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The Forever Floatride GROW from Reebok Are A 100% Sustainable Pair Of Running Shoes

No matter how we want it to be all okay, we can’t turn out back to what’s happening to our planet. Our worst fears are already here as climate change is devastating the world. All living things are affected, and it will only get worse if humanity does not put a stop what’s causing it. Therefore, several industries are implementing new ways to lessen environmental impact. Each segment is exploring new ways to reduce emissions, while others are finding new methods for sustainability. This time, we’re highlighting Reebok and its Forever Floatride GROW.

Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to landfills and marine pollution as these are generally non-recyclable. Reebok, along with other sports apparel brands such as Adidas, Converse, and Nike are showcasing a lineup of footwear that are practically renewable. Through innovative recycling methods, these manufacturers are putting waste plastic to good use. Meanwhile, there is another way to avoid adding to the waste dilemma. That’s where the Forever Floatride GROW comes in.

According to Rebook, its new model is a 100% sustainable product. It’s not releasing anytime soon, but it is something we are eager to have on our feet. The brand is not the only one to make the claim. Native Shoes previously gave us the Plant Shoe, which as the name suggest is as eco-friendly as it gets. The materials it uses are all sourced from various flora. Meanwhile, the Forever Floatride GROW is using a mix of algae, natural rubber, castor beans, and eucalyptus. We are seriously hoping that more companies adopt a similar approach.

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On Gives You Performance And Style With The Limited Edition Cloud Hi Edge

Sneaker culture is growing exponentially over the years. It used to be that people bought sneaker purely for athletic purposes. Now, consumers are more flexible and prefer to buy pairs that are fashionable and offer comfort over performance. Striking the right balance between aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality can be difficult for manufacturers. Yet, sometimes the stars align perfectly and deliver just enough inspiration to craft an attractive set of kicks. One such example is the On Cloud Hi Edge.

On is a Swiss Brand recognized for footwear that caters to individuals who love running. Now, it’s making a small shift to give its fans a reliable running shoe that also makes the owner look good during leisurely engagements. The Cloud Hi Edge does not only appear stylish for urban excursions, but it is ready to adapt the moment you shift to a sprint.

The manufacturer is currently offering four colourways to suit anyone’s tastes. We have Sand/Brown, Sand/Acacia, Ink/Mustard, and Juniper/Glacier. In our opinion, all variants look remarkable. There enough contrast between the shades and just the right amount of bright tones. The latter is a common feature among running shoes to keep users visible in low-light situations.

According to On, the Cloud Hi Edge is a limited-edition release with street-ready style in mind. It may be an experimental venture, but we can’t help but want more of it in the future. Details about the materials are quite scarce, but we do know that the upper mesh comes with a mix of different textiles. It sits on Heloin superfoam with CloudTec outsole. Moreover, the Speedboard polymer gives owners superior support and assistance during their runs.

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Check Out These Limited Edition Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo Sneakers

It’s time for another awesome collaboration between an iconic sports apparel company and a British fashion designer. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is another pair of kicks that flaunts an outdoor or tactical vibe thanks to the camouflage print. This limited-edition item is only available via the 1017 ALYX 9SM website. This is the latest of many footwears designed by Matthew M. Williams for Nike. It retains the familiar elements of the older previous variants, which is actually a good thing.

Let’s begin with the most noticeable feature of the Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo, the removable crampon accessory. It might like your average rubber outsole material, but the designer doesn’t want to settle for anything other than Vibram. The material is sturdy, reliable, and delivers exceptional grip to enhance traction on varying surfaces. This allows the user to configure the sneakers for both outdoor and indoor use. The Velcro strap that holds it securely in place makes it easy to detach the outsole.

Upon removal, users can still enjoy the superior cushioning and performance of the Free Run outsole. The upper is a mix of synthetic fabric and leather with a side zipper to give it a snug fit for the user. The laces allow you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort as well. Meanwhile, the moulded overlays not only add some contrast to the patterns but add another layer of durability. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is currently an exclusive sold only by 1017 ALYX 9SM.

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The Headless Electric Cruiser Gets Rid Of The Handheld Controller

If you don’t like the look of electric skateboards that make use of a handheld controller, definitely try this Headless Electric Cruiser.

This one differentiates itself from the rest of the e-skateboard pack by ditching the classic handheld controller and putting a foot-controlled power in place of it. You don’t need a remote to run, in other words. It works quite like a standard skateboard, although it measures much shorter than regular ones.

Even still, the control mechanism is really intuitive. Instead of flubbing the whole thing with complicated controls, you can step on one and use it just like a classic skateboard. To get some electricity running, you just get on the Headless Electric Cruiser, push off, then place your foot on the button built into the deck.

Doing so will let the Headless Electric Cruiser maintain the speed at which you set off. Which is all to say you can concentrate on actually riding and not fussing with controls or buttons like on other e-skateboards. When you need to slow down, just lift your heel. Simple as that. And when you want to pick up speed, push off a bit harder and do the same thing — step on the button.

With a top speed of 12mph, the Headless Electric Cruiser doesn’t come as fast as some boards. However, this makes it speedy enough for safe travel that’s still fun. Onboard, you’ll find a 22W motor powerful enough to transport everyone from teenage kids to six-footer jocks. The skateboard offers a range of six miles. It weighs only 5.5 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight e-skateboards around.


The Raleigh Redux 2 Brings Mountain Bike Chops To Your City Commute

If you want a mountain bike prowess on your way to work through a bustling metropolis, the Raleigh Redux 2 will give just exactly that. With it, you’re always ready for a ride at any moment’s notice. The Raleigh Redux always come prepared for any kind of ride. Be it on the way to the bar, home, or just plain strolling around.

The Raleigh Redux 2 can take on any challenge street riding entails. If you live in the city, you know that getting around can get quite tricky, especially in ultra populated ones. Worse, the roads often are inconsistent. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. There are a ton of obstacles often in the way. You’ll encounter potholes, manhole covers, train tracks, curbs, and more.

If you want a smart option, you’ll want the Raleigh Redux 2 as an everyday street commute companion. This wee bike can handle all roadblocks ahead. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. Meaning, despite its sheer robustness, you can always rely that it will zoom through the city with nimbleness.

When you’re ready to hit home, just carry it. It’s lightweight enough to lift up even steep stairs, even though it’s super strong and can handle hardcore use out the streets. You get nine speeds as standard, plus a larger diameter handlebar, and hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power.

Make sure to hit the link below to know more. If this model doesn’t float your boat, look at Raleigh’s other equally valuable options.


Nike’s Newest Air Jordan XXXIV Is One Of Its Lightest Ever

Look at the Air Jordan XXXIV, one of Nike’s most lightweight pair of kicks thus far. Its vision? To make the best basketball shoes for future stars of the vaunted sport. Says Gentry Humphrey, VP of Jordan Brand Footwear:

“The Air Jordan signature game shoes have become the most influential line of performance footwear in basketball history”

The Air Jordan XXXIV introduces “new, proprietary innovation” that extends the line’s game-changing legacy to a new generation of athletes. In terms of design, Nike stripped away all the unnecessary material to achieve a minimalist look. The brand took things from the tooling and upper, leaving only elements athletes will need.

Work on the new pair began with feedback gathered for the Air Jordan XXXIII, according to Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis. Athletes they interviewed said they wanted improved traction and reduced weight. Those two things became Nike’s two starting points. They focused on athletes who play constantly above the rim and tried to make something more explosive than last generation’s pair.

With the Air Jordan XXXIV, you’ll find the official debut of the Jordan Eclipse Plate. This technology, consisting of two Pebax pieces and a forefoot Zoom Air unit, allows for optimal explosion off the foot. Here’s Kuerbis on the technology:

“We achieve this by thinking about the type of plate materials used and how we can harness the principal value of each element.”

Select Jordan Brand athletes and partner high school and collegiate teams will wear the Air Jordan XXXIV. The new pair of kicks will land Sept. 25.


Throw It Back With The Adidas Liberty Cup Shoes

Adidas proves it’s got the skateboarding subculture in check with these new kicks. Meet the new Liberty Cup sneakers, which come as part of the brand’s FW19 lineup. The silhouette throws it back to good old ‘90s, the era of dial-up connections, baggy jeans, and MTV back when it still showed music videos.

‘90s is also a triumphant era for the skateboarding community. Not just that, tennis, too. At the time, many people didn’t know that both these worlds intersected for some reason, with tennis silhouettes heavily influencing skating shoes that would later arrive. The new Liberty Cup kicks continue this golden age by offering something that includes peak performance attributes with a style as vibrant and colorful as its predecessor.

As you can see, the Liberty Cup shoes feature a white and yellow-green color combination, and they come constructed with a blend of premium leather, suede, and knit-mesh. Not a combination you expect would work these days, but they do. Stylistically, at least. We’ve yet to see if they perform just as well as they look.

You’ll find yellow and white detailing gliding down the shoes’ vamp, plus a teal hue rests on the midsole, offering up a nice, welcome contrast. The vulcanized mid-to-upper and gum sole feature bounce tooling, providing high-impact protection and stability. In other words, athletic will have a field day with these shoes.

The hero Liberty Cup colorway hit shelves Sept. 1 via the Adidas skateboarding website. You can find it on specialty Adidas retailers worldwide. The sneaker brand will out more colorways throughout the season, all retailing $90 apiece.


The Vollebak Black Squid Jacket Is Back

We’ve covered the Vollebak Black Squid Jacket previously, but even before that was published, the garment had sold out just like that. Thankfully, Vollebak has decided to reissue the phenomenally popular jacket.

That’s right. The company is reissuing its highly reflective, iridescent, waterproof, and windproof jacket. Just for perspective on how quickly they sold out: in just three days after first being released, Vollebak completely ran out of stock.

The jacket draws inspiration from its namesake animal. The Black Squid Jacket comes embedded with over two million microscopic glass spheres. In low light, the fabric shows mostly black with tiny splashes. But step into the daylight and you’ll see it explode into a mesmerizing maelstrom of colors and hues.

Its iridescence is a huge part of its appeal. But to be fair, the jacket itself features excellent construction, proof of Vollebak’s expert craftsmanship. The silhouette cuts the sharp angles into a more streamlined profile. It comes topped with geometric cutouts for a slight dollop of flair You’d think that would make it far too flamboyant, but the result is far from being such. It’s a sophisticated jacket oozing with style.

You might think Vollebak chose to design it this way just for show. But in fact, it’s got a more practical purpose. Here’s Steve Tidball, Vollebak’s founder:

“If you get lost on a mountain at night, it is hard to find you. If a search light goes over this jacket, it would look like a star on the mountain. You would be very visible, very quickly.”


Slip On The On Cloud Edge Moonlight For Interstellar Running Performance

Honestly, we are loving the steady influx of space-themed products this month. It’s a good guess that NASA is responsible for these renewed interested regarding outer space. For those unaware, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is highlighting the golden jubilee of the first lunar landing. There is a boatload of events that are paying homage to the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Likewise, merchandise tie-ins are in full swing. A Swiss sports apparel brand joins the fun with the On Cloud Edge Moonlight.

You’ll agree that the name is a dead giveaway of the footwear’s intended tribute. Don’t bother looking for it on the outer surfaces of the shoe, because there’s something else hiding in plain sight. Barely noticeable in brightly-lit environments are the stellar patterns within the fabric of the upper. Additionally, the tongue, laces, midsole, and outsole, are getting a similar treatment. The magic happens when light hits the shoe in darkness as the reflective materials mimic the stunning beauty of a starlit night sky.

The brand is calling the colorway of this limited edition pair of kicks Iris/Dust and it looks awesome. As with any running shoe, ventilation is essential, which is why the outer mesh material of the upper is breathable. To keep water from seeping into the shoe, there are plastic coatings on the toe cap. Remember what we pointed out earlier,

The On Cloud Edge Moonlight features a nod to lunar landings via a print of the moon’s surface on the sock liner. Finally, the CloudTec outsoles provide superior cushioning and superior traction. This shoe has every right to boast about its interstellar pedigree thanks to its partnership with PTScientists – a space and lunar research startup in Berlin.

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The Joyride Run Flyknit Are Running Shoes For People Who Hate Running

Nike unveils its newest proprietary cushioning system, called Joyride. Like most of its previous systems, this new variant is lightweight, offers a high level of energy return. But what makes it unique is that it boasts thousands of little TPE beads, placed strategically in areas where the foot lands when in motion.

This new system has been years in the making, according to Nike. The company drew inspiration from a common observation that runners preferred walking or running on softer ground over concrete paths in cities.

“We took that insight and married it with this notion of sand,” says Nike executive Barton. “‘[in essence] that sensation of taking your shoes and socks off at the beach, where you first step onto it and it conforms to your toes and your feet.”

In effect, wearing the Joyride Run Flyknit shoes is like stepping on bubbles, but we’ve yet to test how true that is. On paper, the technology seems pretty impressive. Those TPE beds can bend and flex in all directions, which explains why Nike calls this system multi-dimensional displacement. In effect, it means each wearer can enjoy a personalized experience.

The system will make a debut via a new pair of kicks called the Joyride Run Flyknit. Unfortunately, it will be handed off only to members on July 25. Don’t fret, though — the general public can purchase a pair come August 15. It will cost $180. More Joyride variants will come out through to September. For more information, make sure to hit the link below.


Photos courtesy of Nike

Polar Ignite Makes Fitness Tracking Simple

The smartwatch space has been rather stale in several years past, with only Apple seemingly taking the reins. But a new challenger would very much like to change the way things are. Enter the Polar Ignite fitness watch.

Just announced, Polar’s new tracker is a mid-range GPS sports watch that bundles some of the technology from its Vantage lines with improvements in sleep tracking, overnight recovery insights, and more.

The new Polar Ignite is the watchmaker’s thinnest and lightest entry yet, which is sure to please customers who don’t want their wrist watches too bulky. On a single charge, the watch lasts up to five days, which is neither impressive nor too atrocious. It’s the sweet spot, and for $229 you get your money’s worth.

New features include Sleep Plus Stages, Nightly Recharge, FitSpark, and Serene. It also lets you track data in more than 100 sports. It comes with a so-called Precision Prime advanced optical heart rate monitoring technology. With three sensor types, this watch should provide you with super accurate and reliable heart data.

We’re not sure if this is really going to hold a candle to the Apple Watch, marketing-wise. It’s certainly brimming with heaps of functionality, but Apple’s strength lies in its ability to market luxury, ease of use, and its signature “it just works” ethos.

The Polar Ignite is available now in white, yellow, and black band choices. Additional bands, if you want to get them, cost $25 apiece. If you don’t have an Apple Watch yet or aren’t really a fan of Apple’s approach to fitness, this is worth considering.


Adidas Pulseboost HD

If you’re into running quite a bit, you’ve probably heard of the Pulseboost already, Nike’s line of excellent running shoes. The shoes have received enormous praise for their high level of comfort. And they’re also pretty responsive, what with the sock-like Adapt Knit upper and Adaptive Traxion outsole.

Suffice it to say they’re the perfect pair for both those who just decided to get into running or have run aplenty and seek good, reliable kicks. The Adidas Pulseboost HD provide plenty of support and grip, ensuring optimum movement and speed, regardless of what surface you chose to grind them on.

Thankfully, Adidas has just made the kicks a little bit better. The Pulseboost HD shoes come with a brand-new midsole that adds another layer of stability to the already impressively spec’d kicks. HD, here, means “high density. The Pulseboost tech this time hovers closer the the ground, ensuring a refined mix of balance and springiness. In effect, that gives you not only increased efficiency, but also comfort and ergonomics.

You can buy the Adidas Pulseboost HD right now; they became available back in July 13. Like the original Pulseboost, though, it’s going to cost you a bit. The kicks are $140, which is a tad bit on the pricey side but is not surprising of Adidas. Other colorways just became available now. Perhaps if the price didn’t sway you then, these new paints will. Hit the link below to see the listing on Adidas’ website.


Photos courtesy of Adidas

Project Angel Honda Grom By Industrial Moto

Normally, cruising on a motorbike for pleasure and fun is a solo experience unless somebody else is sitting behind you. Unlike the one driving, the passenger usually is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to enjoyment. Hence, a custom project aims to correct that oversight by outfitting the stock bike with an awesome add-on. The Project Angel Honda Grom from Industrial Moto aims to share all of the good stuff with a passenger for a noble cause.

This is a special build courtesy of the good folks from Industrial Moto in addition to a Gofundme crowdfunding drive. This is to help out a kindhearted soul by the name of Chris (a former US Marine), who wanted to do something extraordinary for a member of his family. As it turns out, his brother Nick is suffering from Angelman syndrome, which affects his range of movement. It appears that the motorcycle blogger wants to share his passion with his sibling.

Chris reveals that he really loves the original Project GUS Honda Grom that was unveiled earlier this year. The donor bike is a 2018 MSX125 Grom that comes with a utility sidecar for people to haul stuff around. Moreover, it features an all-terrain configuration that lets you go almost anywhere you want. On the other hand, the Project Angel Honda Grom version is fitted with a unique sidecar setup. This version will allow Nick to safely join Chris for a ride. So far, this seems to be a one-off project only, but those interested can still contact Industrial Moto regarding the original model.

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Nike Metcon 5

Wearing the right footwear for various activities can definitely make a difference. Manufacturers closely study what athletes need when designing a shoe for certain sports to deliver performance and comfort. With that in mind, it’s not often that we find an all-around model that can adapt to almost everything. Yet, the Nike Metcon 5 proves that it can handle any challenge that comes your way. In other words, CrossFit enthusiasts are going to love what it offers.

As indicated by the number, the Metcon 5 is the fifth-generation model of the series. The original made its debut in 2015 with succeeding iterations getting significant upgrades each time. We can safely say that it might be the best and most versatile footwear for all kinds of fitness routines.

Nike wants consumers to know that it will meet high expectations. Therefore, that company is subjecting these kicks to extensive testing from the very best.

CrossFit superstars Lauren Fisher and Mat Fraser took the shoes through a rigorous menu of workouts. After running the gauntlet, it seems that the new version is passing with flying colors. Just like most modern footwear, there is ample amount of cutting-edge technology behind its performance.

Taking the haptic system of its predecessor, the Nike Metcon 5 adds a few tweaks of its own. These include, additional cushioning on the tongue, wider heels, a Nike Hyperlift insert, and so much more. The brand does not want to completely rewrite the recipe lest it becomes too unfamiliar for long-time users.

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Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus

When it comes to technical releases, Adidas is killing it. Its latest, the Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus, is no exception. Combining sharp aesthetics with topnotch utilitarian sensibilities, this new pair of kicks proves Adidas is hell-bent on innovating its technical prowess even further.

The shoes feature all-day versatility, which is to say they’re perfect as your spring or summer fair. That’s really no surprise given this is Adidas we’re talking about — the brand, after all, is synonymous with quality. Although summer’s almost ending, there’s still plenty to gush about here.

Take the street-to-trail profile of the kicks, for example. Not only do you get a shock-absorbing EVA midsole, which makes them ideal for gallivanting around the city, the kicks also have abrasion-resistant upper reinforcements. In other words, Adidas combined durability and comfort and gave it to us in one neat package.

The rubber outsole gets a tough tread, which is a nice touch on top of impressive flourishes found here. That means these are great for hiking trips, too. Though we’d err on the side of actual hiking footwear if you’re planning any backcountry endeavor.

The colorway is red and black, which some people will love and some will hate. That’s fine. This is no emblem of streetwear fashion, after all. That’s not to say, however, that they aren’t stylish. They are. But in a way that prioritizes slickness over style. If you’re not that patient about finding the perfect sneakers and just want a pair that’ll last for a good long while, get this. The Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus is one of the most reliable pairs of kicks you’ll ever purchase.


Nike X Stranger Things Collection

We only have a little over a week left before the third season of Netflix’s hit science fiction horror series makes its debut. This highly-anticipated TV show franchise is already spawning merchandise that people are snapping up like crazy. Just recently, LEGO unveiled a 2,287-piece deluxe playset that fans will love to add to their collection. It’s no surprise that another company is preparing to join the fun. The Nike X Stranger Things collection looks like another hit the making when it drops in the coming weeks.

Everything about this collections just oozes pure classic cool. We’re referring to the old-school design each of the items is sporting that we can’t get enough of. Nike reveals that there will be two release for their Stranger Things collaboration. This first batch is dropping on June 27, while the second group will see action on July 1. Collectors everywhere will definitely be on their toes to grab these awesome products when they hit retailers. These limited edition items will likewise command a pretty penny in the resale market after all stocks are gone.

The fictional Hawkins High School livery is on full display as the Nike X Stranger Things collection draws near. Moreover, the tiger mascot also makes an appearance on a couple of items. All of the footwear and sports apparel of the first drop showcase an orange and green colorway for that retro aura. Nike is featuring three of its most popular footwear models: the Blazer Mid, Tailwind 79, and Cortez. Finally, the second drop, otherwise known as the OG collection flaunts a red, white, and blue colorway to celebrate US Independence Day.

Only from Nike

Images courtesy of Nike

Cycloc Solo

On the prowl for a smart yet elegant solution to storing your bike indoors? Look no further than the Cycloc Solo. At first glance, it looks like a mere plaything that’s too flimsy to be able to prop up an entire bike.

The Cyclo Solo is a horizontal or vertical bike storage ideal for home, office, or even retail display. The thing boasts three-point wall fixing and there’s an insert panel that hides fixings. You can hang any bike on it, too. There’s an included spacer to accommodate wide bars. You can also rotate it to accommodate various frame angles. There are rubber contact points to keep scratches at bay, and there’s an inbuilt facility to keep the bike locked in place.

Get it in a range of seven vibrant colors, whatever catches your aesthetic drift. And not only does it let you hang your bike, it’s also got a designated space for accessories.

The best-designed products are of course the simple ones. Although here at Men’s Gear we appreciate when artists push the envelope and go to town when it comes to experimentation, we’re suckers for well-built, simple solutions to complex problems.

The Cycloc Solo is one such product, doing away with the bells and whistles to give us a clever, bare-bones, straightforward answer to all our biking storage problems. Cycloc’s simplicity is its strongest merit, and the company has won numerous awards for its products that strike the perfect balance between form and function. If you’re having trouble storing your bike at home, this is a must-have.


Photos courtesy of Cycloc

SmartHalo 2

The folks behind SmartHalo unveils a follow-up to the popular biking accessory, aptly named the SmartHalo 2. Now raking in Kickstarter crowdfunding support as we speak, the SmartHalo 2 is a 110 db anti-theft alarm, a front light, and fitness metrics.

For those uninitiated, the wee gadget is a navigation device that instantly turns your bike into a smart one, or at least semi-smart. Attach it onto a bike and ride it to get a number of important metrics, including fitness goals, incoming pulse notifications, and others.

There are a number of solutions available on the market that let you navigate the city without pulling your smartphone out. There are audio devices, for instance, that mount to your helmet, or belts that buzz when you need to turn. SmartHalo, when it first came out in 2015, impressed many cyclists for its smart and simple approach. This time around, the new iteration focuses more on fitness data.

The device retains a circular, minimal design much like its predecessor. It mounts in the center of the handlebars and displays a ring of colored lights to provide turn-by-turn signals. These signals guide the rider toward their destination. The most significant addition is a 1.5-inch OLED display at the center, which displaying all kinds of info. You could read your speed in real time, or glance at fitness metrics like distance, time, and calories burned. It also displays notifications from a number of apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, or even Slack.

Hit the link below to support the campaign. Shipping starts this December if everything goes according to plan.


Photos courtesy of SmartHalo

Nike Zoom And Off-White Unveil Terra Kiger 5 For Stylish Athletes

Frequent Nike collaborator Virgil Abloh is at it again with these new Terra Kiger 5 colorways, of the Nike Zoom and Off-White outfits.

The entire collection, dubbed Athlete in Progress, salutes the unbreakable confidence held by runners. In addition, they take the enduring, impassioned power of marathon runners and form into a silhouette that balances performance and post-run aesthetics.

You’ll find an array of track-oriented running spikes on the bottom of the shoe’s Zoom sole. They make the pair perfect for on and off-road adventures. There are technical lacing anchors here, too. Plus a lightweight upper that provides cloud-like support to make sure you’re unburdened while hightailing across the field.

“I started talking with Nike about this women’s running project last summer and at the time, I was very much inspired by the aesthetic and style of track and field athletes,” said Abloh. “As a result, I invited some of Nike’s elite track and field champions to participate in my SS19 Off-White runway show as the natural forerunner to developing and showcasing the collection.”

If you’re big on Off-White branding, you’re not going to like the detailing work on these kicks. They appear a bit on the lace-tag, secured atop the shoe’s specifically developed tongue. However, this is merely a minor blemish on an otherwise excellent pair of shoes, to be sure. And you’ll be focusing on running, anyway, to care much about that.

Nike is releasing three Terra Kiger 5 colorways. One’s a White, Metallic Silver, Sail, and Safety Orange combo. Another’s an Electric Green, Metallic Silver, and Sail combo. The final one’s a Black, Metallic Silver, White, and Pink Blast combo. The kicks come out June 27.


Photos courtesy of Nike

The Adidas Futurecraft Loop Is A Fully-Recyclable Running Shoe

The sad fact remains that a lot of people still find the concept of recycling foreign. A large number of countries struggle to control the growing amount of waste that ends up in landfills. That’s why it’s great to see some companies take the initiative to create products that source recyclable materials. We recently featured a Bluetooth speaker with a shell made out of plastic bags. There’s also a high-end wristwatch that reuses PET for its strap. The possibilities are practically endless and that’s why the Adidas Futurecraft Loop is another brilliant step in the right direction.

Our biggest challenge is coming up with new ways to repurpose non-biodegradable trash. Normally, these are either buried, burned, or just end in landfills or the bodies of water. The German sportswear company is introducing its first footwear that uses fully-recyclable materials in its construction. Moreover, the Futurcraft Loop is a running shoe, which will all know will eventually wear out from all the abuse. Hence, its an impressive solution to reduce waste every component of the shoe can be reused.

According to Adidas, all of the different parts of the shoe are made of TPU. Each component just undergoes a unique manufacturing method to make it rigid or flexible. Moreover, it’s surprising to discover the Adidas Futurecraft Loop does not use any type of glue. Instead, it undergoes a special heating process that bonds everything together. For its initial rollout, the company is planning to produce 200 examples only. All of the prototypes will be handed out to runners to get feedback regarding its performance. We might see it eventually hit retailers sometime in 2021.

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Images courtesy of Adidas