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5 Indie Fragrances That Perfectly Bottle the Season

This story is part of our Summer Preview, a collection of features, guides and reviews to help you navigate warmer months ahead.

The fragrance industry is dominated by big-name, steep-priced labels and fast-fashion, low-grade eau de toilettes. But somewhere between those poles, a roster of indie-label perfumers is creating the most inspired, long-lasting scents.

In the tradition of bucking tradition, these indie darlings are also upending the standards of summer scentmaking. Gone are the parameters of crisp, fresh, floral notes. Summer has more dimensions than that, and these imaginative minds are using notes of bois (rather, woods), spices, tobacco, and patchouli to stretch summer’s potential well past September. They last from sunrise to solstice sundown, and from one season to the next—endless, high-concentrated summer, and at an accessible price.

Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Bois de Balincourt

Belgian perfumer Marie du Petit Thouars carries a torch lit by her ancestor, the explorer and botanist Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars. Maison Louis Marie makes candles, fragrances, and home scents all centered on botanical, floral notes. This perfume oil is among her best potions, combining woody and spicy notes, with a broody, magnetic pull. Dab it onto your pulse points, wave your arms in the air, and watch the suitors flock.

Key notes: Sandalwood, cedarwood, nutmeg, cinnamon

Coqui Coqui Tabaco

Yucatan-based Coqui Coqui embodies world-class hospitality: Together its boutique hotels, home-good stores, tea shops, and perfumeries create a multi-dimensional brand — one you’ll be proud to rep with its lineup of minimal-ingredient scents. The cult favorite is Tabaco, built around that single smoky note. It’s as relaxed as your long summer nights and as warm as the nostalgia it quickly procures.

Key note: Tobacco

19-69 Kasbah

For each of its fragrances, Sweden-based 19-69 finds cultural influence across space and time. But it’s the Marrakesh-inspired Kasbah, a reimagination of the 60s and 70s party scene there, that pulls the greatest olfactive focus. Here’s the visual: Veruschka, Mick Jagger and Yves Saint Laurent mingle and move among other jet-setting party guests. Who among us doesn’t want to wear such a scene-stealing scent?

Key notes: White honey, amber, sandalwood, sweet orange

Arquiste Misfit

Mexican-born perfumer Carlos Huber is both an architect and storyteller with his scents: Each note is carefully chosen to bottle a vivid moment in time. His latest release, Misfit, is his greatest perennial parfum to date: It’s built around patchouli, a note that was representative of high taste in 18th- and 19th-century Scotland and France. It spent the next century as an outcast, worn by countercultures and courtesans, but in Misfit it finds balance between regal and rebel. That’s a recipe for success, in summer and beyond.

Key notes: Patchouli, French lavender, amber, balsam

Claus Porto Le Parfum

If you value quality and design alike, then welcome to the cult of Portugal-based skincare brand Claus Porto. Their soaps, lotions, and shave goods are easy to devour, but only if you can bring yourself to unwrap the picture-perfect packaging. This limited-edition Eau de Parfum is no exception: A celebration of Claus Porto’s 130-year history, the hand-engraved bottle tells you which of the 1887 units you possess. Each of them transports you to the crisp, tree-lined Douro River in Porto, granting you a perfect Portuguese summer any day of the year.

Key notes: Bergamot, green figs, cedarwood, frankincense

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The Best Frangrances for Mebn

By declaring these 25 ‘the best’, we’re narrowing that hunt down to a handful of universally adored fragrances. We’ve even sorted them by season, if you prefer warmer notes in winter, compared to crisp, fresh ones when the sun shines bright. Read the Story

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How Small Menswear Brands Are Navigating Coronavirus

Left and right, retailers are closing their doors. For how long, they don’t know. And for many, locking up the doors could be permanent.

It’s easy to see how the lack of foot traffic and general reticence to shop for clothes in the wake of coronavirus pandemic has impacted brick-and-mortar retail. But, the ripple effects aren’t just at the store level. “It goes all the way down the line. For us, our problem really starts at manufacturing,” says Andrew Chen, co-founder of denim brand 3sixteen. For brands like Chen’s that have factories in San Francisco, production of new product has come to a halt.

Shelter-in-place orders have forced non-essential businesses, which include garment factories, to shut down operations. Even if factories have the materials to produce clothes, they can’t finish making the product, let alone ship it out to brands and retailers. Other brands might be in a location where they’re still able to actually ship their product to respective retailers, but when a factory closes, that means there won’t be anything for brands to ship.

In other cases, brands that had product ready to ship to retailers have been stopped short because the stores cannot make payments on goods or have shuddered altogether.

The timing of the pandemic hit just as brands started to ship out spring product. “Before the virus really spread, we accepted a lot of spring orders, but we have some spring orders that are pending,” says Cam Neiderhaus of Oklahoma City-based store East + West. “Some of those are ready to ship and we’ve had to say, ‘Hey, we’re definitely still going to accept it, but we may need to push back the delivery date until we have a clearer picture of when we’ll be open back up officially.’”

To scrounge up revenue, stores big and small have posted sitewide sales and have promoted gift cards. Need Supply recently extended its spring sale, while others like Stag Provisions have set up GoFundMe pages to help pay employees.

Brick-and-mortar businesses have pivoted to purely online traffic and have had to maximize their digital presence more than ever. Brands like Indigofera are highlighting their retailers and vice versa. New York brand Adsum has posted blog posts from its empty shop and tapped DJs to curate a playlist. Others have resorted to community engagement in the form of Q+A sessions or putting out calls for customers to post their favorite shop purchases.

Driving around Kansas City to drop off purchases to customers’ doorsteps has been one way Neiderhaus has been trying to keep East + West going. With virtually nothing else to do at the shop, it’s a way for him to keep up with what demand is left while practicing safe social distancing.

There’s certainly a level of trust involved. Some customers do what Neiderhaus calls a ‘box program’ similar to menswear subscription services like Trunk Club, but they’ve been shopping with East + West regularly. Not every store is so fortunate, however. Neiderhaus’ store is one of the only Kansas City retailers that sells such a niche product. But in large metropolitan cities, independent menswear stores have to vie for attention. Also, the retail challenges are more difficult for newer brands and stores that have yet to develop a large and dedicated base.

Customers can use their dollars to help keep these businesses afloat, of course. Purchasing from small brands and retailers is a vote of confidence that helps now more than ever. But what else? “Engage with us,” Niederhaus says. “Letting us know how you’re doing gives us an emotional boost just as much as a purchase gives us a financial boost.” The need for community is glaring in this time of isolation — brands and boutiques need that genuine connection with customers beyond a purchase.

Platforms like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live are instrumental in not only showcasing new product but also in helping brands connect with their customers. Curated Spotify playlists, behind-the-scenes videos of people at home — what they’re eating and the company they keep — all serve as ways to keep up with customers in a more meaningful way. For many brands and retailers, foot traffic wasn’t just a big source of income, but a way to connect. Now, that connection happens digitally.

“Say hi — that definitely gives us energy,” Chen says. “It motivates us to keep moving forward.”

The 14 Best Sweatshirts for Men

Last Updated April, 2020.

The best sweatshirts are both comfortable and durable. It’s a balance not every brand gets right. Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that do make a good sweatshirt, enough to make a list out of it, anyway. We’re focusing our attention on our favorite crewneck sweatshirts, the ones we’ve been living in. The ones we wear with every outfit, whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or with suit trousers at your home office. They don’t have to be expensive, but they also don’t have to be cheap. They just have to be good. Here are our picks for the best crew neck sweatshirts on the market.

Uniqlo U Wide Fit Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt

Inspired by vintage sweatshirts, the Wide Fit Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt is part of Uniqlo’s U sublabel, designed by the famed Christoph Lemaire. The fabric is substantial for what you get at the price point and the fit is exceptional. If the relaxed fit scares you, we also liked the classic version (which is also a notch cheaper).

Everlane The French Terry Crew

Everlane’s crewneck sweatshirt is unsurprisingly part of its Uniform collection, a range of garments requisite for your daily ‘fits. It’s made from 100 percent cotton French terry fabric and is as comfy as it is affordable.

Gap Oversized Sweatshirt

Sometimes, you don’t want a clean-fitting sweatshirt to go with your slim jeans. Sometimes, you want to feel as free and as comfy as possible. Gap’s Oversized Sweatshirt is the right amount of slouch while avoiding a messy look.

Outerknown Sur Sweatshirt

Outerknown’s Sur Sweatshirt sticks out for good reason. The hemp and organic blend terry fabric make it a hefty-yet-soft option, not to mention one of the most eco-friendly on the market.

Alex Mill Standard Lightweight Sweatshirt

Every sweatshirt need not be beefy. Alex Mill proves that with its spring-ready version, made from a lightweight cotton terry fabric with vintage details like a bound collar and raglan sleeves.

Todd Snyder x Champion Heavyweight Pocket Sweatshirt

This one is a modern-day classic. Todd Snyder’s Pocket Sweatshirt is one of the best designs to come out of his ongoing partnership with Champion. It’s substantial, it’s super cozy and it can hold your wallet.

Reigning Champ Core Crewneck

Reigning Champ’s Core Crewneck is what the company was built upon. It’s made in Canada (where some of the best sweats are made) and designed with quality details like inset-raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching for seams that are flush against the skin.

Knickerbocker Gym Crew Fleece

These take after vintage sweatshirts of the midcentury, featuring a year-round fleece weighing 15 ounces, a classic V insert and a mounted collar. They come in a handful of colors as well as with graphics.

NWKC 002

NWKC’s crewneck ain’t like the others. That’s because of its dual cloth fabric with links 100% merino wool outer layer with a luxurious cotton-poly-rayon blend inner layer. The result is a temperature-regulating wool sweater with a silky-smooth feel.

Sunspel Cotton Loopback Sweatshirt

If you want a crewneck with supreme fabric and a tailored fit, Sunspel should be in your wheelhouse. Known for its high-quality cottons, the heritage brand has been in the business of luxury knits for over 160 years and its Cotton Loopback Sweatshirt continues its tradition. It’s a classically trim silhouette made with some of the softest cotton you’re likely to come across.

Lady White Co. ’44 Fleece

Made entirely in southern California, Lady White Co.’s seminal sweatshirt features flush, flatlock stitching, bar tack reinforcements and custom-knit ribbing you won’t see on any other sweatshirt. And, it’s garment-dyed for a wabi-sabi lived-in feel.

Merz B. Schwanen Heavyweight Crewneck Sweater

Germany-based Merz b. Schwanen is known for its secret weapon: loopwheel knitting machines. These machines are extremely rare and produce fabric in a continuous, seamless loop that’s unbelievably dense and soft. Put it into a sweatshirt and you’ve got yourself a grail sweatshirt.

Cushman Lot. 26903 Freedom Sleeve Sweatshirt

These made-in-Japan sweats are truly special and up the ante on other loopwheeled sweatshirts. Inspired by 1930s sweatshirts, Cushman’s version features a freedom sleeve which is as comfortable as a raglan sleeve, but with a better shape. A high, bound collar, v-insert, flatlock seams and long, vintage ribbing make this sweatshirt a dream for vintage heads.

RRL Double V Crewneck Sweatshirt

From the passion project of Ralph Lauren, the RRL Double V Crewneck Sweatshirt is one that’s meant to age and age well. It’s dyed with true indigo and meticulously washed for a vintage look and feel, while leaving you enough to fade it yourself.

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The No-Nonsense Grooming Routine of a World Champion Surfer

Gabriel Medina takes to a surfboard like nobody else. The Brazilian phenom first drew major attention when he became the youngest person to enter the World Surf League. Since then, the hotshot surfer has garnered coveted accolades including the WSL’s world champion title and the honor of being one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.”

Having very nearly swam before he could run, Medina’s training regimen is as calculated and rigorous as the waves he conquers. But all that time spent in the salty water, exposed to the sun and wind takes a toll on his skin and hair. So we talked with the two-time WSL champ to discuss how he trains and his grooming routine.

How do you prep physically and mentally for a competition day?
My prep for a competition starts weeks before the event. Usually, I have a strong pre-season beginning one to two months prior. As we get closer to each competition, I usually arrive to the event location 10 days before in order for my body to adapt to travel, time differences and new food.

Physically, I do light maintenance before each competition — most work now is on the water and surfing. Mentally, I usually tend to stay isolated within my team at the hotel and think positively, this keeps me focused. On competition day, I block all outside information and focus 110 percent on the waves, reading the ocean and figuring out the best angle to take for each wave.

Is your morning grooming routine different than your post-surf regimen?
Yes, since I go out to surf super early (before sunrise) I just go straight from my bed to the ocean. So, my grooming routine is predominantly after surf.

So, what’s your post-surf grooming routine like?
A good warm shower, use of hair products (good old hair conditioner) and some skin products. We surfers have to deal with sunburns frequently. Surfers are exposed to the sun every day, so it is something we have to be very careful with. Sunscreen at all times!

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Does your routine have a specific order?
I usually like to shave after I surf, followed by a warm shower. Lastly, but most importantly, you have to have a nice smell, so a good spray of Polo Deep Blue is my final touch — overall, I lean toward energizing and refreshing scents. I love that it’s inspired by the ocean.

Polo Deep Blue Parfum Spray by Ralph Lauren $105

How do you relax after surfing?
A good stretch, a lot of food (I come out of surfing starving) and some power naps.

When you’re traveling, what do you pack in your Dopp kit?
I bring with me the essentials: toothbrush and paste, hair comb and always Polo Deep Blue Parfum when I travel because it gives me a boost of energy and confidence.

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How to Significantly Improve Your Hair in 90 Days

A lot of people are walking around with dry, damaged hair — but they have no idea. Or they have a clue but haven’t considered a remedy besides shaving it all off. (And that’s a very effective remedy if they intend to keep it shaved.) This hair is brittle, frayed, and parched, and the follicle is likely on life support, too, malnourished and unable to grow firm, full, shiny, healthy hair. Instead, from the root itself, these hairs are desperate and lifeless.

Hair can become damaged for many reasons and is usually a combination of variables. These include things like smoking, lack of rest, consuming alcohol and sugary foods, dehydration, poor hygiene, dandruff, environmental elements, lack of protein and vitamins, and more. Even dyeing the hair or using a blow dryer too excessively can significantly hinder your hair’s health.

If you want a restart on everything, then follow the below tips. (In addition to kicking all your vices, like not sleeping enough, or binge drinking, or smoking.) In 90 days’ time, we can promise a significant change to the hair that’s growing from the follicle, which will set you up for healthier, firmer, shinier, fuller hair after a few more months.

Establish a hydration-focused hair care regimen

This is easy: Get twice as much conditioner as you do shampoo, but you can’t buy just any kind of that duo. Look for shampoos that express their hydrating powers, that they leave hair moisturized in addition to clean. They’re likely the ones that swap out sulfates and other drying agents, and are also plugged full of nutrients (almost like a conditioner). Use this shampoo one every second or third day. Yep — that’s the limit. Exceptions can be made if you find that the extra-washed hair stays more voluminous—but therein lies the problem. There’s often more volume when hair is parched. And there are other ways to achieve that effect while keeping it healthy.

Next, follow every wash with a conditioner, and then condition once on the days between shampoos, too. This will flush much of the excess oil, gunk, and product from the scalp and hair, but we’ll address those matters later in this roundup. Secondly, by shampooing less, your scalp will slowly train itself to produce less oil anyhow, since you’re no longer stripping it over moisture on the daily. By doing this, you’ll enjoy naturally nourished, soft, and vibrant hair.

Never combine your shampoo and conditioner — always use the conditioner last or on its own. Its job is to fill your hairs full of vitamins and nutrients that keep it soft but strong. Don’t skimp on this product — nor on the shampoo — because the cheaper the product, usually the more damaging and drying it is.

We recommend: SEEN’s outstanding shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo by SEEN $29

Conditioner by SEEN $26

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Introduce thickening products (unless your hair is already thick)

Here’s a cheat code to having healthier hair: Sometimes, it’s all in how things appear. We’re not suggesting any shortcuts, nor are we suggesting any products that will compromise your hair’s health. But, if you use styling products that naturally bind to the hair and give it a thicker appearance (conditioners and shampoos exist for this, too), then you can make your hair seem fuller, thicker, and stronger instantly. The key, though, is to find water-soluble products that will simply rinse out on their own (requiring no shampoo). Many stylers are made this way now, but it never hurts to ask. And yes, the rest of our tips will address more permanent solutions and habits to build.

We recommend: Aveda thickening paste, Davines body-building treatment

Thickening Paste by Aveda $26

Liquid Spell by Davines $45

Prioritize your scalp health

Your hair’s health is directly tied to that of your scalp. After all, that’s where each follicle resides. It’s kind of like expecting to grow healthy crops from dried, poisoned soil: You’ve got to address the dirt if you want the plants to grow properly. This includes preventing (or eliminating) flakes and dandruff, as well as toning the scalp in order to produce less (or more) oil, depending on which is needed. The scalp can easily become irritated, playing host to bacterial or fungal outbreaks, and it’s especially sensitive to the elements—the hot sun (not to mention sunburn), excessively hot water, and bone-dry winters can all compromise the scalp and in turn each of the hairs that spring from it.

Some proactive ways to stay atop of your scalp care include: Periodically swapping in a dandruff shampoo for your usual one—perhaps twice a month—or using a scalp-focused duo (like the SEEN products we suggested in the first tip); using a scalp-toning serum (with ingredients like charcoal or tea-tree oil) as needed; using a scalp scrub once a week to lift any excess flakes and simultaneously tone the skin — doing so also massages the scalp to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, and in turn strengthen and fortify each one.

We recommend: Davines purifying shampoo, Briogeo scalp serum, and Christophe Robin scalp scrub.

Purifying Shampoo by Davines $32

Scalp Revival Treatment by Briogeo $32

Scalp Scrub by Christophe Robin $47

Try hair masks or leave-in conditioners

Hair masks and leave-in conditioners are essentially the same thing, in that you apply them to freshly washed hair and they juice up each strand with an extra dose of nutrients. Masks you rinse out, and leave-in conditioners you… leave in. These treatments can be done once a week before bed. Oh, and to that note, it’s always good to shower before bed if you want to prioritize healthy hair. You can do a quick rinse in the morning to wake up and get your face clean and all that, but the main shower should be before bed, to thoroughly wash away the grime and pollution you’ve accumulated all day, and to maximize the benefits from treatments. There’s far less threat awaiting your hair while you sleep, so a simple rinse in the morning is sufficient — you can often even skip the conditioner.

These hair treatments, however, only make sense for medium or longer styles.

We recommend: Rahua leave-in conditioner treatment, Moroccanoil curl-defining cream (for daytime use, pre styling), Blue Lagoon Iceland hair mask.

Leave-In Conditioner treatment by Rahua $38

Curl-Defining Cream by Moroccanoil $34

Hair Mask by Blue Lagoon Iceland $51

Consider hair loss remedies, as well as vitamin-rich supplements

This is only something to consider if your hair woes stem from thinning or excessive fall. Talk to your dermatologist about the ways that certain products, pills, and potions may help your hair grow thicker, fuller, and denser. Often times, you can restore any hair lost from the crown (that is, excluding recession) if you act within a year or two. This varies for all men. Your doctor can also address potential health risks associated with medicines.

Once you start, you may notice results in as little as three months, though you may also notice that some hair falls out when you begin use. That’s because it’s re-starting its growth cycle, just as the dormant follicles are getting stronger and generating new hair cycles as well. You may notice sprouts in those first few months, and by 6 months, you should notice significant extra coverage, assuming you’re a prime candidate for these remedies.

Some companies approach hair loss from within, by selling proprietary supplements focused on hair strength and endurance. You can also simplify that by ensuring you eat plenty of protein and ingest enough biotin, but these well-regarded companies (like Nutrafol and Viviscal) have armies or fans who swear by the results.

We recommend: Both hims and Keeps if you want to skip the in-office appointment. Their board-certified dermatologists will assess your concerns over the web, provide proper advice and warnings, and will check in to gauge your response and progress. Look also at Nutrafol’s thinning hair supplement as well as Viviscal’s.

Thinning Hair Supplement by Nutrafol $88

Viviscal by Hair Growth Supplements $51

Change your habits

We’ll cut right to the chase: The vices are exactly that. Smoking, drinking, partying, drug use, poorly resting, eating sugary and processed foods, and even ingesting excessive caffeine — it’s all bad for your hair. It’s bad for your skin, including your scalp, and it’s bad for the rest of your body too. Staying hydrated and eating nutritious, of-this-earth foods are surefire ways to have healthy hair and healthy everything. Magnify the results by staying physically active and getting quality rest, 7-8 hours nightly. Make a change now, and you’ll notice a unilateral boost to your reflection within a few weeks — and imagine how good it’ll be in three months’ time.

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Persol Made Sunglasses With 24k Gold Lenses for Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’

<!–Persol Made Sunglasses With 24k Gold Lenses for Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ • Gear Patrol<!– –>

Look Like a Million Bucks

The hotly-anticipated fourth season of Money Heist just hit Netflix. While the show’s tense story writing and action-packed scenes are what keep our knuckles white, the style is what keeps us at the edge of our seats. The Professor’s instantly recognizable Persol frames are a key part of his character and though, yeah, he is literally printing money very illegally, we can’t deny that he does the ’70s sartorial vibe enviously well.

Now you can buy your own pair of Persol frames directly inspired by the show. Made in collaboration with Netflix, Persol’s ‘La Casa de Papel’ capsule collection features three styles, each available in several colorways and lens offerings made with premium Italian acetate, and Persol’s signature Meflecto design.

The La Casa de Papel model stands out in the trio thanks to its 24K gold-plated lenses, a clear callback to the Spanish Mint. But the coveted model is limited to just 350 pairs. To top it all off, each frame comes in a custom box, designed to look like a bar of gold.

La Casa de Papel by Persol $497

El Professor Sergio by Persol $317

El Professor Original by Persol $322
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The 19 Best Hoodies for Men

Last Updated April, 2020.

The hoodie is a pillar of the
casual wardrobe. It has transcended its roots as a sportswear staple and is an essential garment regardless of social class or aesthetic taste. Though the design hasn’t changed much over the years, brands are offering versions of the hoodie in a range of quality fabrics not present in previous decades. Still comfortable and durable, these sweatshirts show the depth of quality fabrics available in French terry, fleece-back and double-face constructions. Whether you’re a fan of pullover or zip-up styles, quality fabric is what makes the garment. So explore the range of options below and invest in a hoodie worth wearing for years.

Important Fabric Terms

French Terry: Sometimes referred to as loopback cotton, this fabric is warp knitted with a flat face and loops on the underside, which serve the same purpose as the loops on a towel: to absorb moisture and sweat. Most commonly offered in 100 percent cotton, French terry can also include added elastane for stretch.

Fleece-Back: To create fleece-back fabrics, the underside of a knitted fabric is brushed with sandpaper or wire brushes until the yarn becomes soft and fleecy. This technique can be applied to a large range of knitted cotton fabrics and is utilized for its velvety hand feel.

Double-Face: This material is made up of two interlocking knitted fabrics. A double-knitted jersey, for example, is made up of two single jerseys knitted together so that both the underside and outside of the fabric are flat. Domestically, the Northwestern Knitting Co. has a proprietary knitted fabric made of two distinct layers, while internationally, brands like Norse Projects utilize this material.

Best Pullover Hoodies

Russell Athletic Dri-Power Pullover Fleece Hoodie

Russell Athletic is best-known for literally inventing the sweatshirt, so if you’re one to gravitate to the real deal, look no further. Its Dri-Power Pullover Fleece Hoodie comes with baby soft fleece fabric and vintage details like the v-insert, drawstring and a comfortably relaxed fit.

Uniqlo U Wide Fit Hoodie

Uniqlo’s popular U sublabel is one of the best-kept non-secrets in fashion. Designed by lauded designer Christophe Lemaire, the Wide Fit Hoodie is inspired by vintage hoodies in fit and fashion. And the fabric stands up to the competition in higher price brackets.

J.Crew Garment Dyed Slub Hoodie

Made from garment-dyed slub cotton, this hoodie features ribbed trims and a drawstring hood. The garment-dyed process given to it means it’ll patina over time like a good pair of jeans, plus it comes in a wide spectrum of colors to choose from.

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt

Champion literally invented the hoodie, so it makes sense that the century-old company makes a pretty good one. It has the signature reverse weave fabric for which the brand is known, which is tough and won’t shrink in the length.

Hill City Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie

Hill City’s contribution to the hoodie world is much-appreciated thanks to some its twill jersey fabric that’s both beefy and brushed on the inside for softness. A secret pocket just for your keys also shows that Hill City is designing for the times.

Standard Issue Hoody

If only hoodies like Standard Issue’s were actually the standard. The fabric weighs in at a seriously hefty 24 ounces which is twice that of your average hoodie.

Flint + Tinder 10-Year Pullover

The name says it all. Flint and Tinder’s 10 Year Hoodie is built to last a decade. At 23 ounces of beefy fleece, a double-lined hood and raglan sleeves, this made-in-Los-Angeles pullover is a major value others are slow to catch up to.

Save Khaki Fleece-Back Supima Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Save Khaki United’s American-made hoodie starts with premium Supima cotton, one of the world’s softest cottons. From there, comfort is added thanks to the naturally-fitting raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching throughout. Plus, we love the refreshingly clean look that forgoes the near-requisite kangaroo pockets.

Velva Sheen Pullover Hoodie

Established in 1932, Velva Sheen originally produced tees, sweatshirts and other basics for schools, camps and the military. Its American-made hoodie is made from incomparably soft tri-blend of cotton, polyester and rayon, outfitted with ribbed hems and cuffs as well as a vintage-style kangaroo pocket.

3sixteen Indigo-Dyed Heavyweight Hoodie

From the makers of some of the finest jeans on the market comes one of the finest hoodies on the market, made with a seriously hefty fleece that’s been dyed with indigo and just begging for you to fade it yourself. It’s crafted in Canada with a unique 3-piece hood construction and discreet, on-seam hand pockets.

Best Zip-Up Hoodies

Hanes Full Zip Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie

Cut with a burly blend of cotton and polyester, Hanes’ zip up can keep up with other hoodies in price ranges beyond itself.

Carhartt Midweight Hooded Zip Front Sweatshirt

Stalwart workwear brand Carhartt’s hoodie is, like the rest of its range, built to last. The 50/50 cotton-poly fabric is a hardy blend that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort and it won’t break the bank, either.

Champion Reverse Weave Classic Zip Hoodie

The classic made the pullover list and it was hard to ignore its zipped version. The tried-and-true Champion hoodie remains one of the best out there thanks to its the burly-yet-comfy reverse weave fabric which prevents shrinkage. It’s a classic that won’t go away any time soon.

Outerknown Sur Zip Hoodie

Made from an all-natural blend of hemp and organic cotton, this hoodie features ribbed hems and cuffs, a sturdy zipper and kangaroo pockets. When the weather get a bit too windy, the drawstring hood helps keep it tight.

Theory Layer Zip Hoodie

Theory’s Layer Zip Hoodie is a mid-weight year-round option with more fabric character than most others thanks to its slubby cotton jersey. With a two-way zip, relaxed fit and lowkey hand pockets, it’s a perfect hoodie for lounging or layering.

Reigning Champ Trim Fit Full Zip Hoodie

Reigning Champ’s Canadian-made zip-up hoodie combines the comfort of a raglan sleeve with the tailored look of an in-set sleeve, all packed into an inimitable loopback cotton-jersey fabric. Bartack stitching reinforces the pockets while flatlock stitching ensures a the fabric lays comfortably flush against the skin.

Handvaerk Alpaca Cotton Zip-Up Hoodie

While most of the hoodies on this list use some form of loopback terry, Handvaerk’s zip-up is a luxe rib-knit made with a blend of alpaca and cotton. The royal mix of alpaca gives the hoodie a cashmere-like feel with the versatility of cotton you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

John Elliott Flash 2 Relaxed Fit Zip Hoodie

Though it’s labeled as a relaxed fit, it really is the perfect-fitting zip-up hoodie. The premium loopback French terry, two-way zipper and substantial kangaroo pockets are three cherries on top.

The Real McCoy’s 10oz Loopwheel Zip Hoody

Japanese-based repro brand The Real McCoy’s is known for its insane levels of detail and its hoodie is a standout. Made using rare loopwheel machines, the fabric is unrivaled in its density and softness.

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The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase Is The Laptop Case For Extreme Adventurers

The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase is an everyday carry for the urban commuter and the outdoor adventurer alike. It protects your laptop from external forces without the added bulk.

Designed for extreme outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, this case is IPX-8 waterproof. You can submerge it underwater at 16 feet deep for an hour and it retains its waterproof quality. It still prevents water from seeping inside. Likewise, it is shock-proof so it protects your laptop from accidental knocks, drops, bumps, and scratches.

The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase uses water-resistant zippers, layers of silicon 50 and EVA with enforced edges to ensure the ultimate protection for your gear. The use of self-healing silicon allows the scratches on the surface to heal itself and over time become invisible.

Meanwhile, gel-infused memory foam allows your laptop to mold seamlessly to ensure protection and snug fit. It also gives you a good grip on the surface to prevent accidental drops while on the go.

The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase is a must-have for any outdoor expeditions be it at the beach, the pool, or under a downpour or snowfall. It not only provides optimum protection by keeping sand, water, and humidity out. It also does not cramp up your style nor add heft to your activity or daily commutes. This tech gear only weighs 14 ounces and only adds 0.3 inches to the thickness of your laptop. This makes it portable enough to hand-carry and does not take up a lot of space in your bag. It boasts a solid and robust piece while looking effortlessly sleek.

Get It Here

Subtech Sports Pro DrycaseSubtech Sports Pro Drycase

Subtech Sports Pro Drycase

Images courtesy of Subtech Sports

14 New Style Releases We Can’t Stop Thinking About

<!–14 New Style Releases We Can’t Stop Thinking About • Gear Patrol<!– –>

Good Garms

As we close out the week, looking forward to another weekend of sheltering in place and socializing distantly, we’ll be obsessing over these new style releases. From madras to 90s-inspired sneakers and everything in-between, these are the best of the best.

Kapital Velveteen J-WAVE Souvenir Blouson

If Drive was a Japanese film, it would star Takuya Kimura and he’d be wearing this jacket.

Noah Wingfoot Hoodies

One of Noah’s most popular items just got restocked.

Eden Power Corp. Bio Shirt

Trip wherever.

New Balance CT Alley Sneaker

I’m pitching a regular column titled ‘I Like Plain Clothes’ and I’m gonna start with these. So plain. So good.

Evisu x Palace

Also pitching a counterpoint column titled ‘I Love Ridiculous Clothes.’

Camiel Fortgens Denim Shorts

Yeah, denim shorts are back.

Coverchord SS20 Lookbook

Japanese retailer Coverchord hits hard with its SS20 lookbook featuring cult faves like Needles, Hoka One One and Engineered Garments.

Sunnei Dreamy Shoe Collection

The stubby skate shoes of my youth have returned, better than ever.

Marrakesh Life Scoop Hem Cotton-Blend Tank Top

Sleeves are over.

Bleue Burnam The Together Sterling Silver Ring

The only handshake we’re into for the foreseeable future.

Veilance Fast and Light Collection

Fast and light, fresh and clean.

Flint and Tinder High Desert Capsule Collection

Joshua Tree looks so good right now.

Haven x Mountain Research

How many pockets are too many pockets? The world may never know.

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Save the Medical-Grade Face Masks for Hospitals. Fashion Brands Are Making Their Own Instead

<!–Save the Medical-Grade Face Masks for Hospitals. Fashion Brands Are Making Their Own Instead • Gear Patrol<!– –>

Facing a Problem

Hospitals are fighting a battle. There’s a dangerous shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as surgical masks and N95 masks which healthcare workers desperately need in the fight against coronavirus. These medical-grade masks help shield these vital workers from bacteria and viruses which can be transmitted through the air, via moisture droplets in which the novel coronavirus survives.

Unfortunately, droves of non-health workers buying these masks for themselves in bulk. This panic buying further depletes the shortage, ultimately forcing healthcare workers to re-use PPEs and even use alternatives like scarves and bandanas, neither of which the CDC recommends. This leads to a greater risk of infection and puts health workers at a major disadvantage when confronting coronavirus patients daily. If these vital workers get sick, they’re unable to work and possibly get their patients and coworkers sick.

In a recent article published on Refinery29, Shannon Sovndal, MD, an EMS medical director based in Boulder, Colorado recommend that everyone wear a face mask. Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has also discussed the possibility of advising the general public to wear masks daily. This has the potential to make the current shortage of medical-grade face masks much worse.

Fashion brands like Raleigh Denim and Los Angeles Apparel have heard the call and have been driven to help, pivoting their factories and sewers to produce masks for purchase and for donating to hospitals. Though many of these masks are not CDC-approved, there have been studies that suggest these are better than nothing at all, with common household materials being up to 96 percent effective in filtering out harmful particulates. These non-medical grade masks can help allocate the sorely-needed masks to first responders and medical workers while also providing protection to the general public. Though plenty of home sewers have also answered the call and provided DIY instructions, if you have the means to afford to buy a mask, here are some brands making and donating masks.

Face Mask by Hedley & Bennett $22

Face Mask by Raleigh Denim $20

Cotton Face Mask by Los Angeles Apparel $30 (three-pack)

The Shield by Dom Vetro $22

Gathered Face Mask by Joshu Vela Learn More: Here



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The Swiss Advance Crono Key Packs A Whopping 15 Tools

When it comes to multi-tools, the best ones are those that are compact yet also durable and functional. You want quality and efficiency to get your money’s worth. With Swiss Advance’s Crono Key, you don’t have to carry a folding multi-tool with you. This ingenious device offers a whopping 15 uses to aid you in your everyday quick-access tasks.

This is a multi-tool disguised as a key. It packs utility tools that may come in handy for those unexpected fixes including a Phillips screwdriver, a hex nut M5, hex nut M3, and a wire stripper. Moreover, it has a wire stripper, 3 screwdrivers, and both a parcel and bottler opener. This tool also offers a wing nut opener, a scale in both centimeters and inches, a mini saw, a reset tool, and a nail remover.

The Crono Key is not only functional it is also durable and lightweight. It is completely portable at 0.35 ounces and compact at just 0.86 x 2.24 x 0.04 inches. Outside of the key, this tool also comes with a brass ring so you can easily hang it along with your keys for quick and easy access and storage.

Made in Switzerland from German stainless steel, this multi-tool has a unique code engraved on it. You can use the code in the event that you lose your key so it can be returned to you. The Crono Key is made with the environment in mind. It is a sustainable product that you can recycle because it is made of stainless steel.

Get It Here

Crono Key

Crono Key

Crono Key

Crono Key

Crono Key

Images courtesy of Swiss Advance

No, You Don’t Need Polarized Sunglasses. Get These Instead

This story is part of our Summer Preview, a collection of features, guides and reviews to help you navigate warmer months ahead.

Most people think the best shades come polarized. They are, in fact, more expensive than normal sunglasses. But are they inherently better? Not at all.

“Polarized lenses are great for intense sunny days, the same way it’s great to wear a Gore-Tex coat on a wet winter day,” says Julia Gogosha, founder of independent Los Angeles boutique Gogosha Optique. The technology, a thin film sandwiched between two lens wafers, was developed in the 1930s and channels light in a way that reduces the eye fatigue that triggers headaches.

But just as you’re not always doing battle with cold and rain, you’re not always under a glaring sun, floating down a river or carving up a mountain. For daily wear, turn to something more versatile and, in many cases, more affordable: tinted shades.

Like their polarized counterparts, tinted lenses are treated to block UV rays from the sun. They just omit an extra step in the manufacturing process, meaning companies don’t have to sacrifice frame and lens quality to hit a more comfortable price point.

There’s another, arguably bigger advantage beyond value. Rather than limiting options to the polarized standard gray, brown and green, good old-fashioned tinted shades give you the option of virtually “every chromatic possibility you can see,” says Gogosha.

How you use the shades, of course, should dictate the color and saturation. “Think of it like how you would choose a band for a watch or how you use laces for a shoe,” Gogogsha says. “Are you trying to use it instead of a sunglass or do you want it more as a layering accessory?”

Early adopters of lighter shades — actors, directors, athletes and musicians among them — lean on them to reduce saturation and quickly turn the world down; or, as Gogosha puts it, to act as “hangover helpers.” Light lenses serve a function for the rest of us, too. “[People who] travel a lot, they’re going in and out of places all the time. They have very late nights,” Gogosha says. “There’s a lifestyle around just wanting to have something that you don’t have to take on and off all the time and keep track of.”

While style can inform usage, and vise versa, the most important aspect of tinted lenses is how you feel when you look through them. “Certain colors will evoke emotion or they’ll evoke mood or they’ll help calm or they can excite,” Gogosha says. “Colors do things.”

Colored lenses aren’t for everyone, but what product is? Unless your day-to-day absolutely demands a dark-colored polarized lens, it’s high time to consider something that blends functionality and style.

Start Here

Akila Legacy Sunglasses

Designed in Los Angeles, Akila’s sunglasses are produced in limited quantities and feature acetate frames with 5-barrel hinges and stainless steel temple cores. The brand’s Optical Class 1 nylon lenses are durable and come in colors like purple, red, yellow and gray, among others.

Moscot Lemtosh Sunglasses

These classic acetate frames from a five generation family-owned New York brand feature 7-Barrel hinges and diamond rivets. Available in four sizes, these sunglasses feature a blue gradient tint that is created by hand.

Jacques Marie Mage Sturges Sunglasses

Made in Japan from 10mm cured cellulose acetate, these shades pay homage to the acclaimed director John Sturges. Designed by Jerome Mage, they feature light bottle-green CR39 lenses with a backside anti-reflective treatment, 18k gold hardware, spur-shaped rivets and tension-secured custom hinges.

A version of this story originally appeared in a print issue of Gear Patrol Magazine. Subscribe today.

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John Zientek

John Zientek is Gear Patrol’s style editor and in-house guitar authority. He grew up on the West Coast.

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Which Penny Loafers Should You Buy?

Loafers come in all manner of styles from tassel to Venetian to Belgian, but perhaps the most enduring style with the broadest appeal is the penny loafer.

Originating in Europe, the moccasin-style loafer made its way to the States in the early 1900s. It was adopted by traveling Americans who brought the style back with them to their college campuses where they would pair them with white socks and shorts, chinos and jeans. As for the currency moniker, that was a result of the Ivy set decorating their loafers with pennies inserted into the straps.

If you’re looking for a pair of pennies for yourself, you might be looking at the G.H. Bass & Co. Weejun. The brand introduced it in the 1930s and is responsible for making the style famous. In its wake, countless others tried their hand (or feet) at the style, not the least of which is premier American shoemaker Alden. Their 986 Shell Cordovan Leisure Handsewn Loafers have been praised by menswear aficionados for its quality and style over the decades, making it a staple in a discerning wardrobe. But which one should you get? We compared the two side by side to see which pair is the pair for you.

G.H. Bass & Co. Weejun

Price: $110

Materials: The Weejuns feature a leather upper that is fairly pliable and has a decent sheen to it. The leather itself is a corrected grain leather which is how it gets its sheen.

Construction: As far as construction, the Weejuns are unlined and use a blake stitch technique that stitches the uppers directly to the outsole.

Design: The Weejuns are a classic beefroll penny loafer, named after the stitching at the strap across the top of the shoe where it resembles a cut of beef tied with butchers twine. The toe features moccasin-style stitching and is neither aggressively pointy nor too stubby.

Sizing: I usually opt for a EU41 or a US8.5. However, the sizing of the Weejun is smaller and, while the pair we tried was a EU41 / US8, I needed a whole size up to a EU42/ US9.

Alden Leisure Handsewn Shell Cordovan Loafer

Price: $732

Materials: The shell cordovan upper is absolutely gorgeous. The so-called Color 8 shade of Horween’s infamous cordovan starts out a deep, dark burgundy before giving away to lighter tones and even shades of walnut. It’s tough to break in compared to many shoes and especially paired next to the Weejuns.

Construction: The construction of the Leisure Handsewn loafer is great. It features a Goodyear-welted leather sole with decorative fudging, a leather lining and insole, a cork filling and a steel shank for stability.

Design: Alden’s penny loafers are more refined and sculpted than the silhouette of Bass’s iconic Weejun. They feature a flat strap with a simplified penny cutout. If the Weejun is the icon, Alden’s might be its fraternal twin.

Sizing: Alden’s 986 is a bit wider and my feet fit well into the size 8. For reference, I wear 8.5 in Vans and an 8 in Red Wings.

Which One Is Right for You?

Bass Weejun: The Bass Weejun is the prototypical penny loafer. The design, the silhouette, the name — you can’t get much more authentic than this. It’s more lightweight, more flexible and more affordable than most other pairs.

The construction isn’t anything that will stand out in a shoemaking competition (yes, those exist), but you can still have these resoled. It won’t go as many rounds as a Goodyear-welted pair, but will go a few more than a glued sole. The story is the same with the upper. The corrected-grain leather starts out nice enough but won’t age as well as other uncorrected, full-grain leathers.

Sure, you get what you pay for. And in this case, it’s a fair amount.

Alden Leisure Handsewn: It’s hard to compare a shoe that’s literally seven times as expensive as another shoe. You’re asking for Manny Pacquiao to go toe to toe with a random pedestrian. In terms of construction and materials, it’s no contest. Because of the construction and materials, it’s not just heavy on the wallet — it actually has some substantial heft — and the formidable break-in period can be a turnoff for many.

That said, if you’re looking to have a pair of penny loafers that will last you over a decade, these are it.

G.H. Bass & Co provided this product for review.

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The 10 Best Conditioners for Men

A lot of guys have never used a conditioner. Or, they’ve accidentally used one, only to grow frustrated with its lack of lather — hey, that’s no shampoo! Many have walked through life with a blind eye to this essential haircare step that keeps their strands strong, healthy and cooperative (when it comes to styling, that is).

Conditioners should be used daily — by anyone with hair — whereas even the best shampoos should be used every other day, every third day, every week, depending on how grimy or greasy yours gets between washes. In theory, though, a conditioning rinse should help flush away much of that buildup between washes, while also packing the hairs full of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Conditioner fortifies hair but also softens it so that you have a more natural bounce and shine—especially after the overdrying, moisture-stripping effects of shampoos.

Yes, you read that right: You should use a conditioner on the daily, even on the days you don’t shampoo. And you should always use a conditioner after a shampoo — never together since it restores moisture and adds nutrients, while the shampoo pulls those things away.

Here are our ten favorite conditioners, for all types of hairs and concerns. Find the one (or few) that suit you best, and order two bottles for every one of shampoo. (You can start with one bottle for now, if you’re new to this. But seriously, scale back on the over washing!)

Prose Conditioner

The Best Custom Conditioner: Tell Prose your biggest hair concerns, goals, frustrations, and more. Their survey assesses everything from your texture, length, oil levels, color, density, thickness, hair fall and more. When all is said and done, you end up with a customized formula, enriched with ingredients that help you achieve whatever goal it is — growth, fullness, preservation, color quality, definition… the list goes on. They’ll send it to you with a personalized label and everything—this is your conditioner, and it’s nobody else’s.

Saunders & Long Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Fine Hair: The newest brand in haircare is Saunders & Long, which launched out of London last year. Their formulas have been perfected by some of the experts behind Kiehl’s and Bumble & bumble, and their assortment enriches, plumps, and defines the hair. If your hair is fine and in need of some lift and life after an over-drying wash, just massage in some of this luscious conditioning cream. Rinse, then enjoy your new bounce.

OUAI Thick-Hair Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Thick Hair: People with coarse hair have a difficult time taming frizz, flyaways and even getting their hair to relax enough to style. OUAI’s conditioner uses shea butter, marshmallow root, and avocado oil to condition and command control over each strand. After your shower, you’ve got relaxed, cooperative hair, at least for the day ahead.

OGX Tea Tree Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Oily Hair: If you have oily hair, you don’t need conditioner as desperately as others. But you still need it especially following a shampoo. Conditioner is doubly important if your hair is long and your oily scalp only hydrates and weighs down the first few inches of hair, whereas you need to make sure it’s all hydrated. OGX’s uses tea tree oil, which soothes and calms the scalp; in turn, tea tree oil can balance oil production on the head the same way it neutralizes unsightly pimples on the skin. More consistently, however, tea tree oil cleans and clarifies the hair itself, while nourishing it and adding a healthy pinch of shine — but not the kind of shine you loathe. This conditioner even gives you a tingly peppermint sensation in its wake.

Modern Mammals Conditioning Rinse

The Best Conditioner for Dry Hair: Engineered for the anti-shampooers out there, this conditioner is an effective rinse that flushes dirt, product, sweat and grime from your hair and scalp while doubling as a conditioner. It prevents your hair from ever frying to a crisp and restores vibrance, shine and liveliness to your fragile or brittle strands. It’s packed with aloe to soothe the scalp too, and even has skin-clearing salicylic acid (it’s much gentler than it sounds) to prevent flaking and peeling as well — and in turn, promoting strong growth for each of your hairs.

Wella Detangling Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Curly Hair: Frizz and limp curls are things of the past: Wella’s conditioner delivers definition, body and healthy shine to the hair. It uses jojoba oil and wheat bran extract to restore bounce, control and texture to otherwise untameable, tangled hair. You’ve never had this kind of reassurance towards your temperamental curls. It also works excellent on wavy hair, too, since it emphasizes movement, smoothness, and, again, texture.

R+Co Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Long Hair: Long hair requires a good, everyday conditioner that preserves body, shine and strength. It’s got to tame flyaways, prevent limpness, soothe the scalp, and it must massage easily throughout all of your hair. R+Co’s everyday conditioner checks all of these boxes with gusto, thanks to juniper berry extract and babassu seed oil. It’s great for many hair types — dry, damaged, thinning, dandruff prone — and thus is perfect for all kinds of longer styles, too.

Oribe Volumizing Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Thinning Hair: Whatever your hair woe, you can trust Oribe for the solution. Their volumizing conditioner uses lupine protein and saw palmetto extract to slow hair thinning; these also promote thicker, coarser hair strands. Plumping polymers cling to the hair shaft and give it the fullness and volume you’ve longed for — with a side helping of healthy shine and keratin-fueled fortification.

Shu Uemura Colored-Hair Conditioner

The Best Conditioner for Dyed Hair: Thanks to goji berry extract, this conditioner prevents your expensive dye job from fading. Meanwhile, musk rose oil penetrates through the compromised cuticle to strengthen and soften the hair, all at once. Pair it with a color-preserving shampoo and follow your colorist’s advice on other measures—regarding the styling products, heat tools, and everyday habits—that can diminish your hair’s shine. This step, however, is perhaps the most important part of that regimen.

Better Not Younger Deep-Nourishing Hair Mask

The Best Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask Treatment: This buttery hair mask is a substitute for your everyday conditioner—but just a couple times per week. After washing and towel-drying your damaged or overly parched hair, apply this conditioner and let it sit for 3 minutes. It’s made with butters of mango, macadamia, avocado, and more, and is enriched with vitamin E. It’ll whip your hair right back into a lively, hydrated shape, all in the time it takes to brush your teeth.

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The 8 Best Hand Lotions to Buy Now

Caring for your hands is imperative. They’re the tools we work with every day, after all. And seeing so much action can wear heavily on these precious tools.

Manual labor certainly takes its toll on our hands, leaving them dirty and calloused. But also, every time you wash your hands or take a shower, your skin is stripped of its natural oils which are essential for keeping it elastic and moist. Without them, skin can become dry and cracked. It’s essential to replenish these oils shortly after washing your hands or post-shower with a good hand moisturizer. If you’ve got sensitive skin like me, you already know that the need to keep your hands in good shape is doubly imperative.

Mrs. Meyers Hand Lotion

Mrs. Meyers has become a mainstay of household products and its line of hand lotions are a popular choice for good reason. The combination of almond oil and shea butter replenish the skin, helping it to feel soft and supple, but it’s still light enough so as to not feel greasy.

Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Hand Cream

Aveeno’s Hand Cream contains colloidal oatmeal which has several benefits. It helps provide a protective barrier between your skin and the elements, it’s effective at retaining moisture and it’s also anti-inflammatory.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Hand Salve

Burt’s Bees hand salve is great to have on-hand (literally) for several reasons. For one, the tin packaging makes it easy to stash in a pocket and carry with you. Another is its blend of natural herbs and oils. Olive oil is a main ingredient in the hand salve and provides a number of vitamins that are beneficial to skin health. Not to mention olive oil’s natural anti-bacterial properties which help prevent infections.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream is one of the most popular hand creams on Amazon thanks to its effectiveness and price point. It contains glycerin which is a humectant, meaning that helps not only to retain moisture but actually pull moisture to the skin since it attracts water to itself. Needless to say, it’s an attractive option for those with cracked and chapped hands.

Lovett Sundries Hand & Body Cream

Lovett Sundries’ hand cream contains several key ingredients that are life-saving for your skin, especially if you experience skin conditions such as eczema. One of those ingredients is coconut oil. In several studies, it’s been shown to help retain moisture, reduce inflammation and even accelerate healing of wounds. It also is effective at killing harmful microorganisms which can exacerbate wounds from cracked skin.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Shea butter has a number of positive properties that make it a go-to for skincare. It’s a naturally occurring material that’s harvested from tree nuts and is highly concentrated with vitamins and fatty acids that work together to help promote cell regeneration and moisture retention while reducing inflamed skin and stopping harmful microbes and fungi from forming. It’s also the primary ingredient in L’Occitane’s hand cream.

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm

Aesop’s line of luxury grooming and skin care products isn’t just fluffy marketing. It really works. The Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm contains a formulated blend of shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and glycerin to help enrich the skin. It also contains potassium lactate which, like glycerin, is a humectant and has high moisture retention. And with its sophisticated balance of vetiver root, petitgrain and bergamot rind, it smells lovely.

Byredo Suede Hand Cream

Byredo’s hand cream is one of the best-smelling options we’ve come across, as is to be expected of the French label which also specializes in premium fragrances. Byredo’s Suede Hand cream perfectly orchestrates bergamot and fresh aldehydes at the top with mid-notes of lily of the valley and violet as well as base notes of crisp amber, soft musk and velvet plum. Aside from its fragrant attributes, it’s light and greaseless on the skin and also contains butylene glycol which helps the skin to feel soft.

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Celebrate Air Max Day With The Nike Air Max 2090 Sneaker

The world is in a big mess right now as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect various markets. International and even local travel are at a standstill while manufacturing facilities are unable to operate. Nevertheless, Men’s Gear wants to help cheer up our readers with exciting news across various industries. Take for example this awesome news from Nike as the company celebrates the 30th anniversary of one of its most iconic shoes. To commemorate the milestone is the arrival of the Air Max 2090, and boy does it deliver.

Nike is apparently drawing inspiration from the Air Max 90, which is already a fan-favorite model among collectors. To highlight the brand’s annual Air Max Day 2020, what we have is a slightly futuristic take on a classic. From what the sneaker industry sources tell us, at its core, this modern pair of kicks is still a solid running shoe.

The original model that influences its design features an upper that uses traditional materials. Meanwhile, the Air Max 2090, keeps the silhouette but opts for something a little flashy. We see its blend of opaque and transparent fabrics with bold stitching patterns in bright colors. Overall it gives the sneakers a distinct aesthetic that begs for attention.

In addition to the snazzy look are enhancements that users will feel and experience once they slip these on. Pure ergonomic bliss is what owners can look forward to as the Nike Air Max 2090 comes with outstanding comfort. The internal lining and heel cushioning will make walking and running feel like your floating on air.

Order your pair now – $150

Images courtesy of Nike

Borrow Some of Childish Gambino’s Style With This Relaxed Cardigan

<!–Borrow Some of Childish Gambino’s Style With This Relaxed Cardigan • Gear Patrol<!– –>

From Connolly

In Pavielle Garcia’s promotional photos for Donald Glover’s new album 03.15.20, the musician makes pancakes for his children and wife while wearing a relaxed green cardigan and gold Tiffany necklaces. While the oversized cashmere sweater, worn by Glover without a shirt, isn’t as immediately arresting as his jewelry, it’s actually one of the best knits available.

Made by Connolly, a British brand founded in 1878, the V-neck Art Cardi is made in Scotland from high-grade cashmere and features two patch pockets and five horn buttons. Designed with a slouchy fit, the sweater only comes in two sizes — S/M and L/XL — and retails for $802.

But, Connolly didn’t always specialize in knits. It started as a saddle and shoe business before supplying leather to automotive giants like Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. In 2016, the brand opened a boutique in London offering a luxurious collection of tailored garments, knitwear and leather goods.

The Art cardigan is the epitome of laid-back luxury, and it’s a staple of Glover’s wardrobe. So if you want an outer layer that’s soft and slouchy, perfect for everyday wear, borrow some of Childish Gambino’s style and pick this up this sweater today. For a limited time, you can score it for 15 percent off at MatchesFashion with the code SPRING15.

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John Zientek

John Zientek is Gear Patrol’s style editor and in-house guitar authority. He grew up on the West Coast.

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Timberland’s Garrison Trail hiking boots use ReBOTL fabric for sustainability

For our choice on what type of footwear we would love to use on a daily basis, sneakers are out go-to gear. Perhaps it is the comfort, cushioning, breathability, weight, and style that makes it great for almost any occasion. However, when the action takes you outside of your comfort zone, this calls for something more rugged. Boots, on the other hand, are purpose-built for rough conditions and terrain. While these are usually not that stylish, the Timberland Garrison Trail hiking boots are an exception.

While we have seen attractive offerings from the brand over the years, its latest lineup boasts a cool feature. As many footwear companies strive to reduce their environmental impact, innovative manufacturing processes are apparently the answer. We have seen shoes from Adidas repurpose waste plastic from our oceans. Then there’s another one that uses fully biodegradable materials.

Timberland’s Garrison Trail series also has an ace up its sleeve as the fabric linings used by the hiking boots are made of ReBOTL. The company is pushing for a more sustainable future with all of its footwear with the help of the material. As the name suggests, this comes from plastic bottles that go through a special recycling process.

It might not sound glamourous, but the overall design of the Garrison Trail hiking boots is actually fashionable. It is available in three colorways: Brown Suede, Black Suede, and Light Grey Suede. The uppers are crafted out of waterproof leather with ReBOTL fabric lining. Meanwhile, the midsoles are using EVA for superior cushioning. The outsole flaunts TimerGrip traction technology with climbing grade rubber for the heel piece and toe bumper.

Garrison Trail hiking boots  – $140.00

Images courtesy of TImberland

17 New Style Releases We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Can’t get enough good new stuff? Neither can we. In-between mugs of coffee and virtual meetings, we’re scraping the web, twenty tabs deep at minimum looking for the best new style releases of the week. From tie-dye suiting to insane tie-dye cashmere bathrobes to a whole lot of boat shoes, these are all our favorite releases of the week.

Needles 2B Jacket

When you’re a lowkey deadhead but still have to attend boardroom meetings.

Snow Peak Hita Sandal

Is this it? The end-all home shoes we’ve been looking for?

Noon Goons Velzy Camp Shirt

I miss the SoCal in the ’90s. Noon Goons does too.

Calee Type II Old Japan Die Jacket

Frustration sets in because of how good this is.

Wood Wood Mid-Season Drop

A Nascar-inspired mid-season release from Wood Wood that is good good.

Gap Relearn the Khaki Collection

The brand that made khakis cool is doing it again. Peep those wide-leg chinos while they’re on sale right now for just $24, before it’s too late.

Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon 1460 Boots

Inspired by 1960s ska, this triple collab is set to drop on March 28.

Corridor Recess Runner

New York label Corridor just dropped its first-ever sneaker and they look pretty damn good.

Universal Works x Sebago Portland Boat Shoes

Boat shoes somehow just look right with a kiltie. Who knew?

Knickerbocker SS20

NYC-based brand Knickerbocker doesn’t seem to do anything wrong.

Freenote Cloth Hawaiian Black Tigers

Custom Japanese fabric and Tiger King vibes makes this one of the most badass Hawaiian shirts you’ll come across.

Iron Heart Loopwheel Hoodie

All cotton, zero side seams and sumo-weight fabric make this the last hoodie you’ll ever need.

Adidas Americana Low Sneakers

Adidas took a peek into its archives and brought this back from the ’70s.

Woolrich Outdoors SS20

We miss the great outdoors right now, especially so when Japanese outfit Woolrich Outdoors just released its spring collection.

Arpenteur x Paraboot Safari Shoes

I’ll happily take my feet on a safari even if that’s not advisable at this current moment in time.

Beams x L.L. Bean Boots

Should’ve called it L.L. Beams.

Viberg Service Boot in Natural Olive Tan

The master bootmakers, at your service once again.

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Spacewalk Omega Speedmaster owned by cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin up for Auction

Average run-of-the-mill watches are usually good enough as a casual accessory for any outfit. These types are purpose-built to practically just tell the time. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have clearly taken a big chunk of the market from traditional brands. These days, the demand for classic timepieces pale in comparison to their digital counterparts, Nevertheless, collectors are still ready to snap up rare pieces that pop up at auction blocks. Just like this Omega Speedmaster owned by famous cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin.

You might presume that it is one of those high-profile product endorsement deals or publicity stunts. However, this item packs a lot of weights thanks to the crazy history behind it. Earlier, we hinted at something when we said that this wristwatch belongs to a Russian space man. That’s right, as you’ve probably guessed, it has taken a trip into the great big void.

This was back in 1995 courtesy of a partnership between Russia and the United States. After sending Budarin up to the MIR space station he was able to complete two spacewalks. Accompanying him in the cold vacuum of space was this Omega Speedmaster with serial number 48267771.

While other rugged wristwatches flaunt jaw-dropping ingress protection for up to insane depths, this one is on a whole other level. The Omega Speedmaster heading to auction features the original leather strap and runs on the watchmaker’s caliber 861 manual movement. The stainless-steel case and plexiglass crystal have seen better days. Nevertheless, these are battle scars that add to its bad-ass appeal. The watch comes with a letter of provenance with Budarin’s signature as well.

Learn more about this auction: here

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