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These Small-Batch Leather Goods Are Field Tested

After years of working as an exploration geologist, Steve Derricott wanted a more stable family life. So in 1985, he and his wife Lori purchased Gfeller Casemakers, a leather goods company based in Meridian, Idaho. Derricott was familiar with the brand; he’d used Gfeller field equipment while working in the Western US on precious and base metal projects along with uranium, coal and geothermal resource investigations. The field equipment — including field cases, belt cases and hammer carriers, among other things — was the industry standard for field geologists and engineers.

Roy Gfeller, a part-time saddlemaker based in Franktown, Colorado, started the brand over 70 years ago. In 1946, Gfeller worked with a local geology professor to design a belt-carried field case for the professor’s students. “Western saddlers build rugged functional saddles that are comfortable for both horse and rider, using the finest raw materials available to assure strength and safety as well as long life in the saddles,” Derricott said. “Gfeller successfully brought the quality materials and durable construction methods of western saddlery to geoscience field equipment.” News of Gfeller’s well-made goods traveled quickly in the field and exploration geology community, and a wave of new customers led to an expanded line of products including belt cases, tool carriers and cases for other scientific instruments. By the time Gfeller moved to Big Timber, Montana in 1949, he offered a catalog with a complete line of field geology equipment.

Derricott was well-versed in Gfeller’s products when he purchased the company, and was keenly aware of the rugged environment in which they were used. Along with continuing production of the geoscience line, he and his wife strove to diversify the product line. They made a conscious decision to stay out of the horse tack and sporting good fields, and looked to develop new items in response to customer input, akin to the genesis of Gfeller’s original geology equipment. But with the new goods, Derricott wouldn’t sacrifice the functionality and quality the brand was known for. So he continued to use high-quality leather and hardware along with construction techniques borrowed from the Western saddler.

Now, Gfeller Casemakers offers a modest array of leather goods for daily use along with its traditional line of geoscience products. “We don’t build to a price requirement,” Derricott said. “We believe that is a surefire way to allow compromising of material quality and/or production methods into the business.” The brand’s Field Belt starts at $91 and Field Cases start at $114. More general items like Notebook covers start at $65, and Card Holders start at $33. “We build it right, price it fair and let the customer make the choice,” he said. “It has always been this way with Gfeller products.”

After three decades, Derricott is optimistic about the future. The brand has maximized production at its current location and plans to relocate to a bigger facility that will accommodate a storefront and larger staff. A successful collaboration with Best Made has offered brought Gfeller a wider customer base and increased interest in the brand has allowed for new product development. As time has passed, Derricott has not faltered from Gfeller’s user-driven products and values the connections he’s developed with suppliers and individuals. “Our greatest pride is in the relationships we have built with customers and dealers,” Derricott said. “They hold the future of this company.”

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These Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes Has Holy Water In Them

Why go to church when you can wear them every day? These custom Air Max 97 Jesus shoes literally carries a dollop of holy water inside. The price for a pair? Just as holy — expect to shell $4,000 if you want to cop one.

Brooklyn-based creative arts studio MSCHF designed the bespoke Air Max variant. They purchased a regular Air Max 97 and completely revamped the thing, adding a golden Jesus crucifix as shoelace decor.

The company didn’t stop there. It sourced holy water from the River Jordan, had a Brooklyn priest bless it, then added it to the soles of the sneakers. From a pair of $160 Air Maxes, the bespoke experiment went on sale $1,425 and didn’t last a minute. The buyer eventually put up the kicks up for resale for $4,000.

While the project may seem ridiculous and even, for some, a little bit blasphemous, it’s well within MSCH’s brand of kooky, clever experiments. The company after all is “a counter-culture media/product brand, playing in a gray area that isn’t yet defined by traditional approaches.”

Its past projects include “Times Newer Roman” a new version of the classic font but with each character five percent bigger — making it easier for students to fill up the pages of their term papers.

An internet plugin is another one of MSCH’s projects. It makes Wikipedia appear as real sources, yet another cheat method for those still in school.

For this project, the company wanted to make fun of ridiculous brand collaborations like Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas.

“You pump holy water into the pocket of a pair of Air Max 97’s and with that, you get Jesus Shoes — the holiest collab ever.”


How to Break in Raw Denim, According to the Experts

Across the internet, you’ll find articles, forums — hell, entire websites — devoted to the art of denim maintenance. Some connoisseurs insist you need to wait a year before washing jeans if you want Instagram-worthy fades; in the meantime, they suggest, getting the stink out is as easy as throwing them in the freezer.

To find out if caring for a simple pair of jeans is really that complicated, we spoke to experts at three of the world’s most respected denim shops: Kiya Babzani, co-owner of Self Edge; Jeremy Smith, co-owner of Standard & Strange; and Okayama Denim owner Merv Sethi. The washing machine is not your enemy.

Skip the waiting game. According to Sethi, it’s true that you have to put in some time before washing — but a year is overkill. The difference between two months and 12 months, he says, is “marginal.”

Kiya Babzani agrees, and says fades are mostly the result of actually wearing the jeans. “The way indigo loss occurs on denim is through wear, not through washing,” he says. “Indigo is a large molecule that doesn’t really penetrate cotton fibers, so it’s sitting on top of the cotton fiber. The only way to get it dislodged” — that is, create a fade — “is to actually scratch it off.”

As a general rule of thumb, 30 to 60 wears (that’s one to two months with everyday use) will set the kind of creases prized by denimheads. But fastidiously marking a calendar might be overboard.

“Being overly precious about denim ruins the experience a bit,” says Jeremy Smith. “You want these garments to be part of your life, and to show it.”

Don’t fear the machine. When you do get around to washing your jeans, there’s no need to baby them. Just flip them inside out and throw them in the washing machine on a cold-water cycle.

“If you want your denim to age in a natural and vintage fashion,” Babzani says, “then you should treat them how they were treated in the forties and fifties. They were worn regularly, and then washed regularly.”

And though hand washing is indeed gentler, your denim doesn’t require it. “From all the clothing you own, including all your t-shirts and everything,” Babzani adds, “the one that can withstand a washing machine the most is a pair of jeans.”

As for detergent, use something mild, like Woolite Dark, Tide Natural or Dr. Bronner’s. And don’t succumb to any internet rumors: “Don’t freeze your jeans and don’t spray chemicals on them — just wash when dirty,” Smith says. “Jumping in the ocean is good for Instagram, but then you have to get all that salt out before it tears up the fibers.”

One thing the obsessives get right is avoiding the dryer; the heat can cause fabric to shrink, and tumbling will prematurely wear out the fibers. Instead, air dry your jeans after washing by hanging them.

“Generally, the pocket bags and the crotch area are the last areas to dry,” Sethi says. “So if those spots are no longer damp, your jeans are probably ready to wear.”

Wash, rinse, repeat (yes, repeat). Good news: you don’t have to think too hard from now on — just repeat the wash and dry process as needed. “Dirt kills fibers, so you’re not doing anyone any favors by having stinky, dirty jeans,” Smith says.

There’s no correct length to wait between cleanings. Jeans are rugged and hard-wearing by nature, so every month or two might be fine. But climate and lifestyle will both play a role.

“If you sit at a desk all day long, you can probably go two or three months without washing your jeans,” Babzani says. “But if you’re in New York City, in the summer, walking around in your jeans, you probably want to wash them a little more often.”

Darn it! Holes in your jeans shouldn’t mean a trip to the Goodwill pile — or even a patch, for that matter. Many tailors and denim-centric shops now offer darning services, which Sethi says is a superior method of repair.

“Rather than adding another piece of denim below or above the hole in patchwork fashion, darning essentially recreates the original fabric using only needle and thread,” Sethi says.

And while some major repairs may require patches, Babzani also opts for darning whenever possible because “it’s generally a little more comfortable, because there’s no patch and no interfacing used.”

If your jeans have large holes, however, reinforcement may be necessary. But it’s amazing what can be salvaged, according to Smith.
“We had a guy hit a deer on his motorcycle in his new denim, and we were able to get it cleaned up pretty well with our repair program,” he says. “I haven’t seen much damage that can’t be fixed.”

Expert Break-In

What the denim pros are getting faded right now.

Stevenson Overall Co. 714 Valencia Jeans

“One of the only production jeans in the world where the entire thing is single-needle stitched. Three years, two repairs. I love the way they age over time. The denim doesn’t have a massive amount of character when it’s brand new, but as it fades over time it definitely comes through.” — Kiya Babzani, Self Edge

Ooe Yofukuten OA02 Jeans

“The 02 cut is like a sixties [Levi’s] 505. Very timeless and wearable with anything. They’re the best jeans-makers alive right now, possibly of all time — doubly so if you’re into vintage [reproductions]. My outgoing pair is five years old and perfectly worn in.” — Jeremy Smith, Standard & Strange

Big John x Okayama Denim Sample

“We switched the weft out for a bamboo-fiber yarn, rather than the usual hundred percent cotton composition. These [new] selvedge jeans are not only insane on the aesthetic and texture front, they’re our first foray into a long-term effort to be a more socially and ecologically conscious company.” — Merv Sethi, Okayama Denim

A version of this article originally appeared in Issue Eleven of Gear Patrol Magazine with the headline “Break In Raw Denim.” Subscribe today.
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The Best Cashmere Sweaters under $130

Over the past couple of centuries, cashmere has earned a reputation as one of the top luxury fibers for knitwear. It’s not unwarranted. Cashmere — the fine undercoat fibers of the cashmere goat — is incredibly soft, very warm and not as abundant as other animal fibers like sheep’s wool. While many cashmere sweaters cost in excess of $500, (and it’s not surprising to see examples eclipsing $1,000), there has, in recent years, been an influx of affordable cashmere sweaters on the market. Most of these sweaters are produced by relatively young brands and top out at $100.

As the nature of cashmere has been tied so closely to exclusivity and luxury, these affordable garments upend conventional thoughts surrounding the fiber. So to get a better grasp on what the actual value of the fiber, we talked with Jeffrey Silberman, the chairperson of the Textile Development and Marketing Department at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Why Does Cashmere Cost So Much?

According to Silberman, there are a number of aspects that affect the quality of the fiber — and in turn, the price. There are many different grades of cashmere and four primary types: black, brown, red and white. “The darker the cashmere is when it starts out, the less rare it is,” he said. “But it’s considered lower cashmere in the cashmere markets because it does have to be bleached and that’s where you get the fiber damage.”

Along with the grade, the fineness of the fiber has a significant effect on the price. According to the U.S. Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939, the average diameter of cashmere fibers in a knit product should not exceed 19 microns, and it should not contain more than three percent of fibers that exceed 30 microns. Generally, the finer the fiber, the higher the price. But, the best cashmere fibers also display a superior quality overall. “[The fibers] are going to be smoother, they’re going to be more lustrous and they’re going to be stronger in the more expensive cashmere,” Silberman said.

Companies offering affordable cashmere sweaters often utilize fibers that aren’t the highest grade and don’t disclose the details of the material they use. “Where you’ll see the difference is if you have beautiful long-fiber cashmere,” said Silberman. “It’s going to feel better, it’s going to look better and it’s going to clean better because it’s not going to lint out fibers. The shorter, coarser cashmere is going to lend itself to the cheaper products.” For apparel companies, shorter cashmere is cheaper to buy, cheaper to process and still allows for the “100% Cashmere” label. Few companies offering affordable cashmere, save Everlane, actually reveal the staple length of fibers used in the yarns of the sweaters.

Where Does Cashmere Come From?

Another factor that influences price is the country of origin. While Mongolia and China both produce excellent cashmere, companies can source more affordable cashmere from Turkey, Iran and India. In addition, market forces can create cycles where affordable cashmere sweaters come in and go out. “If [fiber dealers] are oversupplied and they need to get rid of their excess inventory, that may have something to do with it,” Silberman said.

“The people in Ulaanbaatar don’t have a lot of money, and yet every single one of them will wear cashmere. If you told them that they should wear sheep’s wool, they basically think that that’s something to insulate a pipe with.”

So though companies may not use the highest grade cashmere in inexpensive cashmere sweaters, they’re still using real cashmere — and it’s still a great fiber. For Silberman, a telling moment in his view of the fiber came when he was working on a project on cashmere identity for the Mongolian Cashmere FibreMark Society in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. “The people in Ulaanbaatar don’t have a lot of money — they live on the steppes — and yet every single one of them will wear cashmere. If you told them that they should wear sheep’s wool, they basically think that that’s something to insulate a pipe with,” he said. “And I found out from there that you can wash cashmere with dishwashing liquid or shampoo with conditioner, and that they look at cashmere as ‘It’s really cold here and we need something that’s really warm. It’s a functional, utilitarian thing and we’re happy that people want to buy it and sell it for $500 sweaters.’”

With that in mind, a high price and respected provenance should not necessarily be requisites for your own cashmere purchase. “Really what comes down to is that you like the sweater and you like the way it feels,” Silberman said. “If you’re going to take your sweaters and hang them on the wall, that’s one thing. But if you’re getting them to wear, and you like it, I’m not sure that you care if it’s going to cost as much.”

Everlane Cashmere Crew


Along with offering 11 colors, Everlane is the most transparent about its Cashmere Crew sweater. The company will happily tell you that it’s knit in Dongguan, China and even show you the factory on its website. Everlane is more than willing to share that they use Grade-A cashmere from Inner Mongolia, and that the fibers it uses are the longest (35 millimeters) and finest (15 micron) fibers, so that the sweaters are durable, pill less, and get softer with wear. And if you’re in the market for something with a bit more weight, the brand also offers a heavyweight version of this sweater for $10 more.

Naadam The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater


Naadam produces some of the more affordable cashmere sweaters available and still manages to give a wide variety of choices. The crewneck version of the Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater comes in nine colors and the v-neck comes in a staggering 18 colors. Unlike other brands, Naadam discloses that it sources all of its cashmere from Mongolia and knits its sweaters in China. The light-midweight 12-gauge knit is breathable and has one of the softest handfeels out of the box.

Uniqlo Cashmere Crewneck Long-Sleeve Sweater


Uniqlo has consistently produced affordable cashmere sweaters, and its Crewneck Long-Sleeve style became something of a benchmark for the category. Available in 8 colors, the sweater is knitted in China and has the distinctive, plush handfeel you’d expect from a cashmere sweater. The brand recommends resting the sweater for a few days after a full day of wear to prevent pilling.

J.Crew Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


J.Crew’s Everyday Cashmere Crewneck sweater comes in 15 colors and costs just under $100. Knitted in China. It has a more substantial-feeling knit than some of the other more affordable brands offer. Available in sizes X-Small to XX-Large, it features a standard fit that will complement a range of personal styles. The brand has democratized cashmere as it has already successfully done with the American wardrobe.

Buttoned Down Premium Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Amazon’s recent foray into the men’s fashion world has produced a range of house brands making tasteful basics. The Buttoned Down Premium Cashmere Crewneck is a prime example: it has a very soft handfeel, comes in 10 colors and features raglan-sleeve construction, which is flattering to a wide variety of body types. As with other brands, this sweater is knitted in China and the cashmere is of undisclosed origin.

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These Badass Leather Jackets Were a Well-Kept Nashville Secret

Nashville-based Atelier Savas once only made custom jackets for musicians and other in-the-know clients. Now you can purchase a handful of styles from the brand in a variety of stock sizes. And instead of spending over $6,000 on a bespoke piece, these jackets start at $1,900 and top out at $3,500.

For the past five years, Savas founder Savannah Yarborough has been crafting one-of-a-kind leather pieces for customers like Jack White, Jason Isbell and Chris Young. Before that, the Central Saint Martins-trained designer headed men’s design at Billy Reid, frequently traveling between Italy and Alabama, where the brand is headquartered.

This year Yarborough started offering made-to-measure jackets for men, a stepping-stone to the full ready-to-wear line that is now available online. The new stock jackets showcase the best of Atelier Savas: unique leathers, tasteful silhouettes and timeless, wearable designs. The jackets have loads of character — they’re not a typical black biker jacket — but they’re also quite versatile.

Before the launch of the collection, we caught up with Yarborough on a recent trip to New York. She took a few minutes to share her thoughts on the benefits of ready-to-wear, the enduring power of leather and her personal favorite jacket.

Q: You’re launching a wide variety of styles. What was the basis for this collection?
A: Well a couple of them, the Denham jacket and the Legend, were the two first jackets I ever made, and I made them for myself. Obviously, I’m a trained men’s designer. Everything that I wear is like a shrunken version of a man’s thing that fits me. So, those styles really are pretty unisex, I think.

That’s the thing with leather: the styles themselves don’t need to be overly complicated. What you can do with the material alone is just totally endless. Every time I go to visit the tanneries, it’s like there are a hundred new ideas to come up with. And, that’s what makes it super fun.

Q: What are the benefits of a ready-to-wear line?
A: Well, I think the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to come to me. That has really limited the amount of people that we’ve been able to service. The other thing is you’re getting something without having to go through the grind of figuring out for yourself what it is that you want, which I find is pretty challenging for quite a few people.

Q: What was the most difficult part about getting to this step?
A: The most difficult part was trying to decide what’s going to be best, and obviously, the backend logistics of making sure our fits were exactly the way they need to be — we’ve probably spent the last eight months just on that.

Q: What’s your favorite jacket?
A: My favorite piece is always the Denham jacket because that’s the one that I wear the most. I just love it. My goal is that people buy these and they wear them five days a week — they wear them when they’re hanging out, but they wear them at important times as well.

Q: Do you have a favorite leather in this offering?
A: I really love the kangaroo leather in the cognac color. One of the really most special things about leather is that it always takes on a life of its own. And any skin that really shows that, is what gets me excited. Because to be honest, I’m more excited when I see a client a year or two after they’ve gotten their jacket than I am the day I give it to them. I like to see how it’s changed.

It’s like the more you wear your jeans, they just evolve — they really show the life they’ve had. And it’s interesting too because kangaroo is actually the strongest fiber of any animal skin. So, you can make it super paper-thin, and it doesn’t weaken it.

Q: The kangaroo leather is unaltered. It has a different look from traditional hides that many brands use where imperfections like scars and stretch marks aren’t visible.
A: One of the things that’s important to me is that everything should have a little bit of grit to it. And I think that’s why I’m so into the materials that I am — there’s got to be something a little bit rough and tumble about it. It’s a real thing. You know?

Q: Definitely. How should potential customers frame these investment-level jackets?
A: Well, and a lot of people will think cost per wear, right? It’s like, if you only wear it five days out of the year, you’re not going to get a good return on your investment. Whereas, if you are wearing it three or four days a week, it becomes a lot more worth it at that point. And that’s why everything here is super wearable. I’m not here to make you look like a sparkle walking down the street. I can do that in our bespoke program, but for the ready-to-wear stuff, you should just be able to wear it as soon as you get it.

With Only 30 Examples Available, The Richard Mille RM 62-01 ACJ Is An Exclusive Timepiece

When you tend to lean toward avant-garde piece when it comes to fashion, worry not because there are brands that will cater to your preference. However, when it comes to high-end timepieces, perhaps there are a few willing to craft unconventional pieces. For us, the brands that come to mind are Urwerk, Roger Dubuis, and Richard Mille. We know there are others more, but we’ve recently been featuring unique pieces from these luxury watchmakers. So let’s get started by introducing the Richard Mille 62-01 ACJ.

Richard Mille loves to do collaborations. One of the models we presented before was a tie-in with Sylvester Stallone. If you grew up watching the actor’s films, that particular model will tick all the right boxes for fans of Rocky or Rambo. This time the ACJ in the name stands for Airbus Corporate Jets, which lends the RM 62-01 ACJ high-flying pedigree. Boasting a whopping 816 parts, for its construction, the watchmaker uses titanium and TPT.

Some of the most eye-catching wristwatches in Richard Mille catalogue regularly sport beautiful damascene patterns. This unique aesthetic element comes from the exposed layers of the material used for the case. Then there’s the open-work dial, which we always prefer over the more traditional kind.

After all, why would you choose to hide the intricate inner workings of a horological masterpiece in the first place? As with other models by the brand, bright colours on the hands and indices are somewhat a trademark. The Richard Mille RM 62-01 ACJ reportedly features a vibrating alarm using an oscillating weight to gently nudge the user. Only 30 examples will be available and we know those would have been spoken for as of this writing.

Only available here

Images courtesy of Richard Mille

Mizzen+Main Has the Dress Shirt Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For

Dress shirts have followed the same blueprint for as long as we can remember, and that’s not a good thing. They could be better in almost every way but no one is doing anything about…

The Chronomaster El Primero Radar From Zenith X Bamford Watch Departments Is Limited To Only 50 Pieces

The most recent Zenith wristwatch to grace our pages was a vintage-looking stunner. The Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special boasted a weathered aesthetic thanks to its bronze 45 mm case. Now we are welcoming another beautiful timepiece that still manages to blend a hint of retro charm with modern design. The watchmaker is not alone this time around as the Chronomaster El Primero Radar is a collaboration project.

Bamford Watch Department lends a hand to craft this limited-edition model. Being an exclusive, there are only 50 units that will be on offer across all the brand’s boutiques. Let’s get this show started by looking at the magnificent matte micro-blasted 42 mm stainless-steel case. The crown and the pushers likewise boast a similar finish.

Next, we’ll move on to what it holds within. We’re looking at a gradient Burnt brown dial with stainless-steel indices and hands. Its chronograph functions are three sub-dials: a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. Likewise, a date window sits just above the 6 o’clock position as well.  Meanwhile, Super-LumiNova applique on the hands and indices help with visibility in low-light environments.

Bamford Watch Department reveals that the inspiration for the Chronomaster El Primero Radar comes from a 1916 pocket watch from Zenith. This classy watch is using an El Primero 400 B self-winding calibre boasting 326 components and promising a 50-hour power reserve. Finally, the wristwatch sports a black silicone strap with black Cordura fabric texture, red double stitching, and a stainless-steel triple-folding clasp

Purchase it now – $7,975

Images courtesy of Zenith

We Asked an Expert Designer How to Layer This Fall

Japanese designer Eiichiro Homma built his career walking the line between style and function. He worked for 18 years at Goldwin, a Japanese sportswear label that included brands like The North Face and Helly Hanson. And in 2003, he founded Nanamica, a clothing brand that fused elements of performance with wardrobe staples.

Well over a decade before brands stateside began pushing traditional garments made with technical fabrics, Homma defined the category with his own label and The North Face Purple Label. “Since we are not Olympic athletes nor Everest climbers, we don’t need gears for competition,” Homma told us in 2018. “We thought if we combined classic-looking clothing and the latest technology of functionality, we could create the best gears for our life.”

To learn how these gears work for fall, we asked Homma how to best approach layering this season.

1Coordinate your colors with the season. “Obviously when it becomes fall, we need outerwear. Hence, we are able to enjoy the coordination of layering. On the other side, the beginning of fall is often still quite warm due to global warming these days. There is a certain difference of colors in between summer and fall even if some fall garments are still lightweight. This means if you change your dressing into fall colors earlier than others, you will showcase you are conscious of change in seasons.”

2Don’t get stuck in the past. “For this fall season, I would like to recommend reviewing all your basic items. Over the last three years, fits have become bigger despite a smaller fit being popular for over a 10-year period. Should seasonal outwear be new for you, that fit, too, should be on-trend.”

3Invest in garments that will work together. “In terms of fashion, this season we intended to focus on typical outdoor sports styles. So fleece items are key this season as are inner down items, which has been very popular over the years. In terms of function, the fundamentals of functional outdoor gear are a ‘three-layer wearing system’ which comprises of outerwear for wind and rain protection, a mid-layer for maintaining your body temperature and underwear for moisture perspiration. In the early fall, we often feel a big difference in temperature from first thing in the morning to later in the daytime. By choosing the right combination of each layer, you will have a comfortable set for fall.”

4Consider a brand’s intention. “In the past, I felt there was no brand that successfully merged fashion with function. Since Nanamica’s launch back in 2003, we have seen many brands that focus on both factors. However, you must distinguish between a brand that understands the logic of functionality and a brand which pick functional details as design elements.”

5Find your own path. “My personal tip is ‘small differences make a clear impact.’ Of course, it is easy to make a difference by wearing a trendy item, big brand logos and decorative items. But I enjoy when people showcase their character by combining everyday common items in their own way.”

Nanamica Layering Pieces

Striped Coolmax T-Shirt by Nanamica $110

Dualwarm Rollneck Sweatshirt by Nanamica $180

Polartec Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt by Nanamica $340

Alphadry Suit Jacket by Nanamica $590

Alphadry Drawstring Trousers by Nanamica $240

Gore-Tex Raincoat by Nanamica $780
The 8 Best New Fragrances of Fall 2019

Thus, every year around this time, the scents change with the season. Ideally you prepared for it, by topping off your heartier notes and spritzing the last of your fresh, floral ones. These are the 7 best fragrances to wear this fall. Read the Story

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Check Out These Limited Edition Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo Sneakers

It’s time for another awesome collaboration between an iconic sports apparel company and a British fashion designer. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is another pair of kicks that flaunts an outdoor or tactical vibe thanks to the camouflage print. This limited-edition item is only available via the 1017 ALYX 9SM website. This is the latest of many footwears designed by Matthew M. Williams for Nike. It retains the familiar elements of the older previous variants, which is actually a good thing.

Let’s begin with the most noticeable feature of the Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo, the removable crampon accessory. It might like your average rubber outsole material, but the designer doesn’t want to settle for anything other than Vibram. The material is sturdy, reliable, and delivers exceptional grip to enhance traction on varying surfaces. This allows the user to configure the sneakers for both outdoor and indoor use. The Velcro strap that holds it securely in place makes it easy to detach the outsole.

Upon removal, users can still enjoy the superior cushioning and performance of the Free Run outsole. The upper is a mix of synthetic fabric and leather with a side zipper to give it a snug fit for the user. The laces allow you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort as well. Meanwhile, the moulded overlays not only add some contrast to the patterns but add another layer of durability. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is currently an exclusive sold only by 1017 ALYX 9SM.

Get yours here

Images courtesy of Nike

The 7 Best Water-Resistant Commuter Backpacks You Can Buy in 2019

Rainy season is no excuse for soaked belongings. Check the weather reports and pack accordingly. Many brands are making water-resistant commuter bags to keep your goods safe and dry, no matter the weather. With classic, understated designs, they seem less like dry-packs and more like day packs. So prepare for unexpected weather, and peruse our favorite styles below.

Rains Field Bag

This minimalist bag has a padded laptop sleeve and an external zip pocket, and the PU-polyester blend is inspired by the Danish brand’s classic raincoats.

Timbuk2 Blink Backpack

Made from coated ripstop fabric, this bag features three exterior pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, a lined interior and side buckle-tabs.

Patagonia Black Hole 32L Pack

This double-entry bag allows access to your goods from the side or the top. It is cut from water-repellent rip stop fabric and features a padded back and buckled flap top.

Master-Piece Slick Series Ballistic Backpack

This rubber-like fabric is made from German resin and Italian polyester. Made in Japan, the design features an asymmetric zip pocket, leather detailing, padded shoulder straps and Cordura backing.

Cote&Ciel Nile Rucksack

This bag features a coated polyester shell, leather panels and a reinforced rip-stop hood. The bag has a laptop pouch, internal pockets and ccoated metal hardware.

Filson Journeyman Backpack

Made from oil finish Tin Cloth, this rugged bag features a padded laptop sleeve, a storm flap and a solid brass zipper. Made in America, it features shoulder straps lined with tear-resistant, sueded Moleskin.

Arc-Teryx Veilance Nomin Backpack

This waterproof bag is incredibly light and understated. It features a large storage compartment, a rigid laptop holder and WaterTight external zippers.

The 25 Best Backpacks for Everyday Use

Whether you need a new bag for school or for traveling the world, these packs are the best options to throw on your back. Read the Story

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The Best Leather Jackets to Buy on eBay Right Now

The classic leather jacket is a wardrobe staple for a reason: it transcends the cycle of trends, it looks good with nearly everything and it lasts forever. Because new leather jackets can be, at times, prohibitively expensive, it’s smart to look into used options. These are the best jackets to buy on eBay right now.

Vanson Dakota Barn Coat

Many jackets on eBay from the Massachusettes-based Vanson come in sizes like XXL or 52. So this size 38 — fitting a size small — is a great find for the right person. It features a zip front, two welted hand pockets and bi-swing shoulder for greater mobility. The seller says it’s been worn less than 12 times and the starting bid is $300.

Aero x Iron Heart Horsehide Motocycle Jacket

Made in Scotland, this jacket delivers Aero’s leather expertise with Iron Heart’s Japanese-Americana styling. Cut from rich brown horsehide, it has a dual-zip front and two welted hand pockets. It’s a XL and the seller says it’s never been worn outside — a like-new, extremely rare jacket.

Langlitz Columbia Jacket

This Oregon-made jacket is based on the first model that Ross Langlitz made in 1945. The style features an offset zipper, a semi bi-swing back, an adjustable stiffening band around the base of the jacket and two zippered hand pockets. A size medium, this jacket has been worn less than 10 times (according to the seller) and is in “like-new” condition.

RRL Motorcycle Jacket

This size large jacket has vintage style in spades. It is cut from vegetable-tanned cowhide which has been distressed to simulate years of wear, and it has some Italian cow-hair pannels (based on a jacket from the 1930s). The style has notch lapels, a asymmetrical front zip and a two front waist pockets — it’s also brand new.

Fine Creek Leathers Leon Jacket

This Japanese horsehide jacket was originally purchased from Self Edge and is tagged a 40 (though the seller says it fits smaller). It’s brand new and is made with 2mm-thick vegetable-tanned horsehide, vintage-style steel buttons and pigment-dyed cotton (for the liner). The style is classic, but, in an interesting throwback twist, it has the epaulets and belt loops cut off.

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Levi’s Made a Tech-Infused Jacket You’ll Actually Want to Wear

For the second iteration of its wearable tech jacket, Levi’s produced two styles you’ll actually want to wear this fall. The Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google jacket now comes in both the iconic Trucker and Sherpa Trucker silhouettes; they look just like the Levi’s jackets you love, but they discreetly connect to your phone.

A small, rectangular tag — about the size of a quarter — slides into the left cuff, activating a touch sensor integrated into the cuff’s fabric. Users can then access their phone’s navigation, rideshare apps, weather reports, texts, music and phone calls with simple customizable gestures. Swipes and taps can deliver essential information so you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket: answer and end calls, get on-demand directions, know when your Uber or Lyft will show up (and who’s driving it) or take the perfect selfie from a distance.

The jackets are compatible with both iOS and Android phones and require the Jacquard app to access features. The Jacquard tag lasts up to two weeks on a single charge, and the jacket itself is machine-washable (sans tag, of course). Available in sizes S to XXL, these jackets start at just under $200.

These are the classic jackets you know, but they offer to actually make your better — to get your head up and out of your screen, so you can be more present in everyday situations while not sacrificing the essential features of your phone.

Trucker Jacket by Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard By Google $198

Sherpa Trucker Jacket by Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard By Google $248
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Just 500 Units Of This Patek Philippe Aquanaut Will Be Sold

The luxury brand’s latest steel watch is the limited-edition Patek Philippe Aquanaut Singapore, limited to just 500 units. This gets the ref. 5167A, with red accents and a red strap, to boot. The new timepiece made its debut along with others at the Grand Exhibition in Singapore.

Patek Philippie released its first Aquanaut watch in 1997, though model 5167 came later. As such, this doesn’t technically qualify as a new model given its historical underpinnings. That said, this has increasingly eluded even the most dedicated timepiece seekers due to the rising interest in steel sport watches.

The classic watch measures 40mm in diameter and comes with a rubber strap and a time-and-day display via the caliber 324 SC.

Much like equally the luxurious Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut has stood the test of time as a classic option. The watch features a signature crosshatch black dial with a red minute track. Plus, a matching red handset. Complementing the red rubber strap are red accents. This nods to Singapore’s signature color.

Again, only 500 units will be sold. And it’s not hitting the global market. If you want one, you’d have to have a unit shipped from Singapore or Southeast Asian markets. No surprise there, though. Some Patek Philippe watches comer harder to get than others. If you regard yourself a serious timepiece collector, this one should be easy. The trick is being super quick, though. Act now unless you don’t want to snag one of only 500. Hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of Patek Philippe

10 Boots We Can’t Wait to Wear This Fall

While many boot styles are essentially codified, brands still create seasonal variations to keep a fresh offering. Leathers and soles are frequently updated, along with hardware and detailing. Some brands also modify traditional silhouettes, shortening the shaft or switching up the toe box. Either way, there are plenty of new boots on the market this fall. Below, check out the 10 styles we can’t wait to wear.

White’s Main Street Boots

These handsome everday boots have a very accessible price point compared to other styles from White’s. Unlike the rugged boots designed for wildland fire fighters or smoke jumpers that are made with handsewn stitch-down construction, these are made in Spokane with Goodyear welt construction. They also feature a full leather midsole and shank, and a 5-inch water-resistant upper. For your money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value.

Aether Dolomite Boots

California brand Aether collaborated with Italian brand Fracap to produce a modern hiking boot. Based on an army design, the Dolomite boots have vegetable-tanned Italian leather uppers, metal eyelets and Vibram soles. The boot’s stitchdown construction insures they can be rebuilt after years of use.

Ugg Neumel Flex Boots

Uggs have long been favorites of surfers for their superior warmth and comfort after hours in frigid waters. Now, you can get that level comfort in an easy-wearing ankle boot. The Neumel Flex has an elastic gore planel for a secure fit and a Treadlite outsole for great traction in a range of situations.

Tecovas Billy Boots

These Tecovas boots feature a single-piece African python vamp (made from a larger, mature snake) and a calfskin shaft. Available in a brown Saddle colorway that is exclusive to the Python Collection, each boot is made in Leon, Mexico. This boot utilize Goodyear welt construction (so they can be rebuilt), and include soft bovine-leather linings, comfort insoles, leather midsoles and hand-stitched cording.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Mid UFO

These chukka-height boots are inspired by objects floating around our solar system and feature two types of C.F. Stead leather. They have a distressed lugged Vibram outsole and a comfortable leather-topped sock insert. They are a limited edition and are available in sizes 6 to 13 while supplies last.

Lucchese Lincoln Boots

This slouchy Western boot has a 10-inch shaft and a rugged Frontier suede upper. The low-profile roper heel is appropriate for a day of walking and the welted construction guarantees these can be rebuilt. Made in Texas, they have a leather sole and are available in four colors.

Timberland Spongebob Squarepants Boots

Timberland’s classic 6-inch style was given a very unique touch this season with Spongebob accents. The black nubuck upper is waterproof and has references to the cult-favorite T.V. series. The best part: there are kids sizes available as well so if you’re into matching footwear across generations, you’re covered.

Blundstone Style 063

These sleek dress boots come in black, brown and tan, and feature a slim profile and chisel toe. Like Blundstone’s iconic Original 500 boots, the new style has elastic side panels, premium leather uppers, and durable, slip-resistant outsole. They have light midsole cushioning for comfort and padding underneath the heel.

Oliver Sweeney Oxenholme Boots

This vintage-inspired hiker has a top-tier Chromexcel leather upper from Horeween in Chicago and utilizes Norwegian welt constuction for added storm resistance. The design is secured with six d-rings and two speed hooks. For superior grip, it features a rugged St. Moritz hiking sole.

Dr. Martens x Schott NYC 1490 Boot

These two brands created a pair zip boots worth adding to your fall wardrobe. The collab 1490 has a 10-eye black leather upper, slip-resistant sole and hefty side sipper secured by a leather strap. Available October 4, it will run you just $195.

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The Moon Satellite Watch By Urwerk And De Bethune Ur-Bethune

Say you’re not like most people. Any chance you get, you want to be different. Wear different clothes. Wear different accessories. Be the perfect mix of kooky, eccentric, but classy and elegant. If this sounds anything like you, you’ll love the Moon Satellite Watch.

From a collaboration by Urwerk And De Bethune Ur-Bethune, the Moon Satellite Watch represents a harmonious blend of these two super distinct Swiss watchmakers. You get a mirror-polished titanium case, with its hollow lugs and 12 o’clock crown. Those wee elements recall Bethune’s DB25 timepiece. On the other hand, you have the watch’s satellite time indication, spherical moon phase, and URDB01 caliber movement. These all represent Urwerk’s past achievements.

The resulting watch is a one of a kind beauty that’s simply like no other. Seriously, will you look at the thing? It looks like a freaking race car. On your wrist. Super futuristic.

The Moon Satellite Watch comes in at 43mm and can run up to 96 hours just off its reserve power. Plus, its moonphase is accurate to one lunar day every 122 years. Set for auction at an approximate price of between $122,000 and $150,000, the watch is also a charitable sale. Proceeds will go to the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The auction will happen in Geneva this coming Nov. 9. We sure do hope this isn’t the last collaboration we’ll see from those two watchmakers, because this is already an iconic emblem of their fused sensibilities. To learn more, make sure to hit the link below.


The 8 Best New Fragrances of Fall 2019

Collectively, we continue to act blindsided by the arrival of fall. Every year, it’s the same shock: Summer is over! And every year, on September 23, fall drops in and stays for three months. Like clockwork.

Thus, every year around this time, the scents change with the season. Ideally, you prepared for it, by topping off your heartier notes and spritzing the last of your fresh, floral ones. But if you too are blindsided by the autumnal equinox of 2019, then worry not: it’s still early enough to stock up on a fall scent, and many of your best options will suit winter weather as well.

Better yet, why not try a new scent this season? And not just a fragrance that’s new to your nose, but one that’s brand new to shelves; this will ensure that your scent is uniquely yours, and not one of the half-dozen standby scents your friends wear.

Here, then, are this year’s best additions to the fall fragrance catalog. Happy hunting! Oh, and mark your calendar for December 21 — we heard a rumor that that’s when winter is coming (Again, as planned, each year. It’ll be the perfect time to snag another from this list for the gifting season.)

Henry Rose Fog EDP

With the freshness of a mid-Autumn morning, Fog rolls into this list by balancing vetiver and musk so cleanly; despite those full notes, it never feels weighed down. This is the standout scent from one of the year’s big fragrance debuts — Henry Rose is a new venture from the inimitable Michelle Pfeiffer, and its line of five scents suits men and women alike.

Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli EDP

While it’s built for spring and summer, Bvlgari’s annual spin on the classic “Man” scent is every bit as appropriate for fall. It emphasizes neroli, cedar, orange blossom and bergamot, and recalls the endless summer days on the Mediterranean coast. Wear it into autumn so that your crisp, sunny memories don’t cease with the season.

Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy EDT

Kenneth Cole calls Mankind Legacy a “day-to-night” scent, which it is, but it’s also an excellent fall-to-winter fragrance that will wear well with every occasion. This a warming scent, despite the effervescent impression given by its gray-blue tones; key notes are both green and woody (balsam, cedar, clary sage), resinous (amyris), as well as spicy (nutmeg).

Confessions of a Rebel by Scentbird About Last Night EDP

Scentbird is already the go-to site for curious noses and searchers of a signature scent (allowing customers to test fragrances by mail, at low cost). But they’re finally in the scent making game, too, having launched Confessions of a Rebel with four products. Our pick of the four is also a fit for fall: About Last Night unites bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, vetiver, mandarin oil and a blend of spices. Together, they vibe like downtown NYC after dark—that is, the gritty-but-vibrant Lower East Side, not stodgy-but-still-stodgy Wall Street. Thus, wearing About Last Night may rightfully align your sleep schedule with The City That Never Sleeps.

Ormonde Jayne Isfarkand Elixir EDP

A remix of Ormonde Jayne’s Isfarkand, this Elixir launch plays prominently on cedar, bergamot and lime. Its heartbeat is the elusive Iso E Super molecule, which pulses dry, cedar-like notes throughout the day, ensuring that this potion is every bit as magical as the scent upon which it is based. Save some of it for spring, as it wears especially well in both shoulder seasons.

Jack Black Black Reserve Body Spray

Black Reserve is a fit for the entire year, but it’s a limited edition launch from Jack Black. For that reason, you had better get it now and see just how many seasons it lasts. It combines the crispness of bergamot and mandarin, the uplifting essence of lavender, the calming sense of cardamom, and the magnetism of cedarwood, leather and patchouli.

Maison Martin Margiela Whispers in the Library EDT

Cedar, pepper, patchouli, and vanilla envelop the wearer with both sweetness and warmth. MMM describes its latest launch as “The slowing down of time between books and the whispers of turning pages.” But, if it were up to us, we’d be yelling across the room at how fit it is for fall.

Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient Bois Mysterieux EDP

“Mysterious wood” is perhaps the strongest and longest-lasting of this list. That is thanks to the gravity given to it by notes of leather, myrrh, patchouli, and cedar. Combined with neroli, laurels and jasmine, the result is fresh but spicy, as well as sexy and smoky. It intends to recall the warmth of oriental incense—and does so successfully, making it a statement piece for both fall and winter.

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Omega 50th Anniversary James Bond Seamaster 300M

It’s good to be James Bond, and he doesn’t have to wear a Rolex Submariner to stay slick and sophisticated. In fact, he’s worn an Omega Seamaster in one form or another since 1995’s Goldeneye.…

The Q Timex Reissue Is Really Happening

Something familiar this way comes. Timex has announced a reissue of a classic timepiece. The Q Timex watch is back, baby. Though many balk at Timex considering it’s more of a budget brand, you can’t deny the company makes some pretty sweet timepieces. The Q Timex certainly is one of those.

Reintroduced for the modern era, the new Q Timex resurfaces from 1979 to make the dive-inspired watch cool for modern tastes again. Not that it ever looked uncool, but the updated design language is welcome.

The Q Timex was not Timex’s first quartz watch. However, fan fervor solidified it as one of the brand’s most iconic ones to use the technology, at the time very, very new. The reissue captures this spirit well. You get every minute detail present on the original and injects them with this era’s sensibilities. Like the Pepsi bezel. Of the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet. Even the luminescent index paint makes a return.

Timex even added the functional battery hatch on the caseback. Perfect for those who want to be able to pop in fresh new batteries at home. No need to go to the repair shop for minor cases, in other words. Truly, a mark of Timex’s budget and customer-focused principles.

You can get the new Q Timex now for just $179. The retro comeback timepiece may not look like the freshest of watches out of all the ones we’ve featured over the years. But you know what they always say — you can’t go wrong if you go classic.