, if you buy the wrong shoulder rig, you’ll end up causing more problems than you solve. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that filmmakers commonly make when choosing a shoulder mount.


DSLR shoulder rigs are versatile devices, but if you’re going to get the most out of your purchase you need to consider the material it’s made with. Some are made from steel, which is very durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, it’ll be heavy to handle for extended periods.

An aluminum rig is going to be just as durable but will be much lighter and easier to carry all day on a longer type of shoot. This makes it a much better choice. It’s also worth looking out for a powder coated rig since it will be corrosion and rust-resistant. This makes it ideal for outdoor shoots.

Rail System:

We keep talking about the rail system, but that is simply due to the importance it has. The primary concern it’s for is the stabilization of your DSLR camera. If it has been well designed, it will make your shots stable even if you aren’t as skilled as you thought you were!

Make sure that you select a rig that has a good rail system with a diameter that properly fits your DSLR. You also want it to be made from a durable material like carbon fiber. If you make the mistake of choosing a rig with a poorly designed rail system, you’ll be throwing your money away.

Simply put, the stabilization won’t be good enough to ensure smooth footage. Meaning you need to look out for this big time!

Matte Box:

When buying your rig, look at the placing of the matte box. This is essential for securing your lens filters, something you’ll obviously want to to do. If you’re planning on using these accessories, you need to ensure that your chosen rig’s matte box is in the right spot for you.

The role it plays is pretty crucial to the safety it can provide, of course.

You’ll want to make sure that it can accommodate the type and size of filters you’re planning on using. People often buy stuff like this without considering the stuff they’ll use. Before you do, make sure you have a list of what all you’ll need that should fit into one of these.

Follow Focus:

Follow Focus is a relatively big deal thing to consider, but what is it?

This first needs to be described going over what type of focus people like. Some camera operators like when their camera auto-focuses. Basically, it focuses on the type of shot it will need to do in order to get the complete focused image without blur anywhere.

If it does, it typically gets everything in front of it with blur only happening at distance images.

Meanwhile, other operators like to manual focus. Meaning they do not want an auto-feature affecting the type of image or video they’re working on. They want complete control. They want some blur at times or some far off look. Perhaps they want to focus on closer objects than an entire image or a further one while they’ll unfocus the front objects.

It’s truly up to them. Mounts will be big to consider here because they can be in the way of trying to focus your camera. If you cannot reach in easily to focus the camera during shoots on the fly, it can really be annoying for these types of people.

Auto-focus types won’t care either way.


One of the primary reasons to buy a DSLR shoulder mount is to make shooting videos easier. If you buy a rig that isn’t easy to use, you’ll be wasting money. Choose a lightweight rig is simple to use in whatever environment you’re going to be filming.

Make sure the design is well-balanced and has all the essential features you need to get the most out of your filmmaking. You’ll be golden when you do. If you struggle when attempting to use any DSLR shoulder rigs, then this could be an issue. You want a user-friendly approach.

You’ll be using these things a lot, of course. That means you need the best for you that YOU can operate easily and won’t cause you any grief.


What kind of camera will you be using for your filmmaking? If you’re planning on using a larger model you’ll require a shoulder mount that’s able to effectively balance that extra weight. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult and awkward to handle your equipment, especially on a longer shoot.

Balance can be a huge asset to consider for a ton of reasons on top of this. Think of the word itself, as well as what it means. You’re balancing. Imagine having one side with too much weight on the right or left. It can really do a number on your body but it’ll also look bad when you look back at the footage. It’ll be tilted!

You want even distributed weight for sure.

Add-Ons And Extras:

Planning on adding accessories like battery packs, microphones, and monitors to your set-up? You’ll need to make sure that your chosen rig can accommodate them. Most DSLR shoulder rigs can hold up just fine to a lot of add-ons. However, some can only handle so many.

If you can take away or add on features while you’re out on a shoot, your shooting experience will be better. Overall, you’ll want to have things close by. This makes things easier in every way, so you’ll want a rig that can handle this. However, again, the biggest thing to consider is simply the amount of the extras and even what these add-ons might weigh.

1) Ikan ELE-OFLY Flyweight Offset Shoulder Mount

The Ikan ELE-OFLY is a great choice for both professionals and amateurs on any project they might be working on. Its soft padded shoulder support is comfortable to wear. It’s surprisingly light on your shoulder even for extended periods of filming.

Meanwhile, the rubber handles are comfortable to hold and ensure the best possible grip during use.

Designed for use with DSLRs, this mount fits perfectly in its frame, offering top quality, reliable performance. These DSLR shoulder rigs truly come with all the features of a professional rig. Best suited to small and mid-sized cameras, it can be adjusted easily to obtain optimal comfort even when shooting from unusual angles and heights.

If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to worry about getting to grips with the ELE-OFLY. It is very intuitive and user-friendly, making it an easy rig to operate. On top of this, it only requires minimal assembly, so you can put it together without much of a challenge.

The 15mm rods also allow for vertical adjustments to keep the camera at the perfect height for you every time.

Solidly constructed from anodized aluminum, this rig is durable and strong while also being light enough for extended use. Overall, this makes it quite useful for all kinds of projects you might need it for.

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2) Movo MFF400 Premium Motorized Shoulder Mount

The Premium motorized Movo MFF400 shoulder mount is compatible with virtually all DSLR cameras. It’s ideal for either professionals or amateurs to use, making them a universal product to have for either. Strong enough in construction to last for the long haul, this well-designed model contains highly durable, premium motors.

Together with zoom memory, it allows for smooth photography and a more precise and accurate focus. You’ll be able to use these DSLR shoulder rigs all day long and still enjoy smoothly operating motors.

Boasting silent operation, this mount gives you full control over every shot. It truly could not be easier to use. This is thanks to the speed settings on the control switches that are placed in a highly accessible location. It comes protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty and has a very affordable price tag for peace of mind.

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3) Neewer Film Making Kit

From the terrific and high-quality Neewer brand, these DSLR shoulder rigs are the perfect thing to have for any filmmaker. It comes standard with a follow focus, matte box, and shoulder mount itself. Overall, this gives you complete flexibility to shoot indoors or outdoors while maintaining ultimate portability.

Designed to be entirely gear driven, it ensures accurate, slip-free movement. Meanwhile, its adjustable locking system ensures the perfect comfort and functionality every time you pick up your camera. Thanks to its flexible design, it couldn’t be simpler to adjust this rig to different shooting modes.

On top of this, the handgrips and shoulder mount are well padded for comfortable shooting even over long periods of time.

Capable of supporting a maximum lens of up to 77mm, these DSLR shoulder rigs are made from ABS and anodized durable metal for lightweight support. All of this makes it designed to stand the test of time. You can even mount the gear drive on either side to suit your needs whether you are left or right handed.

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4) Neewer FilmMaker Portable System

Back yet again with the Neewer brand, we know they can kill it when it comes to DSLR shoulder rigs by now. They do it again with this product, which came to the shock of no one.

These highly portable DSLR shoulder rigs make filming outdoors a breeze. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to transport wherever you need to go and its maneuverability is outstanding. It can secure the majority of DSLR brands while its sturdy construction stabilizes even the shakiest hands.

Its handles are well padded with foam for extra comfort during long shoots. Meanwhile, the comfortable and broad shoulder pads ensure that you won’t suffer from any pain while filming. There’s also plenty of room on this rig to add on any accessories you need.

Its ¼” universal screw holes are ideal for supporting virtually every camera with plenty of space for add-on lenses and accessories. Made from highly durable and strong aluminum, this is a lightweight product that is still built incredibly.

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5) SunSmart DSLR Rig Set

SunSmart comes into the batter’s box with this stabilizing shoulder mount that ensures you can film completely shake-free. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate your height and can even be mounted with a follow focus to allow for even more accurate focus control.

Constructed to withstand heavy-duty applications, these DSLR shoulder rigs are made from stainless steel and aluminum. Its ¼” universal thread means that it can easily be mounted onto a standard tripod for even greater flexibility.

With its gear-driven design, this shoulder rig ensures accurate, repeatable, and slip-free focus movement. Its adjustable slide-mount mechanism can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of lens in different diameters as well. The gear drive can either be mounted on the right or left to suit your needs whether you’re left or right-handed.

All the while, the padding improves the comfort of use and the swing-away mechanism ensures speedy lens changes.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


6) Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit

If you have very shaky hands, the Morros DSLR rig movie kit is the ideal solution. With its low price tag, it’s perfect for amateurs who want to take their filmmaking up a notch. Meanwhile, pros on a budget will love it too.

With its versatile and durable design, it even has a focus flow knob for precise control focus and optimal results.

Despite its relatively low price tag, the Morros rig is built to last with an aluminum heavy-duty frame which is robust but lightweight. It is also designed to be corrosion and rust-resistant for outdoor use. Its gear-driven, innovative design means impressive accuracy.

You’ll enjoy repeatable focus movements that improve your footage quality.

The non-slip grip on its three handles and adjustable slide-mounting design makes it even more effective. The ¼” thread also means that these DSLR shoulder rigs can be attached with ease to any tripod for even greater flexibility.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


7) Movo SG100 Shoulder Rig

There’s no need for any of the DSLR shoulder rigs to be heavy or bulky in order to offer optimal stabilization camera. The Movo SG100 mount is easy to maneuver and helps you to save energy during a long day of shooting.

With its well-balanced and lightweight design, these are some incredibly sturdy DSLR shoulder rigs that are suitable for use with virtually every DSLR. Eliminating hand-shake admirably, it boasts a cushioned handle and shoulder pad for even greater comfort during long periods of use.

Thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum construction, this advanced support rig is very durable and capable of supporting weights of up to 5lbs. Making sure there are no worries about breaking or bending. This model also comes complete with an SGW-5 counterweight to add more stability.

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8) Jag35 KSRV2 Full Shoulder Rig

The Jag35 KSRV2 camera rig boasts active stability control for even better results. Paired with a full 2-rod counterweight system, it offers two sturdy yet wide handles. Overall, this combines for the perfect footage!

Thanks to its intuitive design, these DSLR shoulder rigs allow the operator to get to grips with the equipment quickly and easily. Despite its ease of use, it boasts plenty of impressive features. The two-rod back section ensures there’s plenty of space for attaching all kinds of accessories without affecting the balance of the rig.

The front of the rig stays uncluttered so you’ll be able to easily focus on the target of your filming. It also allows for quick lens changes and easier camera operation. With its tall and well-balanced top handle, it’s possible to easily capture low angle shots.

Thanks to its versatile design, it can be easily customized, rearranged, or upgraded to suit your individual filming needs for every project.

It’s easy to smoothly tighten to rails or to remove and add handles as necessary thanks to the array of configurations that this rig makes possible. The surface is incredibly smooth and capable of us with any brand of rods. Since the knobs are also machined for a stronger, tighter grip, you can ensure the most durable and rigid rig.

To top it off, since it is a single knob system, disassembling and assembling your equipment is speedy and efficient.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


9) Ikan ELE-CINEFLY DSLR Shoulder Mount

If you’re looking for convenient DSLR shoulder rigs capable of being customized to meet your individual shooting requirements, the Ikan Cinefly is ideal for you. Its non-slipping metal rosette system ensures that the handles are very simple and quick to adjust.

This allows you to bring your arms closer into your body so you can guard against fatigue during long periods of use.

This rig comes complete with the Ikan BlackMagic cinema camera baseplate that features well-placed exhaust holes to ensure optimal airflow. This can guard against potential overheating that could cause damage to your equipment. It can also be used with the Ikan DSLR baseplate for even greater versatility and convenience.

It’s surprisingly lightweight, despite the sturdy construction. It’s designed with cinematographers and filmmakers in mind, as they need quality products yet affordable pricing. This rig guarantees a solid construction together with impressive reliability for outstanding performance.

Designed for speed and ease of assembly and disassembly, this rig works perfectly with any brand of DSLR or any other small cameras. Its small baseplate features tension knobs which are fully adjustable for high-quality, stable shots every time.

Its heavy-duty grips paired with the 18” rod system means that adding all the accessories you need will be simple.

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10) FilmCity DSLR Shoulder Support

Durable with outstanding build quality, the FilmCity DSLR shoulder rigs will give you all the professionalism you need at a price that even an amateur can afford. With its stylish and sleek appearance, it boasts a number of handy features that will take your filmmaking to the next level.

Its quick release plate is a convenient addition, taking it a mere few minutes to set up and disassemble your equipment. Its shoulder support pad is very comfortable, allowing you to film for extended periods without suffering from any strain or pain.

Meanwhile, the inbuilt counterweight ensures that you’ll be well balanced and stable.

This is the perfect piece of equipment for a run and gun shoot and offers outstanding value for money. Even though it is very lightweight to carry, it is surprisingly durable. Its adjustable brackets can be moved from 6” up to 9” to suit your requirements.

The inclusive matte box is also capable of accommodating lenses of several sizes, up to a maximum of 95mm to suit a range of needs. It also has adjustable top and side doors as well as 4×4 filter holders and a front-located height adjuster for even greater convenience.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


11) Neewer DSLR Shoulder Mount

Stop us before if we’ve mentioned the impressive Neewer DSLR shoulder rigs. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed by this product. With its durable and versatile design, this mount improves the quality of your video for even more professional filmmaking.

Designed for use both indoors and outside, this DSLR shoulder support rig has a sturdy construction that retains its shape perfectly. This is regardless of which brand of camera you use. Suitable for both camcorders and DSLRs, it’s very versatile and flexible.

Lightweight enough to take anywhere, this maneuverable rig is comfortable and won’t strain your wrists or hands while you shoot video footage. Both hands have been equipped with a rubberized non-slip grip for extra comfort and support.

Meanwhile, the angles and position of the rig can easily be adjusted to improve your video quality.

Very customizable, these DSLR shoulder rigs feature a C-shape holder that supports the vast majority of add-ons and accessories like lenses. That means you’ll get even more use from your rig. Its aluminum construction is robust and long-lasting yet surprisingly light, and it won’t break or bed over time.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


12) Ikan TT-03-TL Shoulder Mount

The Tilta TT-03-TL DSLR shoulder rigs come complete with a follow focus and counterweights making it a great option if you’re looking for value for money. Built with the needs of professional cinematographers and videographers in mind, this rig offers quality at a surprisingly low price.

Extremely reliable, it has been designed to be solidly constructed and it boasts every essential feature to guarantee a professional level of performance. It comes with a baseplate designed for use with DSLR cameras as well as a follow focus that has adjustable hard stops.

Compatible with virtually every DSLR camera, this rig’s baseplate can snap quickly onto its 15mm support rods for a removable registration pin. This keeps the camera firmly in place and stable during filming.

The inclusive follow focus simply snaps onto the rig, while its adjustable tension controls and adjustable hard stops ensure completer precision focusing that works perfectly with a photo-type lens. It also features two counterweights with a 15mm rod adapter to mount onto the rear of the rig allowing the weight to be evenly distributed.

This ensures perfect comfort even during a long day of filming. To guarantee this further, the rods have mounted handgrips that can be adjusted through three different points and feature texture for a sturdy and solid grip.

You’ll also benefit from a carrying case that comes free of charge with this rig. This makes it a breeze to transport or store between uses.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


13) Neewer Film Movie Video Making Kit

Coming from the Neewer brand, these robust DSLR shoulder rigs come with everything you need to get started with filmmaking. It comes complete with the shoulder mount, matte box, follow focus, top handle, and C-shape bracket.

Designed for use with mid-sized and small cameras, they’re perfectly compatible with your DSLR.  Plus, this model boasts with features that can help lead to high-quality shots. The extremely affordable price tag makes this a great cost-effective option for beginners who are making their first jump to filmmaking.

The inclusive C-shaped bracket features a top handle grip that can transform the rig into a hand-held, which allows for filmmaking on the go. It comes with an inclusive counterweight, which distributes the rig’s weight to better the stabilization and balance.

You can adjust the height of the matte box by up to 45mm to suit your camera’s lens size and it can also work with a standard 15mm rail for extra flexibility. The inclusive follow focus allows for more precise shooting and focusing as well, making shot options endless.

The soft shoulder pad ensures complete comfort of use, even for extended periods. Meanwhile, the dual-hand handgrip is comfortable to use all day long. Quick to assemble and disassemble, this user-friendly rig is ideal for people at any stage.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


Focusing On Shoulder Rigs

If you’ve decided you need a shoulder rig, congratulations! To us, it’s the perfect way to get the best footage and shots possible. We feel one of these DSLR shoulder rigs we highlighted above will do the trick.

Designed to take all of the hard work out of shooting, a shoulder mount will take the weight for you and eliminate all the problems associated with hand-shake.

Never again will you need to worry about the jitters after that super-strong espresso before filming!

Whether you’re a filmmaking pro or you’re just an amateur starting out on your shooting adventure, it doesn’t matter. One of these high-quality DSLR shoulder rigs may turn you into the next Steven Spielberg! You’ll love the convenience these rigs provide, especially due to their ability to work both indoors and outdoors.

On a low budget or capable of spending a little more on your filming equipment, you’re sure to find a shoulder mount among our top 13 selection to suit your individual needs. We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve brought you all the key information you need to make a well-informed purchasing decision and avoid making an expensive mistake.

Whatever suggestion we threw out that best suits your needs, you can be convinced that you’ll be benefiting from great quality and excellent value for money. It’s time to make a snap decision!

Top 9 Underwater Drones


hen you think about underwater exploration, your mind probably conjures up images of shipwrecks. We know ours did. Perhaps you think of searching for buried treasure or ill-fated expeditions seeking the lost city of Atlantis. These things are the stuff of legend and have been restricted to fantasies. Today’s technology helps with this fantasy we once had. Underwater Drones most of all are useful.

Surely you may never have assumed you’d ever get a chance to use something like this, accomplishing a dream. Well, buddy, it looks like you were wrong.

It shouldn’t really be too weird for us nowadays to have something that previously only existed in fiction and finding out it’s a reality. With the incredible advancements of technology over the past number of years, it’s no surprise to see mindboggling technology changes.

We see cool and awesome products developed for commercial use that completely change the way we live. The underwater drone is no different.

These robots run just like your average flying drone. They have propellers and cameras, only they swim instead of glide. They explore the deep unknown beneath the waves as opposed to causing general UFO panic around communities.

There’s really no negatives here. They’re used by marine biologists, underwater photographers, and rescue crews to find things that before were feared to be lost to the depths forever.

Today they’ve been developed for average people. Though we must warn you, they can be pricey. In this article, we’re going to bring you the 9 best underwater drones for you to check out. With one, you can explore the deep as you always wanted.

Don’t be scared of what lies beneath, let’s dive in and see what the future of the great open ocean is going to look like.

What are the main things to consider when buying an underwater drone?

We see you’ve decided to buy an underwater drone. That’s great! You’re going to have a heck of a lot of fun exploring the ocean floor, swimming through streams, and searching for the Loch Ness Monster. Before you’re devoured by an apparently not-so-mythical creature in the Scottish Highlands, you need to know some things.

These are amazing advancements in technology, but with that comes features. This is a good thing but also a bad one. As each great feature costs more, with the very best being the most costly of them all. Obviously, before buying, you want to know what you’re paying for.

This is to make sure you get the best kind of underwater drone for you. We have you covered.

These are the things to keep in mind BEFORE you purchase:

Distance Range:

Like regular flying drones, different underwater drones have a variety of distance ranges. This will affect how comprehensive your footage will be. This important for the documentary-type of person to consider.The distance range will depend on what you want to use the underwater drone for.

If you’re planning on casual use, then a drone with a vast range will unlikely be needed. If not, you’ll want to avoid diving deep enough to lose connectivity. The range affects that very thing.

If you’re planning on professional usage, then having a wide range of connectivity is a must. You’ll no doubt need to search far and long for several hours and for a long distance. The range and connectivity will need to be much larger. Without it, you’ll struggle to achieve the best results from your underwater drone.

You then might end up wishing you’d splashed out that little bit more money in getting the most appropriate product for your needs.

Video Quality:

High definition all the way! If you want to see everything underwater has to offer you need the best quality video possible. Luckily, even the cheapest drones will come with at least ultra HD, and some will have 4K. This means you can be sure that you’ll capture incredible, high-quality images.

They will wow your buds, your family, and anybody else, as well as provide excellent educational shots from freshwater lakes to salty oceans.

The difference between Ultra HD and 4K is not exactly massive. Though 4K is better and captures more pixels at the best rate possible for an overall better look. Yet Ultra HD is a set above LED, which is beautiful in 720 and 1080p. This is more of a personal preference.

We’ll be honest, if the price between the two is small then splurge a bit for the 4K. If we’re talking hundreds of dollars, Ultra HD is perfectly fine. It is better than many cameras anyway.

Tether Length:

The longer the tether, the further you can explore throughout the ocean, lakes, and rivers. Underwater drones come with a standard tether length of 25 meters, although some are available with a length of 50 meters too. It’s even possible to upgrade to longer tethers so you can really explore the great unknown deep.

You don’t want to lose your drone, so a tether is an absolute must, especially if you forget to charge it and lose connectivity. We all know how unpredictable ocean currents can be.

These tethers will also assist in keeping the drone safe in murkier waters. While you might not get the clear action shots you desire in darker waters, you might still enjoy testing out your drone in them. Of course, it might be needed for work assignments too.

Keeping track of your drone with the tether means you never have to feel the sting of losing something that costs so much money. However, we’ll get to pricing in a little while.

Storage Space:

High-quality pictures and videos mean you’ll need a high amount of storage space. Many of these underwater drones will come with a built-in memory space of 64GB or more. This feature saves you money on micro SD cards. It’ll ensure that you have guaranteed internal memory space to make sure you manage to save every shot you can.

When you are running out of memory space, you can easily transfer the footage onto your computer. This frees up space to film new and exciting parts of the deep that have never been seen before. Some drones will also give you the option of increasing the storage space using SD cards.

This further enhances your filming capabilities and allowing you to capture as many shots, scenes, and videos as possible.

Battery Life:

An ordinary flying drone will give you around 30 minutes of battery life before you need to land it and charge it for another day. Alternatively, underwater drones will give you a variety of battery lives that range from one hour to as long as seven!

Again, the battery life you need will depend on what you want to use the drone for. Excellent battery life might mean that you miss out on other features, and vice versa. Of course, a product with great battery life will be much more attractive than one that might only give you an hour of usage at most.

This will save you time in recharging, as well as spending extra money on additional battery packs. It will also give you better peace of mind that you will be able to get every single shot you need. This comes without feeling like you need to rush.

It’s perhaps the most important factor, as you can enjoy yourself, instead of feeling like you’re working against a deadline.


As exciting as underwater drones are – so exciting that you can’t wait to get your hands on them and explore 20,000 leagues under the sea. You might have to wait for your favorite to hit the market. The majority of underwater drones are ready to be snapped up and unleashed into the water.

Others won’t be shipped until next month at the earliest.

If you’re planning on getting one as a present for the holidays, this won’t be too much of a problem. It’ll be under your tree by the new year. If you can’t wait that long, then it might be best to select an underwater drone that will be at your door by the end of the week at the latest.


Drones aren’t cheap, especially underwater drones. Their prices range from around $1,000 for lower-end products to costs as high as $6,000 for the truly awesome, top of the line versions. Obviously, the more expensive products will provide the best quality.

However, these drones are more geared towards professional photographers and people who frequently work underwater. With the amount of use the drone is going to get, it will more than pay for itself.

If you’re simply a hobbyist or casual drone owner, then it might be wise to start off using one of the cheaper products. This will help give you a decent idea of how to use them, and how often you’ll use them. This will also answer whether or not you’ll even enjoy it!

There’s no point splashing that much cash on a product that you’ll hardly use.


Checking out reviews for each and every drone is the best way of figuring out which one is the best product for you. Reviews are a great way of getting the full picture from people who have used the product themselves. Instead of relying on the company telling you how awesome the product is you’ll learn things that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Companies only hype up their products, so you need an honest answer to your questions on a product.

It might be that you are buying your drone for a similar reason that someone else already has. Their existing experience will allow you to understand the pros and cons of the product so you can make an informed decision. These people writing the reviews, either professionally or not, have more expertise than anybody else.

That said, it isn’t too crazy to trust their word.

We know that you might not want to trust every review you read, especially ones that are filled with contradictory information. However, these reviews are a necessary evil in understanding whether or not one drone is better than another.

It could be the difference between spending thousands of dollars.  Without them, it’d be almost impossible to figure out what it the right product to buy. With this, we’d find ourselves trying and testing everything under the sun and spending a fortune in return packages.

Legality and Permits:

Of course, there’s bound to be some kind of red tape that you have to deal with. You are likely using the drone on public property after all. Drones have encountered restrictions due to issues with privacy, airspace, and the potential for accidents. That said, underwater drones are sure to face similar problems.

However, it’s not yet clear what these restrictions will be. Underwater drones are most commonly used in professional situations such as by marine biologists or fisherman. They’re not yet the commercial behemoth that flying drones are. Because of this, it’s best to be cautious and do your best to stay within the law.

If you want to film in lakes, streams, and oceans, then it might be wise to check with the local government. This will help to discern what is expected of you and whether or not you’re even allowed to use them.

If you’re using your underwater drone for traveling, then you might find it a little easier. Places overseas are more lax about their laws than in the United States. This will give you the chance to get some of the most amazing and unique shots before the area becomes flooded with other underwater drones.

As with any kind of overseas country, though, we need to remind you to treat the area with respect. We must still adhere to their laws. Just because you’re a tourist doesn’t mean you’re above them.

What are the main uses for underwater drones?

Like anything on this Earth, there are a lot of purposes for something. While forks, for example, might be for eating….that doesn’t mean that is their only function. They’re a handy weapon or digging tool if something weird goes down. Underwater drones have the same type of vibe.

While they might be used for the exploration part we referred to above, there’s so much more to them. Let’s go over some things people do with them today. What are they used for?

For Fun:

A lot of people will buy an underwater drone to record all of the cool stuff that they can find in oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes. Typically, they’ll take them on vacation, along during their travels. You could find somewhere close to home that you can discover new things at time after time.

They’re an awesome way of getting crystal clear shots of different parts of the world that some wouldn’t be able to see. Like underwater cameras and GoPros before them, they can act as sweet little devices to record all of the fun that is possible under the ocean.

Over the coming years, you’ll no doubt see videos of amazing coral reefs, close-ups with turtles and octopuses. You may very well capture yourself swimming alongside fish of every color imaginable. Instead of relying on your snorkeling and scuba diving memories, you’ll have shots and scenes that will stay with you forever.

For Work:

It’s not all fun and games, though. Underwater drones are also used in professional environments. They’ve proved popular for professional photographers and cameramen who’ve used them to capture previously challenging shots. These underwater drones are responsible for showing us things that we’ve never seen.

As well as being used for entertainment, they’re also useful for mapping and exploring parts of the ocean. They help to discover things in places that were never found, and that is crucial for great documentaries. As well as studies by marine biologists, who use the drones to spy on newer or lesser known creatures and/or undersea plant life.

They can also be used by police and the military for finding lost objects and even searching for missing people. Drones can be used well due to being smaller than divers. This allows them to see in tighter spaces. To top it off, they’re controllable remotely from out of the water.

These underwater drones are also capable of greater depths than people can go easily. If nothing else interests you, their streamlined designs are cool too. They also offer simple propulsion, which means they can stay underwater for longer than your average diver ever could in one session.

For Learning:

It’s not enough anymore to simply show pictures of animals, plants, and seascapes when trying to educate kids at school. With all of the resources currently available for education, there’s no need to rely on the methods of the past anyway.

With things such as virtual and augmented reality, the opportunity to use existing video and transport the kids digitally right into the ocean is immense.

Some underwater drones even have live-streaming, meaning you can demonstrate parts of the ocean all over the world in real-time.

This is massive for teaching kids about types of fish, coral reefs, and what the bottom of the ocean is like. You might have grown up checking out series such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and being wowed by that. Today we see shows like Frozen Planet on Discovery Channel and BBC’s Planet Earth & Planet Earth II series.

All used versions of drones when they went underwater, especially Planet Earth II. They were capable of getting shots in Ultra HD that were never seen before. Kids of today are lucky to learn in a world full of drones. They can watch sharks hunt their prey.

On top of this, they can view turtles migrating to other parts of the ocean, and witness dolphins playing around in the most remote parts of the planet.

It’s also an excellent chance to inspire conservation efforts. With pollution and climate change affecting our oceans, it’s a great way to discover what can be done to halt and reverse these problems before it’s too late.

For Fishing:

Do you love the calm tranquility of sitting on a lake, waiting for the line to tug and reeling in a fish of mammoth proportions? Then an underwater drone will bring that activity into the 21st century. Long gone will be the hours of sitting, waiting, sighing, and waiting some more.

Instead, you’ll be hauling in fish after fish after fish, for either your dinner or releasing them back into the water afterward.

Fishing purists might scoff, believing you’re completely defeating the purpose of fishing by giving yourself the means to view under the water. However, anyone who’s ever fished before knows how frustrating it can be if you’re unsuccessful, and even a little frustrating when you are.

The underwater drone will remove all of this frustration. While it might feel like cheating, it’s expected as technology becomes even more advanced. Imagine, if underwater drones had existed in Hemingway’s time, The Old Man and the Sea would never have been written. 

For the Future:

Did you know that we know more about space than we do about the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean? Crazy, hey? Underwater drones can help bridge that knowledge gap and finally introduce you to all the weird wonderfulness that lurks in the shadows of the deep.

Do you want to see giant squid battling super crabs? An underwater drone can make that a reality. Are you nervous swimming in water where you can’t even see your own feet? An underwater drone will eradicate those fears and you’ll gurgling underwater shanties with schools of fish as soon as you possibly can!

The future of ocean exploration has never been more accessible. Instead of waiting ten years until the next Blue Planet series, you can get out there yourself and be your very own David Attenborough. Wowing your less adventurous buddies and chronicling all the crazy, scaly, and kinda scary creatures that swim under the surface.

How deep can underwater drones typically go?

These underwater drones would be no use if they couldn’t go much further than your every day scuba diver, would they? Much like their air-bound cousin, underwater drones give the average person the chance to dive deep down into the ocean.

While here, they are able to check out all kinds of sea creatures that we’d never see otherwise.

The deepest diving underwater drone can reach depths of 150 meters. However, you’ll typically you’ll find drones with around a 50-meter depth. If you’ve ever taken part in a diving course, you’ll understand just how deep 50 meters can be. It makes 150 meters much more impressive.

These depths will give you the chance to check out everything you want and more. They’ll allow you to see things you would never have dreamed of seeing just a couple of years ago. All without paying for diving training. Of course, due to water pressure, it’s not yet possible to dive even further.

That’s unless you’re James Cameron and can get a submarine camera going.

However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe that we’ll be seeing a super deep diving underwater drone sooner rather than later. All the mysteries of the deep won’t remain too mysterious for much longer. Fun fact, we know less about the ocean than we do about our solar system. Underwater drones will eliminate that issue.

What is the average max depth of an underwater drone?

The average maximum depth of underwater drones is somewhere between 30 and 100 meters. You’re guaranteed a minimum depth of 30 meters, and some products will even go even further down. If you want to explore the darkest depths of the ocean then you’ll need one that offers more than 100 meters of depth.

This will give you the best results.

However, if you just want to have a bit of fun then choosing one that goes as deep as 30 meters will suffice. These drones also come with tether ropes to keep them safe if you need to. The lines will be as long as the maximum depth so you don’t need to worry about losing them. You’ll also get many sweet videos of weird fish as you possibly can.

You also need to remember that the further down you go, the less visibility there’ll be. If your drone doesn’t come with a flashlight attached (like a robotic angler fish) then there’s no point in getting a deep diving drone. Simply, you won’t be able to see anything.

We guess you could attach a makeshift headlight to the drone yourself, but that would probably cause more hassle than it’s worth. If you’re not going to get the best results you want from a deep diving drone, then it’s best to consider one that goes as deep as you have visibility.

How easy it is to use an underwater drone?

Underwater drones might actually be even simpler to use than the flying ones that you see at every tourist attraction across the country. This is because instead of air you’re pushing against water. This provides a more stable thrust and you don’t need to worry about the occasional breeze pushing you off course.

They work like anyone swimming through the water, using the force of movement to propel through the water and move accordingly. Although you’ll still need to battle against currents in some waters, it’ll be a more enjoyable and comfortable experience when compared to flying drones.

The only problem that you might encounter is obstacles underwater such as fish, rocks, as well as other people if you’re filming in a populated area. Due to the connected camera function, you’ll see any obstacles before colliding and alter your course accordingly.

This brings us to our next point. In some drones, you can actually plan out a “swim path,” and let the drone travel through the water and film for you. Some drones even come with sensors that can identify when there are obstacles in the way. They can either stop or change their route, avoiding crashes and allowing filming to continue.

Unlike their flying counterparts, underwater drones don’t use very much power. They’re not in flight, so they don’t need to constantly use their propellers. This means they can be used for longer without worrying about the batteries running down.

Due to the flowing of the water, you can even rely on it to control the drone for you. This saves power by requiring only a small amount of propulsion to move through the water.

This alone makes underwater drones extremely easy to use, following a brief learning curve. Then you’re on your way without issues stopping you.

What are the main safety considerations when using an underwater drone?

It comes as no surprise that there are a number of safety precautions one must take when operating an underwater drone. The regular drones are up in the air and are usually going to be subject to either a set of laws the state has or the federal government uses in the United States.

That includes Provinces vs Federal in Canada, as well as several laws in The UK, Australia, Mexico, you name it.

These are important to know about. Drones have cameras on them, so one can see why the ones that fly are going to be subject to laws. The neighbor’s wife might be nice to see, but she has rights, ya know! This is the same sort of thing to think about underwater too.

Drones affect more than just themselves. These are the things to keep in mind and the safety precautions to look out for.


The first thing you should think about when using an underwater drone is how your activities will affect the wildlife. It’s all well and good exploring into the deep. However, you don’t want to do so at the expense of what’s already living there.

How would you like it if some strange looking freak with different skin, weird eyes, and no arms charged into your home with a camera and started filming away? Yeah, we thought so.

Like anywhere in the world, from the driest deserts to the dampest rainforest, you should leave everywhere exactly how you found it. Take nothing as you’re not Indiana Jones, dang it.. Remember to leave only footprints. This rule should be followed for underwater too.

If you’re swimming in waters with potentially dangerous fish and other animals, then you’ll need to be careful. Most of the time, you can rely on them to leave you alone. As long as you leave them alone, you should be good. We’d hate for a Grizzly Man kind of situation under the water.

Don’t leave plastic or anything else littered in the water. Unless you’re a scientist, a certified one, don’t pick pieces of coral from reefs. Definitely don’t punch a fish, no matter how annoying it’s being. Though if you meet one of those Krill from Happy Feet 2, you have our permission to punch them. No one should be that enlightened!


In addition to the wildlife, you need to consider potential dangers regarding currents and locations. A riptide or strong current is not something to take lightly. As cool as these images you’ll get will be, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your safety and potentially life.

Let’s not become a statistic, dude.

Certain waters around the world pose a massive amount of danger. If you’re swimming in them, you need to be aware of what to look out for. In addition to making sure you protect the surrounding wildlife and the environment, you also need to take care of yourself too.


Just because you have a fancy futuristic camera with you doesn’t mean you’re invincible. As with regular diving, you still need to remember all the important factors that keep you safe when underwater. Ensure that you don’t get too distracted with all the wonders that surround you.

Be sure to keep an eye on your available air supply. It’s also advised that you continue to dive with a buddy as an extra safety precaution. This is in case dive panic sets in or another similarly disastrous problem occurs.


You’re working with delicate and expensive electronic devices here. You want to make sure that you don’t lose them due to carelessness. It might feel like you’re working with indestructible technology, but they’re sturdier than you may expect them to be.

However, you’ll still need to be careful you don’t knock the drone against rocks or get it tangled in reeds and weeds.

The integrated camera and wide-angle lens on the drone give you a clear view of what’s in front of you. When directing it through the water, this ensures it doesn’t get damaged by wildlife or scenery.

You also don’t want to lose the drone, so it’s vital that you attach and use the provided tether to it when controlling it remotely. This’ll give you the peace of mind that it won’t disappear into the blue, and also make it much easier to retrieve when you need to.

If you want to, you can keep the tether close or let it run as far as possible. Whatever you choose you can trust the tether. This usually made from a tough and durable material, to keep the drone safe until the end of the session. All this without coming detached and resigning your drone to floating through the water never to be seen again.

1) GENEINNO Tether Titan Underwater Drone

The GENIENNO’s Tether Titan underwater drones are awesome. It has a diving depth of up to 150 meters, making it one of the deepest divers on our list. Due to some being unavailable to the general public, it’s hard to find the best. That is why the Tether Titan is so unique and special. As it’s available to us.

While he’s small, he’s also super tough. It’s designed with durable anti-compression materials that allow it to hold up even when the sun is nothing but a distant memory.

That’s not all, as this drone was specially created for professionals. Yet it’s also user-friendly enough for your average user to get hours of enjoyment from it. Using innovative technology, its 4K camera can capture images of ocean life.

It comes with a 160-degree wide angle lens that ensures you’ll be able to capture every weird little fish happily swimming along.

Perhaps its best feature is the Hydrophone 5000 (it’s actually the Hydrophone HC6121, but that doesn’t sound half as cool). This can record the sounds of the ocean and will either inspire your love for the deep or make you realize you never want to wade into it again.

Whatever the result, you’re sure to get some super cool sounds that you’ve never before been able to experience. This is something that many people never thought possible. For professional or casual use, there are hundreds of great features that make the Tether Titan stand out as a future King of the Ocean.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


2) Sublue US WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

With a name like WhiteShark, you have our attention. It has an extremely user-friendly interface and controls which makes it easy to use, even for beginners. This is a great starter drone for anyone who is interested in discovering what it is “under da’ sea.”

This simple use means that it comes at a cheaper price than other drones. This is an even more attractive prospect for those who aren’t yet sure if they like drones. Spoiler alert: you do.

Despite its smaller size and weight when compared to other underwater drones, it comes packed with a surprising amount of power. It can explore for as much as 30 minutes with a sealed 11000hAm battery and it’s capable of reaching as deep as 40 meters.

This gives you an extra 10 meters of proper range, which isn’t even possible with more expensive products.

Sublue has also paid attention to safety concerns. They have included a protective netting around the propellers to prevent any curious fingers from getting injured. This also helps protect the drone from any debris you might come across in the water.

It doesn’t come with a built-in camera or memory. However, you can attach most sports cameras such as GoPro to the base. This without worrying about adding too much weight to the drone itself. For those new to the drone game, this is an amazing underwater drone for starters or beginners to the drone game.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


3) Gladius Underwater Drone

We’re all looking for an underwater drone that can do everything we need it to and more. That’s why we love the GLADIUS underwater drone from Chasing Innovation. Despite being designed to look like a prop from Baywatch (intentional or not, we’re still unsure), it is packed with a ton of super useful and innovative features.

These features make it one of if not the best underwater drones on the market today.

Developed to maintain neutral buoyancy, you can ensure that it stays safe and secure when wading in the water. Meanwhile, it’s stable navigation makes it incredibly easy to use in all kinds of water conditions. As a deep-diving drone, you can reach depths of 100 meters to capture all the bizarreness of the deep.

You can navigate through rocks, reefs, reeds, and schools of fish that will peer curiously at your camera. They will surely bleed those 15 minutes of fame.

This makes it a great tool for fishing, exploration, and general fun. It’s enhanced by the 4K camera that ensures every image is crystal clear.

Its attached tether means you can keep it secure and within distance. However, this also doesn’t allow you to achieve as wide a range of motion as possible. Of course, keeping the drone close might be your main priority.

Already available for purchase, this is the kind of drone that can ensure excellent results in all kinds of underwater environments. It provides incredible recordings of things you never thought you’d see.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


4) GENEINNO Poseidon Underwater Drone

GENEINNO’s Poseidon Underwater Drone has been designed to explore as much of the underwater world as possible. Encased in a pressure-resistant body, you’re able to venture into the darkest depths with perfect clarity. This is thanks to its attached dual light system that can act as your eyes when checking out water conditions in preparation for a dive.

It can reach depths of 120 meters and comes with a tether length choice of either 50 or 100 meters. This allows you to keep the drone secure when exploring the unknown.

In terms of video quality, it boasts a great 1080p. This gives you the chance to capture all kinds of cool and unusual images from beneath. It even comes with a live video feed so you can check things out in real-time.

It’s also super easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners (which most buyers will be). Simply connect the Poseidon to the WiFi-enabled buoy and film away. This footage can be connected to an iOS or Android compatible app.

The application gives you the chance to save, record, and view videos as well as share them with your friends to inspire all kinds of Atlantis-related jealousy.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


5)  ROBOSEA Biki Underwater Drone

BIKI blends into any ocean or underwater environment in the world with ease. This Japanese underwater drone is elegantly streamlined to make moving through the water simple and straightforward. Though it gives aquatic residents a curious intruder that might result in a Pied Piper situation.

With a maximum speed of 0.5 meters a second, it’s not the fastest drone you’ll get your hands on. However, that works to its advantage. It saves on power and avoids disturbing wildlife, giving you awesome shots some couldn’t get.

BIKI comes with built-in storage space that can record up to 32GB of high-quality pictures and videos, something that will take much longer than it’s 90 – 120 minute usage time will allow. This means you don’t need to worry about transferring files every time you take it out of the water.

Ultimately, this gives you the chance to amass a decent collection of shots.

When the battery does run down, it takes only 100 minutes to get it back to full charge. Meaning you can relax and take a break, then get back in the water for some sweet later-afternoon shots.

The GPS addition allows it to find its way back home, and sensors that are mounted on the interface prevent it from colliding with dangerous obstacles. For control, you can connect using an app and WiFi, as well as a super cool sonic communication ultrasound when underwater.

BIKI is a reality that many a sci-fi fan has dreamt about since they were kids.

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6) YouCan Robot Underwater Drone

The YouCan Robot is amazing and truly lives up to the “you can do it” line we hear from those Adam Sandler movies. These underwater drones are an awesome starter drone that comes with all the accessories that you need to get the most out of it.

Included in the set is a remote control, battery pack, and charge cable, as well as a tether and carry case. This makes for convenient portability wherever you take your drone. When in operation, you can use the YouCan app to control the speed and intensity of the built-in headlights to see where you’re going.

Its 4K camera gives you ultra-high definition images and allows you to see everything as if you were right next to it. All without worrying about getting your hair wet or swallowing salt water. Fish use the restroom in there ya know! Eww!

Perhaps its coolest feature is the auto-following capabilities. Acting like a homing missile, you can set it to follow something that will give you a chance at some cool images. Of course, this homing missile does not come any of the explosions and heart-stopping drama.

We’re saddened too, but laws and all, ya know?

Pro-droner or new to the game, you’re sure to find use in the YouCan Robot that will introduce you to a whole new aspect of what goes on underwater.

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7) iBubble Autonomous Underwater Drone

This entirely autonomous underwater drone gives you the chance to explore the deep in a totally hands-free experience. This makes it perhaps the coolest and most effective drone that can go underwater in the world. If you’re more interested in being the star of the show, this is the drone for you.

It’s programmable to follow you throughout your dives and can capture your entire session as deep as 60 meters for around 1 hour.

It’s also environmentally friendly, using sonar to avoid colliding with coral reefs. If nothing else, this makes it a hugely attractive product that ensures drone divers won’t get too much of a bad reputation. Heck, it might even be welcomed well beneath the waves.

Designed by divers for divers, this is the next step in ocean photography that lovers of the deep have been craving. It’s also controllable from a boat!

This drone is just now available for you to get your hands on. As it came out in November, and will likely have the most up-to-date features you’re wanting from underwater drones.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


8) Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone

The PowerRay Wizard in an underwater fishing drone designed to revolutionize the industry and takes underwater exploration to an entirely new level. It’s equipped with real-time streaming that allows operators to view what’s ahead and act accordingly.

It was also designed with a unique fish finder that might also be handy in searching for sunken treasure, but let’s keep that idea between us.

It’s heavier than some of the drones on this list, but this means it’s durable. It’s truly able to withstand the occasional knock and bump against rocks without suffering any cosmetic or mechanical damage. Its built-in lights also offer excellent visibility in even the coldest Arctic waters.

This ensures that you’ll never feel lost in the dark.

With products such as the PowerRay Wizard, underwater drone fishing is something that will transform the way we think about fishing. No longer will fishermen have to worry about accidentally catching the wrong type of animal, or trawl through oceans and end up only pulling out boots.

This is the kind of product that will help with underwater conservation as well as save crucial hours of work that could be used for other things.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


9) Trident Underwater Drone

OpenRov made something amazing with this Trident model. It’s jam-packed with features that we’d never expect them to add in.

The name itself makes us believe it might be the new King of Underwater Drones. Already, its reputation has spread throughout the tech world and it’s considered one of the best underwater drones available. This is achieved through a massive amount of awesome additions that slightly put it ahead of the rest of the pack.

It’s streamlined, stylish, and more futuristic than you could ever imagine. Trident comes with 3 hours of runtime, a maximum depth range of 100 meters, and speeds of 2 meters per second. This speed makes it one of the fastest underwater drones available, while still being incredibly easy to control.

This means it can more than keep up with some of the titans of the ocean, and ensure that no shot is missed, all from the comfort of your boat. Witness what lie beneath using the connection control with screen and marvel at the wonders of the open ocean that you never thought you’d see.

Fitted with 1080p video capabilities, you’ll be able to catch even the finest details under the water. It’s super portable and incredibly easy to set up, being ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. These underwater drones will surely give you the chance to explore further than you ever could in a diving suit.

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Into the Blue

If you’re somebody who loves to explore the world with the latest and greatest technology available, then underwater drones should be considered. With one, you’ll be able to check out the most amazing visuals that previously were only available to pro-divers.

All you explore can be brought right to your hard drive for you to witness whenever you like.

Using your drone underwater is fun, simple, and educational, you don’t need to worry about it hurtling towards the ground. No need to worry about colliding with other clumsier drone users. If you want to explore the mysteries of the deep blue sea, this is a must-have product.

Use it to explore coral reefs off the coast of Australia, and swim alongside sharks in South Africa without the fear of becoming lunch. Overall, you can capture watery memories in the world’s many seas, lakes, rivers, and oceans that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Underwater drones are much more than a simple toy. Its value as an educational tool also cannot be understated. You can be at the forefront of this by exploring previously undiscovered areas all over the world. Be an innovator, and explore to uncover every mystery available.

Now hold your nose and take the plunge.

Top 14 Electric Skateboards & Longboards Of 2019


hen we were at school only the cool kids truly conquered the art of skateboarding, but getting up to high speeds was more or less impossible for anyone. You may have looked at the Hover Boards in Back to the Future II enviously, we know we did. However, there’s something that’s even better known as electric skateboards.

With larger versions known as longboards, electric skateboards take cool and crank it up a notch. Forget about getting stuck in traffic on the way to work – what better way to arrive than on an electric skateboard?

In the past, electric motors were clunky and awkward, offering very little power or charge. They’d even take up a large amount of space. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find things are very different. Motors have been streamlined and now sit snugly on a board without creating an ugly lump.

The power issue has been sorted too – jump on a board and discover for yourself just how fast they can really go! You’ll get a good charge on an electric board too, it’s not going to run out after a couple of blocks. You might not go from the East to the West coast, but you’ll get a good distance on these things.

Inside we’re all still that gawky schoolkid who just wants to spend time hanging with his skateboard and looking cool. However, electric skateboards give you a chance to try the cool life once more. With just a flick of a wheel on your remote you’ll be on your way and with cruise control, all you need to do is stay onboard.

Using electric skateboards are so easy that within a few blocks you’ll be feeling like Tony Hawk in Pro Skater!

What are the main things to consider when buying electric skateboards or longboards?

If you’re want to get started and have seen a board you like, don’t take the plunge before you’ve done your homework. Not all electric skateboards are alike and there are some that are less than perfect.

The first thing to look at is the max weight capacity of the board, particularly if you’re a larger guy. Some boards have relatively low limits, so if you’re much bigger you won’t get the performance you hoped for. Bigger motors can help so that’s another top tip.

This can prevent the board from burning out under the stress of a smaller motor that might be working at its limit constantly.

What you’re going to use the board to do will be important. For example, are you planning on shredding it around the park or cruising to work each day? Look at the range you need. This is how far the board can travel before it needs to be charged again.

The length of time taken to charge could be a factor if you’re hoping to juice up in the middle of the day. Some boards will be ready to hit the streets in less than two hours while others take much longer.

Some boards cope with hills without flinching while others will end up being carried while you trudge up the incline. Depending on where you live this may or may not be an issue. If you live in hilly San Fran or Seattle, you might want to check out the hill capacity of the board.

Don’t forget to look at the weight of electric skateboards too. If you do end up carrying it you won’t want it to be too heavy.

What is the average speed of electric skateboards and longboards?

Sadly, there’s no simple or straightforward answer to this one. The truth is that there are just so many variables with electric skateboards that it’s unfair to compare many models on speed. It’s just like regular skateboards, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some state the comfortable speed they can go while others may not.

For example, a lightweight model won’t have the capacity to accommodate a meaty motor. This means it won’t be able to reach the top speeds of the bigger models. Conversely, larger and heavier boards will have more weight to drag around that ultimately will impact how fast they can go.

Some boards are built for long ranges, others are designed for tricks. That means asking about an average speed doesn’t really tell you much at all.

However, it is possible to describe the types of speeds you might find on various boards, to give you an idea whether the model you’re looking at measures up. Electric skateboards and longboards designed for beginners will be slower, with a top speed typically of 9-11mph.

As the power increases, the spec improves. The top speed will then rise to 15-25mph. You won’t really find any mainstream electric skateboards in the United States with a top speed above this.

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few features that define a longboard and these can determine speed. A larger and more aerodynamic body and bigger wheels help the wheels to rotate quicker, providing those all-important top speeds.

What are the safety considerations when buying electric skateboards or longboards?

In the old days, you probably grabbed your skateboard and headed out without a second thought. However, with electric skateboards, you need to take a little more care. It’s easy to view an e-board in the same way as a traditional skateboard but the power and speed involved mean it’s a very different beast.

Step onto an electronic board for the first time and you’ll realize what we mean – just a click of the remote and the board starts to surge under your feet. It takes a while to practice your technique and if you have an accident at speed, trust us, it’s going to hurt.

That’s why if you ever head out with an electric skateboard you’ll need to use protection. No, not that kind! We’re talking about a helmet, along with wrist, elbow, and knee protection too. There are a few different types and not everyone likes them all so it’s a good idea to head down to your local shop and try some styles out.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable while being protected. Don’t risk becoming seriously injured for the sake of not strapping on your helmet.

Now that you’re all tooled up with the latest facts and info about electric skateboards, it’s time to meet the contenders!

1) Boosted 2nd Gen Black Dual+ Electric Skateboard

The Boosted brand is one of the biggest names on the skateboarding scene and with the 2nd Gen Dual+ they’ve released a board that’s hard to beat. The first version of this board was a market leader in many ways, introducing hordes of newbies to the delights of boarding electric-style.

However, the guys down at Boosted weren’t happy to rest on their laurels. They have been hard at work creating a new, improved version. Enter the 2nd Gen.

At a glance, the 2nd Gen looks pretty much like the first board with its black bamboo base and orange wheels. However, if you scratch below the surface, you’ll see even more impressive features. The Dual+ has the capacity to get up even steep inclines of up to 25%.

This is thanks to the two 1000-watt motors that lurk underneath.

The Bluetooth remote means you’ll always feel in control while the 80mm wheels provide accurate carving left and right. You’ll only get 7 miles out of a single charge but Boosted is working on an upgrade that should be available anytime soon.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


2) Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Electric Skateboard

Strap on your helmets and get ready to tackle whatever comes your way with the Evolve Bamboo GTX. Designed to be suitable for all terrains, it’s sturdy and comes complete with 97mm wheels for a smoother ride. This is another skateboard which can take on hills of up to 25% but also offers a 3000-watt motor.

It packs a much more powerful punch than many other electric skateboards, clearly. There’s a top speed of 26mph, allowing you to really feel the speed these boards have.

These electric skateboards are a forgiving ride with a flexible base designed to absorb more challenging ground. In turn, this makes it easier on the rider too. There are a phenomenal 31 miles per charge offered, giving you plenty of juice to get wherever you need to go.

Adrenaline junkies will find there’s a fast mode that is ideal for getting around in rush-hour traffic. On top of this, a GT-mode comes into play for when you want to feel a flood of raw power. This is perfect for those steep inclines.

You don’t need to whizz around though as there’s an Eco mode for the days when you just want to take things easy.

The remote control fits easily into the hand so you won’t feel awkward while you’re riding. Including an LCD screen, the remote allows you to easily control the board. It even provides useful stats such as battery level, range, speed, and mode selected.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


3) Action Blink S-R Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking through electric skateboards that are capable of getting you around town locally, this is model is perfect. The Acton brand won’t make you spend a small fortune, as this model comes in at a reasonable price. It doesn’t have the power of some of the others.

However, for the price one pays for it, the performance of these electric skateboards is seriously impressive.

The Blink S-R is a lightweight board coming in at just 11lbs, which helps offset the smaller 500w motor. It still manages to reach speeds of 15mph and skips up inclines of 15% without batting an eyelid.

The riding comfort is one of the biggest plus points and it’s made from a combination of aluminum, maple, and bamboo. Targeted at students and those who want to get around locally, this board has plenty of plus points. The LED lights that run along the front, tail, and sidelights are a great safety feature for when you’re riding in the dark.

They even look awesome too, which is always important, right? There’s only a 7-mile distance per charge but with less than an hour to get fully charge up, it’s not too much of an issue.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


4) Swagtron Swagboard Electric Longboard

The Swagboard from Swagtron is one of the best electric skateboards on the market today. You can use it to cruise through the traffic to work or shred some cool moves at the park. It can truly do anything you want and then some. A full charge takes three hours to get you powered up. Meanwhile, the generously-sized board offers excellent grip when you’re on the move.

Lightweight yet tough, this board comes with an excellent remote that’s rechargeable and controls that are light and responsive. The remote allows you to brake and accelerate incredibly well and even has a cruise option available. This gives the board free-reign to do its thing while you enjoy the ride.

Despite all its promises, the Swagtron doesn’t have the best range as it only delivers 10 miles per charge. The top speed won’t excite speed-merchants either. Despite your best efforts, you won’t get it to top 11mph. That’s more than fast enough to do what it’s ultimately designed for, short-term travel.

However, when you can find other boards that reach speeds in excess of double this, it might not hit the mark for some. Despite this, it does provide a smooth and even rides as the polyurethane wheels aren’t just long-lasting, they’re also great at absorbing shocks as well.

The great budget price makes this longboard a real winner, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


5) Atom Electric B10X Electric Longboard

The B10X electric skateboards have some serious bite and will drag you off-road for some fun and games. If you’re looking for an electric longboard that can handle all types of terrain, this offering from Atom Electric could be your boy. A set of meaty 100mm wheels doesn’t just look the business, they perform superbly too.

Throwing aside twigs, pebbles, and other obstacles in your way without a care, it’s an ideal board to go exploring with. However, you’ll only get 7 miles out of every charge but it’s backed by a throaty 1000w motor. That said, it’s 7 miles that you’ll remember!

If you’re hopping on for the first time, you can take things easy with the slow mode. However, when you’re ready to move up a level, you can switch to fast for a more thrilling experience. Unlike some other boards, there are just the two modes to switch between.

Despite this, you’ll be so busy having fun you won’t really notice the omission.

The board rides low, making you feel even more like Michael J, Fox on a Hoverboard than ever before. Meanwhile, the light-changing display along the battery looks pretty sweet too.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


6) Evolve Skateboards Bamboo One Electric Board

This board proves you don’t need to blow your budget to be able to execute some sweet moves and tight turns while cruising. The Bamboo One is great for carving and has a special system that has been designed to offer great flexibility while you’re on the move.

A medium flex gives you plenty of options and a base that’s 12” wide plus a short nose provides the necessary stability for an action-packed performance.

Where these electric skateboards really impress, however, is with their sheer power. They come with a potent 2000w motor onboard to drive you along. It is hardly surprising then that you could enjoy speeds of up to 22mph. You could even go up to 26mph if you switch to the larger set of wheels.

There’s no trade-off for the high speeds, however, as you’ll get a mighty 21 miles per charge. That leaves you oodles of time to cruise around town, taking hills of up to 20% in your stride.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


7) Boosted Mini-X Electric Skateboard

Don’t be fooled by the name, for sure. These electric skateboards are smaller than some of their peers but it boasts a performance that exceeds many others. Electric skateboards aren’t just for hitting the parks, they’re now offering a very real alternative to commuter transport.

The Mini-X has the perfect dimensions to do just that. At less than 30”, it’s smaller than other longboards from Boosted. It will also fit snugly into overhead storage or under your desk at work. Put simply, if you want to avoid the traffic and get to work in the coolest possible way, the Mini-X is the bad boy you need.

There are lots of reasons why the Mini-X is the practical choice. It takes less than two hours to charge fully, it’s relatively lightweight, and it has a reliable Lithium-ion battery. However, the reasons you’ll want to grab this board from Boosted is the 1000w motor. Combined with the smaller size, it simply roars into action.

You’ll have the benefit of a top speed of 20mph, which is extremely fast for any board. Thanks to the more compact dimensions, you’ll never have felt more stable. You’ll be able to whizz around for up to 14 miles too, so there’s plenty of juice available for you to play with.

The design of the board is worth a mention as well. It has taken many of its principles from snowboarding, funny enough. A tough core wrapped in fiberglass provides a ride that’s flexible without being too soft. It comes in being smooth and refined, making for a great ride.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


8) Liftboard Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

The Liftboard brand is one of the names that is setting out to transform the way the United States views transport. Their series of revolutionary electric skateboards have proven that they can possibly do just that. Chief among those boards is The Dual Motor.

It offers incredible power and the versatility to cope with commuting, country trails, or just hanging around town. A 7 ply maple board provides a sturdy base. Meanwhile, the trucks are made from high-quality powder-coated steel and can be adjusted to your preferred height.

Both single and dual motors are offered by LIftboard, but The Dual Motor has a lot more grunt making it suitable for taking on hilly terrain. The two motors provide a combined power of 1800w with a belt-driven mechanism that increases low-end torque. It also provides the ability to skip up hills without pausing for breath, quite useful for those in a rush.

The top speed is only 18mph but when you’re onboard, that’s still going to feel pretty darn fast. You’ll get an impressive 18 miles to every charge! The wheels are 80mm and graded as 78A, which is pretty great for a board like this. This means they’re hard and long-lasting while offering premium grip on the road.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


9) Lou 2.0 Electric Skateboard

For the ultimate combination of lightweight design and optimum performance, enter the Lou 2.0. A shortboard that’s versatile in every way, the Lou is great when used for commuting, practicing tricks, or just cruising around town. At just over 9lbs the Lou is one of the lightest electric boards around.

This is great for if/when you need to pick it up and carry it, meaning you won’t be lugging around a huge weight.

In this board, you’ll have the advantage of hub motors rather than the belt drives used in older designs. For those unaware, this has the advantage of delivering the power directly to the wheels. Thus, it makes it feel far more like an authentic skateboard ride than other boards may provide.

The downside of this compact board is that it’s smaller in size. Of course, that means less room for a better motor. This also sadly results in getting only get 9 miles per charge.

At Men’s Gear, we don’t recommend you ride your board in a serious downpour unless you enjoy face-planting in a puddle. However, the Lou is waterproof and dust-proof so getting caught in a shower won’t do any harm.

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10) Meepo Campus 2 Electric Skateboard

The Campus 2 electric skateboards are aimed at beginners so you won’t find a board that’s loaded up with supercharged extras or extreme speed. What you do get is a solid and dependable electric skateboard. One that provides riders the ability to handle low to medium speeds.

This allows people to know how to handle higher speeds later on.

The clue is perhaps in the name as it’s a board that’s perfect to ride around campus, or at the park. Aimed at younger and/or newer riders, it’s lightweight and convenient to carry around.

The Campus 2 board has a relatively good range at 13 miles, and can even climb hills up to 14%. That said, you’ll need two hours to charge it up before you can go out to play again. The maximum capacity for this board is on the low side at just 150lbs which is something for larger-framed riders to be aware of.

There’s plenty of alternatives that can carry at least 100lbs more. That said, if you’re a newbie, don’t let this put you off having a go on another board.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


11) Blitzart Tornado 38” Dual Hub-Motor Skateboard

We’ve included quite a few compact or shortboards on our list but the Tornado is a different beast altogether. You’ll create a storm on the streets with this baby because at 38” long it makes a statement. Bigger doesn’t mean slower on this occasion as the dual hub motors provide speeds of up to 23mph.

Switching from the belt system to a hub motor means the wheels receive the power directly. It’s a far more enjoyable and authentic skateboarding experience for the rider. There’s a thicker base, giving it more firmness, with 8-ply rather than the usual 7-ply. All sandwiching within 6 layers of maple wood and bamboo on the top and bottom.

Appearance is a big thing for Blitzart and they offer the choice of four different colors for the wheels together with other accessories you can customize. The lines are fluid with a pleasing concave shape that not only looks the part but also helps your feet to stay in the proper position too.

As well as the two riding speeds, there’s also a hold function as well. This helps to make it easier to get on and off the board without crumpling up in a heap. Their ergonomic remote comes with a handy wrist strap. That said, no worries about dropping it while you’re hurtling through the street.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


12) Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard

With the Stealth, iconic skateboarding brand Boosted take their collection to the next level. This is very well the fastest board that they’ve produced. Offering a top speed of 24mph, it’s an excellent choice for those who crave the thrill of extreme riding.

Coming in at a reasonable range of 14 miles, you can have fun for quite a while before you need to recharge.

Once you’ve managed to learn the handling, simply open up the Hyper mode. You’ll unlock an extra bit of speed. Other than the Hyper mode, there are four other modes that give riders an excellent choice. Those modes are called Eco, Beginner, Pro, and Expert.

The fiberglass, foam, and poplar core composition dampens down unwanted vibrations. This offers a smooth ride even over rougher terrain. The Stealth can whizz up hills of 25% without a problem and there’s a real grip about the wheels.

Regenerative braking helps to boost the battery to squeeze out a bit more on the distance end of things. Meanwhile, Pro and Expert modes seem to produce the best overall fuel economy.

These Stealth electric skateboards are a thing of beauty with many features to admire. It is worth mentioning that, compared to many other longboards, it’s a lot more expensive. You’ll have to decide whether the extra bucks are worth paying for the features you’ll get in return. To us, it’s certainly worth what it asks.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


13) Inboard M1™ Electric Skateboard

For a futuristic-looking board, the M1™ from Inboard is a top pick. Though it’s not quite as great as those amazing hoverboards from Back to the Future II, it is a close second. There’s a hi-tech vibe about the M1™ due to the lack of visible motors.

Integrated LED lights kind of add to the appeal as well as offering a safety element when riding after sundown. The core is made from flexible wood and surrounded with fiberglass. This mimics the design of some of the premium snowboards. All of this creates a truly superior ride.

Be warned, however, that this is a board truly made for grownups.

A powerful 1600w motor provides a top speed of 22mph. You’ll barely notice the hills as you glide effortlessly around the city. However, make sure you don’t venture too far because there’s only a disappointing 7 miles range per charge. The compatible Vision Mobile app provides information and insights.

This offers a way for the board to be future-proofed via regular firmware updates. Boarding planes with electric skateboards have, up until now, been a bit of a gray area. However, the M1™ has been approved for flying! This means you can board with complete confidence.

Take your board oversees and extend your riding experience to the max!

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14) Hover-1 Cruze Electric Skateboard

Many want to buy one of those electric skateboards on the market. However, many people want something completely different. If that’s you, we feel you’ve found what you’re looking for in the Cruze from Hover-1. Unlike the other electric skateboards on our list, you won’t need to ride while gripping onto a remote.

All the controls are managed via a clever foot sensor. This frees up your hands, making it comfortable to ride while still leaving you in control.

The concept was dreamed up by a teenager who couldn’t figure out the awkward hand remote. The teen didn’t like the jerky acceleration that’s often a feature of remote control boards. Hover-1 decided to make the change, all found in the Cruze.

You simply move the Cruze up through the three separate levels by stepping on a sensor. This sits at the back of the board for proper aide. Two beeps will sound to confirm the move has been executed successfully. There’s no need to try and squint at a tiny screen while the board is in motion.

You can choose cruise control, which keeps the board at the same speed. However, if you’re feeling confident, you can try the more challenging Braking Mode. In this mode, you press the sensor in the same way as a car accelerator. This makes the board simply speed up or slow down.

It’s not all sunshine with the Cruze. Sadly, it’s only able to reach a range of 9 miles and a top speed of just over 11mph. However, unlike many of the other electric skateboards, when you’re out of juice you can simply ride it like a regular skateboard, old-school style.

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Screeching to a stop!

Just like a newbie on an electric skateboard, it’s time to bring our countdown screeching to a stop. Sadly, we’ve finished our whistle-stop tour. However,  we think we highlighted the very best electric skateboards around. It is often difficult to truly find the best of any product. That said, we may have missed one that you enjoy.

If that is the case, we’d love to know the one you love.

We’ll be honest, before this, we never really thought about electric skateboards as a serious concept. However, technology has really shifted the boundaries. This made us take notice a while back and now we want you to join the future with us.

These boards are now a very viable form of transport, particularly over short distances.

Today’s top tech for new travel is the electric skateboard. It’s uncertain how long its amazing reign will be. Who knows what tomorrow will bring… maybe we’ll finally get that Hoverboard we’ve been dreaming of since 1985.

Faradeus Sleek Self-Charging Flashlight

The new self-charging Faradeus flashlight is named after Michael Faraday for making the discovery of electromagnetic induction. A century and more has passed since his discovery and now the guys over at Kickstarter are using it to make some tech-savvy flashlights.

Battery-operated flashlights can be unreliable, especially in dangerous situations. They become as useful as a chocolate fireguard, or as the Cleveland Browns (sorry Browns fans!) and is why a self-charging flashlight is the most reliable answer.

The Kickstarter invention doesn’t need batteries or some flimsy USB cable. All you need to get it running is a little shake to get the electromagnetic induction to take place. Unlike our old entrepreneur slash discoverer in the 19thcentury, Kickstarter have more tech advancements at their disposal. We can just agree that there are some magic fairies inside this flashlight, or we can go into a little detail… there is an unsecured magnet that can travel along a copper inductor that creates energy when shaken. Complemented by a space to store all the accumulated “shake energy” – so no fairies actually.

So yeah, power within and all that; give it a shake and let there be light! The flashlight isn’t just convenient. It is manufactured from aircraft grade robust aluminum, both waterproof and shockproof.

This project is already underway and can be backed at Kickstarter already!

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