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Smith’s 4D MAG Goggles Will Change What You Can See on the Slopes Forever

Ever since Smith crashed onto the snow eyewear scene in 1965, it has been been on the revolutionary edge of the industry. The first product developed by the eponymous Bob Smith was the breakthrough sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam goggles — the first of their kind and the forerunner of all the goggles we wear today. With more than half a century of innovation in the performance eyewear space, Smith is still changing the game. Today, it’s the 4D MAG Goggles that will revolutionize the way we see when we hit the slopes. The 4D MAG Goggles went through over a year of testing and countless prototypes, and are truly eye-opening. We got a chance to chat with the team that worked on the 4D MAGs to give us all the nitty-gritty details of how they were able to change the snow goggles to work in any light conditions and allow you to see more than ever before.

Key Specs

Lenses: Smith MAG interchangeable system with bright light and low light ChromaPop performance lenses
Fit: Medium fit
Integration: AirEvac integration technology to reduce fogging
Additional Features: DriWix 3-layer face foam for added comfort while absorbing approximately 50 percent more moisture than standard face foams

BirdsEye Vision

Insider Note: “Our goal with 4D MAG was to maximize field of view and every design decision we made was centered around this. When we started looking at where the opportunities were to do this, we immediately keyed in on that lower area of the goggle, where traditional construction and traditional lenses limit field of view downward around the nose and cheeks. So we started playing with this early on—reducing material, pushing the lens closer to the face, and ultimately, creating an entirely new lens shape. We had to work with the factory to come up with some new manufacturing and construction techniques. So we were pushing in a lot of different areas to make it work. The first on-snow feedback with the lens prototypes was overwhelming. We knew we were on to something.” — Eric Thorsell, Senior Engineering Manager

One of the first things you will notice with the 4D MAG goggles is how the lenses curve around the bottom of the frame. This elegant look was hard-fought for and allows the wearer to see a whole lot more of the world on the slopes. This was truly one of the central design points of the goggles, allowing the wearer to see more than with traditional goggles. This new design is still fully helmet-compatible, aligning with the curvature of Smith helmets for a fully integrated fit. The rounded lenses do more than just open up the periphery of your vision, but also change your overall field of view, expanding it by upwards of 25 percent.

MAG technology

Insider Note: “Smith has always been at the forefront of lens interchangeability. We developed the MAG platform where magnets do the heavy lifting in terms of the alignment, attachment and sealing against the elements, but dual locking mechanisms ensure the lens stays securely attached to the frame. Another major element, although secondary to our field of view goals, was a refinement to the actual interchange mechanism within the constraints of this new lens shape. The prototypes in that first year of development were all about the lens, and there were some very clunky elements about that mechanism. So, it was fantastic to be able to take strides to make the mechanism intuitive and robust. If you saw one of those early prototypes on the table, you would see right away how different the interchange was, but the field of view was still there.” — Eric Thorsell

A new hallmark of Smith is the magnetically secured lenses that allow you to change them on the go. Making this technology work with the curved lenses was no easy feat, but the design team was able to nail it in the end. The MAG technology employs magnetic force and latches built into the outriggers of the goggle. This locks the lens in place and allows for a change with just a simple push of one of the levers on either side of the frame, releasing the lens quickly and allowing you to swap in a different lens — it’s Smith’s answer to varying light conditions. Even with the interchangeable lenses, the 4D MAG still features the AirEvac ventilation system by pulling warm, fog-causing air out of the goggle and exhausting it through the helmet ports for ultimate circulation and maximum airflow

ChromaPop Lenses

Insider Note: “Other color management lenses will actually distort the color you’re seeing–shifting it from one color to another. ChromaPop doesn’t. It’s true to the actual color in front of you, it just amplifies it. ChromaPop does this by reducing two particular wavelengths in the spectrum that eliminate what we call ‘color confusion.’ These wavelengths are areas of the spectrum where the color your eye sees transitions from one color to another. Your brain doesn’t know which of the colors to register, so you ‘see’ gray. So by reducing these wavelengths where we may see gray, it effectively amplifies the actual color that’s there in front of you. In doing that, it improves contrast and we can enhance this further with various tints by condition. So, that’s really the secret sauce there.” — Eric Thorsell

You may be asking, why do the lenses on my snow goggles need to be changed? The simple answer is, no light conditions are the same so why would you use the same goggle lenses every day? ChromaPop lenses are developed by Smith to work in a variety of light conditions from bluebird sunny days to gray snowy, cloudy afternoons. Now available in 12 lens tints that amplify detail and enhance the colors of the natural world, each 4D MAG ships with two ChromaPop performance lenses for bright light and low light conditions.

These New Boots are a Sleek Riff on a Classic

Better known for working with furniture and Apple Products, Marc Newson has designed a boot with one of the world’s most esteemed bootmakers. R.M.Williams is the Australia-based brand with a global following, known for its dedication to craft and style. Newson took one of the R.M.Williams designs and gave it his own spin, adapting the mid-century Gardener Boot for a new generation of thinkers, tinkers and creators. The Yard Boot 365 is sure to be as iconic as the rest of the R.M.Williams catalog. We took a look at some of the details of these new boots, and why they could easily become your new go-to.

1. Designed by Renowned Designer Marc Newson: R.M.Williams partnered with Marc Newson for its first-ever collaboration. Newson took inspiration from the Gardener Boot introduced in the 1950s and gave it a modern twist. His signature comes through in the boot with thoughtful design details and a clean silhouette — for both men and women.

2. Same Heritage Craftsmanship: Each Yard Boot is bench-made in South Australia and handcrafted using one single piece of leather with one back seam — true to the iconic R.M.Williams design. Hand-oiled kip leather won’t give out on you and will keep the elegant feel of the boot alive through wear and tear. Even with Newson’s modern elements, The Yard Boot 365 is still true to the DNA of R.M.Williams.

3. Modern Details You Will Notice: These are fully lined with engineered elastic side gussets that incorporate seamlessly into the single piece of leather mean the boot is designed with purpose for life’s adventures. Under-foot, you will find Poron padding beneath a full-leather sock and chunky rubber sole that seems to blend right in.

Now You Can Find That Watch You Missed out on Years Ago

One of the great things about StockX, is that you can find the treasures you never had a chance to buy when they came out — the limited-edition timepieces that you meant to pull the trigger on, but then waited too long and they were out of stock, never to be seen again. These watches — or really any object — can become our white whale. You scour the internet, set alerts, maybe you even call up a few stockists, but still nothing. And if you do find it, the price is often unmanageable.

That’s where StockX comes in. On StockX, all of the data from previous sales is compiled for easy viewing for both sellers and buyers, so each watch listing will reflect reality. It also provides another important service for those on the hunt for their missed-connection watch. When you finally pull the trigger, the watch first goes through StockX’s authentication office to make sure everything is above board. This step ensures that any watch you buy on StockX isn’t only authentic, but in pristine condition, with only the cream of the crop allowed to be sold on the site. This makes finding the watches you always wanted a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of scrolling through endless online auction pages or hitting the brick & mortar shops.

Your white whale may be a heritage watch from a blue-chip brand, or maybe it skews more toward the novelty end of the spectrum. Maybe it’s the Timex Q Reissue, which is based on a diver originally released in 1979. It sold out almost instantly, and you would be hard-pressed to find it in any shop at any price. The dual-color Pepsi bezel joins a funky steel bracelet and a domed crystal, all packed into a super reasonably priced package — that is if you’re shopping for it on StockX.

You also probably missed out on the rather fun and retro-looking Casio G-Shock X Keith Haring. This limited edition of the iconic G-Shock puts the artist’s equally iconic work on display along the strap and dial. Because of its ties to the famous artist, the watch can be difficult to find and make it a prime candidate for counterfeiting — but both of those problems can be mitigated by shopping through StockX.

There are few watches more classic, timeless and worthy of white whale status than the original Longines Diver — which debuted in the 1950s. The design is still as relevant as ever, shown in the latest Legend Diver. It features the same mesh bracelet and internal bezel as the original and can be paired with virtually anything in your wardrobe. The throwback details of the design are on point, and the accessible price makes this watch worthy of tracking down.

All the Toasty Threads from Goldwin You Need to Get Through Winter

Goldwin is best known for its heavy performance ski wear, but the Japanese brand has also been on the leading edge of incorporating performance wear with everyday fits. Goldwin garments are the perfect mix of sporty and tech-forward, all while working in beautiful colorways and thoughtful cuts that will make you excited to wear them all the time. With most of us fully in the grip of old man winter, we put together a lineup of the biggest heaters that Goldwin has in its arsenal to keep you toasty, dry and stylish all winter long.

Ascend Jacket

You just can’t beat a waterproof shell with clean lines. This will get you through any soupy weather with its waterproof and moisture-permeable three-layer GORE-TEX shell. With pockets positioned all over the jacket, you will be ready for anything — the large side pockets are perfect for those sopping wet gloves, outfitted with drain holes to release moisture.

Helios Air Down Cardigan

This thing is as slick as can be, but it still has some outdoor chops — don’t worry. It’s made from a durable nylon taffeta and Kodenshi Down insulation that retains your natural warmth. You might be picturing the weight that would typically accompany a jacket with those features, but this cardigan is light enough to toss over another layer for extra warmth. You can really imagine yourself puttering around the ski lodge after a long day on the slopes looking amazingly effortless in this.

Spur Down Jacket

Insulated Kodenshi Down that uses infrared rays to retain heat longer? Check. A highly windproof GORE-TEX INFINIUM shell that will keep even the most biting wind at bay? Check. You’ll never need another jacket to get you through the cold months. Plus, throw in a Cohaesive stopper, which allows you to adjust the hood cord in just one touch — a Goldwin special — and you have the best jacket you could ever cook up.

You Should Put One of These Watches on Your Holiday Gift List

Maybe you’re looking to buy a special someone a very special watch, or maybe you’re planning on asking for a watch for the holidays — you’ve had a good year after all — but where should you start? StockX isn’t just for sneakers, they also have a robust market that allows you — or whomever you are sending your list off too — to buy quality-insured luxury watches at a more affordable price that actually reflects the market price. We ran down some classic bits of timekeeping you can find on StockX that will be sure to please this holiday season.

Tudor Black Bay

A more modern take on the original dive watch from Tudor, this practical all-around watch features timeless good looks and the burgundy bezel for some added personality.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV (‘Hulk’)

This is the quintessential Rolex, engrained with the DNA that has defined the brand’s sport watches since the 1950s. The ‘Hulk’ refers to the green sunburst dial and ceramic bezel that elevate the otherwise conservative watch into special territory.

Omega Speedmaster

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Omega built a modern re-issue of the classic 1957 Speedmaster. It’s a fitting tribute to an icon, right down to the 38.6mm case diameter that certainly harkens back to another time in men’s watches.

Panerai Radiomir PAM619

The Radiomir is where it all started for Panerai, and the 619 retains the charm of the original within a thoroughly modern look. The titanium 45mm case houses an in-house micro-rotor movement while staying very wearable and practical for everyday wear.

The Rugged Details Behind the MUDMASTER GGB100

The MUDMASTER GGB100 is designed and engineered to withstand any rough land environments you can think of. A MUDMASTER on your wrist will make navigating even the most rugged terrain a bit easier, thanks to the new Quad Sensor that can keep you on track as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The new GGB100 is more than a timepiece and is rather a crucial piece of equipment for any expedition or outdoor odyssey. And true to the MUDMASTER ethos, the GGB100 is as tough as nails with its Carbon Core Guard that protects it from the most extreme condition. Here is a breakdown of the key features of the GGB100 — so you know it is up to the challenge.

1. The Quad Sensors will make sure you don’t get lost in the woods: The built-in Quad Sensors put a compass, altimeter/barometer, temperature gauge and a step counter, all in a compact configuration, on your wrist. All of these sensors rolled into a single timepiece will make the GGB100 indispensable in the field.

2. Bluetooth connectivity lets you do more: The Bluetooth mobile link functionality allows you to link the GGB100 to the G-SHOCK Connected app, making it easy to change anything you need quickly from your smartphone. The app also automatically provides a location indicator, taken from your smartphone’s GPS, and altitude taken from the watch, allowing you to keep track of where you’ve been in a mission log.

3. More protection than ever before: The MUDMASTER’s newly developed Carbon Core Guard structure is made from lightweight and rigid carbon fiber-reinforced materials to keep the watch protected from the roughest treatment. It also features a bezel made from three layers of fine resin with carbon fiber inserts and a dual-layered case back of stainless steel and fine resin.

Our Picks for Christmas Break Adventure Gear

Christmas break is a great time to get out and explore. It provides enough time to take the adventures that you wouldn’t otherwise — like a multiday hike, a road trip or a backcountry skiing expedition. Wherever your winter adventures take you, our picks will help you explore new destinations.

Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan

Price: $749+

If your winter adventures take you on roads less traveled, a solid and reliable adventure-ready GPS is crucial. Yamaha’s Adventure Pro all-terrain GPS will keep you headed in the right direction. It’s got everything you need built-in, including GPS mapping and navigation, online adventure planning, tons of pre-loaded trails and waypoints, social sharing capabilities and a Yamaha-exclusive timing mode and vehicle integration. Plus, it’s portable so you can take it from one vehicle to another without the stress.

Black Diamond Solano Heated Mitts

Price: $400

Winter adventures and cold hands were inseparable — but no longer. Black Diamond’s Solano Heated Mitts will keep your hands toasty warm no matter how cold it gets outside. But beyond their heating capabilities, they also come with 200g PrimaLoft Gold on the back of the hand and 100g PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco on the palm.

VSSL Camp Supplies Compact Adventure Kit

Price: $129

VSSL takes the form of a flashlight and extends its functionality way beyond illumination. Virtually indestructible and backed with a lifetime warranty, every VSSL contains essential gear designed to prepare you for outdoor adventure.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prizm Pack

Price: $395

When it comes to lightweight, adventure-ready backpacks, none are more respected than Hyperlite Mountain Gear. The brand’s new Prizm pack is designed to handle anything you throw at it — from ice climbing to winter hiking.

BLACKYAK Mishima Hooded Jacket

Price: $240

A proper layering system is key to any winter adventure kit. BLACKYAK’s Mishima jacket features four-way stretch Cordura and heavyweight fleece which makes it durable and versatile.

Yeti Rambler 36

Price: $50

Whether your adventure takes you in a car, out on the slopes, or relaxing poolside, Yeti’s Rambler 36 will keep you hydrated — or dehydrated depending on your beverage of choice.

The New G-SHOCK Is Tougher Than Ever and True to Its Roots

35 years ago, a legendary timepiece was born. The G-SHOCK was the original tough watch, and rugged durability is still ingrained in its DNA — from the original model DW-5000C all the way to the new GMWB5000. The GMWB5000 is the newest watch in Casio’s G-SHOCK line and retains the iconic original square shock-resistant structure.

Key Specs
Size: 49.3 x 43.2 x 13 mm
Power: Tough Solar
Power Reserve: 22 months stored in complete darkness
Case: Stainless Steel
Connectivity: Bluetooth and radio-controlled
Water Resistance: 200mm

But this enduringly tough watch has also kept up with the times. The latest iteration of G-SHOCK was afforded some serious Bluetooth-equipped, radio-controlled and solar-powered upgrades — not to mention a full metal case. To make all these updates possible, G-SHOCK had to innovate and improve upon its materials, achieving a new level of fortitude. Here is a rundown of those key innovations both inside and out.

Full Metal Shock Resistant Structure

It was no easy feat to achieve the GMWB5000’s unique shock-resistance capabilities in full metal. It required a complete redesign of the external structure of the watch, from buttons and band to the case itself. A new internal structure was designed out of a fine resin to cushion the internals of the watch from the more powerful dropping force of the new stainless steel weight. The resin cushioning, placed between the bezel case and the inner case, responds to shocks with tiny protrusions in the cushioning material compressing to absorb the shock. The double-lug structure used to connect the band to the case has also been redesigned with a three-pronged lug structure to disperse shock throughout the watch.

Solar-Powered Atomic Timekeeping

Solar power supports the stable operation of standard time radio wave reception for accurate timekeeping and Bluetooth communications. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to sync with the G-SHOCK app on your smartphone to simplify certain watch functions and helps with time changes as well. To absorb all of those rays from the sun and convert them into usable power, the GMWB5000 deploys a solar panel made from a film that sits over the LCD face and actually helps suppress reflections from external light. The film plays double duty by powering the watch and making it incredibly easy to read. Time correction is achieved through either Bluetooth communication or standard time radio wave, so you never have to worry about being a minute off either.

Seeing Like No Other

With the help of high-density mounting, miniaturization and power-saving technologies, G-SHOCK has been able to install multiple new functions without making the GMWB5000 any bigger than the G-SHOCK that came before it. An LED backlight now illuminates the LCD face with a high-brightness light that can detect the ambient light surrounding your wrist and adjust brightness automatically. You can also enable the light to switch on with a tilt of the wrist in the dark, so you don’t have to fumble around looking for any buttons. The LCD is also new, and allows for higher contrast and a wider view. The full face mirrors the original layout of the DW-5000C as well. This display, with a 16:10 aspect ratio, is designed for the human field of vision, adopted for the clearest possible visibility. It’s been used from one model to another since the watch’s origin, and comes close to the Golden Ratio — considered to represent the most beautiful proportions in nature.

This Down Jacket Will Get You Through an Icy Winter and Then Some

Goldwin, the Japanese brand pushing the bounds of technical fabrics and style, started out as a small knit manufacturing company in 1950. Now, it’s one of the top activewear brands out there with its own Lifestyle collection. Each of the brand’s products are designed to perform at the highest level, while still maintaining sleek aesthetics that don’t look out of place in urban environments. The GORE-TEX INFINIUM W/S Down Short jacket is winter-ready and capable of keeping you toasty into the darkest depths of the winter. We took a look at some of the finer details of the GORE-TEX INFINIUM W/S Down Short to see how it stacks up.

1. The GORE-TEX INFINIUM Shell: The outer fabric of the jacket is crafted from cutting edge GORE-TEX INFINIUM, which is wind-resistant, water-resistant and incredibly breathable. The high loft Kodenshi down utilizes far-infrared radiation that prolongs the natural body heat retention.

2.Advanced design: As if the fabric and down weren’t doing enough, the jacket also features details that are designed to maximize how toasty you can get — like the down-filled hood and collar. Another added layer of cold-fighting design is its 3D down baffle structure with an adhesive finish, which provides excellent insulation in cold environments.

3.Practical touches: The two front flap pockets are a nice addition for storage and are also double-layered with side-access handwarmer pockets, so you can store and heat up at the same time. There is also a small zippered pocket over the left flap pocket for even more storage. And if you were thinking that isn’t enough storage, there are three additional internal zippered pockets so you can easily stash anything you need.

All the Details That Make the New GoPro Jaw-Dropping

Capturing the adrenaline rush you get from hitting the slope, taking to the water, or jumping into any adventure you find yourself on has just gotten a whole lot easier. The new HERO8 Black is GoPro’s most advanced HERO camera yet and represents the first design change for the series since 2016. It’s chock-full of even more features than before — including HyperSmooth 2.0 and 4K capabilities along with impressive usability. And that’s not even to mention its new built-in mounting system and series of new mods that were designed to make HERO8 Black a one-stop camera for all your production and vlogging needs. We caught up with two members of the GoPro team that made HERO8 Black possible for an insider look at what makes this camera so damn exciting.

Key Specs

Dimensions: 48.6 mm x 66.3 mm x 28.4 mm
Waterproof: 33 feet
Camera Modes: 12MP HDR photo, 4K video, TimeWarp 2.0, time lapse photo, night lapse video
Connected Features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS enabled

Built-In Mounting

Insider Note: “It’s the first time we’ve updated the design since HERO5 Black, which came out in 2016. Eliminating the frame is huge for the ease of use improvement that we wanted to prioritize with HERO8 Black. We’re continuously trying to improve the ease and convenience that require less gear needed to capture the shot. Basically, getting rid of the frame, going to built-in fingers, allows for a slimmer, lighter GoPro that’s easier to fit into a pocket, easier to fit into a gear bag.” — Jeremy Hendricks, Senior Product Marketing Manager of HERO8 Black

This built-in mounting has completely revolutionized the HERO camera series and paves the way for even more changes. Built-in mounting fingers are easily deployed and let users swap mounts in a matter of seconds. This new design also lets you change batteries in a jiffy, so you never miss any of the action. HERO8 Black is still as rugged as ever, thanks in no small part to being waterproof up to 33 feet and a lens that’s twice as impact resistant as it was before.

HyperSmooth 2.0 Stabilization

Insider Note: “Now users don’t have choose between shooting in slo-mo or capturing stabilized footage. They get the best of everything. HyperSmooth 2.0 is available in all resolutions and frame rates. In addition to more stabilization, there’s more control. Users can choose how much stabilization they want. We were able to do all of this while maintaining the field of view.” — Fong Tran, Principal Product Manager

A massive part of any adventure camera is making sure it’s stable enough to capture all the action — while still being part of the action. HyperSmooth 2.0 gives HERO8 Black the best stabilization ever offered on any HERO camera and has three levels: On, High, and Boost. With the ability to tweak settings, you can get the widest view possible or boost it up for the smoothest video available. Also, HERO8 Black comes loaded with a 1080p240 video frame rate that allows up to 8x slow motion as well as in-app horizon leveling.

Ease of Use

Insider Note: “The presets allow users to quickly get to the settings that they want. In the past a user would have to deep dive into the menu in order to make a setting change. Now, users can quickly switch back and forth between their favorite settings in just a few taps. And the best part is that it’s flexible. Users can use the options that we’ve loaded onto the camera or set up their own custom presets.” — Fong Tran

HERO8 Black was designed to be easy to use on the fly, so you don’t have to be distracted while living in your most adventurous moments. Instead of fumbling around to change settings, you can use HERO8 Black’s preset settings, including options for Standard, Activity, Cinematic, and Slo-Mo shots. Before getting out into the world to film, you also can create your own presets. And when it comes to actually using those presets, HERO8 Black has voice command — compatible with 14 languages — making it easy for you to capture all the action. Lastly, TimeWarp 2.0 will automatically adjust speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting, so you don’t have to think about it. You also slow down the effect to real-time and then tap to speed it back up.

The All New Mods

Insider Note: “Users can now accessorize HERO8 Black with mods and still stay true to the overall compact personal nature of GoPro. There is a Media Mod, a Display Mod and a Light Mod. They can be used together. When you combine all those three mods together, it really turns into a production powerhouse,” — Jeremy Hendricks

These new mounting accessories work with the camera, and each other, to fulfill any kind of production need. The first three mods that GoPro has released add shotgun-like microphone capabilities, lighting (which can be used with or without HERO8 Black), and a separate front-facing screen, making for a compelling expansion that can be used in more ways than one. This new method of accessorizing HERO8 Black is exciting to see.

Best Gifts for Braving the Winter Cold

As winter tightens its icy grip, having a reliable, foundational, cold-weather kit becomes more important than ever. A multi-functional layering system and warm, durable accessories are the way to go in order to ensure that you’re always ready for what Ullr can throw at you. Our picks for winter must-haves will bring a smile to any adventurer’s face this holiday season.

Russian Cold Camo VKBO Layer 5 (Demi Suit)

Price: $120

A part of the full VKBO extreme cold weather clothing system used by the Russian military, the Layer 5 Demi Suit is perfect for everything from hiking and camping to braving frigid temps in the city. It’s designed specifically for layers to be changed quickly — which makes it easy to adapt the system to whatever activity you’re undertaking. Russian Cold Camo is a US-based company that legally imports its products from Russia. All of its products are stored and shipped from the US, with complimentary standard shipping.

1. Blundstone Thermal Boots

Price: $225

No winter kit is complete without a rock-solid pair of boots. Blundstone’s Thermal Boots are incredibly comfortable and fully waterproof, so they can handle anything you might get into this winter.

2. Filson Watch Cap Beanie

Price: $45

Filson’s Watch Cap Beanie brings a healthy dose of classic styling along with proven durability. It’s made from 100 percent virgin wool and will continue to insulate even when it’s wet.

3. Hestra Wakayama Mitten

Price: $170

A reliable pair of gloves is a must-have for any winter activity, and Hestra’s Wakayama Mittens certainly fit the bill. They’re insulated with Primaloft Gold to keep your hands warm and are crafted from impregnated cowhide for water-resistance and durability.

4. Carhartt WIP Beaufort Neckwarmer

Price: $38

Few things provide as cozy a feeling as a fleece neckwarmer. Carhartt WIP’s version has a reflective print on it that will keep you safe when out past dark. The soft 100 percent polyester fleece is comfortable and will keep you warm far past the freezing point.

5. Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion

Price: $26

A warm pair of socks are the most foundational piece of a cold-weather layering system. If your feet are cold, the rest of you will be too. Darn Tough’s rugged merino wool socks come with a lifetime guarantee, so if you ever wear a hole in them, they’ll replace them free of charge.

A Rundown of the Futuristic and Heritage Watches of Alpina

Alpina watches have always been made with the sporting man in mind. These rugged and accessible timepieces made by the Geneva-based manufacture have a solid footing in active pursuits, without making watches that feel like they can’t be worn every day. From its latest expansion into smartwatches to its more traditional chronographs, Alpina watches are built for the adventurer in all of us. We took stock of some of the sturdy Alpina watches that would be up for any adventure — from the close to home to the far-flung.

Seastrong Horological Smartwatch

Whether you are counting your steps up a mountain or walking to work, this spot-on timepiece is worth the valuable space on your wrist. Featuring activity and sleep tracking, dynamic coaching, call and message notifications and a world timer, it can help you get it all done. The model featured here has a blue rubber strap, blue aluminum bezel and black dial in a fiberglass case.

Startimer Pilot Chronograph Big Date

The Startimer Pilot Chronograph Big Date is inspired by the pilot watches of Alpina’s history. With a slightly unusual date window at the 6 o’clock marker and chronograph dial, it will be sure to have a striking look on any wrist. The quartz timepiece has a stainless steel case and a stunning blue dial that will make you want to take to the sky.

AlpinerX Smart Outdoors

This watch is outfitted with five sensors on the ani-digital dial and case that track altitude, barometric pressure, compass orientation, location, UV exposure and the temperature. It also features activity and sleep tracking, calls and message notifications and a world timer — same as the Seastrong. With this watch, you are ready to conquer any adventure.

Startimer Pilot Chronograph

A celebration of Alpina’s aviation legacy, the iconic Startimer collection, this Startimer Pilot Chronograph has three counter displays and a date window on a black dial. It features a quartz movement inside a stainless steel 42mm case. The black nylon strap with white stitching make it all pop.

A Completely Custom Defender Can Be Yours When You Donate on Omaze

If you don’t already know, Omaze is a stellar online fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to support a range of nonprofits. Dream vacations, red carpet premieres, restored vintage cars can all be won through Omaze while supporting a good cause. In this instance, Omaze has teamed up with HIMALAYA, the custom-build garage that creates one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defenders down in South Carolina. The duo is offering a chance to win an unbelievable grand prize: a beautifully restored, fully customized Land Rover Defender 110 — taxes and shipping costs included. Plus, every donation for the chance to win supports the National Geographic Society and their work using the power of science, exploration and education to protect the wonders of our world. We took a peek at a few of the top-line customization options available to the winner, and we’ve gotta say, this is one shot you don’t want to sleep on.

1. Custom All the Way: HIMALAYA’s very existence is in the spirit of sweating the small stuff, with customization options going way down into the nitty-gritty. Whoever is lucky enough to win its campaign with Omaze build will wind up with a custom-made chassis, a V8 engine conversion and much more.

2. The Finer Things in Life: The Defender will always be a fundamentally rugged vehicle, just rearing to go all-out off-road—but they also clean up pretty well. HIMALAYA will outfit the winner’s Defender with a high-quality leather interior, a full-spectrum paint job in a custom color scheme and a state-of-the-art sound system to boot.

3. Hitting the Road: Omaze is making sure all future adventures in the custom Land Rover D110 are as extreme as you’d want. They’ve added $20,000 to spend on gas money for the foreseeable future or anything else you’d like—like, I don’t know, a duffel bag full of cash to keep the passenger seat warm.

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The Montblanc Cologne That Will Have You Adventure Ready

Gifting a scent can be a rather intimate gift for the holidays. But it’s hard to know what cologne is right for the men in your life. So before you head to the scent counter and start spraying, you should know a thing or two about what is out there. Montblanc’s Explorer — which was only released back in February — is the kind of scent that can work on almost any man with a bit of adventure in his blood. Explorer is an aromatic, leathery scent that can navigate any season or occasion.

To create this masculine scent, Montblanc enlisted three of the globe’s top perfumers: Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux — all from the respectable fragrance company Givaudan. Each of them brought a single ingredient from around the world to give the Explorer the globe-trotting scent Montblanc was after. The scent features notes of bergamot from Italy, vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia.

Each of these ingredients was painstakingly sourced from wherever the best could be found. Bergamot is the top note and it’s been sourced from Calabria in Southern Italy, with each bergamot tree taking four to five years to bear fruit. But beyond the time to maturation of the fruit, it also takes the fruit of two trees to produce a single kilogram of essential oil. The Haitian vetiver is at the heart of the Explorer with the root’s oil bringing calming earthy and woodsy notes as well as a wintery depth that you would love to catch a smell of at any holiday party. Lastly, the fragrant, bushy Indonesian patchouli (which has been used for centuries in perfumery) brings about a rich and warm scent. This too is hard to come by. To make a single kilo of essential oil from this premium patchouli, it takes 200 times that amount in fresh leaves.

Each of these ingredients is combined to produce a deep rich scent that is pleasing and apparent, yet subtle. It’s packaged in a handsome bottle that is worthy of admiration by itself and would look stunning poking out of a stocking or being eagerly unwrapped. And once it makes the transition to the vanity, it’ll look good proudly displayed for all to see, relegating others to the confines of a drawer. From adventurous holiday journeys to the everyday swing of things, Montblanc Explorer can suit you anywhere.

From the Streets to the Slopes, These Sunglasses Have You Covered

When it comes to quality optics brands with a storied history, one brand stands above the rest: Vuarnet. The brand was started when Roger Pouilloux, a pioneering French optician and French ski champion, Jean Vuarnet came together during the 1960 Winter Olympics. Vuarnet wore the model 02, now the brand’s signature style. When Vuarnet won the Gold Medal in downhill, the two decided to build a brand based not only on the victory, but on quality optics that don’t sacrifice on style. Today, its lenses are made from Vuarnet’s own mineral glass that it produces outside of Paris. They offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays and are perfect for everyday use.

To help you get kitted up for winter, we’ve selected the most important styles from Vuarnet’s current line. Whether you’re heading up to the mountains for a weekend ski vacation or simply running errands around the city, these essentials will keep your eyes protected and your style top-shelf.

In addition to shopping Vuarnet’s products online, you can also check out the brand’s New York boutique at 39 Spring Street.

Glacier 1315 Medium

While the Glacier 1315’s roots are in a traditional mountaineering frame, the style is perhaps better known these days for its appearances on the silver screen. These sunglasses made appearances in both Spectre (on the face of Daniel Craig as James Bond), and Everest on the face of Jake Gyllenhaal. But beyond the silver screen and the peaks of some of the world’s highest mountains, the Glacier 1315 also found a home on stage, in front of the eyes of Miles Davis.

Ice 1709 Medium

The Ice is a newer frame for Vuarnet, but it still stays true to the brand’s roots. It has the tech-forward features from the Glacier but blends them with distinctly urban aesthetics so that they fit right in no matter your surroundings. The frame features performance nylon construction, removable protective side shields, removable center bridge and stainless steel spring hinges.

Legend 03

If you thought the film credits stopped with the Glacier 1315, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Legend 03 reached new heights of cult film fame when they adorned the face of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. But don’t let the lackadaisical nature of Bridges’s character fool you into thinking these shades don’t work hard. They were inspired by the style that the US Air Force pilots wore, hence the straight lines and oversized square shape.

Vintage Logo Sweatshirt

Whether on the mountain or off, Vuarnet’s Logo Sweatshirt brings equally heavy doses of style and vintage comfort. The 100 percent cotton sweatshirt is slim fit, so keep that in mind when sizing. It features the vintage Vuarnet logo on the front, with “It’s a Vuarnet Day” emblazoned on the back.

Snow Goggles

If you’re in the market for a new snow goggle this season, the Vuarnet Snow Goggles are worth a look. Unlike many googles on the market, Vuarnet’s version is refined and distinct. Like the brand’s other offerings, they stay true to its roots, but push the techincal side forward. They feature an anti-fog, cyclindrical double polycarbonate lens that offers an obstructed view and if you need it, they’re also available with prescription inserts.

Legend 02

The 02 is the foundational style from Vuarnet. It was the brand’s first silhouette, and its aesthetics hold up as well today as they did in 1960. Pair them with an active day on the slopes or cuffed denim in the city.

The New Sennheiser Headphones That Should Be on Your Holiday Gift List

Sennheiser has been making headphones for the discerning ear since 1945, always developing better technologies for delivering the smoothest sound possible. Its latest offering of headphones and earbuds are the best the brand has ever made — and perfect for someone on your holiday gifting list. From the music obsessive to the constant traveler or even the gym junky, these genuinely stunning devices have the makings of a perfect holiday gift. From noise-canceling to wirelessly connected, the new generation of Sennheiser headphones are a cut above. Sennheiser’s line up has a lot of different features to offer, so here is our breakdown of the headphones you should be considering this holiday season and what sets them apart — maybe you should put a pair on your own list.

PXC 550 II

These are the perfect upgrade for your travel headphones — and they can go even further. The adaptive noise cancellation means they adjust automatically based on the ambient noise around you. The PXC 550 II can also last up to 30 hours depending on how you use them — with that charge, you can fly from London to Hong Kong and back again. To keep your flight as smooth as possible, you also have a single button on the headphones to access your smartphone’s AI helper.

Momentum Wireless

With an intuitive design and superior sound, these headphones will keep your music flowing. With soft ear-pads and headband crafted from genuine leather to ensure exceptional comfort and auto smart pause — you will never miss a beat no matter how long you are listening. They also come easy to pair right of the box — and who needs instuctions when they come equipped with an easy to understand three-button interface.

Momentum True Wireless

Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and refined design all come together in these premium earbuds that will change the way you listen to music on the go or at the office. The transparent hearing keeps you aware of your surroundings while the simple touch controls on the earbuds make them simple to control without taking out your device. The Momentum True Wireless have four hours of battery life, but with the sleek charging case, you can get another 12 hours before plugging in.

These Hamilton Watches Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is well underway, and that means it’s time to start checking the boxes on your holiday shopping list. For the discerning men in your life, there are few gifts better than a quality watch and Hamilton offers a range of styles to consider. Hamilton, an iconic Swiss watch company with American heritage, makes a host of high-quality timepieces informed by its past while incorporating modern technology. Each makes for a reliable gift sure to please for years to come.

Khaki Pilot Schott NYC

When you think about iconic brands with American heritage, Hamilton and Schott NYC are both at the top of the list. Both of them even supplied the US Military during WWII, providing the best watches and jackets to pilots. So it is no surprise that the two got together to make this 46mm pilot’s watch. With the Federal Standard military color 30099 Earth Brown watch strap, made from the same leather used for the flight jackets during the war and to this day, this wristwatch is longing for a cockpit.

Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

There are few dial layouts more classic than a panda chronograph, and the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono wears it well. The watch takes inspiration from Hamilton’s 1968 Chronograph A, with perfect vintage styling, a modern makeover and 40mm stainless steel case. It’s powered by the H-31 automatic chronograph movement, which is a nice upgrade over the original 17 jewel Hamilton grade 643.

Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical

This watch is nearly identical to the original W10 that Hamilton made for the Royal Air Force in the 70s. With a few 21st century touches, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer comes in a compact 33mm stainless steel case that is mattified to avoid unnecessary glare. The dial is clean and uncluttered, allowing it to pair nicely with everything from a blazer to cuffed denim. If you’re looking for something that commands the respect and appreciation of just about every watch enthusiast out there, look no further.

Khaki Field Murph

Beyond its military heritage, Hamilton also has a long history in Hollywood, with its watches appearing in over 500 films. One of those films was Interstellar, which first featured the watch seen here called the “Murph” — named by fans for the movie’s principal character. The watch plays a vital role in the film, and now you can have one too. It features a 42mm case, an automatic H-10 movement and is full of nods to the movie — including the word “eureka” printed in morse code on the second hand, which is an integral plot point reference and the only difference from the original watch used in the movie.

A Closer Look at the TAG Heuer 55th Anniversary Carrera

During its 50-year life, the TAG Heuer Carrera has taken various forms and incorporated numerous technical innovations to reach the icon status it holds today. Quintessentially avant-garde, it carries the brand’s DNA, from the minimalist version of the 1960s to the more recent mechanical and connected models. A touchstone of the brand since 1963, the TAG Heuer Carrera is bringing new heat for its 55th anniversary. This special edition of the timepiece has too many details to track down, but we put together four of our favorite bits.

Key Specs
Size: 43mm and 45mm
Case: Steel or black PVD-covered steel sapphire case-back
Caliber: Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph
Power Reserve: 75 Hours
Water Resistance: 100m

The Skeleton Dial with Sapphire Case-Back

The manufacture movement is housed in a 43mm modular case with a tachymeter bezel and a skeleton dial. The skeleton dial with sapphire case-back is a characteristic of the more recent TAG Heuer Carrera models and allows the wearer — or the admirer — to take a peek at the stunning movement within. The Carrera is the perfect sporty watch if that sport is motoring or simply a Sunday drive — the Carrera exudes its legacy while still holding onto its avant-garde roots.

A New Motor for the Carrera

Developed and produced by TAG Heuer, it integrates 168 components including a column wheel and a vertical coupling-clutch, signatures of Haute Horlogerie. Modern and accurate, this mechanical movement keeps a 75-hour power-reserve stocked in a single barrel. This high-end mechanism can be seen through its skeleton dial, doubled with a sapphire back case. The 3-6-9 dial configuration is a return to the 1963 original disposition. Minutes and hours of the chronograph at 3 and 9 o’clock, small seconds positioned at 6 o’clock, to which an aperture date is added at 4:30.

The Important Details All Align

Punctuated with luminescent baton hands and indexes, the skeleton dial and modular case are water-resistant to 100 meters and available in several variations — steel, carbon, ceramic or gold. A total of 13 new models are available, including a GMT along with a range of straps and bracelets in rubber, leather, metal or ceramic with a deployable buckle.

Memorable Reading Material

To celebrate the anniversary of the Heuer Carrera, TAG Heuer has published a special edition book entitled Ahead of Its Time. Recounting the highlights of this storied collection and the models that have sealed its legendary status, the book goes into the often-pioneering Heuer Carrera chronograph and how it became the icon it is today. But the only way to snap up this bound gem is with one of the new Carreras.

The AlpinerX Will Change the Way You Take on the Outdoors

Getting out and running, or taking on a gnarly hike, has never been more popular — or more specialized. Every piece of kit you pull on or equip yourself with has been optimized for your best performance — shouldn’t your watch be too? Whether in the mountains or in the city, outdoor enthusiasts can now track their activities on their AlpinerX watch and companion app. This smart-looking and tech-forward offering from the well-known Geneva-based watchmaker is a truly pioneering timepiece. Crafted from fiberglass, the 45mm case is crammed full of features we couldn’t wait to dig into. Here is a look at some of the AlpinerX features worth looking at closer.

1. Five sensors to do it all: Built for the true outdoorsman, the AlpinerX features ways to keep track of your altitude, a barometer, compass, connected GPS, UV indicator and temperature in any atmosphere so you have all the info you need at the length of your arm.

2. The best of analog and digital: While this timepiece does much more than just keep time, Alpina stuck to its roots, featuring an analog dial and digital screen, so you can access all your vitals while still looking at the time.

3. Get even more connected: The AlpinerX also connects to your smartphone via its own app, which allows you to receive calls and message notifications and even enable a world timer. You can also connect the timepiece to the AlpinerX heart rate monitoring belt for even more real-time data.