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STEAL: Up to 70% Off Sale Styles at Nordstrom

We’re not going to pretend that the world has completely returned to normal because that’s still a ways out, but we’re trying to add a sense of normalcy back into our daily lives by dressing…

11 Style Releases We’re Completely Obsessed About This Week

This week, a maelstrom of goods flooded our inboxes. We bookmarked tabs, calculated the room left in our closets and planned accordingly to fit the latest stylish goods into our lives. The calendar says it’s still summer, but the digital shelves (and gaunt trees outside of my bedroom window) tell a different story. It’s telling us that quilted leather down-filled boots are a thing our soul knew we wanted, even though science said it was impossible. It’s telling us that Christoph Lemaire is a dictating the rest of our wardrobe indefinitely. It’s telling us that fall is here and we can really start dressing.

Uniqlo U Fall 2020

Courtesy Uniqlo

Christophe Lemaire does not miss.

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Birdwell Beach Britches Birdie Heart Board Shorts

Courtesy Birdwell

These board shorts are fighting against hunger.

Buy Now: $99

Adsum Fall/Winter 2020 Drop 1

Keep it simple, can’t go wrong.

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Gramicci Boa Fleece Pullover Shirt

Courtesy Huckberry

This winter, Gramicci fleece is the wave.

Buy Now: $148

Entireworld Sweatpants


Courtesy Entireworld

Sometimes, the best release is actually a restock.

Buy Now: $88

The North Face x Hender Scheme

Courtesy Hender Scheme

Hender Scheme’s m.o. isn’t so much reproducing, by hand, classic shoes in high-quality leather. It’s having us question whether or not we should just throw out our entire shoe collection.

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18 East Trilobal Nylon Trek Shorts

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The greatest zip-off shorts you ever missed out on.

Jacques Marie Mage The Velvet Underground

Courtesy Jacques Marie Mage

I’ll be your mirror.

Buy Now: $625

Drake’s Collection 4

The tailoring resurgence will not be postponed.

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Polo Ralph Lauren x Beams

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This collab is like if The Rock tag-teamed with Brock Lesner.

Adsum x Reebok Club C Revenge Plus

brown sneakers

Courtesy Adsum

Not sure it’s having the same brand in this list twice violates some sort of rule, but what am I gonna do? Not put this chocolate-y shoe on the lis

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The 10 Things You Should Get from the New Uniqlo U Collection

model sitting

Courtesy Uniqlo

It wasn’t too long after the first crispy leaf fell that we kept a tab open for Uniqlo’s next huge drop, specifically for its Uniqlo U collection. With renowned designer Christophe Lemaire at the helm, Uniqlo U has proven to be the best style-per-dollar (a totally real metric) and the default style choice of fashion heads. Now, it’s finally here.

The collection is clean and flawlessly tailored with relaxed silhouettes that aren’t sloppy by any means. The discerning color palette is sobering after the deluge of technicolor tie dye and acid-dipped tees of this past summer. It’s filled with tasty corduroy, buttery merino wool and slick quilted fabrics, all at the incredible price point the brand’s known for.

While the entire collection is independently verified heat, these are just a smattering of the pieces to get if you have to absolutely restrain yourself.

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Corduroy Padded Blouson

Uniqlo U


Light Flannel Wide-Fit Checked Long-Sleeve Shirt

Uniqlo U


Corduroy Wide Fit Work Pants

Uniqlo U


Fleece Long-Sleeve Shirt Jacket

Uniqlo U


Mock Neck Long-Sleeve Pullover

Uniqlo U


Padded Quilted Coat

Uniqlo U




Wool Jersey Blend Pants

Uniqlo U


Wool-Blend Fleece Jacket

Uniqlo U


Middle-Gauge Mock-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater

Uniqlo U


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You Wouldn’t Expect This Premium Leather on a Pair of Sperrys

After falling overboard and into the ocean, Paul Sperry didn’t blame the slippery ship deck — he blamed his shoes. He set out to create a non-slip shoe ready to take on soaked decks and the boat shoe as we know it today was born in 1935. His brand has been the go-to brand ever since for nautical footwear and a staple of preppy style. Now, its latest release infuses a wabi-sabi mindset into its shoes with patina-ready natural vegetable-tanned leather.

Part of its premium Cloud collection, the release features four shoes with full-grain leather linings and footbeds for both durability and comfort. While the two sneakers feature vulcanized rubber construction and siped soles — the invention that made Sperry a success — the boat shoe and the tassel loafer stand on thick Vibram soles with welted construction.

But, the highlight of the collection has to be the uppers. All four shoes in the collection are made using natural, undyed vegetable-tanned leather. Because it’s left in its natural, undyed state, the leather starts out light pink. But with wear, exposure to the sun and gathering of oils over time, the leather will drastically change and form a deep patina that’s unique to you. Think of it like raw denim — you wear it in and achieve your own fades.

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Cloud Authentic Original 3-Eye Boat Shoe

Sperry Top Sider


Cloud CVO Deck Sneaker

Sperry Top Sider


Cloud Chancla Sneaker

Sperry Top Sider


Men’s Cloud Authentic Original Tassel Loafer

Sperry Top Sider


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These Premium Sneakers Are Radically Affordable

New York-based Thursday Boot Co. just released its first sneaker that delivers top quality details for a radically affordable price. The Premier Low Top features top-tier leather uppers, Vaquetta leather insoles, 2mm EVA cushioned insole covers and dual density rubber outsoles — all for just $129.

The minimalist design shows the natural beauty of the leathers — sourced from the legendary Horween and Carpanese tanneries — devoid of superfluous stitching details. These are some of the best premium sneakers available and cost a fraction of price of the competition. To learn more about the style and what makes them stand out, we talked to Thursday Boot Co. CEO and co-founder Nolan Walsh.

Learn More: Here

What was the impetus to expand from boots to sneakers?

At first I was pretty resistant to the idea of expanding into sneakers because I was not confident we could do something additive to what was already on the market. After tabling the idea to pursue sneakers, late one night I was voicing my hesitancy to my friend/CMO, Zach Jacobs, and he asked me “then which sneakers on the market do you think are perfect?”

I didn’t have an answer, so I started to look around more closely. I couldn’t find any perfectly clean sneakers with top tier materials at what I would consider a reasonable price point, so we set out to do the same thing with sneakers that we did with boots five years earlier. Make the highest quality, most comfortable, timeless sneaker possible, and sell it at the lowest sustainable markup possible.

How did you choose the silhouette of the Premier Lop Top?
I love a minimalist aesthetic, particularly when it comes to men’s fashion. High quality materials, impeccable technical construction and comfort are all necessary for the smart, effortless style that I most appreciate. When I was looking around before starting the sneaker project, I was amazed I couldn’t find a single sneaker that was pristine, and perfectly clean — if you don’t trust me, look for yourself.

Every sneaker I found had some unnecessary pattern or stitch work. As the true shoe dogs know, adding stitches and pattern work allows for lower quality materials and are typically easier to produce because it is easier to hide flaws. With big pattern pieces, there is nowhere to hide the flaws. Doing the cleanest visible pattern forces us to have every technical element of the construction perfect, that challenge is what got me excited about the project.

How did you make the sneaker better?
We sweat all the details: every millimeter of the last, custom outsole molds in every half size so that the fit is perfect — very atypical — and even densities of every element. The easiest example from a pattern perspective is the collar foam. As you probably know, most brands have some heel and collar stitchwork or overlay pieces to keep the collar foam in place and looking consistent as opposed to doing the R&D to make the perfect collar foam for their specific last. To maintain a clean look and optimize comfort we tested countless types of foam with different thicknesses densities and cutting shapes before settling on our low density high rebound foam cut in a, somewhat-difficult-to-explain ¾ cylindrical, ¼ angled edge shape.

thursday boots sneakers

What makes these sneakers stand out from others at this price?
Well, I must concede that everyone is going to say their sneakers are well made and that their fit is perfect, so I think the easiest differentiator for a potential customer to look at is the material composition. Our sneakers feature rich leather uppers from the finest tanneries in the USA (Horween) and Italy (Carpanese), buttery soft sheepskin lining, dual-density natural rubber outsoles and Vaquetta leather insoles.

Furthering the point, our insole leather supplier appreciatively told us that we are the only client he’s ever had in his two decades in business who did insole leather density testing and receiving insole leather cuts in a specific custom density range. I don’t think people need to simply take us on our word when we say our sneakers are a great value. Try finding another sneaker less than $130 using leathers from our tanneries partners, and you’ll see that we are serious about our low markup philosophy.

What about the upper leathers?

We didn’t just want to do the run of the mill leather sneakers. It was important to us that the sneakers tie into our boot collection. While I love white and black sneakers and felt they were necessary evergreen colorways, the more difficult choices were the 3 other colorways. We’ve been working with Horween since we started Thursday and their leathers have a unique heritage Americana aesthetic. We went with Essex, Chromexcel (Natural) and Waxed Flesh Roghout (Cacao) — three very different tannages — to give a sense of texture to the line while staying true to the Heritage Americana aesthetic we love.

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Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are finally official

After months of speculation it’s finally official, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are here. The latest models were unveiled during the company’s Time Flies event which also revealed the iPad Air 4 and iPad 8. Over the years, the wearable has been the best-selling smartwatch in the market. Moreover, many users continue to laud its health-centric features such as fall detection and the built-in electrocardiogram.

Now, the latest flagship brings another set of functions many have been requesting for quite some time. Before we go into that, let’s talk about the design. Ever since the first-generation model was introduced, the form factor has been the same. Same goes for the more affordable option, which makes us wonder if there will ever be one with a round display.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is available in four colors: Silver, Blue, Gold, and (PRODUCT) RED. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch SE has three: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. As for the processor, the Series 6 comes with an S6 processor with a U1 chip, while the SE packs an S5 silicon. Both will ship with WatchOS 7 out of the box on September 18, 2020. Although Apple Watch users are already enjoying a comprehensive suite of fitness-related features, the developers are adding two more.

First is sleep tracking, which uses the motion sensors of the Apple Watch Series 6 to gauge how well you rest up for the day. Then there’s the SP02 monitoring, which, in our current situation, gives users an idea of how well their body performs during a workout or more. Blood oxygen along with other metrics provides a detailed overview of one’s overall health. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch SE does not have this on board.

Order it here

Images courtesy of Apple

The 7 Best Beard Trimmers You Can Buy in 2020

An electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair. The best ones are intuitive and offer a range of settings for general hair trimming and precision touch-ups.

In recent years, advances in rechargeable batteries have allowed for cordless trimmers to run up to an hour or more. Many beard trimmers on the market also utilize blades that require very little upkeep — as a general rule: look for self-sharpening steel blades that don’t require oil before each use.

You’ll also want to consider how, and where, you’ll be using it. Have you maintained the same beard for years and just need a one-trick pony? Do you alternate between short and long styles and need a trimmer that offers a lot of variety? Will you take your trimmer on business trips or are you leaving it in a bathroom cabinet? Finally, what’s your budget?

No matter how you answered any of these questions, our picks have you covered.

Wahl Model 9864

best beard trimmers wahl jgt


Best All-Around Beard Trimmer

Made in the America, this beard trimmer is housed in a durable stainless steel housing and utilizes rechargable Lithium Ion 2.0 technology that can provide hours of trimming on one charge. The Model 9864 comes with four attachments and 12 T-Blade guide combs to achieve different length trims.

The self-sharpening blades stay sharp over years of use and the warranty is one of the longest you’ll find in the world of beard trimmers. The best feature, though? A one-minute charge will give you three minutes of trimming time — perfect for procrastinators everywhere.

Attachments: 4
Runtime: 6 hours
Warranty: 5 years

Buy Now: $71

Philips Norelco Multigroom MG7770

best beard trimmers philips


Best Feature-Packed Beard Trimmer

This aluminum-body beard trimmer has two times as many blades for a more precise trim. Its Lithium-ion battery delivers a 6-hour runtime, and the MG7770 comes with six purpose-designed attachements and a range of trimming guards.

It comes with a rugged zipper case that has a contoured foam body to hold the trimmer and pouches to secure attachments. What’s more, the steeper price is justified by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Attachments: 6
Runtime: 6 hours
Warranty: 10 years

Walmart: $90Amazon: $89

Panasonic ER-GB80-S

best beard trimmers panasonic


Best Washable Beard Trimmer

This trimmer has 39 adjustable settings to fine-tune your grooming routine — a rubberized dial controls the settings in .5mm increments from .5mm to 20mm. The stainless steel blades are washable and a convenient water-drain allows quick cleaning after each use.

While the battery will last just shy of an hour, a LED charge indicator on the handle indicates the power level as to not leave you stranded in the middle of a trim. The attachments that come with the ER-GB80-S are designed for closer facial hair trimming, longer beard styles and precision body hair grooming. Panasonic also outfitted the trimmer with a rubberized handle that fits comfortably in bigger hands.

Attachments: 3
Runtime: 50 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Buy Now: $80

Bevel Trimmer

Courtesy Bevel

Best Cordless Trimmer

Bevel’s first trimmer received high praise for its build quality, cutting quality and precision. The brand’s second iteration is even better. Built to meet the demands of master barbers, the reprise is now cordless, providing up to an incredible 8 hours of cutting time. The Bevel Dial allows you to make adjustments with just the flick of a thumb for smooth fades the blade and the included t-blade makes achieving clean lines a breeze.

Attachments: 1
Run Time: 8 hours
Warranty: 1 Year

Buy Now: $220

Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK5280

Courtesy Braun

Best Beard Trimmer for Travel

This compact trimmer can keep up with the best. It comes with nine attachments and can trim beards from .5mm to 21 mm (in 2mm increments). The battery delivers one hour of runtime and a LED indicator on the handle displays the battery life. Thankfully, this trimmer is fully washable, making on-the-go cleanup a breeze. It’s also small enough to be packed into a Dopp kit without disturbing your current grooming products.

Attachments: 9
Runtime: 100 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Amazon: $60

Andis T-Outliner

best beard trimmers andis


Best Corded Beard Trimmer

If you need a precision trimmer to touch-up your neck, beard and moustache, this is a solid option. Inside the heavy-duty housing, a quiet magnetic motor powers carbon-steel blades designed for years of use. Weighing in at 11.5 ounces, this trimmer is easy on the hands for extended use. The T-Outliner is ideal for dry shaving, but make sure to oil the blade before each use to insure a good trim.

Attachments: 0
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 1 year

Buy Now: $64

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

Courtesy Amazon

Best Beard Trimmer with a Vacuum

When cleaning up your beard, you’d better be prepared to cleanup the sink, too. That said, beard trimmers with integrated vacuums make the mess a bit (or a lot) less. Remington’s super popular HKVAC2000A boasts a dual-motor system that delivers high-powered suction to capture up to 90 percent of trimmed hair. The collection chamber is generous, too. It’s enough to collect a full session of trimming and the included attachments mean you can get the detail you’re after.

Attachments: 8
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 5 years

Buy Now: $44

The Best Sweatshirts You Can Buy for Under $40

Originally created as an improvement upon woolen sweaters, the modern sweatshirt swaps the often itchy and laundry-averse material for soft, breathable and warm cotton loopback terry fabric. The updated garment featured elastic ribbing at the hem, cuffs and collar to keep wind out as well as an extra piece of V-shaped ribbing at the neck to make it easier to pull over the wearer’s head. You can find countless iterations today in a variety of fabrics, colors and graphics. Though the sweatshirt market spans a wide range, we want to focus on value. What can you get for just $40 or less? Well, you’d be surprised. Here are the best sweatshirt options you can buy a couple Jacksons.

Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt



A go-to for young brands starting out with graphic tees and hoodies, Gildan makes a solid crewneck sweatshirt. It’s made with a 50-50 cotton-poly fabric that’s resilient and comfy while also resistant to pilling. It comes in more colors than you thought there were and they’re cheap as hell.

Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Fleece Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic


The brand that introduced the sweatshirt automatically deserves a spot on this list. Its Dri-Power Fleece Sweatshirt is one of the most popular on Amazon and it’s thanks to its 50-50 cotton-poly fleece fabric that boasts softness and quick-drying capabilities. At nine ounces, the fabric also makes the sweatshirt a fantastic option for year-round wear.

Organic Raglan Crew Neck Sweatshirt

All USA Clothing


It’s hard to believe that a 100 percent organic cotton sweatshirt that’s made stateside can be under 50 bucks, let alone under 30. And yet, All USA Clothing’s Organic Raglan Crew Neck Sweatshirt  exists.

Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt



One of the few options you can find using all-cotton fabric, Uniqlo’s mainline sweatshirt is one of the best pound-for-pound. The yarns are thick yet soft, making it as durable as it is comfortable. It features classic V-insert detailing as well as herringbone tape at the neck to cover-up any annoying stitching. And, it comes in the full color gamut, which is good if you’re tempted to buy more than one.

Reverse Weave Crew

Champion LIFE


Champion is a stalwart in the sportswear game and it’s no surprise that one of its sweatshirts should be on this list. The brand’s famous Reverse Weave fabric is hardy and hefty. At 12 ounces, it’s one of the heaviest at this price point. And, because of its unique weave, won’t shrink in length. The additional ribbed gussets at the sides of the torso allow for greater range of motion, too, making it a great option to actually exercise in. 

Champ Eco Fleece Sweatshirt

Alternative Apparel


If your sweatshirt priorities are lie in comfort, Alternative Apparel’s Champ Eco Fleece Sweatshirt should be on your radar. It’s made from a ridiculously soft blend of polyester, cotton and rayon for a silky smooth feel. The raglan sleeves and flatlock seams also add to its comfortableness.

Carhartt Crewneck Pocket Sweatshirt – Men’s



While Todd Snyder’s ongoing collaboration with Champion has yielded one of the best sweatshirts to date thanks in part to its clever addition of a chest pocket, you can get the same detail for much cheaper. Carhartt’s rendition features a relaxed fit built with a 10-ounce cotton blend fabric complete with a work-ready chest pocket that also has a built-in pencil slot.

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Blundstone’s Leather Dress Boot Is a Perfect Fall Style Statement

Mentally, we’re all still back in February, whereas physically we’re still sweating like it’s mid-July and logically expected to believe it’s somehow September. It’s unclear at this point whether seasons still exist, but if they do we’re getting excited for football, foliage hikes and crispy fall weather. Plus, now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to pack up the white sneakers and break out the autumn boots. If you need a recommendation, Blundstone’s 1901 Leather Dress Boot is the go-to for fall footwear. Its lean profile and sleek leather upper is built to blend in on a night out, while comfort footbeds and durable TPU outsoles mean you can spend all day in them first and your feet won’t get tired.

Learn More: Here

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The Seamaster Diver 300M Nekton Edition shows Omega’s support for ocean conservation

Omega recently introduced James Bond fans a chance to own a limited-edition Seamaster Diver 300M. Only 7,007 examples will be in circulation globally, which should not take long for collectors to snap up everything. Now, the Swiss watchmaker is ready to collaborate once more, but this time to hopefully benefit nature. Hence it’s partnering with Nekton – a not-for-profit research foundation that focuses on the conservation of our oceans – to offer a special version of its iconic diver’s watch.

The Seamaster Diver 300M is a model that many associate with our planet’s biggest bodies of water. Hence, its partnership with the UK-registered charity which has ties with the University of Oxford. The goal is to explore, monitor, and protect the marine ecosystem from whatever that might upset the balance. Each sale Omega makes allows the company to continue its support for Nekton and others.

Hence, those shopping for a stylish and dependable timepiece might want to consider the Seamaster Diver 300M Nekton Edition. Notable features include a 42 mm steel case with a grade-5 titanium unidirectional rotating bezel. This gives it’s a stark contrast against the matte black ceramic dial with polished wave patterns. Meanwhile, Omega is using a cutting-edge laser-ablation process to engrave these sections of the watch.

Turning it over to look at the case back shows a submarine medallion engraving to remind users of its exclusivity. Powering the Seamaster Diver 300M Nekton Edition is Omega’s Master Chronometer Calibre 8806. Finally, its self-winding movement boasts a 55-hour power reserve, which is impressive. Availability starts in October with pricing details to follow.

Check out more details: here

Images courtesy of Omega

The Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST Is An Homage To Han Solo’s Confidence

Adidas continues its homage to iconic Star Wars characters with the release of the ZX 2K BOOST. This pair pays tribute to the legendary Han Solo especially the color scheme of his wardrobe.

This stylish pair uses “Core Black” synthetic fabrics and TPU overlays for the upper structural support. This is a call out to Han Solo’s iconic black vest. Meanwhile, “Sand” leather with more “Core Black” TPU comprises the heel construction and this combination harks to the pilot’s shirt.

The “Sand” on the midsole of the Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST complements the black boost that runs along the full length of the sole and gives the overall look a masculine and confident appeal, just like Han Solo himself. A special nod to the Millenium Falcon commander is notably found on the shoe’s strap-buckle that sits over the laces. The buckle is reminiscent of his blaster gun holder from the color of the strap to the metal buckle.

Moreover, a Han Solo patch is cleverly stitched on the tongue along with a “Star” and “Wars” lace locks. Another set of lace locks that spell out “Han Solo” and another that replicates the Millenium Falcon rounds up Adidas’ homage to the galactic hero.

The Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST sells for approximately $197 USD. It is a special edition designed to celebrate the 40th “Star Wars” anniversary of Episode V. The Han Solo shoes are tin the designs catered to the characters of “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” along with Lando Calrissian, C3PO, Darth Vader, and more.

Get It Here

Images courtesy of Adidas

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro boasts a titanium case with sapphire glass and more

Apple is gearing up for a big announcement next week according to their recent press release. Despite talks of the iPhone 12 taking center stage, multiple sources are saying otherwise. It seems the Cupertino-based tech titan is ready to finally debut the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s probably why Samsung is aggressively promoting the Galaxy Watch 3. Meanwhile, despite its trade restriction woes in the United States, Huawei is ready to take on the new wearable with its Watch GT 2 Pro.

This is the latest follow-up to its popular Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e. Unlike the other models before it, there are a host of new elements that you should consider. First off is the premium build quality and design. The Watch GT 2 Pro drops the stainless-steel case in favor of titanium. The lightweight-yet-durable metal is paired with a sapphire glass lens.

The Watch GT 2 Pro sports a round 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a 454 x 454 HD resolution. It uses a HiSilcon Kirin A1 + STL4R9 chipset with a 32 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. The device runs on Huawei’s proprietary LiteOS platform which allows it last longer than other smartwatches. Equipped with a 455 mAh battery, normal usage should let it last up to 14 days on a single charge.

Huawei is offering two color options: Night Black and Nebula Gray. Owners can also choose between a black flouroelastomer or a gray/brown leather strap. Another interesting improvement over its regular versions is the support for wireless charging. Finally, the Watch GT 2 Pro is only available in one size — 46 mm.

Purchase it here

Images courtesy of Huawei

Blundstone Is Celebrating 150 Years with A New Boot

It makes sense that most “household” names — like Kleenex, Band-Aid or Tupperware — make products for the household. But then there’s Blundstone — a brand that’s been around longer than all three and makes such an iconic, recognizable product that its name is nearly interchangeable with the term “chelsea boot,” except “Blundstone” comes with a quality guarantee. Believe it or not, the legendary boot brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, Blundstone is releasing a limited Anniversary Series #150 Boot. Learn more about the unique design below.

blundstone 150



Tones of Tasmania: The Blundstone limited-edition #150 Boot is cut from premium auburn leather with rolled edges, referencing the rich hues and colors of the Tasmanian wilderness. In addition, the bronze leather lining and gold fabric pull tabs complement the auburn exterior for a balanced, natural aesthetic.


Custom Details: Aside from the new colorway, the Blundstone limited-edition #150 Boot features a few more customizations in celebration of the big milestone, such as an embossed, limited-edition “150th” stamped into the heel of each boot, updated pull-tabs with “150 years” stitched into the front and “150th” hand screen-printed on the bronze leather lining.


Classic Comfort: Like all of their products, Blundstone’s limited-edition #150 Boot features the brand’s patented SPS Max comfort system, which provides impact absorption and reduces fatigue in the lower back, legs and feet. Plus, the boots also come with Blundstone’s Classic Comfort contoured footbeds for maximum support, as well as durable TPU soles for longevity and comfort.


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The 9 Best Chukka Boots to Buy

About as casual as all-leather boots get, the chukka (or desert) boot was first worn by British soldiers in Africa during World War II. Afterward, they made their way across the Atlantic, becoming a casual staple for the second half of the 20th century and still gracing the feet of stylish men in the cooler months. Clarks made the originals, but upmarket offerings only improved on the formula. They lace up just above the ankle and traditionally feature a soft crepe sole.

Clarks Desert Boots



Just Get This

If you’re going to get just one, it’d better be the archetype. The definitive desert boot is still made using supple and rugged English suede from the world-famous CF Stead leather tannery. Its crepe rubber sole gives superior cushioning and traction, too.

Buy Now: $130

J.Crew 1990 MacAllister Boots

Courtesy J.Crew

These made-in-Italy desert boots offer a slightly beefier construction than Clarks’ iconic version and feature premium Italian suede uppers as well as natural crepe rubber soles. The profile of J.Crew’s version is a tad more refined that makes this one well-suited for dressing up.

Buy Now: $148

Astorflex Ettoflex Boot

Courtesy END.

Astorflex has a variety of desert boots in its collection, but the Ettoflex is notable for having a wedge sole. It features natural crepe rubber for the sole, premium suede uppers, vegetable-tanned leather lining and insole, and it’s made in Italy.

Buy Now: $175

Red Wing Heritage Work Chukka

Courtesy Zappos

Built to handle long days on foot, this boot is built by none other than Red Wing Heritage and features the brand’s signature S.B. Foot Tannery leather. It comes fully lined with Goodyear-welted construction attaching the uppers to Red Wing’s own shock-absorbing Atlas tread soles.

Buy Now: $260

Rancourt Acadia Chukka

Courtesy Rancourt

Known for its top-tier hand-stitched moccasin shoes, Rancourt also makes a great chukka boot. Its Acadia Chukka comes in an array of high-quality full-grain leathers like Horween Chromexcel and Kudu suede, each of which comes unlined and attached to crepe wedge soles for a supremely comfortable experience.

Buy Now: $280

Sanders Hi-Top Chukka Boots

Courtesy Todd Snyder

One of the most popular models for English shoemaker Sanders is its Hi-Top Chukka, which nearly blends the profile of a traditional chukka with the sole of a sneaker. The crepe sole wraps around the upper similar to a sneaker while providing superior grip and comfort.

Buy Now: $285

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Chukka Boots

Courtesy Oak Street Bootmakers

This hybrid boot walks the line between trench and chukka, with a five-eyelet lace-up design. Made in the USA, each pair comes with Horween natural Chromexcel leather uppers which are soft to start and ready for tons of patina. And, the Goodyear-welted construction ensures these boots will last for years to come.

Buy Now: $412

Yuketen Pig Tail Chukka Boots

Courtesy Matches Fashion

One of the most unique takes on the chukka style is Yuketen’s Pig Tail Chukka Boots. With heavy influence from Native American moccasin shoes, these feature hand-stitched uppers with layered suede uppers, leather laces and a thick Vibram 2060 sole.

Buy Now: $475

Alden Unlined Chukka Boots

Courtesy Nordstrom

Next to Clarks, Alden’s Unlined Chukka Boots are the most prototypical chukka boots out there. Made in America, these come with supple, unlined suede uppers for superior comfort and breathability. They’re built with Goodyear storm welt construction and feature a cork footbed, stacked leather heel and leather outsole.

Buy Now: $571

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Steal: Get up to 85% off over 500 Watches at Nordstrom Rack

Finding a good deal at Nordstrom Rack is a regularly common occurrence, but they’ve outdone even themselves with their current watch sale. For the foreseeable future, you can get up to 85% off over 500…

The Best Jeans You Can Get for Under $50

When Levi Strauss invented blue jeans in the 1800s, he charged $1.25 per pair. A buck twenty-five won’t get you much these days, certainly not a pair of jeans. By contrast, a pair of original-original Levi’s can now fetch nearly $100K, but most people aren’t looking to spend that much for some dungarees.

If you don’t want to spend more than $50 for a pair of jeans, there are still plenty of options; some better than others. Here are the ones worth grabbing.

501® Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans



Best All-Around Jeans

You can still get a pair of raw denim for a pittance and it’ll come from the originator itself. The 501 Shrink-to-Fit Jeans are the gold standard that every other brand tries to emulate and you can’t get much better than this for much cheaper. Plus, you can frequently find ’em on sale for even sweeter savings.

Selvedge Classic Fit Jeans



Selvedge denim used to be reserved for denimheads willing to spend a few hundred dollars on their blue jeans. Uniqlo figured out a way to bring it to the masses for much cheaper. These jeans come raw and ready for you to fade yourself. If you’re looking for a more comfortable experience straight off the rack, Uniqlo’s non-selvedge options will also fit the sub-fifty bill.

501 Original



Sub-$50 jeans doesn’t limit you to just blue jeans. The original blue jean would obviously make this list, and so does its optic white variant. 

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Utility Logger Jeans



If you’re looking for something with double the durability, Carhartt’s double-knee Logger Jeans is it. Made from a beefy 15-ounce denim with a hint of stretch, it’s got enough heft without sacrificing comfort.

Premium Performance Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean



The jeans of choice for cowboys, Wrangler’s jeans are tough as they come. Though Wrangler makes a full variety of different fits, it’s perhaps best-known for its bootcut jeans. These are made without any elastane, just all-cotton denim and feature a slim cut that’s long enough for some serious stacking.

Easy Taper Jeans



Gap got its start in blue jeans in 1969 and has been a go-to for the classic five-pocket ever since. Though many of its jeans are over fifty bucks, you can frequently find them on sale. These are perfectly washed out jeans that are great for year-round wear thanks to its 12.5-ounce denim. Plus, if you’re more conscious of your consumption, they’re also made using recycled cotton to reduce its impact.

Slim Everyday Flex Jeans: TENCEL™ Denim Edition



Madewell jeans are known for great-fitting cuts in equally appealing washes. While its jeans average over $100, Madewell’s frequent sales mean you can catch some serious deals without waiting too long. These light-wash jeans are made using Japanese denim from Kaihara mills (a favorite of self-professed denim obsessives) and come with a handful of tencel, making them one of the most comfortable you can find.

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How to Buy a Better-Fitting Dress Shirt

Welcome to Guide to Life, a series of tips, tricks and insights designed to help you get the most from your gear.

Dress shirts may be playing second, or more likely, third fiddle to other shirts these days. T-shirts and sweatshirts are the go-to garments for people working remotely. But, many companies rely on Zoom meetings for internal and external communication, so there’s still a need to dress professionally.

While the shapes of T-shirts and sweatshirts are more forgiving, the designs of dress shirts are not. With the increased attention to your upper half in video meeting, you’ll need one that fits well. There are numerous variables to get to the right-fitting dress shirt. It’s a complicated journey, but we’re here to walk you through every step. Here’s how to buy a better-fitting dress shirt.

Know Your Measurements

Before you even look at a dress shirt, you need to do a little data entry. Knowing your body measurements is imperative for dialing in a great-fitting shirt, especially if you’re not able to try it on at the store.

You’ll need a tape measure and someone to help take your measurements. Here are the measurements you should take:

  • Neck: The thickest part of the neck.
  • Shoulders: The length across the back from one shoulder bone to the other.
  • Arms: From the center of the neck, to the shoulder, down to the wrist bone.
  • Chest: Around the widest part of the chest, usually at the nipples.
  • Waist: Around the widest part of the torso, usually at the belly button.


    Let’s start with something that you absolutely need to get right. There’s not much leeway here. The shoulder seams should fit right at your shoulder bones. Too high and the fabric can pull, too low and it’ll look sloppy.


    The chest is another area you should really have dialed in. Tailors can work wonders, but the chest (and shoulders) are tough to fix. Make sure you still have enough room (at least two inches more than your measured chest) so that the fabric isn’t pulling at the buttons as you move. You also want to avoid having too much room at the chest to avoid bunching.

    Higher armholes offer a sleeker silhouette and more range of motion while more traditional, lower armholes can be more comfortable, but look a bit stuffy.

    Gitman Bros Vintage Classic Oxford

    Gitman Bros


    These days, the value of a neck tie continues to decrease. Still, you’ll thank yourself for getting the right neck size on the rare occasion you’ll need to button your shirt all the way to the top. As a general rule of thumb, make sure your neck measurement allows enough space to fit two fingers. This way, you won’t succumb to asphyxia by a double four-in-hand.


    Manufacturers list their sleeve measurements two main ways. The first is the measurement taken from the center of the collar to the shoulder seam and down to the cuff. This measurement will likely be somewhere between 32 to 36 inches. The second measurement is only taken from the shoulder seam down to the cuff and will likely be around 14 to 18 inches.

    Classicists will tell you that your sleeve should be long enough to cover your wrist bone when your arms are raised out in front of you. For a more modern fit, however, sleeves need only to touch cover the wrist when your arms are relaxed and down by your sides.


    While dress-shirt makers often size their shirts by neck and sleeve, the waist is another area to focus on. Two people could have the same neck and sleeve measurements but vastly different waist measurements. Again, make sure that the fabric isn’t pulling at the buttons. Leave enough room to move around comfortably, but not so much room that it looks like its overflowing from your trousers when you tuck it in. And remember, the waist measurement for your jeans is not the same as the measurement for your dress shirt.


    A dress shirt is a shirt you’ll wear tucked into a pair of dress pants. There are plenty of brands that make button-up shirts that can navigate a more casual, untucked situation, but they’re generally not great at either. That said, a dress shirt should be long enough that it stays tucked in, even when you raise your arms. This should be long enough to cover about half of your rear. As with many of the tips here, because everyone has a unique body, this one is a rule of thumb.

    Take it to Your Tailor

    You may not be able to get every variable to fit well. That’s to be expected. As restrictive as a dress shirt’s fit may be, there is still margin to play with. Namely, the sleeves and the body. These are the most common alterations tailors perform when it comes to dress shirts. If you’re not able to get the exact sleeve length or body width, make sure to get a shirt that’s slightly bigger so that a tailor can cut it to the correct size.

    That said, you need to make sure that the chest and shoulders are as close to perfect as you can get. These areas are trickier to alter and require a very skilled tailor and a solid line of credit.

    Do Your Research

    There are plenty of brands that offer a variety of dress shirts online. Make sure to thoroughly look at their measurements and compare them with your own. If you have a well-fitting dress shirt already, compare its measurements with the options you’re considering.

    Other shirting brands offer made-to-measure shirts. These are really convenient and usually just plug-and-play. Enter your measurements, choose your fabric and other details, and you wait for it to show up at your door.

    There are many paths to a well-fitting dress shirt whether you’re looking for off-the-rack, made-to-measure or want to tweak the fit of your existing dress shirt. Once you nail down the right fit, you’ll be one of the best-dressed people on the Zoom call.

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Now’s Your Chance to Win $500 and the Boots of Your Dreams

Milwaukee Boot Co has partnered with Gear Patrol to offer readers a chance to win a $500 gift card towards the brand’s artisanal leather goods and accessories.

The giveaway, which will run from September 2nd until the 16th, aims to outfit one lucky winner with a grand prize of $500 in credit towards any purchase from Milwaukee Boot Company. The brand’s rich history of expert craftsmanship and superior quality products, as well as its no-nonsense, “stick-it-to-the-middleman” approach to pricing means that the only thing that will take you farther than the prize money is the pair of boots you’ll spend it on.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is click the link below and enter your email address and a winner will be selected and notified after the 16th.

Enter Here

Terms: No purchase necessary. Enter from September 2, 2020-September 16, 2020 for your chance to win. Sweepstakes is open to residents of the United States and the District of Columbia who are lawful U.S. residents, and are 18 years of age or older, as of the start date of the sweepstakes. Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor: Gear Patrol. See official rules for details and Sponsor’s privacy policy.

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Mystery Ranch’s Street Mask Is a Beacon of Comfort

By now, you’ve learned that not all masks are created equal when it comes to comfort and materials — two things that Montana-based Mystery Ranch knows well. But when the brand went to craft masks for today’s new normal, it did so first to fill the needs of its local healthcare workers. Mystery Ranch manufactured and donated masks to healthcare professionals at the Bozeman Hospital. It then tweaked and refined the designs to launch on its website and offer to consumers. One of the designs is the Street Mask, which features a 3D-contoured design paired with an adjustable nose bridge piece and stretch TPU headband. It also offers a seamless construction and a liner comprised of a tight cell structure material. Top it off with the Mystery Ranch Spinner logo and Black, Forest, Navy and Tan colorways — what’s not to like? Watch the video on how Mystery Ranch executed this initiative below.

Learn More: Here

The CDC updates its guidelines and recommendations on masks regularly. To read the latest guidelines, click here.

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Everything You Ever Need to Know About Jeans

Originally invented by Levi Strauss in 1873, blue jeans have become one of the most democratic garments in the world. The utilitarian design found favor with miners originally, but jeans eventually became popular with people in every profession. They may seem simple now, but as any denimhead will tell you, there’s a lot to learn about blue jeans. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

The 10 Best Jeans for Men

faded blue jeans

Courtesy Mr Porter

If you just want to get straight to it and know which pairs are the best, just read this. It covers the best blue jeans for your hard-earned buck, Japanese rarities and even bespoke pairs.

Learn More

What Makes a Quality Pair of Jeans?

quality jeans gear patrol lead

Kayla Ramsey

Learn about what exactly makes a good pair of jeans, well, good. Experts discuss what makes a quality pair of jeans, so you know what to look out for the next time you’re shopping for a new pair.

Learn More

How to Break in Raw Denim, According to the Experts

care for denim m2w gear patrol lead full

Chandler Bondurant

To find out if caring for a simple pair of jeans is really that complicated, we spoke to experts at three of the world’s most respected denim shops: Kiya Babzani, co-owner of Self Edge; Jeremy Smith, co-owner of Standard & Strange; and Okayama Denim owner Merv Sethi.

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This Detail Is a Major Reason Why People Pay Hundreds for Jeans

selvedge denim

Freenote Cloth

Maybe you’ve heard of selvedge. But what exactly is it? We explain one of the most notable details denimheads obsess over.

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Think You Know What That Small Pocket on Your Jeans Is For? You’re Probably Wrong

watch pocket denim gear patrol lead full

Henry Phillips

You might’ve called it a coin pocket, but the fifth pocket in a five-pocket pair of jeans has a completely different purpose.

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The Complete Buying Guide to Levi’s Jeans

complete guide to levi gear patrol 2 full lead

Courtesy Levi’s

When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of good ol’ Levi’s. Well, unless you don’t know which fit to get. We’ve got you covered.

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How to Hand Wash Your Jeans

gear patrol wash denim slider 1

Gear Patrol

Hand wash? Yup. It’s the preferred method for jeans lovers for maintaining a pair of denim dungarees. Here’s how to do it right.

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You Can (and Should) Tailor Your Jeans to Fit You Perfectly

those jeans do not fit you get them tailored gear patrol lead full

Chandler Bondurant

The tailor’s not just a place for dry cleaning. You can use pay a visit to your local tailor to have your blue jeans for a fit that’s damn-near bespoke. Here’s how.

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Want to Extend the Life of Your Jeans?

mend clothing gear patrol 8

Courtesy Matt Rho

Rips, tears and crotch blowouts are bound to happen, especially if you wear your jeans non-stop. But you don’t have to toss your jeans out once a breeze makes its way through them. Repairing is caring and here’s how to care for your jeans to give them a second wind.

Learn More

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