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Renting a Luxury Car in Europe: What You Need to Know

Do it the Right Way With the Right Company

Renting a luxury car or supercar, like say a Ferrari or Lamborghini, in Europe can be a bit of a daunting task. With so many different companies out there it’s tough. The big brands often don’t guarantee a model—only a car class and don’t usually provide delivery. The small companies can’t offer a good selection, can be hard to find, and often lack online booking. 

Needless to say, the process is often ripe with issues. For comparison, the process is dramatically different when you look at something like finding lodging. Hotel booking websites give you a clear look at what your room is like and clear pricing information as well as special amenities and features of the room. That’s where Lurento fits in. 

Lurento brings together a large number of luxury rental car companies in one online location to make renting a luxury car in Europe as easy as booking a hotel room. 

What To Look Out For When Renting a Luxury Car In Europe

Lurento luxury car rental lamborghini huracan

Lurento luxury car rental lamborghini huracan

We connected with representatives from Lurento to discuss the luxury car buying process, here’s what they said that you need to ensure when renting:

Transparent Pricing

You need to confirm there will be no hidden fees, additional credit card fees, exchange rate markups, or any other unnecessary upcharges when you decide to submit payment. If a company is not offering clear pricing, look elsewhere. 

Get the Details

Don’t rent from a company that won’t give you all the details you want upfront. This includes the exact make and model, the year of the car, cost of insurance, cost of excess usage (mileage), the minimum age required to rent the car, and the cost of the rental and any extras you’d like to add. 

Know the Company’s Reputation

There are many different rental car companies out there. Before going with any single one, make sure to do some checking online. Have past customers had good experiences with the company? Check on Yelp, Google reviews, and other review sites online to ensure that you’ve made a wise choice. 

How Is Lurento Different? 

Lamborghini Aventador Lurento luxury car rental

Lamborghini Aventador Lurento luxury car rental

Lurento is different because it put customers in direct contact with exactly the right car. They help luxury car companies find the right customer for their inventory and then deliver that car to the renter.

It’s a marketplace that lays out the options for you based on where you’re traveling and when. With over a thousand cars in the inventory and more added each week, there’s little chance you won’t find a car that you want. 

The process is simple. You enter the dates and locations, select the car and options you want, select the option that works best for you, and then upload your details and documents. 

The car that you’ve selected is then delivered to the exact address that you select. Need a car at the airport? Done. Want a car at the hotel or Airbnb you’ll be staying at? Let Lurento know. The delivery driver will verify your identity and then you’re good to go. 

Lurento essentially works to take all the guesswork out of the process. The company verifies each of the partners it works with. It ensures the practices of the business meet Lurento’s guidelines and that the partners have the proper inventory. From there, they help manage your luxury car rental so you don’t have to. It’s all about making the process easier for the renter. 

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Enclosed Shipping for Supercars: FAQ, Resources, Checklist

What You Need to Know to Ship Your Supercar

Your supercar is your pride and joy, something you take great care of. So when it comes to shipping your supercar from one place to another it will likely be a nerve-wracking proposition. Maybe you’re shipping your car to an event, to an auction, or you just bought the car and are shipping it home. No matter the case, you can greatly reduce your anxiety and the possibility of any issues by doing your due diligence and making sure you know how to ship your supercar properly. 

We want all supercar owners to know the best way to ship your car easily. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Here are the FAQs, some resources, and a shipping checklist to help you ensure that you’ve done what you need to do to get your supercar safely to its next destination. 

Supercar Shipping FAQs

pagani supercarpagani supercar

Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve come across and the relevant answers. 

Should I ship my car in an open or enclosed trailer? 

The fact of the matter is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Supercars are various sizes and weights and built differently. Some won’t fit in a typical enclosed shipping container. Others will but depending on the destination it may need to be shipped in an open trailer. It all depends on the owner’s preference and the needs of the particular car. 

We spoke with Nationwide Auto Transportation, a shipping company that regularly handles tricky supercar transportation duties; a spokesperson for the company told us that an enclosed trailer is usually the best option if protection is of the utmost concern. However, if you work with a reputable and trustworthy company, an open trailer can work just fine, depending on the car and the situation. 

Will my car be safe while it’s being shipped? 

This is a common question and concern for just about everyone who ships a supercar. With the supercar being such a highly valued asset, owners want to ensure their car will be safe while it’s being shipped during loading and offloading. According to Nationwide Auto Transportation, this usually comes down to the shipping company.

“You should look for a company that has experience in shipping the exact vehicle you wish to ship,” the NAT spokesperson told us. “A company with prior experience will have the equipment and the experienced transporters who will take the best possible care to protect your vehicle from weather damage, prying eyes and vandals.”

How can I prepare my supercar for shipping? 

Every company will likely have slightly different preparation steps. According to NAT, supercar owners will need to empty the gas to approximately a quarter tank, remove any personal belongings, and give the car a good cleaning inside and out. NAT also cautioned against assuming a company has the equipment or expertise to get the job done. It should be considered part of your preparation to ensure the company has the right equipment and knows how to use it. 

What should I look for in a supercar shipping company?

When it comes to what you should actually look for in a company, it boils down to two things: you need to ensure the company has a Department of Transportation (DOT) number and is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). Both of these industry organizations should be on the list of credentials for a supercar shipper. 

Also, you should do your due diligence on the company like you would any other, check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, Google Reviews, and any other review sites to see how the company has treated past customers. If you notice some undesirable experiences, then you might want to keep looking. 

Supercar Shipping Resources

shipping containers with supercars in them shipping containers with supercars in them

When you’re shipping your supercar, you should take advantage of the resources afforded to you. While there aren’t a ton of industry accolades that you need to worry about, you need to make sure the shipper is in good standing with the organizations mentioned above and that they have a strong online presence and many positive reviews.

There are hundreds of companies that will tell you they can ship your supercar. Only ones that have done it before with great success should be trusted. With that in mind, here are some resources for you to check out before trusting any company. 

Check these resources as well as your typical review sites like Yelp and Google to see if the company you’re considering has the right background, satisfied customer base, and certifications.

Checklist for Shipping Your Supercar

ferrari supercar about to be shipped to a new locationferrari supercar about to be shipped to a new location

Here’s a quick checklist of the items you need to do before you tell a particular company yes and decide to ship your supercar with them. 

  1. View the company’s ratings with the BBB. 
  2. Check to make sure they have a DOT number.
  3. Check to make sure the company is in good standing with the FMCSA. 
  4. Take a long, hard look at reviews from previous customers online. 
  5. Check to make sure the company has shipped a car like yours and has the proper equipment.
  6. Ensure the company will ship your car the way you want it (in an enclosed trailer or open trailer). 
  7. Check to make sure you have prepped your car as the shipping company has asked you to. 
  8. Discuss any special requests with the shipping company ahead of time so that you can be sure you will get the service you need. 

All of the steps above are just basic guidelines. As we’ve said before, every car is different and every shipping company will do things slightly different. The bottom line is that you need to ensure you’re extremely comfortable with the company and its methods. Don’t entrust your car to a company you don’t feel good about.

If at any point you get a bad feeling or don’t feel like a company will be able to address your specific needs, walk away. There’s no need to take a chance on a company that you will worry about. 

These Are the Best Backpacks for Back to School

Hard to believe it is that time of year again — the point in August when you need to face the reality that school is around the corner. No matter if it’s your last semester or your little one headed into elementary school, you have some shopping to do. And no matter what pencils, notebooks and calculators you end up with, the piece that matters most is how you will haul everything you need to and from the classroom. The backbone of your back to school kit is the backpack, and here are some of our favorite picks from our friends over at Under Armour that won’t let you down all school year.

UA Hustle

The UA Hustle is perfect for the active renaissance student who needs to hit the field and the library. The Hustle has a soft lined sleeve to protect your laptop, a large gusseted shoe or laundry compartment and two water-repellent front pockets to keep your stuff safe so you can go anywhere. It is also made using Under Armour’s Storm technology which is highly water-resistant and features extra comfy shoulder straps.

UA Scrimmage 2.0

First off, what an amazing name. It just makes you think of a couple of school kids throwing down their backpacks to form goal posts and kicking a ball around their makeshift pitch. The Scrimmage 2.0 could certainly take the abuse of being a makeshift goal post or anything else a kid could put it through with its UA Storm technology and hardwearing exterior. It also has room for a laptop and comes in a camouflage that will be sure to stand out.

UA Recruit 2.0

The biggest bag on the list — coming in at 13″ wide — The UA Recruit can carry it all for you. And with exterior compression straps, you can bring it in a bit if you have a light load that day. A laptop sleeve, two side bottle compartments and a water-repellent front valuables pocket keep you on track. In fact, the entire bag features a water-resistant finish so that water just rolls off. Lastly, a tough abrasion-resistant bottom panel rounds out the UA Recruit.

FILA’s New Collection Brings The Best of Outdoorsy Vibes

FILA just released a new, limited-edition collection inspired by the mountainside and well-suited for the concrete jungle. FILA Explore is tapping into the brand’s rich heritage of ski, hiking, alpine and trek collections dating back to the 1970s and 80s. The brand has a storied history in mountaineering and outdoor-wear — FILA even outfitted world-renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner when he climbed Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1978. Pulling inspiration from archival silhouettes, colors and designs, FILA Explore is broken up into four categories of wide-ranging garments, all with their own specific color combination: Canyon, Woods, Mountains and Elements. Here are four standout products from the line — one from each category — we had to get our hands-on.

Elements Terrain Anorak

This is the perfect lightweight jacket to carry with you daily in case the temperature dips. Good thing this prism-tinted pullover packs down into itself and comes with straps, letting you throw it over your shoulder no problem.

Mountain Basecamp Pant

These pants are called Basecamp because the luxurious French terry will make you feel at home anywhere. The zippered pockets add a nice bit of practicality, and the internal belt adds a bit of color. These are what you slip into to hit the ski lodge.

Woods Tri Vest

Somehow FILA was able to create a down vest that doesn’t make you look like John Denver circa 1974 or a banker bro type. The FILA Woods Tri vest is perfectly modern (thanks to micro down) with a bit of retro (see the colorway). We’ve never been more excited for fall.

Canyon Windshear Short

These white wind-shear shorts are perfect for the end of summer as we transition to the coveted short and sweatshirt weather. The FILA logo on the leg looks like the glint of turquoise in a New Mexico desert canyon.

Today’s Best Deals: 40% Off the Must-Have Boxer Brief, Savings on a Much-Hyped Nike & More

Welcome to Deals of Note, where Gear Patrol captures all the best deals of the day. You can also follow all our deal posts in the Deals section. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at

Chances are, you aren’t buying underwear nearly as often as you should. It’s something you wear every day, and having more than two quality pairs in your drawer is imperative — so is making sure they are doing as much for you as they can. T-Bô is a 100% sustainable bodywear company that used the insights from 126,463 men to design and develop the Must-Have Boxer Brief that you won’t be able to live without. T-Bô uses sustainable bamboo fabric to craft the signature brief, that means they’re extremely comfy, breathable and moisture absorbing as well as have antibacterial properties that keep odors in check. The brand’s community designed its underwear to stay right where you want them and fit you perfectly. Right now, T-Bô is offering Gear Patrol readers a 40% discount — so you can slip into them and hang onto more of your hard-earned cash. Invest in a pack of three and feel good about, and in, your underwear.

Seiko Prospex Street Series Solar Dive Watch
Save 10%: This Seiko dive watch has all the specs and performance expected of the brand’s Prospex line, but with a Solar-charging movement and a stylishly monochrome gray colorway. Part of Seiko’s “Street Series” of urban-themed watches, it features the distinctive “tuna-can” case with its protective outer “shroud,” crown at 4 o’clock, and a neat dial texture that benefits legibility. It’s boldly sized at 42mm wide, water-resistant to 200m, and not lacking in character. Right now Macy’s is running a deal where you can get it at a discounted price of $405 by entering the promo code “BTS” at checkout. — Zen Love grey_placeholder

Nike Air VaporMax 2019 Sneakers
Save 30%: Now at Nordstrom, you can save 30 percent on a pair of much-hyped Nike Air VaporMax 2019 sneakers. That means these ultra-lightweight, translucent sneakers are just $133. The design features a stretchy ripstop upper on top of Nike’s flexible Air cushion system. For support, the sneaker has a midfoot cage and external reinforcement in the heel. If you’d like more color options, head over to Nike where you can score a few other options for as little as $114. — John Zientek

Gerber Center-Drive Plus Multi-Tool
Save $46: The right multi-tool has all the functions you need but none you don’t, making it streamlined and easy to access the implement you require at any given time. Gerber’s Center-Drive Plus is just such a product, delivering — among other things — a 3.25-inch partially serrated blade, spring-loaded needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, pry bar and bottle opener.

Most of these tools can be deployed quickly and smoothly thanks to the one-thumb opening system, and right now you can score this beauty for a whopping 32 percent off thanks to Drop. The Center-Drive Plus comes with a good-looking leather sheath, too, but this deal disappears Wednesday, so shop fast. — Steve Mazzucchi


The James Brand Ellis
Save 25%: The James Brand’s Ellis is simple: it has a partially serrated, clip-point blade and a bottle opener/screwdriver/scraper. Both of these implements use a simple lockback construction to stay open during use. They’re also made of Sandvik 12C27 steel, which is a well-rounded material that has excellent edge retention, durability and corrosion resistance (it’s commonly used for ice skate blades). All that is to say that you can put the Ellis through the wringer daily and not worry about how it’s holding up.

That, and its simple, less-than-a-multi-tool, more-than-a-pocket-knife design make it one of our favorite knives available. It’s affordable at its regular price of $99, but right now you can get it for 25 percent off. — Tanner Bowden


Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Save $30: Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the NES console from 1985, in 2016 and at that time it was nearly impossible to find — demand was too high. Fast forward several years and it’s a little easier to buy, although for an uptick charge. Listed as $60 on Nintendo’s website, but in order to buy an NES Classic Edition you have to order from a third-party seller like Amazon, which is currently selling models for $80. For a little bit of a deal, however, check out eBay: it’s selling refurbished (by Nintendo) models for just $50. That’s $30 cheaper than what they’re going for on Amazon. — Tucker Bowe

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Master the Harshest Environment with the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER

When it comes to watches, you can’t get more hardwearing than a G-SHOCK MUDMASTER — built to be hard as nails and resistant to any kind of abuse. Within that already high bar, there is one model that is tougher than all the rest: The MUDMASTER GGB100. As the name may indicate, this G-SHOCK is engineered to handle the most rugged environments on land, and keep any mud you find on your adventures out of your timepiece. Available in three colorways, the GGB100 is made from a carbon fiber reinforced resin that can take anything you could bang your watch against. But that is just the beginning.

The MUDMASTER’s newly developed Carbon Core Guard case is made from lightweight and rigid carbon-fiber-reinforced materials to keep it protected from the roughest expedition. The bezel is also formed from carbon for increased ruggedness: It has three layers of fine resin with carbon fiber inserts — the top layer made to be transparent, which reveals the embedded carbon. This new dust-and mud-resistant Carbon Core Guard uses a filter between the case and buttons to keep everything out, ensuring a tight seal without using metal button pipes. All these features come together to form one of the world’s toughest watches that could go with you to the far edges of the world and confidently keep time.

The GGB100 also has Bluetooth mobile link functionality, connecting to the G-SHOCK Connected app, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The app greatly simplifies the configuration of the watch settings, making it easy to change anything you need quickly from your smartphone. The app automatically provides a location indicator, taken from your smartphone’s GPS, allowing you to keep track of where you’ve been. With a mission log, you can keep a record of every journey and exercise with altitude measurements, step counts and a consumed calorie calculation. As for where you are going, you can set the MUDMASTER’s digital display to show the distance to your set target destination, so you will never be lost in the woods.

The MUDMASTER comes equipped with the built-in Quad Sensor which puts a compass, altimeter, barometer temperature gauge and a step counter, all in a compact configuration. And when the light fades, you can still read your dial with a double LED light for the face and digital display. All of these features are rolled into the timepiece, making it much more than just a watch — it’s an essential piece of kit that can change the way you take on any expedition. No matter what far-flung locale you adventure off to, the GGB100 will help you keep track of your environment without having to pack extra gear or even stop, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most, the task at hand.

OXO Is Making The Better Tools For Your Home

When you walk into the OXO Headquarters on the far West Side of Manhattan, the first thing you will notice are the gloves. A giant wall in the entry, maybe 20 feet wide, hosts dozens of single gloves, each one collected by OXO employees all over the world. Above each lone glove is a small data plate meticulously recording where and when the glove was found, “January 21, 1998, 71 Street & Columbus Avenue.” OXO, of course, is not in the glove business, but these lost gloves on the wall are about the hands that go into them, and how different they all are. And if there is one thing OXO is in, it’s in the business of designing for hands.

OXO’s wall of gloves collected over the years.

Everything OXO makes is designed to be picked up and used in your hands. The brand has a loyal following among the most discerning consumers, and for good reason. For nearly 30 years, OXO (pronounced OX-oh) has been making simply the best everyday tools you never knew needed an overhaul. Finding daily tools that can be made better, and working tirelessly to do so — and in turn, changing the way we interact with them, and the way we live every day — is an OXO specialty. It is how the brand came together in 1990 when Sam Farber set out to design a better peeler. When his wife Betsey struggled with a traditional metal peeler due to arthritis, he knew he could find a better way. Working with designers to make prototypes from clay, rubber bike handles and carved styrofoam, Sam and Betsey settled on the peeler you’ve probably seen — and hopefully used — the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. And from that love, OXO was born.

While most home goods and kitchenware companies design for the largest number of users possible, the average user, OXO discovered that if you make a product designed ergonomically for those who may struggle, the design is better for everyone. “Most brands design for the top of the bell curve and create products for the general population,” says Karen Schnelwar, VP of Brand Strategy and Marketing. “When OXO was founded they flipped that model completely; OXO’s universal design speaks to a broader, more inclusive audience. The result are better, more thoughtfully designed tools for every day.”

Early prototypes and final renditions of two iconic OXO products: the Pop Cereal Dispenser and Angled Measuring Cup

From the first Swivel Peeler to the heights of OXO ingenuity across categories — the brand’s signature POP Containers, its game-changing Salad Spinner — what makes OXO products stand out is the brand’s commitment to creating something better. This means everything needs to be thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested. All OXO products are designed in the spirit of its original peeler: recognizing a better way and working endlessly to make it happen.

OXO’s product teams are immersed in their categories, constantly searching for the next problem to solve. “Every OXO product is made by people who strive to know everything they can about a task and then make the best possible product experience to help a consumer with that task,” says Mike Delevante, OXO’s VP of Product Development.

Pop containers and the device OXO product engineers made to test for years of repeated use.

Part of the OXO philosophy means it is never done — even after a product launches, OXO engineers routinely go back to it; it’s a constant quest for better. Its iconic peeler has gone through several updates in its nearly thirty years. To get as close to perfect as possible, OXO spends serious hours observing how people use a product. How you pick up a cheese grater, how you pour liquids into a measuring cup, scrub a pot, or open a container. “We observe people using tools – the ones they use in their home, other products they may have never seen,” explains Delevante. “Sometimes we have testers take photos or videos of themselves to capture a more real-life experience since people might do something different with our teams present to observe.” Understanding how people use the tools they have, and how it can be made better is at the heart of the brand.

“It’s prototype, test, refine and repeat — over and over,” says Delevante. Product engineers work on OXO’s products from sketching designs to making Frankenstein models and 3D printing prototypes. For a simple product, this could mean 3 to 4 prototypes, but for larger, more complex tools the number could be much higher. OXO engineers often look to the world outside housewares for inspiration. Be it a rubber bike handle or even the spinning mechanism from a child’s spinning top (which powers the brand’s salad spinner), product engineers look everywhere to solve the everyday problems they beat.

To speed up the testing process of the Hand-Held Spiralizer, the product engineer added a drill bit attachment, allowing them to blow through vegetables to simulate years of wear and tear.

Once prototypes are made, then comes the rigorous testing. For many of OXO’s designs, the way to guarantee for a lifetime is by testing it over and over again. Mounds of zucchini, potatoes and cheese have met their ends at the hands of testing — all to be devoured by the office when the testing is done. To speed up the testing process of the Hand-Held Spiralizer, an OXO product engineer added a drill bit attachment, allowing them to blow through vegetables, simulating years of wear and tear. For the new POP Container design, a mechanical contraption was installed to open and close the container thousands of times. Even cleaning brushes are strapped and mounted on a constantly moving plane, simulating years of scrubbing. “The products have to perform and they have to be durable,” explains Delevante. “Our goal is to design products that last a lifetime – reducing the need to replace.”

Once the product passes muster and enters production, it finds its way into store aisles and kitchen drawers. If OXO did its job right, you’ll notice the thoughtful design elements but you won’t know the whole story of its development — it will just be a perfect tool, made for your hands. “Our goal is to make everyday tools that make everyday life better,” remarks Schnelwar. “We want to make things that fit comfortably in your hand, and in your life — every day.”

A Look Inside Artist Nick Kuchar’s Studio

Artist Nick Kuchar’s life on the west side of Oahu started with a dream-like quality. Born and raised in coastal Florida, Kuchar and his wife, Rachel, ventured to the Hawaiian islands for their honeymoon some 13 years ago and quickly decided to turn the holiday into a permanent stay. Of course, no fantasy is as simple in reality. Before launching his business, the Kuchars first waited tables and scraped-by for a few years. Though the hardship is relative: It was the landscape, sun and surf were their main drivers in those early days.

Then in 2010, life shifted. When looking for artwork to hang in their home, Kuchar instead turned to his background in design and the natural inspiration of his surroundings. “I started illustrating some of our favorite spots here in Hawaii,” he says. “It was places that we surfed at, places we hiked, or little towns we like to hang out and grab lunch at.” This soon developed into an online shop. “It kind of snowballed from there. Some local galleries found my work and we’ve grown our list of galleries that we wholesale to.”

Today, Kuchar’s small business is thriving. In his studio, situated in a small structure behind their craftsman-style home, Kuchar keeps busy sketching and framing his work while his shop manager is handling orders. While his artwork is being stocked in more and more shops across the islands, Kuchar has met growing demand by creating supplemental goods — from hats to towels, coasters and recently a collaborative run of men’s and women’s shoes with Olukai.

Though the story sounds like he fell into success, Kuchar is the first to admit that it’s no easy task to run a creative business, particularly in a place as isolated as Hawaii. “It’s really just about cultivating good relationships and being really reciprocal with the give and take,” says Kuchar. “If you go into it, just seeing what you can take for yourself, I don’t feel like you can be successful in Hawaii. You really have to lean on each other.”

Kuchar considers his business relationships as dear and familial as the personal ones he’s developed in Oahu. The relationship-driven way of life is ultimately what took him from extending his honeymoon phase (that is, living in Hawaii solely for hiking and surfing) to truly staying for the sense of greater ohana.

“Hawaii is very family-based — community and family are very important, which is something that I really like,” he says. “We really just came out here to be part of just the outdoor lifestyle. And on top of that, we’ve found a really rich community.”

Meet the Huakai Li

The Huakai Li is OluKai’s handsome sneaker that can go anywhere without an issue. Looking to the raw natural beauty of the Waimoku Falls on Maui’s east side for design inspiration, the refined sneaker is crafted from waxed nubuck leather and is the perfect sneaker for casual adventures. Read the Story

You’re Invited: An Exclusive Night with Gear Patrol at FILA’s New NYC Pop-Up

Join Gear Patrol for In The Field: FILA Explore Edition at the brand’s new pop-up shop in Manhattan on the night of August 7th. We’ll be there celebrating FILA’s new limited-edition Explore collection, which draws from the brand’s legacy of ski, hiking, alpine- and trek-wear with heritage-inspired footwear and threads. Space is tight, but those who make it will have a chance to score a limited edition, 20mm Gear Patrol x FILA NATO watch strap, so be sure to bring your favorite timepiece along — we’ll even help you switch in the new strap, on the spot. Plus, we will have some light bites and a drink or two for a full evening. Space is limited, so be sure to get your name on the list below for a chance to attend.

What: An evening with Gear Patrol editors at FILA, complete with a limited number of free watch straps, photo booth, drinks, light bites and more.
When: Wednesday evening, August 7 (time revealed with confirmed RSVP)
Where: FILA’s NYC pop-up at 428 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Fill Out the Form for Your Chance to Join Us

Photographer Michael Muller Shoots Sharks and People in the Same Light

Based in Los Angeles, Michael Muller is one of Hollywood’s most dominant photographers. His images regularly grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly, big-budget movies posters (think Iron Man, Aquaman and Captain Marvel) and album covers (see Rihanna’s Unapologetic). Juxtaposing this studio work, Muller spends as much time as possible in the outdoors, most recently through documenting ocean life, specifically, sharks in open water. Though these subjects could not be more different, Muller’s approach is constant. In all forms, through his vision and execution, he favors a vivid, unmistakably charged style that’s solely his own.

Today, Muller is most often found with a Leica in-hand (his preferred choice for the superior glass). But, before he had shelves stocked with his favorite German products, Muller got his first waterproof camera at 10 during his childhood in Saudi Arabia. “I remember taking a photograph of a photo in the National Geographic of a shark, then showed all my young friends,” he says. He eventually copped to the lie that it was his own image. “But I did see the power of photography just with that. I remember it really had an impact on me,” he says.

From his early days, Muller was hustling. When he relocated to Northern California as a pre-teen, he started documenting snowboarding and sneaking into rock concerts to shoot musicians. “I was in seventh grade and it was sort of the birth of snowboarding,” he says. “I started photographing friends snowboarding, which quickly led to shooting professionals and getting published.”

At 18, Muller moved to Los Angeles to kick-start his career as it’s known today. He began by shooting test shots for models. “They needed pictures, so I just shot people, sometimes four, five, six a day,” he recalls. “And I didn’t throw them up against a wall, bam, bam, in and out. I treated each one like it was the cover of Vogue.”

Though not linear, Muller’s success was no accident. From a ten-year-old snorkeling with a film camera to shooting pro-snowboarders and musicians, then actors, movie posters, album covers — and now great white sharks: it was gumption more than anything that got him here. “When I was making my book with Taschen, my editor turned to me and said, ‘Do you know what I notice about all of the photographers that we do books with? All of you, you’re all hustlers.’” Muller’s response: “You have to be.” That maverick style is infused in each of his photos.

Over the last decade or so, Muller’s personal attention has moved to focus more on the oceans. His work with sharks has culminated in his much-lauded simply-titled book, Sharks, released in 2018 as well as a years-in-the-making VR project. His mediums seemingly could not be more different — two contrasting species, in two opposite environments — but Muller has taken his rather electric style and applied it across the board. “I’m constantly searching to do something that I’ve never seen before,” he says. “I thought, ‘I want to shoot a shark like I shoot Iron Man.’ And so how do you do that? I can’t bring a shark in [a studio]. It’ll be dead. So I have to bring this to the shark.” That’s involved creating an entire studio underwater, strobe lights and all.

“I think all of my work sort of infuses on one another.” Being bold in life and art has been his throughline. “A really good, striking image, you can feel something when you look at it, whether it’s a shark or a person.” And it’s been his ability to breakdown his own fears and overcome the noise of his surrounding to create work that’s transcended norms.

Today in Gear: Snap Up These Better Fitting Dress Shirts, Gorgeous New Motorcycle Helmets & More

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and deals. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at

Enro has been making top of the line dress shirts for 100 years. But, you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t run across the shirts yourself, because until recently you could only find these gems in men’s specialty stores. Now, Enro’s perfectly fitted shirts are available online through its own website. With serious quality construction, forever flat seams that will never pucker and high fiber count fabrics, Enro ensures a made-to-measure fit without the measuring. The new Dynamic Fit uses 14 points of measurement reference — for comparison, the industry standard is eight points of measurement — which means it is shaped better and as close to custom as you can get off the rack. You also don’t have to worry about heating up the iron, as all Enro shirts are made with its second-generation non-iron technology that will keep your shirt crisp right out of the washing machine. With plenty of patterns and fabrics to choose from, you will be sure to find a shirt or two that fits your style. Right now you can snap up two Enro shirts for 25 percent off, three for 30 percent and four for 35 percent — so why not fill the closet.

New & Noteworthy Releases

What’s It Like to Ride in Porsche’s All-Electric Tesla Fighter on a Race Track?

What’s It Like to Ride in Porsche’s All-Electric Tesla Fighter on a Race Track?

Even from the passenger’s seat, being tossed around a racetrack in Porche’s all-electric Taycan prototype reveals plenty about the highly-anticipated sedan.

Grand Seiko’s New Limited-Edition GMT Watch Is Icy Cool

Grand Seiko’s New Limited-Edition GMT Watch Is Icy Cool

The new Spring Drive SBGE249 watch from Grand Seiko expands on the cult popularity of the “Snowflake” with the addition of a GMT function.

The Surprising Secret Ingredient in the 2020 Olympic Medals

The Surprising Secret Ingredient in the 2020 Olympic Medals

The games will give new life to old tech.

This Is the Best Multi-Tool You Can Buy Right Now

This Is the Best Multi-Tool You Can Buy Right Now

Our Editor’s Pick for the best multi-tool you can buy right now is the Leatherman Free P2.

Drooling Over This Gorgeous New Motorcycle Helmet? Thank BMW

Drooling Over This Gorgeous New Motorcycle Helmet? Thank BMW

London-based Hedon is teaming up with BMW Motorrad for a line of new lids inspired by the classic colors of Beemers past and present.

The Perfect MacBook Pro Accessory for the On-the-Road Photographer

The Perfect MacBook Pro Accessory for the On-the-Road Photographer

The portable USB-C hub is designed to work with the latest MacBook Pros.

Fresh Deals


Seiko Prospex PADI Diver
Save $185: Powered by the cal. V157 quartz movement, the PADI special edition features a 47mm case, Hardlex mineral crystal, date display, Lumibright-coated hands and markers, and a unidirectional rotating dive bezel. It’s water-resistant to 200m and features a screw-down crown and case back. Once fully charged, the power reserve on the V157 movement lasts roughly 10 months. If mechanical watches aren’t your thing, then this PADI special edition could be your water watch this summer. — Oren Hartov grey_placeholder

Persol Sunglasses
Save up to 71%: If you’ve been waiting to invest in an iconic pair of Persol sunglasses, Nordstrom Rack has a deal for you. Right now, you can save 71 percent on three different Italian-made Persols: the Aviator, the Round and the Sartoria models. Normally $350, these shades are now just $100 while supplies last. — John Zientek grey_placeholder

Marathon General Purpose Quartz
Save 20%: Right now, you can take 20% off the quartz-powered date version of the General Purpose field watch on Huckberry, which has been discounted from $400 down to $320. The General Purpose field watch features tritium tube illumination on the hands and a 34mm case. While this may sound small by modern standards, the watch wears extremely well and its 12mm depth offsets somewhat the smaller width. — Oren Hartov grey_placeholder

Naglev Unico Hiking Shoe
Save $57: A pair of handmade hiking boots can cost as much as $750, but right now there’s a pair made by a small Italian brand called Naglev available for $173, which is 25 percent off its regular price of $230. Before you discount that as small change, know that the shoe, called the Unico Hiker, is unlike any other hiking shoe available (it’s also on our list of the best hiking boots available).

Naglev is based in the Alps, where outdoor footwear was invented, and it created the Unico to function as a middle ground between a hiking boot and a trail running sneaker. It calls to mind approach shoes (sturdy, low-cut hiking shoes typically used by rock climbers who face long treks through technical terrain on the way to a climb), but it’s built much differently. The upper is made of one single piece of Kevlar fabric — yes, the same stuff used to make body armor — and its inside is lined with a sock-like wool liner. This construction creates a remarkably durable shoe that’s unexpectedly comfortable, and entirely unique. — Tanner Bowden

Adirondack Chairs
Save 54%: On July 18, 1905, summer porch-sitting royalty was born. Officially invented by one Harry Bunnell, the Adirondack chair was described at the time as “a new and useful Improvement in Chairs” in its patent. The improvement was Bunnell’s want to be relaxed as hell.

The chair was designed to require the sitter to lean back, kick their feet up and made it intentionally challenging to remove themselves from the seat. More than 100 years later, Bunnell’s chair still kicks ass. Today on Sierra Trading Post, get Aspen Brand’s collapsible take on it for 54 percent off the sticker price. — Will Price


Orient Ray II Dive Watch
Save 60%: Legible, water-resistant to 200m, topped with a mineral crystal, and packing an automatic movement with 40 hours of power reserve, the Orient Ray II is a handsome and highly wearable diver with a 41.5mm case. Its retail price of $335 is a pretty good value to begin with. But right now, you can get it on a bracelet with choices of dial colors for just $129. There are also options on a rubber strap for $5 less and a very cool all-black version for just $35 more. — Oren Hartov

Bell Race Star Helmets
Save Up to 50%: Bell’s Race Star helmet is a dynamite motorcycle lid for anyone who plans on hitting the track or back roads with verve. (Or at least wants other riders to think they’re hitting the pavement with verve.) Made with a carbon fiber 3K Carbon Shell to minimize weight, the Race Star doesn’t sacrifice offers protection at the altar of lightness; it meets or goes beyond Snell M2015 and DOT certifications, and packs a three-layer Flex Impact Liner to deal with crashes at any speeds. It’s been tested in wind tunnels to make sure the air flows over it with minimal fuss, while the Panovision viewport offers better visibility in all directions compared with Bell helmets past. And, of course, it just looks sweet.

Right now, thanks to a closeout deal over at Revzilla, you can pick up several variants of the Bell Race Star for massive savings — as much as 50 percent off on certain models. But there is, however, a catch: These sales are only available on small and extra-small helmets. If you need a bigger lid, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere; but if you’re cursed/blessed with a tiny head, well, today’s your lucky day. — Will Sabel Courtney


Outerknown Clothing and Accessories
Save up to 60%: California-based clothing brand Outerknown makes some of our favorite wardrobe staples. Its laid back threads are easy to integrate into your daily wardrobe and will quickly become the first things you reach for in the morning. Now during the brand’s Summer Sale, you can save up to 60 percent on a huge selection of clothing. Pick from shirts, pants, shorts and more — deals start at just $9. — John Zientek

Lululemon Sale
Save 20%: Lululemon made too many shorts, tees, tanks and a plethora of other gym-approved apparel, so that means it’s time for a sale. All of the best gym and running shorts of 2019 are up to 20 percent off. T.H.E. Short is our favorite for training and CrossFit, while shorter lengths (think 5- or 7-inch) are ideal for summer runs. And if you’re more of a gym workout guy, specifically Barry’s Bootcamp, be sure to check out the special collection the team launched this week sold at Barry’s. You can stock up on tanks and shorts that are perfect for running and lifting weights. Shop the sale and the new gear today. — Meg Lappe

Bestech BG06 Kendo G-10 Series Knife Sale
Save 40%: Right now, you can grab this Japanese-inspired knife for just $39. The Bestech BG06 Kendo G-10 series is down $26 from its original $65. With a D2 tool steel blade and a tanto blade style, it’s like having a small Japanese sword in your pocket. A ball bearing system makes for a satisfying opening when you press on the flipper. The smooth non-slip handle comes in three colors: black, green or beige. You can shop the knife at today and make this mini-sword your EDC— Meg Lappe

Today on Gear Patrol

You’re Smoking Meat All Wrong (Yes, You)

You’re Smoking Meat All Wrong (Yes, You)

Contrary to what your dad told you, more smoke does not mean better barbeque.

These 5 Tour de France Lessons Can Help You Ride Faster Today

These 5 Tour de France Lessons Can Help You Ride Faster Today

Even if you aren’t a super fan, there’s a lot we can all learn from the gear and nutrition pro riders use.

This Navy SEAL-Inspired Home Gym Delivers Huge Gains in a Small Package

This Navy SEAL-Inspired Home Gym Delivers Huge Gains in a Small Package

But does it work in an NYC apartment?

Aether Apparel Divide Motorcycle Touring Gear Review: Style for the Long Haul

Aether Apparel Divide Motorcycle Touring Gear Review: Style for the Long Haul

Aether’s new jacket and pants bring undertstated style to the motorcycle touring world.

The $200 Headphones That Punch Way Above Their Weight

The $200 Headphones That Punch Way Above Their Weight

If you want audiophile-grade headphones that work well with your smartphone and don’t need a separate headphone amplifier — get these.

Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

The Beach Ready Sneaker You Need on Your Feet

OluKai is known for its impressively rugged sandals perfect for taking from surf to land. The island-born brand understands the need for versatile footwear better than most, combining aquatic durability, ocean lifestyle, comfort and craftsmanship, for rugged and laid back footwear. OluKai makes some of the best island ready adventure shoes you can get your hands on, and not just sandals.

The Huakai Li (hoo-ah-kah-ee lee) which roughly translates to “journey, lace” in Hawaiin, is OluKai’s handsome sneaker that can go anywhere without an issue. Looking to the raw natural beauty of the Waimoku Falls on Maui’s east side for design inspiration, the Huakai Li is crafted from waxed nubuck leather and is the perfect sneaker for the casual adventures.

The leather uppers will get better with age — like a well-loved baseball glove — breaking in and becoming even more supple to fit your feet just right. The leather extends into the interior of the shoe as well, lined with pebbled full-grain leather so you can throw them on with or without socks. Also in that department, the Huakai Li is equipped with a drop-in heel for easy on-off wear for those Hawaiian homes where you slip off your shoes before going in the house.

The footbed and outsole round out the comfort and versatility. Lightweight and super supportive, the footbed is anatomical for comfort and is covered in that soft full-grain leather for the smoothest of rides. The sneaker styling stands out on the white EVA midsole, but the addition of the stacked leather vernier heel give the Huakai Li a bit of elevation.

The Huakai Li is ready is more than capable of any place or any casual jaunt beachside to the home. Whether enjoying Hawai‘i’s raw natural beauty or just slipping them on to run errands on the weekend, the Huakai Li can do it all and then some.

Giro’s New Cycling Shoe Lets Serious Cyclists Lighten Up

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The Best Products from HP’s Blowout 4th Of July Sale

If you head over to HP’s site, they are having a massive site-wide sale for 4th of July. But it’s the 4th of July, you don’t want to be holed up with your computer looking at your screen for amazing deals, you want to be outside enjoying the summer for yourself. That’s why we combed through this one to find the best bits of tech from beach-ready speakers to a laptop that can travel light all summer long. With up to 62% off and available free shipping, it was hard to find products we didn’t want to include, but here are our summer must-haves from HP’s Fourth of July sale that you’ll use all summer long and then some.

HP Tango X

Let’s be real, printers can be an eyesore — but not this one. That’s part of the reason why the furniture-grade design of the wireless-focused Tango X caught our eye. It isn’t a slouch under the hood either with plenty of technical capabilities from printing to scanning and copying and even voice-activated controls.

HP Spectre Folio Laptop 13t

The Spectre Folio is made with a magnesium frame that’s completely covered in a leather outer shell — save for the keyboard and screen — making it look like no other laptop. This stylish computer has a hybrid hinge allowing the touchscreen to fold making a versatile tool you can easily pack away for a weekend trip (or use all week long).

HP Bluetooth Mini Speaker 300

This little speaker is perfect for you to use all summer long, from the beach, to the pool, to your camping trip. With a built-in carabiner hook, it can go anywhere with you, while the dust tight design and water resistance means you won’t have to worry about taking everywhere this summer.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Camera Printer

We were a bit conflicted about putting another printer on the list, but this one is too neat to pass up. With a built in instant camera that fits in your palm, wireless and Bluetooth connected, the Sprocket 2-in-1 Camera Printer can print 2” x 3” photographs wherever you are from your smartphone or direct from the camera, making it perfect for summer grill outs or road trips.

This Hybrid Pack Is The Best Travel Companion You Can Ask For

Sure, a lot of bags are marketed as being able to “do it all” but rarely are they truly up to scratch. But the Hybrid 50L Trolley is one of those exceptions — though it is hardly exceptional that Kathmandu is behind this wonder. Hailing from the rugged terrain and made for the always adventure ready people of New Zealand, Kathmandu has been making some of the most practical and ingenuity designed pieces of outdoor kit for thirty years. These folks certainly know their way around designing a bag for any adventure.

Key Specs

Dimensions: 70cm x 30cm x 37cm
Capacity: 50L
Weight: 6.9lb

The Hybrid 50L Trolley is game for any far-flung journey regardless of what you need from it. Incredibly lightweight, outfitted with rugged wheels and collapsible handle, it is always ready to roll. But, when the going gets tough, you can throw this easily organized 50L on your back, quickly converting into a ruck. Kathmandu has been perfecting the design of the Hybrid Trolley for 15 years and this newest iteration is the best it has ever been.

Improved Fold-out Harness

The Hybrid 50L Trolley has a newly improved harness system, that allows it to go from wheely to back-born seamlessly. The harness is zipped into a forward-facing compartment so it doesn’t get in the way or become an eye-sore when you are rolling along. When you do deploy those stellar straps, it reveals comfortable breathable mesh back panel and cushioned hip belt that will help you schlep with ease. But when you are back on somewhat even ground, the wheels can.

Durable Wheels

The most important part of any bag with wheels is, well, the wheels. Naturally, if the wheels on a wheel-based bag give out, that’s it, regardless of how many other ways it can be carried. That is why Kathmandu gave the Hybrid 50L Trolley durable wheels that can take you anywhere you need to go — no matter the terrain. These two wheels that can take you most places are also discreet. Tucked out of the way, you can hardly notice the two wheels that give this pack so many miles. The extendable handle means that trundling along will be a breeze on your back.

Internal Organization

With the exterior of the back locked down, you need to make sure you can lock down your effects on the inside. All too often with backpacks, your contents just get lost and shift around and every time, the one thing you need is at the very bottom. To counteract the gravity of the situation, Kathmandu has put a few smart bits in place. First thing first, you have an added external pocket along with an internal pocket and a mesh compartment to help you keep things straight. Now to keep things place in the spacious main compartment, you have some nifty compression straps then let you cinch your load down to the smallest size and keep it all locked in place.

Attachment Points

If the Hybrid 50L Trolley is still not enough room for your adventure, there is a handy added feature. Because Kathmandu knows that sometimes one bag just isn’t enough, the Hybrid 50L comes equipped with attachment points for Kathmandu’s Gluon Daypack. That way you can use your Hybrid 50L to pack for the trip and use the daypack for your smaller jaunts — all while being seamlessly integrated for easier travel.

Everything You Need to Know for a Remote Trip to the Channel Islands

Editor’s Note: In this series, Off the Beaten Path, we’re telling the stories of outdoor guides and how they spend their time off, individually experiencing the very places they uncover for people every day. In this edition, we’re giving all the insights on how to get to California’s Channel Islands yourself and what to bring along for the trip.

What are the Channel Islands?
An archipelago of eight islands just off the coast of California constitute the Channel Islands. Only the five northernmost islands — Anacapa, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel — are part of Channel Islands National Park, established in 1980. (The other three, more southern, are San Clemente, San Nicolas and Santa Catalina.) The islands are close to the shoreline — you can see them from LA on a clear day — but you can only them by boat or, in some cases, a plane.

The islands are rugged, rimmed by steep sea cliffs and filled with grassy hillsides and rocky mountains. There are occasional stands of pine and oaks, but largely, the landscape is covered by grasses and wildflowers. Over 140 species are endemic to the islands. Onshore, the only mammal species are (very pesky) island foxes, skunks and deer mice; birds, reptiles and insects thrive. The sea also teems with life: many species of whales, dolphins, bountiful fish populations, plus sea lions, seals and dolphins.

The islands are almost entirely unpeopled and extremely undeveloped. This, combined with the difficulty of getting to them from the mainland, make them one of the least visited national parks. But visiting them can be done — and the rewards for a journey can be spectacular. It’s a prime — and recommended — place to reconnect. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get There
Island Packers operates ferries to each of the islands; Channel Islands Aviation operates planes to Santa Rosa and San Miguel year-round, on demand. Boats run year-round to Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands (1-hour trip), April through November for Santa Rosa and San Miguel (3- and 4-hour trips, respectively), and spring through fall to Santa Barbara Island (4-hour trip).

What to Do
Anacapa Island, the nearest to shore, is beautiful but has no fresh water; primitive campsites, short hiking trails and minimal access to the ocean due to cliffs makes it a great spot for a day trip or short overnight stay. Similarly, there is no water, goods, or services on the more distant, relatively small islands of San Miguel, Santa Barbara, or Santa Rosa, making them best for a short visit. (Each does offer brilliant wildlife viewing, hiking, and ocean life.)

This makes Santa Cruz Island the most viable option for a prolonged stay. It is the largest island by far, at 60,000 acres, or roughly the size of Staten Island, with some 70 miles of coastline. More than half of its acreage is private land owned by the Nature Conservancy, but that still leaves plenty of area to explore on the eastern, National Park, side. Island Packers ferries operate 5-7 days of the week for drop-off and pickup. Scorpion Ranch campground, on its easternmost end, is the only place on any of the islands with drinking water and pit toilets; not to mention, the campground sits in a beautiful valley shaded by Eucalyptus trees. Nearby, Santa Barbara Adventure Company operates out of Scorpion Harbor, providing guides, gear, and tours for sea kayaking and snorkeling.

Both the Smugglers Cove trail (7.5 miles, out and back) and the Potato Harbor Trail (4.9 mile loop) begin and end near Scorpion Ranch campground, and lead through the interior and cliffs of the island for great views and wildlife viewing. Potato Harbor, on the northern side of the island, offers incredible sunset views; Smuggler’s Cove, on the southern side, is a great spot to explore.

Bring your own kayak and snorkel gear to explore the various kelp beds and over 250 sea caves along the island’s coast. Or, rent a guide and gear through Santa Barbara Adventure Company. The marine life off the coast is some of the most vibrant in the world—you’ll likely see fish of all kinds, sea lions, and maybe even dolphins and whales.

Rather than staying on the island, you can also outfit through SBAC to take a boat to the west side of the island and explore Painted Cave, the longest in North America, a cavernous delight on a kayak. Or, backcountry camp at Del Norte Campground, in the middle of the island, then hike back to Scorpion Ranch for more populated fun. (Just make sure you bring water—Del Norte doesn’t have any.)

What Gear to Bring
Because most of the Channel Islands are entirely undeveloped, you’ll need first to bring your own water and food (Can we recommend some Pad Thai?). It’s prettty essential, also, to note that Scorpion Ranch campground on Santa Cruz is the only place with potable water on the islands. For a day hike, be sure to dress in layers — temperatures swing wildly between chilly, windswept nights to blazing, cloudless days—and consider bringing along a down jacket, hat and gloves in the cooler months. Sturdy hiking boots and water shoes are a must. If you’re going in the water, don’t forget to bring or rent a wetsuit, since water temperatures are frigid three months out of the year. If you’re camping, don’t forget a lightweight stove — there are no open fires allowed on the island, so this won’t be an open-fire-grilling trip.

The Watch for the Journey

Montblanc’s 1858 collection was inspired by the adventures watches made by Minerva in the 1920s and ‘30s and the Automatic 40mm pays homage to the classic stylings of that brand — cathedral-shaped hands, railway minutes track — and capped with a khaki-green nubuck calf leather strap, it’s tough and ready for the wild.
Buy Now: $2,410

The Gear that Helps Cody Townsend Shred His Best

Cody Townsend wakes up early most days — around 2 AM. Cody is one of the world’s most recognizable pro big mountain skiers in the world always pushing the limits of his snowy pursuits. His skiing has taken him from the Arctic to Tibet, completing some truly white-knuckled lines. But, when he wakes up, he just needs a cup of coffee. He’ll then throw on his 30-pound ruck and climb for the summit. “Hours of sweating, struggling and suffering later, I arrive at the summit, tired but energized by the view and the vertical finish line.” Then all there is to do is “click into my skis, put the goggles on and gingerly step back out to the steeps.” For a pro like Cody — or for anyone looking to tackle any challenge — the gear you step off with can make all the difference. “My gear is essential because in the backcountry it truly can be the difference between success or failure,” which on some lines Cody takes on, can mean life or death. Read on for Cody’s insights on the pieces of kit that he relies on every day to tackle the next ski line where the gear can’t fail. What’s more: “It’s kind of weird how much happiness a good piece of equipment can give me.”

Salomon QST 106 Skis

The most do-it-all ski I’ve ever skied on. From the summit of Denali to the groomers of Squaw, it is light enough to walk with to the highest point in North America, yet powerful enough to carve like Mikaela Shiffrin on-piste. It also does pretty damn well in powder, too, being 106mm-wide underfoot.

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

A day wouldn’t start for me without coffee, and that coffee always goes in a Rambler. It keeps my coffee hot for hours, allowing for sipping leisurely through a computer morning, or if I need to drink it quickly before a pre-dawn start. Its wide-mouth with a removed lid allows my hot “joe” to cool quickly to a perfect fast drinking temperature.

Le Bent LeSend Socks

Blisters can be a painful way to end any long day hiking in the backcountry and this first-ever ski touring ski sock is the absolute antidote to blisters. It has a specific fiber blend and composition that helps prevent cold and wet feet.

Gaia App

The app is the lifeblood of serious backcountry skiers seeking new zones and exploratory skiing. From discovery to research, tracking your moves, or guiding you through a whiteout, Gaia is probably the most essential software on a skier’s phone.

Ford Ranger Lariat FX4

I drive about 12-15k miles per winter. From highway miles to rugged back roads, my truck is the lifeblood fueling The FIFTY (2019 film project). Reliability, versatility and something that can go anywhere and do anything is a must. So far my new Ranger is checking off all those boxes.


When you live out of the back of your truck, organization is key. From camera equipment to my backcountry kitchen, I’ve started using multiple GoBox’s to make sure my gear is organized, protected and easily accessible when living on the road.

Arcade Adventure Belt

If your pants don’t stay up, well that’s a day ender right there. Stretchy and comfortable to not be restrictive when climbing or skiing, weatherproof to not get bogged down like leather belts do in snow and rain and micro-adjustable to the perfect fit. The best belt ever created for doing stuff outside.

Voile Straps

The most useful item ever. From packaging your skis together to fixing a broken ski boot, medical emergencies to organizing your gear, I always have 4-6 of these on me in the backcountry. They’re as versatile for a skier as duct tape is for a handyman.

Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Beacon

You trust your life to your beacon. Might as well get the one the best mountain guides in the world use. Reliable, simple and fast are the signatures of the Barryvox S all in a compact, high tech package.

Giti Tire Attacks the Nürburgring With a Pair of Audi R8s & a Pair of VW Golfs

Third Year’s the Charm

The 24 Hours of Nürburgring is one of the most challenging motorsports races in the entire world. The track itself is a fabled place for motorsports fans and the proving ground for manufacturers of sports cars and race cars alike. The 24-hour race that is held every year is the ultimate test of engineering, teamwork, and racing skill.

Automakers aren’t the only manufacturers who use the Nürburgring as a proving ground. Tire companies also do. One company that will take their product to the extreme at the upcoming race is Giti Tire. This will be the third year that the company has competed in the race, and it hopes this to be the most exciting year yet. 

The Cars Racing

The company has four cars set to compete in the race. The first is an Audi R8 LMS Ultra that comes with a 5.2-liter V10 engine that makes 570 hp. The car will be driven by Henzel Bernhard, P. Lefterov, and F. Schickler. The second is another Audi R8, this one a GT4 car, that has a 5.2-liter V10 engine tuned to 495 hp. It will be driven by Rainey He, Sunny Wong, Andy Yan, and Li Fei. 

In the past, the company has used the Lamborghini Huracán for the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. This time around, the company thought it would be better to utilize the Audi R8 instead. “The Audi R8 offers a great combination of power, reliability, and technology that goes together very well with how Giti positions its tires,” said a representative of Giti Tire. These are the two cars that many racing fans, spectators, and others in the industry will be focused on. 

Giti tire Audi R8Giti tire Audi R8

The VW Golfs will also run the race. One of the golfs will be an all-female team, including the drivers and crew. According to Giti Tire, this is the first time in the race’s history that this has happened. 

“The 24 Hours Nürburgring race is a great natural choice for [us],” said a Giti Tire representative. “From one vehicle in 2017 to two in 2018 and four this year, Giti is truly committed to making an impact on the race and further utilizing the results and lessons to continue making both our racing and everyday driving tires the best they can be.”

The Tires to be Used

Speaking of the tires used, the company plans to use its GitiCompete GTR1 tires for the race. Those tires are a track-only variant that have proved to be very popular among a wide variety of racers. The GitiCompete GTR1 tires have been used at a wide variety of well-known motorsports events and races, including the 24 Hours Nürburgring race, as well as Formula 3 Asian series, and Pikes Peak Hill Climb among others. 

The latest iteration of the GTR1 tires come after years of research and development. The top grade compound has been designed for racetracks. It should help the Audi R8s compete well in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race this year. While race is an important test for Giti Tire, the company isn’t just concerned with racing. The lessons it learns on the track will trickle down to road-legal variations of its tires, ensuring the best performance for all kinds of vehicles. 

It will be exciting to see how the Audi R8s and the VW Golfs put out on the racetrack by Giti Tire perform at the race. The race will occur this weekend in Germany. 

Read more @

How to Reconnect Off-the-Grid, According to a California Park Guide

Editor’s Note: In this series, Off the Beaten Path, we’re telling the stories of outdoor guides and how they spend their time off, individually experiencing the very places they uncover for people every day. We’ll take you on their personal journeys — unearthing natural wonders and calling out the gear they use along the way.

“What do I do on my days off? Some days, I Gorilla Glue the holes in my surfboard,” says Jerry Phillips. Sure enough, his board sports three freshly patched holes, punched last night when Phillips and another guide went surfing after work. “I fell on the first wave, and was floating right in the boneyard when the rest of the set came through,” he says.

Phillips is a guide for Santa Barbara Adventure Company in Channel Islands National Park, a series of five rugged islands rising just off the coast of California. Though the islands can be seen from LA on clear days, their relative isolation from the mainland has allowed them to remain undeveloped and makes them collectively one of the least visited National Parks.

Phillips is just twenty years old. But he’s an assistant manager and respected guide out here. His path to Santa Cruz, the largest of the Channel Islands, has been dense with wild experiences. “As a kid, I didn’t like the outdoors that much. But I liked trout fishing, and that got me outside. Then I liked climbing, and that got me outside even more,” he says. In the middle of a ranger-guided tour in Denali, a match struck in his head: “I looked at the guide and realized I could make a career doing that.”

He was studying psychology at UC Santa Barbara and planned to go to Yale for grad school. “I went surfing for the first time less than a week in. And I remember saying to myself, ‘I’m probably not going to go to Yale.’” He became an active member in UCSB’s Adventure Program, leading backpacking, kayaking and climbing trips, and spent a summer volunteering as a junior interpretive ranger in the Yosemite.

After he graduated, he got a job guiding kayak tours on the island. “My first day out here, I was guiding,” he says. “It’s all common sense. You figure it out.” Now he works on the island five to seven days a week.

He’s taken to the Channel Islands quickly. “Yosemite has a lot of shock and awe. In some ways, the Channel Islands is a quaint national park. You have 200 to 300 people on these islands at a time, max. Yosemite gets six million visitors a year. This is small, sure — but then you get into the ocean and it opens up into grandiose adventure.”

On tap for an off-duty afternoon: a big bite of that grandiose adventure. Phillips suits up in his Xcel Drylock wetsuit, NRS Ion personal flotation device, and Adidas Terrex Voyagers and is pushing his kayak off into Scorpion Bay ten minutes later. As he paddles past the breakers and through the canopy of a massive kelp forest, perched in one of SBAC’s Ocean Kayaks, he points out the gnarliest of the island’s 250 sea caves. “When I’m guiding clients, I spend all my time making sure everything goes smoothly,” he says. “When I’m out here on my own, the fun is getting yourself into the bad spots, and then getting yourself out.”

Getting into a bad spot inside one of these booming caves is a scary prospect, but Phillips seems unconcerned. The solution, again, is common sense. “I just remind myself to stay calm,” he says. “Yes, there’s a chance there’s a rock that will hurt you. But ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s just a lot of water moving around.”

His first so-called bad spot worth visiting is the aptly named Boat Wreck cave. The tide is high, and the swell rolls through the yawning entrance, bellowing and belching spray. Here’s the plan: once inside, he’ll hang a sharp right and wait for a small hole in the back of the cave to funnel a swell into a concentrated wave that he’ll surf through the cave and out its side entrance. “But there’s a big space against the wall to the left — I avoid that because there’s not enough room for both a kayak and a person,” he says. “If you have to bail out, you bail to the right. Oh, and sometimes there’s another wave coming in while you’re going out, so you might get whomped from both sides.”

He paddles in, waits for the swell, catches it, and rockets through the cave, then gets whomped from both sides and eats it. He keeps his cool and lets the massive churning gyre of water pull him right out the cave mouth, then climbs back aboard.

Back at the cave entrance, he chuckles. “Yeah, that got pretty hairy. Don’t think I’ll do that again.” He takes a long look at the swell breaking through the cave. “Well… maybe just once more.”

Later, Phillips ditches the kayak gear, grabs a Nalgene and a book — The Geology and Landscape of Santa Barbara County and Its Offshore Islands — from the guide shack, and hikes up to Delphine’s Grove, a stand of Cyprus trees overlooking nearby Anacapa Island. He sits down in a shady spot and munches on a cookie. “I always have lots of stuff in my head, from working all the time, and when I’m not working, from finding exciting shenanigans to do,” he says. “When I’m by myself, it’s nice to just quiet my mind. That takes more energy than one might think.”

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