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The 6 Best Electric Shavers You Can Buy in 2020

Many men maintain a beard or short stubble to forever avoid an actual shave, myself included. And who can blame us? There are lots of risks that come with a razor, like irritation, bumps, nicks and ingrowns. For this reason, it feels safer and smarter to use a reliable beard trimmer and maintain some semblance of stubble. But, even that gets old. What if we want to showcase our shaved faces, minus all those risks of razors? Or, what about trimming parts of the beard, but shaving the rest—like keeping a clean neckline, or maintaining just a mustache?

That’s where the electric shaver comes in.

Now, not all electric shavers are going to give you an ultra-smooth, bump-free shave. But the best ones will. They have thin foil heads or rotary caps that protect your skin from their sharp blades, and the top models of late consider things like design, portability, battery charge, waterproofing, wet/dry duality, LED displays, warranty, trimming extensions and battery hold (as in, how long a charged device stays charged, when not being used — for this, look for a lithium battery).

These are the factors we considered in naming our favorite electric shavers of the year, in addition to the precision and power with which they actually perform. So, if you’re looking for a new electric shaver, or are converting from bare razors and beard trimmers, then here are your best bets.

Best Baseline Foil Shaver: Gamma+ Italia Absolute Zero

Gamma+ Italia’s lightweight shaver looks beautiful and performs as such, designed for convenience and class. The shaver has hypoallergenic gold titanium foils, stacked staircase-style so that it grooves and flexes comfortably along your neck and face. There’s even a retractable trimmer at the rear, for small detailing around the cheeks, mustache, sideburns and neck. You can charge it in the wall or with a USB, and each shaver comes with two replaceable cutters. While other shavers impress with add-ons, Gamma+ Italia’s excels in all the essential ways.
Top Feature: Lightweight ergonomic design and gold titanium foils
Charge Time: 30 minutes
Charge Lasts: 2 hours
Warranty: 1 year

Best Travel-Size Shaver: Braun MobileShave M-90

Whether you’re cleaning up on a red eye before a business meeting or just minding your whiskers at the gym, Braun’s tote-able shaver is an excellent companion. It comes with an auto-lock swivel cap and is safe to rinse under the faucet. Its catch-all foil head competes well against brawnier models (pun intended), and it also has a retractable trimmer for any detailing around the hedges.
Top Feature: Protective auto-lock twist cap
Charge Time: 2 AA batteries (one set included)
Charge Lasts 1 hour
Warranty: 1 year

Best Wet/Dry Shaver: Wahl Smart Shave

If you made a checklist of the features you’d want in an electric shaver, Wahl’s would check most of the boxes. You can shave wet or dry (since there are some shower shavers among us who demand a waterproof device); it has an LED charge display; its lithium ion battery stay charged, and can generate a 5-minute shave on a 1-minute charge; its flexible foil heads move to each contour; an ergonomic rubber grip ensures you won’t drop the shaver on your shower floor; a stainless-steel retractable shaver pops up from the rear; an travel-lock prevents it from turning on in your gym bag… the list goes on.
Top Feature: Shower-friendly design (rubber grip and waterproof)
Charge Time: 1 hour
Charge Lasts: 90 minutes
Warranty: 5 years

Best Multipurpose Device and Spot-Check Shaver: Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000

The lithium-ion Multigroom is an electric beard trimmer, face shaver, sideburn detailer, chest-hair manager, nose-hair nipper and more. And of all the interchangeable beard trimmers out there, this one is the best for spot-check shaves. Just attach its foil head, and clean up the perimeter of your cheeks, your neck line, or the little bridge between your mustache and beard. It’s a good device to own if you have various needs (beyond different head lengths) but still only want one tool for all those tasks. Lastly, don’t underestimate its 6-hour run time and 10-year warranty.
Top Feature: 25 pieces for all grooming needs, shaving head for spot checks
Charge Time: 2 hours
Charge Lasts: 6 hours
Warranty: 10 years

Best Self-Cleaning Shaver: Panasonic Arc 3

Panasonic’s Arc3 shaver is a powerhouse as a standalone device. It has a flexible triple-blade head, with ultra-thin hypoallergenic foils, wet-dry duality, an ergo-grip body, retractable trimmer and LED display. It also has a shave sensor that gauges facial-hair density and boosts or lessens power accordingly. But it stands on more than just those impressive details: The Arc3 comes with a two-in-one cleaning-charging station; just push the foil head into the station (after adding cleaning solution), and it disinfects the shaver while also lubricating the blades.
Top Feature: Cleaning and blade lubricating station
Charge Time: 1 hour
Charge Lasts: 45 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Best Rotary Shaver: Remington HyperFlex

If you’ve got thick hair or shave infrequently — routinely managing a five-day stubble instead of a five-o’clock shadow — then you might want a rotary shaver instead of a foil shaver. And Remington’s is your pick: Like our favorite foils, it shaves wet and dry, has a long-lasting lithium battery and flexes to the contours of your face, jaw and neck. You can also switch on its turbo mode for heavy-duty chopping.
Top Feature: Turbo mode for cutting especially thick, wiry hair
Charge Time: 90 minutes
Charge Lasts: 1 hour
Warranty: 2 year

The Best Beard Trimmers

An electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair at home. The best ones are intuitive and offer a range of settings for hair trimming and precision touch-ups. Read the Story

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Save an Extra 30% on Levi’s Discounted Jeans, Jackets and More

<!–Save an Extra 30% on Levi’s Discounted Jeans, Jackets and More • Gear Patrol<!– –>

Pretty Big Deal

Right now, Levi’s is offering an extra 30 percent off sale items. This is a great chance for those looking to bolster their wardrobes with some new garments from the iconic brand. Though some exclusions apply, there are tons of jeans, shirts, jackets and other great wardrobe staples up for grabs. Click through and use code RIGHTNOW at checkout, then tell a friend.

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John Zientek

John Zientek is Gear Patrol’s style editor and in-house guitar authority. He grew up on the West Coast.

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19 New Style Releases We’re Obsessing About This Week

It’s the time of year when designers, brands and retailers begin to stock their digital shelves with new-season goods. For us, that means a rolodex of open browser tabs and auto-fill credit card info. From the new school of prep, to innovative techwear to the basics we’ll leave the office for, these are our favorite style releases of the week.

Corridor Summer Acid Plaid Western Shirt

Big plaid makes for a big western shirt.

Uniqlo U Wide Fit Crew Neck Sweatshirt

I literally left my desk in the middle of writing this piece to go uptown and buy this exact Christoph Lemaire-designed sweatshirt. You know, for research. My findings are that it’s great and I have no regrets.

Vans Spring Sneaker Drop

Vans’ latest spring drop of sneakers is wild and includes psychedelic colorways, checkerboard monk straps and a shoe in the middle of evolving into another shoe.

Adsum 3/4 Zip

Adsum’s brand of pared-back sportswear is deep in the closets of the creative set. This 3/4 Zip was clearly a good one — it’s already sold out.

Ooe Yofukuten Bags

The masterful denim duo behind Ooe Yofukuten turned their expertise toward a lineup of vintage-inspired bags. Turns out their jeans making skills translate very well to bags.

Engineered Garments Cotton Ripstop Trousers

But who needs bags to carry your stuff when you’ve got pants like this?

Aime Leon Dore SS20

New York outfit Aime Leon Dore just dropped the lookbook for its spring collection. I’ll likely leave my desk to “research” the collection as well.

Our Legacy Box Shirt

Our Legacy’s box shirt is reincarnated every season in very different fabrics. This time, it’s reached enlightenment.

RTH O-Ring Belt

SoCal by way of Texas by way of Ralph Lauren store RTH makes a compelling case for animal print belts. And yes, we are compelled.

Nike x Tom Sachs

Nike teamed up with New York artist Tom Sachs to for a space-inspired collaboration that features the return of their 2018 collaboration of down-filled shorts and a space helmet-inspired beanie.

Studio D’artisan Kasezome Sashiko Jacket

East meets West with Studio D’artisan’s take on a classic Wrangler jacket, swapping out the usual denim for hardy indigo-dyed sashiko.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition

Thom Browne constantly pushes fashion’s envelope. Now he’s pushing (and folding) its buttons.

Everlane Court Sneaker

Everlane goes toe-to-toe with basketball shoe competitors, equipped with full-grain leather and a low carbon footprint.

Stone Island Plated Reflective With Dust Color Finish

Italian techwear brand Stone Island focuses its innovative eyes with glass. Literally. Its latest jacket and shorts combo uses thousands of tiny glass beads to achieve an effect that’s simultaneously iridescent and dusty.

Patagonia Airshed Visor

It’s bright out. And you’re not a sunglasses guy. And you also don’t want to mess up your hair. Plus, you like Patagonia.

Undercover UCY4404-1 Top Black

Sorry I’m not home right now. I’m dressing into spiderwebs.

D.S. & Durga Freetrapper Cologne

A new scent for the new season.

Caputo & Co. Silver Ball Chain Bracelet

Unless you’re a celebrity, keep the ice chill.

Kapital American Quilt Hospital Jacket

When you can’t decide on a pattern but you can only buy one Kapital jacket.

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Everlane’s Latest Sneakers Are a Slam Dunk

<!–Everlane’s Latest Sneakers Are a Slam Dunk • Gear Patrol<!– –>


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These Are Two of the Best Leather Jackets You’ll Ever See

<!–3sixteen and Schott’s Latest Jacket Collaboration Uses Custom Horsehide • Gear Patrol<!– –>

3sixteen x Schott

Arguably two of the coolest leather jackets ever made are the motorcycle jacket and the bomber jacket. Built for the skies and the asphalt respectively, the near-indestructible jackets have been central figures in the fashion landscape for decades with countless brands riffing on the staple outerwear.

Premium denim brand 3sixteen and American leather brand Schott have designed covetable versions of both styles for their second collaboration. The jackets use a special Chromexcel teacore horsehide tanned exclusively for this collaboration by the famed Horween Leather Company in Chicago. While the leather starts out a deep black, rich brown undertones will reveal themselves with wear.

The motorcycle jacket is a stripped-down version of Schott’s classic Perfecto jacket, leaving out the belt and epaulets and adding nickel hardware. The A-2 Bomber is cut with a modern fit and includes a removable sheepskin collar. To top things off, these heirloom pieces are lined with a cozy all-cotton Japanese flannel, as if you didn’t want to wear them enough already.

Both jackets retail for $1200.

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Some of the Coolest Sunglasses We’ve Seen Cost Less Than $100

<!–Some of the Coolest Sunglasses We’ve Seen Cost Less Than $100 • Gear Patrol<!– –>

From Akila

Los Angeles eyewear brand Akila makes high-quality, limited-run sunglasses at self-described “anti-industry” prices. That means you can pick up some incredibly stylish shades for just $95.

The brand’s Legacy model utilizes plant-based cellulose acetate frames — an earth-conscious alternative to cheaper plastics — that allow for a range of unique colors and patterns. Complete with 5-barrel hinges and stainless steel temple cores, these frames are paired with Optical lass 1 nylon lenses (read: clear and durable) in distinct colors and tints.

Akila offers a handful of different frame styles in various colors, but each release is incredibly limited. The latest iteration of the Legacy — an onyx acetate frame with yellow lenses — is capped at just 100 pairs.

For less than $100, these frames are hard to pass up. They offer the aesthetic and quality of luxury eyewear at a very accessible price — and you’d be hard-pressed to find something else this cool without breaking the bank.

Great Japanese-Made Sunglasses

Italy has long reigned in the realm of premium eyewear, but a profusion of average frame construction has diminished its reputation among industry experts. Their new darling? Japan, where eyewear manufacturing is concentrated in the Fukui Prefecture. Read the Story
Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.
John Zientek

John Zientek is Gear Patrol’s style editor and in-house guitar authority. He grew up on the West Coast.

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How to Look Your Best for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and first dates all bring out the same stress to impress: You’ve got to clean up your act and look your best for your date. You owe it to that person to present your best, brightest self, and odds are that they’re going to return the favor. (If it’s Date 1, then a lack of effort is a big red flag.)

This readying regimen requires more than a shower and a hasty shave — but it doesn’t demand you go so far out of your way, either. In fact, many of the steps are simply best practices for your overall grooming regimen, too. They’ll help you look great at work, for job interviews and even at the gas pump. (Hey, why not look great pumping gas?)

These are the things you can do on the day of (and in the days leading up) to ensure that you look and feel sharp — and in turn, look and feel confident, too.

Get a haircut 2–3 days before

Even if you get a skin-tight fade, that haircut always takes a couple days to “settle in”. And even if you get the same haircut each and every time, you should take zero gambles on date night. Besides, if you have the freshest fade in the world, it signals that you got this haircut solely for the date itself. And instead, you want to look sharp while flying somewhat under the radar: Your cut should convey that you look great, but that you do so every single day. Plus, if you get a same-day cut, you might risk some clippings falling onto your shoulders or into your G&T. (Please at least take a shower.) The one exception we’d offer is for guys who shave their entire head: A day-prior shave is your best way to have a polished dome minus any nicks and cuts.

Shampoo the day before

Shampoo strips your hair of its buoyancy since it sucks away all the natural oils that nourish and soften your hair. On the one hand, this underscores the importance of conditioner (and that you should always condition your hair separately, and after, a wash). On the other hand, it proves that you need not wash your hair every day, because a simple rinse (or a standalone conditioning) can flush away much of the grime and product buildup without drying out your hairs. Apply this rule of thought on date night: Shampoo the day before, so that your hairs have a full 24 hours to collect natural, nourishing oils. Then, on the day of the date, simply rinse it out, no shampoo, and enjoy a cooperative, voluminous coif.

Oh, and maybe best to pick a dandruff-fighting, scalp-soothing wash, like Davines’ purifying shampoo. It never hurts to fight flakes while washing dirt and grime.

Purifying Shampoo by Davines $32

Shave smarter and safer

Do yourself a favor and review our guidelines for a healthy, hygienic shave. It’s important to apply these rules each and every time you shave — chief among them, using a clean, sharp razor that has properly been stored and dried. Secondly, you should follow a meticulous, slow shave regimen that opens the pores and calms the skin, cuts hairs while preventing friction, irritation, and bumps, as well as closes and cleans the pores at the conclusion. Doing all of this allows you to shave close to the occasion — even in the hours prior, without risk for redness and razor burn.

Check your eye bags

Rarely is your date the first thing on your day’s agenda. And even if it were, we’d still have the same advice: Treat your tired, strained eyes — liven them up with a caffeine-packed eye cream, a depuffing serum, or a firming eye mask. There is no reason to arrive at your date looking downtrodden and poorly rested; it’s the first thing your date will notice. Each of these products takes mere moments to apply (to clean skin, ok?), and the masks can work their wonders in 10–15 minutes. Follow with a moisturizer and, if you’ve still got dark circles, some skin-matching concealer. (See below for more on that.)

We love Kiehl’s caffeinated eye cream, Jack Black’s depuffing gel, and skynICELAND’s firming eye masks.

Eye Fuel by Kiehl’s $24

Eye Balm by Jack Black $25

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels by skynICELAND $32

Minimize pores, mattify shine

If you’re naturally oily or always sweaty or simply nervous, then you’re right to worry about a shiny forehead. Slowly but surely, a film of oil will form across your face, and you’ll find yourself wiping away at your brow all night. Not a good look. Instead, get ahead of the matter by applying a mattifying, pore-minimizing lotion before the date. It soaks up oil and prevents you from looking like a bike reflector all night — plus the best products go on clear and light. Menaji’s shine eliminator is a prime product for these reasons.

For what it’s worth, date night is a good time to opt for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer, too. Apply something like Baxter of California’s oil-free moisturizer as a base layer for your anti-shine product.

Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator by Menaji $36

Oil-Free Moisturizer by Baxter of California $26

Spot-check yourself

Every single adult should have a concealer in his or her skin tone. It’s the best way to cover up dark circles and bad blemishes. Plus, if you match your tone properly, nobody will notice the difference. This little stick is your best friend and the last step in your pre-date skincare regimen. Simply blot it onto any red spots or dark circles, and your date will never know the difference. (It’ll take your mind off of the discolorations, too, which is perhaps even more important.)

NARS has more than a dozen skin tone options with its concealer stick, and won’t rinse away until you wash your face.

Concealer Stick by NARS $26

Pick an antiperspirant

Say what you will about antiperspirants — the unknown effects of using aluminum, or the stains some antiperspirants leave on your shirt. These products are lifesavers, and you should keep one on hand for the moments you absolutely need them. For some guys, this is daily. For others, just ad hoc for date night and job interviews. (Heaven forbid the HR director or Hinge date hone in on your sweaty, musty armpits.) Plus, some of the best antiperspirants, like that from Dove Men+Care are engineered to prevent clothing stains. So, there’s yet one less worry.

Stain Defense Antiperspirant by Dove Men+Care $5

Sign off with a signature scent

If you don’t wear a fragrance, your date may not know the difference. And that’s perfectly fine. However, if you wear an incredible scent, your date will not only notice, but s/he will also compliment the cologne and ask its name. That’s a high honor, as it reflects your good taste — not to mention, it gives them a very significant and positive association between you and that brilliant scent.

If you don’t yet have a go-to fragrance, then read our guide to finding a signature scent.

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How to Store Every Type of Winter Garment

Before winter and spring trade places, you might want to think about what to do with all of your cold-weather garments. Once the mercury goes through its seasonal growth spurt, you should keep in mind not only where your winter closet will live but how to store it. The process can be annoying at best, teeth-pulling at worst, but we’re here to make it easier.

Before you store, prep

Launder your clothes, dry clean your coats and delicate garments and clean and condition your winter boots. Before you get ahead of yourself, it’s imperative to do some pre-packing prep. If you don’t do the laundry legwork now, damage will happen later in the form of mildew, bugs and odors.

Repair your clothes. Next winter’s sudden arrival isn’t the moment you want to realize that your coat has a hole in it, or your winter boots need a resole. Do future you a favor and take care of that now.

Get rid of what you don’t need. Now is a great time to assess and scrutinize your closet. Edit your wardrobe down by either donating, giving away to friends and/or selling clothes you don’t use anymore. For clothes that are beyond repair, find a local fabric recycling center that will take your clean but damaged goods and properly upcycle or dispose of them.

Where to store your clothes

Store your clothes in a place that’s cool, dry and dark. Excessive heat and light can damage your clothes and light exposure can cause colors to fade, so, if you’re using a see-through container, you want to find a space that isn’t too hot or bright. Mildew can form if the space is too humid, so make sure the space is dry, too. If that’s not possible, you can try and regulate your container’s humidity using humidity packs.

This could be under the bed, tucked away in the closet, a commercial storage unit that’s humidity and temperature regulated. Though you can store your winter clothes in the attic, they can get pretty hot in the summer (depending on your location, of course).

What you need

Storage containers. Plastic storage containers are great for stacking, and for keeping pests and moisture out. They’re also see-through, which makes it easy to find your stuff come next winter. Wood and cardboard boxes are often coated with materials that contain chemicals that can eventually damage your clothes.

Good plastic containers will stack easily and snap shut. Discreet versions can also fit under the bed. Fabric storage containers are great for longer-term garments that need to breathe such as wool sweaters, though they aren’t as easy to stack.

12 Quart Stack & Pull Box by Iris $20

6 Quart/5.7 Liter Storage Box, White Lid with Clear Base (Pack of 12) by Sterilite $21

Canvas Under Bed Storage Bag by The Laundress $60

Vacuum storage bags. These vacuum-sealed bags cut down on the bulk of your favorite winter garments like down jackets and duvets. However, these aren’t ideal for garments with natural fibers like wool and cotton that need to be able to breathe.

Vacuum Storage Bags by Spacesaver $25

Fabric garment bags. These will keep your coats and suits fresh while keeping moths out.

Garment Bags by Univivi $14

Cedar and lavender. Cedar and lavender sachets and hangers offer protection from pests and keep your clothes smelling nice. Cedar shoe trees also absorb moisture and help shoes retain their shape.

CedarFresh Clothes Protector and Storage Accessories Value Pack by Household Essentials $13

Cedar Adjustable Shoe Tree by HoundsBay $20

Lavender Sachets by Lavande Sur Terre $16

Humidity packs. Keeping these stored with your winter clothes can help keep the humidity in a healthy zone, preventing mold.

2-Way Humidity Control by Boveda $14

Air Purifying Bag by Moso Natural $10

Acid-free tissue paper. Wrapping your delicate garments in acid-free tissue paper can help protect them from other clothes while also preventing creases from folding.

Acid Free Archival Tissue by The Linen Lady $19

How to store different garments


Long wool coats should be hung with cedar blocks and in garment bags. Folding your long coats and stuffing them into a box can lead to damage, causing it to wrinkle and leaving it exposed to moths. To keep its shape, hang your coat in a garment bag with some cedar or lavender sachets. The garment bag will allow the natural fibers of the coat to breathe and maintain a natural humidity while the cedar or lavender will prevent moths.

Use a vacuum-sealing bag for synthetic puffy coats. Vacuum-sealed plastic bags help save a ton of space on bulky garments like down jackets. And because most down jackets use synthetic fabric shells, they won’t be negatively affected by the non-breathable plastic.


Store your sweaters in plastic containers with cedar/lavender sachets. Plastic containers aren’t totally airtight and will allow your sweaters to breathe. Again, cedar and lavender to keep the critters from noshing on your knits. You’ll also want to store your winter-weight sweaters at the bottom of the containers with lighter clothes on top. This will help prevent your thinner clothes from creasing.


Clean and condition your shoes and boots. Winter’s done its damage to your footwear and before you pack away your stompers, you need to clean ’em up, remove the salt stains and condition them.

Stuff them with shoe trees. Cedar shoe trees are the best way to maintain your shoes’ shape, remove moisture and reduce odors. Alternatively, at least stuff them with newspaper. For tall boots, make sure to use boot trees or stuff the newspaper all the way through the shaft of the boot.

Store them in cotton dust bags. Cotton dust bags prevent dust from accumulating on your shoes while still allowing them to breathe. They also help prevent critters from making your shoes a new home.


Store them in a breathable container with dividers. Containers with dividers make it easy to pair the myriad of winter accessories like scarves, beanies, socks and gloves. And, as above, stash them in your container of choice with cedar and lavender.

How to Treat Your Closet Like a Collection


“If you’re investing in your wardrobe, whether or not we’re talking about custom suits or even sports equipment and gear, you have to take care of it if you want it to last,” says Julie Ann Clauss (née Orsini), who’s stored some of the world’s most beautiful clothes as an archivist for Tom Ford. “That includes being diligent about cleaning and storing the right way.” Read the Story

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11 Style Essentials Every Guy Should Keep at His Desk

You’ve made your office desk nice and cozy. It’s got all the hallmarks of a good desk: a calendar, photos of your dog and loved ones, succulents. You’ve made your desk a home. But when it comes to style, is your desk equipped with everything you need to make it through the day looking your best? Probably not. If you’re caught in a pinch, left home in a rush, forgot about that important meeting, these are the style essentials for the office that you shouldn’t be caught without.


First impressions are important. Assuming you’re well-groomed and well-dressed, the next thing someone will notice is your scent, whether it’s bad, overbearing or, style God forbid, both. If you’re not sure what to go with, read this and once you’ve settled on a scent, read this.

Hair Product

Whether it’s a particularly windy day or your hair’s enjoyed a good snooze wrapped under a hat, you’ll want to make sure your ‘do is looking right when it comes time to meet that important client (or post-work date).


Coffee and cigarettes might be a balanced New York breakfast, but not the best when it comes to conversing with your boss about a raise. Or really, any conversation with literally anyone.

Lip Balm

Not that anyone should judge you on your skin, but having lip balm at the ready is really more for your own comfort than it is for anyone else. You’ll thank yourself later when you get to the office realizing that you left your lip balm in your other pants.


See ‘Lip Balm’ and apply the same reasoning.

Nail Clippers

Hang nails are not fun. Not for you, not for the client who’s hand you’re about to shake. Why not get this Japanese one?

Lint Brush

For pet hair, dandruff or, maybe worst of all, pilled knits, you’d do well to have a lint roller in your drawer.

Fabric Pen

If you’re anything like me, hot sauce can and will happen. And, not always in your mouth.


You checked the weather right before you left work, but in spite of our best efforts, the weather often has other plans.

A Full Suit/Change of Clothes

Maybe your office is super chill, or maybe your office is a suit and tie situation. Whether it’s for a surprise meeting with high-profile clients or there’s just too much hot sauce for that fabric pen to handle, an extra change of clothes could save you.

Sewing Kit

You should know how to sew a button. You never know, the button that falls off could be the one holding up your pants.

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The 10 Best Style Releases of the Week

There’s no shortage of new goods rolling out of the sewing factories and onto shelves each week. Out of all the new style releases that came across our desks this week, these are the best things we saw.

Converse Patchwork Chuck 70 Sneakers

Re-issuing an archival sneaker silhouette from the 1970s using upgraded materials was probably one of the best decisions Converse has made in years. These patchwork joints might be the next.

3sixteen x Schott Jackets

A double header from specialty denim brand 3sixteen and heritage outerwear label Schott, we couldn’t pick just one.

Jacques Marie Mage White Light Sunglasses

We’re fans of Velvet Underground and we’re fans of Jacques Marie Mage, so we’re definitely fans of these sunglasses.

J.Crew Organic Cotton Half-Zip Sweater

Long live the half-zip sweater! This is by no means a style that’s hot off the factory floor, but this one’s done in organic cotton, just in time for spring.

Persol Titanium Collection

Persol’s Titanium Collection looks as good as we thought it was gonna. Made in Japan featuring titanium single-piece temples with Guilloche engraving, it’s the only thing allowed to touch my face (other those John Cale-inspired sunnies).

Salomon XT-4 Advanced

The latest season of French shoe brand Salomon has brought back its popular kicks with proprietary quicklace systems and Agile Chassis Systems for superior stability. Now, they comes with graphics.

Topman Corduroy Zip Overshirt

More zippered shirts in 2020.

Eastman Leather Clothing Tanker Boots

When Eastman Leather Company and John Lofgren come together, it’s not for nothing. These boots are reproductions of WWII boots originally designed with General Patton and are maybe just as rare.

Saman Amel Silk-Blend Shirt

It’s a polo shirt. It’s a cardigan. It’s everything.

Noon Goons Throttle Jeans

The world has enough olive drab fatigue pants and off-white painter’s pants. Noon Goons’ gives you what you really want with these all-cotton bottle green painters pants.

The Surprising New Style Trend of 2020


Originally hugging the waists of countless hikers and backpackers, the fanny pack entered the fashion zeitgeist, migrating to the shoulders of stylish sets, slung across the body. People called them shoulder bags, cross-body bags, saccoches, side bags, even messenger bags. They were all variations on a theme, each with their slight differences. The worst was undoubtedly ‘murse’, an unnecessary portmanteau akin to metrosexual, used as a veil for phobias at worse and a dated term at best. Now, we’re fully where we need to be and we’re calling a spade a spade. Read the Story

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9 Essential Grooming Products for the Frequent Flyer

Unless you’re traveling business class on a long-haul flight, you’re left to your own devices when it comes to in-flight grooming. It’s not like you’re planning a mid-air shave (razors and turbulence don’t mix), but it is the ideal time to give your skin extra hydration, your hair a pinch more lift, your breath a refresh and to check any eye baggage.

Mile-high grooming is a shortcut to landing on the right foot and rolling right into any scenario, be it a work meeting with added confidence, or a rejuvenating vacation mode.

Here are our favorite products to pack along — all carry-on friendly, and all water-less so that you don’t have to use that iffy airplane bathroom faucet.

Use them in this order, too.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

New to Dr. Bronner’s assortment, this lavender-oil hand sanitizer neutralizes germs without drying out the skin. Just as the brand is confident in its soap as an all-purpose cleanser, they tout this sanitizer as child-friendly — even for the kid’s dirty face. That seems a little like a stretch, for you or any child, so we’ll still include a facial cleansing device below. But be sure to start your mid-air regimen with a disinfecting dose of sanitizer, since you’re in essentially traveling inside a bacteria incubator.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

For post-gym or mid-flight, Ursa Major’s face wipes are as essential as they claim to be. They have four functions, in fact: removing grime and dirt, cooling and hydrating the skin, balancing oil production and gently ridding of dead skin cells — thus brightening your complexion. They’re the easy solution to not splashing any sink water onto your mug, plus they take up little room in your dopp.

Jack Black Eye Balm De-Puffing and Cooling Gel

Now more than ever, your eyes need a remedy. When you combine the skin-dehydrating cabin with the exhaustion of travel, you land looking hungover and feeling every bit as groggy. Jack Black’s roll-on eye gel is a hydrating and vitamin-rich product that neutralizes puffiness and brightens dark circles within the first minutes. It cools to the touch, and you can feel your eyes firming up almost instantly, too.

Cardon Daily SPF and Moisturizer

After cleansing your face and applying eye gel, it’s time to moisturize. Cardon’s hydrator comes with SPF 30, so it’s doubly defensive, and the inclusion of cactus extract helps cool and calm skin; it’s terrific as a post-shave moisturizer, too, should you require that on your travels. This travel-friendly 1.2-ounce container goes a long way, and allows you to tote it in your day-time bag, too, for SPF or hydration re-apps on the ground.

Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

The entire industry is in awe of Fenty, which offers 50 different concealer tones. Find the one that matches your skin using the brand’s digital shade finder, then tote it everywhere in the event of blemishes or irritation. A small dab, post moisturizer, blends right into your natural skin tone, and it gives you the certainty that nobody will study the red bump above your eye.

Boka Brush

Alright, so this one technically requires water, but you’re 100 percent not using any from the tap, because you’d never put that water in your body. Instead, you can request a small cup from the service staff, or bring in your own water bottle.

And leave the brush-charging station at home, because Boka’s electric toothbrush lasts 25 days without a top off. Its heads are designed for 3-month use, for which you can enroll in automatic replenishment, too. I prefer to tote the head in a separate small baggie, to isolate it from everything else, then reattach it for use, and for air-drying in the hotel later. If there’s a line building up behind you, then the brush’s 2-minute timer might feel a little excessive tacked onto the rest of your regimen, but you could always stop it short once you get a good enough clean. Don’t forget to pack your preferred toothpaste!

DedCool Mint ChazStick Lip Balm

After hours in the sky, your lips are likely the first thing to feel dry; that’s because the skin there is thinner and more susceptible to these types of changes in their environment. DedCool’s oil-infused, aloe-packed, mint-scented, shea-butter lip balm is the post-brushing, post cleansing fix that restores them to their happy, hydrated state and shields them from further dry-air aggression.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder

If your hair is of stylable length, then save the touch-up until after your face regimen, so that you don’t end up patting any hair product into your skin. Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day spray is like a reset on your style, which has likely turned greasy and limp through the long flight. It adds volume and texture, kind of like a hair paste or fiber in any other setting. Simply spray it on, massage it into place with your fingers or a comb, and walk off the plane with soft, touchable, textured hair, unlike every other passenger who is desperate for a shower.

Byredo Eleventh Hour Hair Cream

If you’ve got that face wipe on hand, then now’s the time to remove any excess product buildup from your mitts. You can leave the bathroom and follow it with another hand sanitizing, before sitting in your seat and applying Byredo’s scented hand cream. This one has subtle notes of bergamot, cashmere woods, fig and tonka beans, but it won’t overwhelm your seatmates. Instead, it gives your dehydrated and product-slogged hands a chance to recover, with the added benefit of a cooling, uplifting tingle.

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This Casual Shirt Is Designed to Take a Beating

This spring, countless brands are offering fresh iterations of the classic rugby shirt. Though the designs offer new colors and patterns, the garment is essentially unchanged. The tough, long-sleeve shirt is made with heavyweight cotton, reinforced seams and a tough collar. Originally designed to take a beating on the field, this shirt is ideal for everyday wear through the shoulder season. There are countless options available in stores now, but to get you started, here are a few of our favorites.

J.Crew 1984 Rugby Shirt

The rugby shirt became a fast staple for the brand after it was first released in 1984. This reproduction of the classic style utilizes a harlequin-print style introduced in 1990 along with traditional rubber buttons.

Mr P. Rugby Shirt

This take on the rugby shirt from Mr Porter’s house brand showcases a non-traditional colorway that is seasonally appropriate. The ribbed cuff and hem give the relaxed-fit shirt a shilhouette typically associated with sweatshirts.

Battenwear Pocket Rugby Shirt

Battenwear based its rugby shirt of the style championed by Patagonia in the ’70s. It is cut from 12-ounce cotton jersey and features a chest pocket, twill collar and reinforced seams.

Rowing Blazers Ireland 1895 Authentic Rugby

Made with 14-ounce heavyweight cotton jersey, this rugby shirt features an oversized five-sprig shamrock emblem. Made in Europe, it has an off-center rugby collar (based on the original design), a three-button placket and rib-knit cuffs.

Remi Relief Rugby Shirt

Made in Japan, this rugby shirt has a serrated stripe running across the chest. The relaxed-fit style features a two-button placket, a split hem and ribbed cuffs.

AMI Rugby Shirt

Made in Europe, this rugby shirt has a bold striped pattern and a traditional boxy fit. Made from heavyweight cotton fabric, it features a twill collar, understated logo and side slits for mobility.

Aimé Leon Dore Rugby Shirt

Inspired by the classic style, this rugby shirt is knit from lightweight cotton. It features a three-button placket, slim fit and ribbed trims.

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This New Facial Cleanser Is Worth the Investment

My skin isn’t naturally sensitive, but a bad habit puts it at risk. I overwash, to the tune of four or more times a day. That’s because my skin is oily, no matter how hard I try to balance it with toners, or neutralize it with blotting papers and powders. I cleanse in the morning and before bed, but also after the gym and typically when I get home in the evening. None of that is accounting for what I do on hot or humid days, either — or the fact that I test products for my job and often have to have a clean surface to do so.

So it’s better for me to use a gentle cleanser instead of one targeted for oily skin — I tend to use something engineered for sensitive or dry skin instead, since that’s the territory into which I’m teetering with this frequent washing. It’s not a habit I intend to stop, either. It’s just how I choose to cope with my own genes, and my job.

In my six years of doing this, I have never pledged loyalty to a cleanser. They’re more interchangeable to me than most other grooming categories. Aesop’s latest launch, however, is changing that. Today, the company is launching its Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk, which has been thoroughly scrutinized over in its labs under the supervision of Dr. Kate Forbes, who is the Aesop’s General Manager of Product. If you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, or if you’re a habitual over-washer like me, then Aesop’s cleansing milk is something you should try, too.

The Good: Before you even learn about the product’s ingredients, you can tell from its consistency that this product is more soothing and far less abrasive than a garden-variety cleanser. It’s milky, as the name states, and feels more like you’re applying a serum than a cleanser. For that reason, it’s a little harder to lather, and won’t require as much water when you apply it. This is largely because the formula is rich in olive oil, which helps gently pull oil and grime from your skin without dehydrating it, while giving the formula a silky texture. (Maybe don’t apply actual olive oil to your face, and leave it to the pros like Aesop who formulate their products using the best recipes and ingredients.)

Its other key ingredients include grapeseed oil, which preserves moisture levels in the skin during the wash; provitamin B5, which lingers after the cleanse to do the same; as well as sandalwood and lavender which soothe the skin while banishing dryness and irritation.

Who It’s For: There are four key categories of people whose skin would benefit from this cleanser:

People with dry skin who need a gentle cleanser — one that adds moisture instead of stripping it.

People with sensitive skin who often get irritated by harsher, moisture-depleting formulas.

People who wear makeup and need a safe and efficient cleanser, especially considering that they’ll likely wash their face twice in one day, both before and after the makeup is off.

People who overwash their faces, out of necessity or bad habit. They need a cleanser that preserves moisture levels, given that the frequent washing will put them at risk of blemishes, breakouts, and rough patches.

Watch Out For: The too-generous pour. It comes with a screw-off lid, so don’t overdo it. It’s good that it doesn’t have a pump, though, because that would be too generous, too. Try to land with a dime-size amount in your hand, unless you’re doing something more tedious like removing a bunch of grime.

Alternatives: OSEA’s Ocean Cleansing Milk — which, despite its name, doesn’t fix oil spills or save the coral reefs, is also a good option. It uses algae and amino acids to hydrate and prevent further signs of aging. It’s a little tougher and more familiar than Aesop’s cleansing milk. Both are great; I prefer Aesop’s.

Review: I’ve been using this for a week straight, and am only a fraction of the way through the 6.8 fl. oz (200 ml) bottle. I have washed an estimated four times per day, and have earned no new breakouts or blemishes. It’s one of those products I proudly display on my sink ledge, and that I genuinely look forward to using. (It’s not like it “makes grooming fun,” but it is a soothing process that allows me to appreciate and savor my skincare regimen.

I think the one person it is decidedly not for is the oily-skinned man or woman who only cleanses once or twice per day. You might require something more powerful—Surprise! Aesop has that too.

Verdict: I’m all in. If you’re near an Aesop store, test one out. You can also opt for the smaller bottle (3.4 fl. oz, $35) if you want to give it a test run for a couple months, instead of investing in the 6.8 fl. oz one at $53. But you do the math: The larger one is a great bargain, especially if your daily face-wash count is a higher count than most.

Key Specs
Key Ingredients: Panthenol, grape seed, sandalwood
Texture:Non-foaming, water-soluble emulsion
Aroma: Woody, herbaceous
Dosage: Half a teaspoon

Aesop provided this product for review.

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The Biggest Spring Splurge Is the Drug Rug

One of the most recognizable counter-culture garments, the drug rug, got a major refresh this spring. The relaxed knit hoodie has been a staple of alternative groups since the ‘70s when American surfers brought the style back to California after wave hunting on the Baja Peninsula (hence the term Baja hoodie). And while you’d be equally likely today to find the Central American style at a Dead and Co. concert as you would on a Pacific beach, you’d also, more surprisingly, see it gracing the racks of the country’s top luxury stores.

Brands have recreated the laid-back garment in high-end materials (think: cashmere) and the prices reflect the substance — they differ by orders of magnitude. Though the mash-up of high and low is nothing new in the fashion world, it has, perhaps, never been quite this cozy. Check out a few of our favorite options below.

Faherty French Terry Hoodie Poncho

Made from incredibly soft cotton terry, this Baja hoodie is both incredibly comfortable and easy to take core of. It fits true to size and is machine washable and dryable — essential if you’re wearing it to the beach.

Frye Baja Hoodie

This earth-tone cotton hoodie has an oversize fit and comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. The brand recommends you dry clean it when it gets too dirty as to preserve the knitting.

Vince Boiled Cashmere Baja Hoodie

Made from 100-percent boiled cashmere, this hoodie features a kangaroo front pocket and a ribbed hem and cuffs. The dense knit is both warm and breathable, perfect for cool weather.

Amiri Striped Hoodie

While this Baja hoodie references the shape of the classic style, it’s color palette is decidedly more far out. Made from cotton, this mid-weight knit features vertical black stripes and a wild tie-dye pattern of blue, hot pink and yellow.

The Elder Statesman Baja Pullover

This 100-percent Mongolian cashmere hoodie is knit in Los Angeles and features black, yellow, green and blue stripes. Intentionally oversized, the features a front pouch pocket and faux-drawstrings.

Alanui Striped Cashmere-Blend Hoodie

Made in Italy, this Baja hoodie is knit from a blend of cotton and cashmere. The mid-weight relaxed style fits true to size and features an open drawstring hood and front pouch pocket.

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Get This Handsome Minimalist Dive Watch While You Still Can

Italian watch brand Unimatic has quickly become a darling in the watch space thanks to its handsomely modern aesthetic, accessible prices and, of course, limited releases, often done in collaboration with other brands. That’s made them somewhat hard to get a hold of, which is why you’re getting some advanced notice on their latest model: the U1-EG, done in collaboration with online retailer GOODS, one of the first retailers to carry Unimatic’s watches.

The U1-EG has many of the features and facets we’ve come to associate Unimatic with. It’s a dive-style watch, water-resistant to 300 meters, that features a minimalist bezel (in this case one devoid of markings save for a lume dot at 12 o’clock) and a chic-looking dial — the light-gray-over-navy colorway is especially appealing. Like other Unimatics, this is reasonably priced for what you get, coming in at $772, and with just 30 examples being made it’s sure to go fast. The watch goes on sale October 15th on GOOD’s website, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

Bonobos Is Now Making Clothes That Every Guy Can Fit Into

It’s hardly a new complaint that brands on the higher end of the clothing spectrum don’t really cater to guys with bigger bodies. What’s newer is a mainstream label actually doing something about it.

On Monday, Bonobos announced that it would dramatically expand the number of sizes it offers. And that doesn’t mean the clothes are just getting bigger. They’ve also been carefully re-engineered to accommodate the needs of men with larger frames.

So while pant waists will go past size 40″ all the way to size 54″, the new extended-size trousers will also include an increased pitch. (The pitch refers to the back-to-front angle of how pants sit on a man’s waist; the increase in this angle accommodates guys who wear their trousers below their bellies.)

The same goes for shirts. The sizing can now fit guys with 22-inch necks. The new shirts have a lowered front drop, so they sit lower on the neck, and a feature two-piece sleeve that follows the arm’s natural curve. Suit jackets have proportionally larger lapels, but there’s also a dart underneath them to prevent the break that can sometimes occur with traditionally made blazers.

Everything has been considered. Suit pants have elastic in their waistbands to allow for weight fluctuation. Polos and sweaters now go up to size 4XL. The ties are longer and wider, and their new back loop had to be re-positioned three times before co-president Brad Andrews was confident they’d gotten it right.

He and the rest of the Bonobos team have poured a lot of time and energy into making sure they get everything right. The same goes for how bigger guys feel when they visit Bonobos stores. “The main goal in store is to make that experience feel the same for extended sizing shoppers as it does for guys who shop our current assortment; we want them to feel apart of the Bonobos family and not treated like an afterthought,” Andrews said. “As one of our main goals with this launch is to learn from and grow with the customer, we want to understand how customers are coming into the Guideshop to shop the extended size assortment. Based on those learnings, we will continue to innovate on how we merchandise this product in-store as well as roll out new styles and fit options.”

And from a brand obsessed with fit, what else would you expect?

Christopher Ward Malvern 595 Review: An Ultra-Thin Watch at an Ultra-Low Price

Christopher Ward is a name that, amongst watch enthusiasts, might garner either disregarding sneers by those apprehensive to boutique brands or respectful nods of approval from those who perceive it as an exceptionally good value. Taste in watches is, ultimately, a very subjective thing, but it’s hard to argue that the brand doesn’t offer a lot of watch for not a ton of money. In fact, the brand was something of a pioneer of the value-driven online watch movement back in 2004 when it became one of the first brands to sell its timepieces directly to consumers on an online platform.

In recent years, the brand’s prices have crept up, but the products have become more ambitious. For example, in 2014, Christopher Ward debuted an in-house developed movement with a five-day power reserve and chronometer certification, which you can pick up for under $2,000. The brand’s latest timepiece — the C5 Malvern 595 — is not as mechanically ambitious, but in many ways, it still is an impressive feat of watchmaking. Coming in at just 5.95mm (hence the name) and rocking a hand-winding movement, it is one of the thinnest (if not the thinnest) mechanical watches you can buy under $1,000. Given that watchmakers have something of a fixation on making super-thin watches at the moment, it makes it certainly worthy of consideration, no matter how you feel about the brand.

The Good: If you have been bitten by the ultra-thin bug but can’t swing the expense that usually comes with one, the Malvern 595 is a sound compromise. The case feels impossibly sleek and sits so flat it might as well disappear into your wrist. The watch also has a minimal and vaguely industrial design that works with the sleek case design; it feels crafted in the same vein as neo-Bauhaus watches from other microbrands like Union Wares which makes the ultra-thin appeal feel a lot less fuddy-duddy than the old-guard Swiss watchmakers make it seem.

Who It’s For: Anyone looking at accessibly-priced mechanical dress watches should consider looking in the 595’s direction, especially if thinness is a prioritized attribute. It’s an astoundingly sleek timepiece with proportions that are only matched by far more expensive watches.

Watch Out For: It can feel trite to complain about modern watches being too large, but this is really the Malvern 595’s biggest issue. At 39mm in diameter it doesn’t sound like it’s particularly big, but this is a dress watch with a very narrow bezel we’re talking about; this makes the dial feel gigantic. Which would be less of a problem if the dial weren’t so austere. Minimalist dials can be deceptively tricky to master, but by keeping them physically small, you avoid leaving in too much negative space. A drop in diameter would certainly make it feel less sterile.

Alternatives: You’d be hard-pressed to find a watch as thin as the Malvern 595 in its price range, but a couple watches come close. The Junghans Meister Handaufzug — which uses the same ETA 7001 base movement — is 7.3mm thick, but at $1,290 it costs nearly twice as much as the Christopher Ward. If you favor an automatic, Hamilton’s newly revised Jazzmaster Thinline comes in at 8.45mm thick, fairly scant for an auto using a stock ETA movement, and at $995 is closer to the Malvern in price.

Review: If you’ve been paying attention to what brands have been releasing at Baselworld and SIHH, you’d know that for the past couple years many high-end brands have been fixated on slinming watches, trying to one-up their competitors by fractions of a millimeter. Look at Bulgari’s Octo Finnisimo Tourbillon Automatic, a 3.95mm automatic tourbillon, or Piaget’s 2mm-thick watch concept. But these are far out of the grasp of the everyday watch buyer.

But Christopher Ward’s Malvern 595 exists well outside this mainstream realm of high-end one-upmanship, quietly debuting online in February of this year. Even casting the matter of price aside, its 5.95mm profile is still astoundingly thin, but significantly more wearable than Piaget’s razor-thin concept or Bulgari’s six-figure tourbillon. Its more straightforward design also has more mass appeal and wearability than a super-thin watch showcasing a dial crammed with gears.

The 595’s modern, minimalist aesthetic suits the svelte case incredibly well. The bezel is slim and simple, with a small bevel on the outer-edge the only flourish. The dial is also free of any unnecessary complications
— there’s no date, no minute markers, no lume. The dial finish itself is interesting: it’s sandblasted, and its look varies depending on the light. Indoors, in low light situations it has a matte, almost paper-like look; in direct sunlight, it shimmers in a way that almost looks like television static. The thin, long hour markers and needle-like hands further fit with the slim motif and minimalist look, and while the dial is just a bit too expansive, the overall design of the Christopher Ward is both handsome and original.

Powering the watch is an ETA/Peseux 7001, a hand-winding movement just over 2mm thick that’s popped up in a number of dress watches (in various guises) since it debuted in the early 1970s. Its an incredibly simple movement, which you can clearly see through the Malvern’s case back, making it a reliable watch and an easy one to service, given its ubiquity, making it a relatively easy watch to own and service in the long-term.

Verdict: Like many of Christopher Ward’s other watches, the Malvern 595 feels like an incredible value for money, especially when you look towards similar watches that run the same movement but can’t match them it regarding price or thickness. But there’s a lot more than its scant proportions to make it stand out; those who’ve grown tired of the vintage-inspired movement in watches will probably appreciate the watch’s modern aesthetic. And while the 39mm diameter might be a sticking point for some, there will be plenty of buyers out there who will appreciate the larger size.

Key Specs

Movement: ETA/Peseux 7001
Winding: Manual
Case diameter: 39mm
Case height: 5.95mm
Water resistance: 30m

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Victorinox’s Stalwart Tough Watch Now Comes With an Automatic Movement

Verdict: Back in 2014, Victorinox launched the I.N.O.X watch by running over it with construction equipment to prove its durability. The original I.N.O.X has been a core model for the brand since, getting numerous spin-offs. All of them, however, were quartz — until now. For the first time, Victorinox is giving the I.N.O.X an automatic mechanical movement.

The movement in question is the ETA 2824-2 automatic. It’s a durable, workhorse caliber that’s been proven in countless watches produced over the course of decades, and makes a lot of sense in a watch that purports to be “tough.” That said, the I.N.O.X Automatic’s press release says, “Due to the delicate nature of automatic movements, several R&Ds were necessary to bring this model to life.” What that entails, Victorinox doesn’t say, but we’ve reached out to a spokesperson for further comment.

Still, this looks like it has the makings of what made the standard I.N.O.X a favorite: it has the same, chunky 43mm case design and is water resistant to 200 meters. The watch does get some further refinement to match the mechanics within, notably, a transparent crystal case back to show off the movement, as well as a guilloche textured dial.

Who It’s For: Anyone who loves the look of the original I.N.O.X (or just likes burly watches in general), but wants to get into mechanical timepieces. The watch retails for well under a grand, and the ETA 2824 will not disappoint (it’s also very easy to service) making it an excellent choice for first-timers.

Key Features: Automatic movement. Guilloche dial. Transparent case back. Water-resistant to 200 meters.

Size: 43mm diameter

Movement: ETA 2824-2

Release Date: October, 2018

Price: $795 (leather strap); $850 (bracelet)

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