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We Spent the Day with Hawaii’s Only Shochu Producer

Hawaii saw the arrival of its first Japanese immigrants in 1885 and today, residents coming from Japan amount to nearly 17% of the population on these Pacific islands. Their cultural influence is part of the fabric of Hawaii and yet Ken Hirata is the only producer of one of Japan’s most consumed spirits, Shochu, on Oahu.

Hirata was first inspired to begin producing Shochu more than 20 years ago while on a Hawaiian vacation. Inspired by a fermented taro dish, poi, Hirata was reminded of the spirit — traditionally made from sweet potato — a vegetable that’s in no short supply here. The thought stayed with him, and years later, when looking for a simpler life, Hirata decided to go all-in on his plan to launch a shochu brand on Oahu.

First learning the craft, however, is not so simple. Hirata began by approaching a master, begging to become his apprentice. “Usually that type of technique — recipes and everything — is passed within family members, generation to generation,” he says. His request was denied repeatedly, but finally, after his eighth try, his master accepted. Now relocated in Kagoshima, Hirata studied Shochu-making for three years (a crash-course, he says).

From there, Hirata moved to the North Shore of Oahu, where he and his wife made it a top priority to integrate with their neighbors in Haleiwa. It took time, but eventually, Hirata developed relationships with local farmers and business owners. “We had to struggle in the beginning. It was pretty hard because I didn’t know anybody and so it took time for me to get accepted. But after I got inside the circle, people started to support us,” he says. “We were just trying hard [to be] sincere and respect the local culture and the people in Hawaii.”

After seven seasons, Hirata’s customers travel far and wide for his product. He estimates some 40% are visitors from Japan, another 40% are local and the rest come to his on-site shop from the mainland. “In the beginning, a majority of our customers are local people in Hawaii,” Hirata says. “People in Hawaii try to support local products or produce as much as they can, even though the price is higher than the imported goods.”

While he came here for a simpler, slower life, Shochu making is still a labor of love. In shochu production, there is an on-season and off-season. During the on-season, days start at 5:00 am. In short, his shochu is made by steaming rice in a large wooden steamer, which is then is mixed with koji, to kickstart fermentation. The rice and sweet potatoes are then fermented in ceramic vats (a gift from Hirata’s shochu master). The mash is then distilled and aged for six months before bottling. “I have to be here 24/7,” Hirata says.

But in the off-season, Hirata gets the restful life he came to Hawaii for. “I have lots of freedom. I get up in the morning and eat breakfast with my wife and just relax, talk to local people who visit us. [I] take it easy — surf, play music and drink at night. That’s about it,” he quips. “Pretty simple.”

Meet the Hawaiiloa

This slick chukka was created to commemorate the iconic Hawaiiloa voyaging canoe. Made with a waterproof nubuck leather upper, a wool lining and hand-stitched details, it’s also lightweight and equipped with a ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ outsole so it’s ready to be on land or seaborne. Buy Now: $150)

This Is How a Guide in a Remote National Park Spends His Time

Editor’s Note: In this series, Off the Beaten Path, we’re telling the stories of outdoor guides and how they spend their time off, individually experiencing the very places they uncover for people every day. We’ll take you on their personal journeys — unearthing natural wonders and calling out the gear they use along the way.

The Channel Islands are not just where Pablo Chalott works as a guide three to five days a week. They’re his muse. So, on his days off from leading kayak tours through the island’s sea caves, he heads out, trusty Canon EOS A2 film camera in hand, and gets to work on a personal project: a photographic portfolio of the roughly 140 unique flora and fauna on the island.

Step one: rolling off his cozy REI self-inflating camp bed at the guide campsite, brewing a cup of coffee, lacing on his trusty Timberlands, and taking a hike through the Scorpion Valley of Santa Cruz Island, where he spends most of this time.

Chalott has worked as a guide with Santa Barbara Adventure Company for two years, but he’s been coming to the Channel Islands for much longer than that. He grew up in Oxnard, a town that sits just north of LA, opposite the park’s five rugged Pacific islands. In grade school, he came to the islands for class trips; eventually, he went to Cal State University Channel Islands to get his degree in art. He works in mixed media—watercolor, photography, polaroids bleeding ink, but his go-to is black-and-white film.

A series of his Channel Island landscape shots hang in the ranger station on nearby Anacapa Island, remnants of a science-and-art workshop he took part in, joining biologists at a research station for a five-week stint. The combination of the natural and artistic worlds stuck. Guiding out here was the natural next step after working as a surf instructor and portraitist in Oxnard.

Chalott walks quietly along a dry creek bed rimmed with morning glories, through a green meadow, up hillsides of dry grass. Overhead, Devil’s Peak, the Channel Islands’ highest mountain, wears Pacific Ocean mist like a crown. He stops to photograph what looks like a massive dandelion, white with seeds ready to be blown away. “I love to shoot plants,” he says. “You capture a moment. They bloom and then they die. It’s never here more than once.”

Today, Chalott wants to photograph a Channel Island scrub-jay, which is a much larger bird than its coastal cousin. “They’re always around in the campground, but I can never catch them out here in the wild,” he says.

He stops to listen for the jay’s call. “I don’t think the island has changed my artistic eye. But I do think it has changed my artistic ear,” he says. “All the sounds are inspiring. When I wake up, the birdsong is all around me immediately and it makes me feel safe.”

The jay is nowhere to be found so Chalott decides to look elsewhere for inspiration: the sea. He fell in love with snorkeling several years ago during a surf trip to Indonesia. The Channel Islands have some of the most vibrant diving in all of the US. Now, in May, the water has just edged to a chilly 59 degrees, so he squeezes into his 4.3mm Xcell Drylock wetsuit, then climbs into the water with one of the richest kelp forests on the island, as the seaweed dances with the swell below. Dark kelp bass, brilliant blue opaleye and bright-orange garibaldi—the state fish of California—dart among the kelp, a massive, flowing forest canopy viewed from above.

As opposed to surfing, snorkeling in the ebb and flow near the rocky shoreline makes him feel fluid, he says, “like I can flow with the sea.” Inspiration comes differently underwater. “When I’m out here, I really appreciate color. The water is this clear blue, and the kelp forest becomes a sea of yellows and greens,” he says.

In the evening, Chalott hikes along the sea cliffs on the island’s northernmost side. He snaps a photo of a succulent, his camera equipped with a 50mm lens. “I see some abstraction there,” he says, pointing to one pinkish branch. “But sometimes I also like to just shoot a plant as a plant.” He takes a seat on a bench of rock and dirt that seems nearly custom-made to watch the sun drop over the horizon. “Last photo of the day,” he says. The shutter snaps and he sets the camera to his side.

“I love that it’s almost uninhabited out here and that it has such massive biodiversity, especially marine life,” Chalott says. “The Chumash people who first lived here believed this island was the source of all life. Their creation story said that they walked across a rainbow bridge to get here. Those who looked down were turned into dolphins.” As if on cue, the setting sun lays a beam of pink light across the ocean, straight to him.

If he could, would he want to live here permanently — the 141st unique species on the island? “Of course,” he says.

The Watch for the Journey

The 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition honors the Seven Summit mountaineering challenge, completed by climbing the highest summits on each of the world’s continents. Its bronze case and green dial look at home even during a sea level hike in the Scorpion Valley. No matter where you’re at, you can tell the time at Denali or Kilimanjaro (or Mont Blanc, perhaps) thanks to its world timer, which displays the time around the entire world via a beautiful dual-Lambert projection. Buy Now: $6,300

Yes, Pre- and Post-Workout Fuel Really Matter

Success leaves clues. And, in the case of LeBron James, the best clues are the ones you least expect. While everyone focuses on LeBron’s training and unique blend of athleticism, hard work, and genetic gifts, Mike Mancias — LeBron’s trainer — will tell you the real secret to his success is his emphasis on recovery.

A big part of recovery is consuming the right foods before and immediately after working out. And those nutrition rules don’t just apply to the pros; they are the key to muscle gain, fat loss, sports performance and avoiding injury for anybody.

The hard part is finding supplements you can actually trust in terms of labeling, quality ingredients and safety to deliver the recovery nutrition you need.

James and Mancias couldn’t find the right supplements to deliver professional-caliber results, so they decided to create their own. Teaming up with experts including top researchers at the University of North Carolina and fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, they invested 4 years in formulating Ladder. The brand focused only on the supplements proven to work, making them cleaner and more effective.

Bar Malik, Director of Performance for the New York Knicks and newest Ladder advisor, was able to swing by Gear Patrol’s own product culture conference, Stocked. Bringing the same knowledge he uses every day with the Knicks, Malik taught a class on the building blocks of active recovery, with the use of Ladder Supplements.

Kicking off with the Ladder’s Strawberry Lemonade Pre-Workout, Malik coached the class through a series of foam rolling and stretch band activities — all overlooking the Hudson River. Malik followed up with a short circuit and a final limber stretch. The Ladder Chocolate and Vanilla Plant Protein shakes rounded out the Active Recovery session.

Ladder’s Protein powders were designed to provide the exact amount of protein you need after a workout. Many protein powders use low-quality sources that don’t give you what you need. Specifically, recovery depends on the essential amino acids (EAAs). Ladder’s protein options include a dairy variation (whey and milk protein) and a vegan variation made from pea and pumpkin protein, both of which are complete proteins, have more than 20 grams per serving and are low-calorie to fuel any goal.

As plant proteins are tougher to absorb than whey, Ladder has also added digestive enzymes to help your body take full advantage of all the nutrients. The powders also include probiotics to give your immune system a boost. Throw in some banana or strawberry and you’ve got a healthy and vitamin-rich post-workout treat that will keep your body primed for the next session.

Ladder Supplements are jammed packed with only natural ingredients — there is also no soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners or GMOs to be found in any of the products. Even better, every batch is tested and NSF Certified for Sport so you know there are never any banned substances, no dangerous levels of toxins or metals, and that all labels are accurate. Ladder offers a tightly edited selection of whey and plant proteins in an easily dissolvable powder that will fuel your performance and recovery — to take your workout to the next level.

One Chef’s Guide Through the Rising Culinary World of Detroit

Editor’s Note: In the second part of our Off the Beaten Path series in partnership with Montblanc, we’re telling the stories of Detroit — America’s off the beaten path, but rising, city. In this series we look at Detroit through the lens of those who know it best, its tastemakers, experiencing the very places they feel are worth a stop.

To say the food scene in Detroit used to be bleak might have been an understatement. There wasn’t much of a market for new eateries in 2014 when 50,000 of the city’s 261,000 builders laid abandoned. “Coming up in the city and seeing the food scene was pretty grim,” says John Vermiglio, Detroit native, chef and co-owner of Grey Ghost and Second Best, both set in Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood. Vermiglio and his three-years-old Grey Ghost is part of the hearty culinary scene cropping up all across the city. “Essentially my entire life has been in the downturn of Detroit and only now, recently are we seeing it come back,” says Vermiglio. And part of that comeback is of course in the dining and drinking options which now abound. “In present-day Detroit, the food scene is incredible. I would put it on par with some of the best cities in the country and the world.” With Vermiglio as our guide, we dove belly first into his well-fed — and thirst-quenching — city, rounding up some treats that are worth bringing back from a visit to Motor City.

Even with Detroit’s culinary scene on the upswing — thanks in large part to new industries calling the city home, cheap rents and abundance of urban farms — opening a restaurant here is no easy feat. 2019 will likely see dozens of restaurants opening in the city, but it will also see a significant number of closing. As the food scene in the city expands and adjusts, Vermiglio says the chefs of Detroit stay close-knit. “When a new restaurant opens, no one’s looking at it as competition, but rather, somebody else that’s going to help boost the economy of Detroit,” says Vermiglio. “When I moved back here and we were building Grey Ghost, every chef in town reached out and every one of them opened their kitchens to us.”

Some of our favorite new-wave culinary offerings flooding the city skew towards a lighter fare, sourced locally and rinsed down with the myriad of Michigan brewed beers and distilled spirits. The abundance of urban farms, breweries, and distilleries have helped to launch Detroit’s food scene. One such endeavor is Bees in The D, a non-profit with a mission to help honey bees thrive in Detroit. Bees in the D honey works its way in plenty of the local food scene and they have over 160 hives around the city. Out in Corktown, you’ll find the cozy Astro Coffee slinging espressos pulled from their in-house roasted beans. Be sure to grab a bag or two. Across town in Cass Corridor is Rocco’s Italian Deli. You won’t be able to miss it with its colorfully painted exterior. With a small bar and ample seating, you can easily see yourself downing one too many negronis and losing yourself in one of their well-stacked sandwiches. “The Love Letter to The Corner Deli” is a mouthful from title to last bite and Vermiglio’s favorite on the menu. Rocco’s also makes a homemade hot sauce that is worthy of a place in any home. Vermiglio’s own Grey Ghost is always well attended, with a playful menu that feels both familiar and adventurous with a penchant for a good steak. With a deep and well-stocked bar — and skillful barmen — Grey Ghost would be a hit anywhere.

Of course, the food scene in Detroit isn’t all-new and well-heeled. While the city may be undergoing a renaissance of sorts, there are gems that Detroiter’s have been patronizing long before anyone from out of the state gave the city a second thought. One can’t write about food in Detroit without mentioning the famous Coney Dog (a hotdog topped with chili, mustard and white onion), of which every native has a recommended number one spot. Similarly, there is the heated debate over the best eateries to grab a Detroit style pizza (We at GP are team Buddy’s).

“What you have now is a combination of old school spots, little mom and pop delis and pizzerias, and little Coney island restaurants that have been around forever — They’re intertwined with these avant-garde places.” One of Vermiglio’s favorite old school haunts is Taqueria El Rey, serving up some of the best Mexican food in Detroit. Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips on Fenkel Avenue also has a fond place in Vermiglio’s heart. “It’s been around since the ’60s, all they do is fry fish and shrimp and chicken and it’s all the same batter, same fryer — and it’s incredible,” says Vermiglio. “It’s just this nostalgia.” From the old-time greasy spoons to the new generation of restauranteurs making their mark, America’s Motor City is about more than cars these days. The food alone is worth a visit to Detroit. And when you do, be sure to bring back something for the memories.

The Bag for the Journey

The Montblanc Extreme 2.0 Backpack is a perfect daily companion for a new city or your everyday commute. The combination of classic old-world craftsmanship with new-wave technology comes together to form a sleek and chic bag are made from leather with immeasurable protection. The backpack features three main compartments along with a padded laptop pocket, two cell phone pockets and three pen loops, making it a great choice for the on-the-go pro or for a Detroit getaway.

Material: Leather
Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 46 cm
Leather type: Italian split calfskin, chrome-tanned,
dyed-through, plain and with carbon fiber print

The Food Staples

Extreme 2.0 Backpack by Montblanc Learn More
Tortilla Chips by Aunt Nee’s Learn More
Capo Amaro Soft Drink by Casamara Club Learn More
Hot Sauce by Rocco’s Italian Deli Learn More
La Folie Lot #2 Guatemala Coffee by Astro Coffee Learn More
Raw Honey by Bees in The D Learn More

Where to Go

Along with Vermiglio, we put together a directory of the must-visit food destinations in Detroit.

Astro Coffee

The comfy light-filled Corktown cafe with coffee beans worth bringing home and pastries perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

2124 Michigan Ave, Detroit
(313) 808-0351

Rocco’s Italian Deli

Not Your Nonna’s Italian deli, Rocco’s serves up choice cuts, imported dry goods and a small bar where amaros and wine abound. with a visit.

3627 Cass Ave, Detroit
(313) 315-3033

Grey Ghost

Named for a Prohibition-era rum-runner, Vermiglio’s restaurant has a bit for everyone all wrapped up in a splendid dining room with floor-length windows, long open kitchen and long bar.

47 Watson St, Detroit
(313) 262-6534

Western Market

Out in Ferndale right outside the city, this family-owned market is the perfect place to hunt down Detroit specialties and locally made goods like Aunt Nee’s Tortilla Chips.

447 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale
(248) 546-7288

The One Watch That Goes From Deep Sea to Beach Side with Ease

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The New Club Sport Brings A Robust Dose of Elegance

NOMOS Glashütte is known for the clean and modern design of its watches — and the new Club Sport is no exception. This entirely new release is full of innovation from the Saxony-based watchmaking company. NOMOS Glashütte has never held back from using exceptional materials when building its watches, and Club Sport has a sturdier construction than ever before. This is a watch for the most modern of wrists.

Club Sport clocks in with a 42mm case that lets you take in its many appealing characteristics: A large date window sits on a deep black dial surrounded by glimmering stainless steel. Below the dial’s six, “1000 ft” is inscribed denoting its water resistance — showing off its strength alongside its streamlined beauty.

The steel and glass in the case are around 20 percent thicker than in a standard NOMOS timepiece. Pure sapphire crystal glass — named so because of its sapphire level of strength — protects that gorgeous dial, while surgical steel makes up the hard-wearing bracelet and the case that protects the movement during any adventure. The new NOMOS sport bracelet was designed completely in-house and is exceptionally comfortable to wear despite its robust credentials, made from 145 separate pieces of stainless steel. All these materials come together to make a watch that lives up to its name, ready for any sport from kitesurfing to mountain biking.

All of the rugged external features of the watch are there to shield the neomatik date caliber that keeps impeccable time. Boasting an outstanding winding rate and excellent accuracy, the patented NOMOS mechanism has a great deal of tradition hidden inside it, such as the beautiful polishes that are unique to Glashütte. It also comes outfitted with a leather wallet for those weekend jaunts when you want to keep your watch better protected. The black full-grain leather will make sure that your NOMOS Club Sport is safe and sound. No matter what you are up to, this watch will keep you on time and looking elegant.

The Overlooked Essentials That Will Change Your Kitchen

In the kitchen, no matter how big or small, space is precious and storage must be as efficient as possible. There is a lot to keep organized and accessible, which is why an extra gadget can seem like a bridge too far — especially if it’s ingredient-specific. But the folks over at OXO know what they are doing when they create some of the most innovative, worthwhile kitchenware around — they’re solving problems and making everyday tasks better. Read on for some of our favorite often-overlooked tools that will solve the problems you never knew you had.

Small Citrus Juicer

This Small Citrus Juicer is the perfect first step in your citrus journey. Whether you are juicing limes for a cocktail, or lemons for a new recipe, this is up to the task. It has easy to read measurement markings and an easy drip-free spout. And of course, with OXO you can rest assured the grip is comfortable enough to get you through a whole pitcher of lemonade.

Salad Spinner

If you are making salads at home, you know washing greens can be tedious. It’s hard to rinse and dry them without making a soggy mess. That is exactly why this salad spinner is great: it’s fast, easy and efficient. A simple push of the top and the greens spin dry (In fact, a child’s toy top was the inspiration.). The OXO Salad Spinner can even stop on a dime with its nifty brake. And the plastic bowl is so simple and elegant, it can go right on the table for serving.

Silicone Egg Poacher

Everyone loves brunch, and everyone loves poached eggs. But you probably never poach at home because it’s tough to do well — you lose half of it in the swirl, and they might not taste great. OXO’s Egg Poacher makes poaching eggs incredibly easy. The silicone product is curved like an hourglass to cradle the egg and its narrow funnel guides the egg into the water so it remains intact. Thanks to a carefully designed hole pattern optimizing flow, the water swirls around the egg to create that perfect poach. You will be the toast of your brunch circuit when you can make Eggs Benedict at home.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

There is something whimsical about this tool. The shape is pleasing at a glance, and once you try it (all three ingenious functions) no doubt you’ll fall in love. The blade end safely slices through avocado, without danger of the dreaded avocado-hand-injury. The pitting feature quickly ejects pits with a simple flick — much safer than using a knife. And the fan end scoops and cuts the avocado into perfect, plateable pieces. With this tool, you’ll safely and happily enjoy avocados like a pro.

These Lab-Grown Diamonds Make for Beautiful Rings with a Better Story

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Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside, you’ll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. Quarterly. $39

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Our Top Picks from Rado’s New Captain Cook Collection

Originally introduced in 1962, Rado’s Captain Cook is back. This classic diver is back from the deep, new and improved for the 21st Century. The latest has been created with all the vintage details that made it a classic along with up-to-date features that make it a perfect fit for modern wearers. The Captain Cook is a watch designed to stand the test of time — not a vintage throwback. This new interpretation of the classic plays with new shapes, colors and materials made to suit modern proportions. Drawing on all the great design that made the original 1962 model a roaring success and using signature materials that have been used in Rado models through the years, the new Captain Cook collection brings together all of Rado’s milestone moments.

Each of the new Captain Cook’s are made with 42mm cases with a high-quality Swiss automatic movement that boasts up to 80 hours of power reserve. Equipped with the EasyClip system allows you to change the strap quickly and easily customize your watch to make it your own. With a variety of different dials and bezels — made of high-tech ceramic which offers more protection from scratches than the usual Stainless Steel — it is easy to find the Captain Cook that will speak to you.

The Black Dial Captian Cook

The original rice grain bracelet that made the Captain Cook the legend it is today: You can’t get more classic than this configuration, including the black dial working bezel. This silver stainless steel will look good on any man.

The Green Dial Captian Cook

Of course, the new generation of Captain Cook’s are all water-resistant to up to 20 bars — that’s 200 meters for you landlubbers out there — so you can take it out and take it for a spin (or swim, if you will). This regal green Captain Cook may look better on land all the same. The emerald dial and bezel is a gorgeous statement.

The Blue Dial Captain Cook

The polished stainless steel case is hard to beat with this deep blue dial and bezel combo. This bezel is a bit different from the rest, made of stainless steel with a polished blue high-tech ceramic insert. When paired with the simple leather strap, it looks ready for any adventure you could imagine — on land, sea or air. The box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating means you can lose yourself in that deep ocean blue coloring.

The Jacket Built for the Slopes and Looks like No Other

Science and the clothing industry work hand in glove. We’ve gotten used to it, especially in the outdoor industry. But even so, UK-based Vollebak will make you do a double-take. The three-year-old company founded by athletes and designers Nick and Steve Tidball have brought the future of technical clothing to today. With the goal of creating bionic clothing, Vollebak is making the gear that is uniquely modern and designed to take the rigors of an exceptionally active life. From its 100 Year Pants, built to survive fire, water and anything else nature can throw at you, to the Solar Charged Jacket made from highly responsive fabric that can be instantly charged and glows in the dark. But currently, the crown jewel of Vollebak is its Blue Morpho jacket, which is like no other outerwear you’ve ever donned.

1. Modeled after the wings of a butterfly: Vollebak recreated the iridescent wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly to make the jacket highly visible. Using highly reflective spheres, the jacket mimics the microstructures of the surface of the wing, making it ultra-visible from long range, and will allow the jacket to look wildly different depending on the weather conditions and lighting.
2. Over 2 billion reflective spheres: To achieve the desired effect, the jacket uses over two billion highly reflective glass spheres embedded in resin on the surface of the jacket. That’s over 40,000 in every single square centimeter. When light hits the jacket the fabric looks like it’s emitting light.
3. Highly functional: While the Blue Morpho jacket has some rather amazing features, it is not all bells-and-whistles. The highly reflective jacket is also highly functional — like all of Vollebak’s designs. The jacket is built for the slopes, completely waterproof and windproof, from heavy-duty zippers to the four large front pockets. The super high collar and snow skirt will keep you protected no matter how extreme the conditions are.

All the Details Behind the New Limited Edition Polaris Date

It was only last year that the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris collection launched in Geneva. And the Polaris line is already being extended with this special limited edition Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date. With an initial offering only in North America, this limited edition timepiece is now available throughout the world. With only a series of 800 made, the Polaris Date is striking with its contemporary proportions and vintage design elements — both pushing the Polaris further while paying homage to its aesthetic legacy.

Key Specs
Size: 42mm
Case: Stainless Steel
Caliber: 899A/1 – Automatic
Power Reserve: 38 Hours
Functions: Hour/Minute/Second, date, rotating inner bezel
Water Resistance: 200m

We were able to get our hands on a Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition for an up-close look at this rebirth of the legend and the Jaeger-LeCoultre craftsmanship.

Sporty Elegance

This watch yearns to go out and have a bit of fun. With 200m water resistance and the blue rubber àclous de paris strap — color-matched to the inner bezel — both help its functionality. The aforementioned bezel — like the original Memovox Polaris and Polaris II that came before it — rotates adding another layer of functionality. Designed for the man of action as comfortable out in nature as they are out on the town, the Polaris Date Limited Edition can go anywhere. While the case is sleek with brushed and hand-polished surfaces, it has true sporting credentials that shouldn’t be forgotten with its good looks.

Rich Legacy

The Polaris Date Limited Edition draws inspiration from the 1970 Polaris II and the famous Polaris Memovox’s design. The Polaris Memovox was truly incredible for its time with a 42mm diameter — at the time 35mm was closer to the standard. It also featured a very recognizable dial with trapezoidal indexes and numerals as well as three levels of finishing to mark three different concentric circles in the dial, from which today’s Polaris Date Limited Edition draws direct inspiration. The Memovox remains synonymous with adventure and technical innovation and this limited edition timepiece continues that legacy. Above all else, this is still a Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece. Known for its artistry, refinement and mastery of timepieces, Jaeger-LeCoultre stands out as an excellent Swiss watchmaker and the Polaris Date Limited Edition is no exception.

Mesmerizing Dial

The dial of any watch is the centerpiece, but the dial of the Polaris Date Limited Edition is a showstopper. The hand-lacquered, double-gradient finish is unique to this special edition. The central disc and main dial each incorporate a shimmering, color-change effect moving from deep turquoise to a brilliant shade of royal blue. In keeping with the signature Polaris look, it sports elongated Arabic numerals, large trapezoidal hour markers and beefy hour and minute hands. Super-LumiNova coats the important elements to provide readability in low-light situations — the luminescent coating is vanilla-tinted in another nod to the ’70s design history.

Precision Movement

Under the dial, a self-winding mechanical movement delivers all the precision you expect from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The in-house Calibre 899A/1 keeps the seconds, minutes, hours and date with doggedly faithful accuracy. The Polaris Date Limited Edition also boasts a 38-hour power reserve that will keep it ticking. It’s all held together by the caseback, which is adorned with four special engravings, a SCUBA diving insignia, the Jaeger-LeCoultre crest, and the phrase “1000 Hours Control” — denoting the watch has undergone testing of the movement before and after being cased up as well as on the fully assembled watch beyond official timing tests before leaving the manufacturer in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. And of course, the words “Limited edition – One of 800” is inscribed near backing’s outer edge.

The New Home Essentials That Will Change Your Kitchen

Moving into a new space is a great time to upgrade your kitchen tools — whether it’s your very first apartment or your third home. But finding kitchen essentials isn’t always an easy task. There are key pieces of any kitchen arsenal that you don’t know you need until you have them. These OXO essentials will change the way you use your kitchen and you won’t know how you ever got anything done without them.

Swivel Peeler

The OXO classic, it’s very first product — invented in 1990 — the OXO Swivel Peeler will change your life. The ergonomic, cushioned handle won’t slip and keeps you comfortable through dozens of peeled potatoes. The super sharp stainless steel blade glides through almost anything like a dream.

Angled Measuring Cup

If you’ve ever used a liquid measuring cup, there’s an all-too-familiar scenario: pour the liquid, lift up the cup, or tilt your head down to see the reading — the measure is never perfect and your head bobs up and down in the process. OXO’s Angled Measuring Cup removes all of that guesswork and head bobbing with a folded cup that enables an easy top-down measurement read. You can stand up straight the whole time and easily and accurately see how much you’ve poured. It’s measuring reimagined and it measures up.

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

OXO’s Palm Brush may seem small and unassuming, but it will certainly get good mileage. With an internal soap dispenser, pleasing push-button, comfortable, ergonomic grip and hardworking bristles, the OXO Palm Brush can clean even the most baked-on mess with ease.

Pop Containers

Nothing feels better than a properly organized pantry. POP Containers offer a modular, stackable organization with a unique (and satisfying) push-button, air-tight seal. They’re also clear, which means you can easily see how much of a staple you have. OXO POP Containers are perfect for dry goods and can be outfitted with a variety of OXO POP Accessories that attach to the underside of the lid: scoops, leveler, date dial, brown sugar keeper — the possibilities are endless and your pantry will never look so good.

Essentials You Need to Get Through the Weekend in Style

We put a lot of pressure on our weekends. They are cherished — often too few — days, when we need to, simultaneously get done everything we put off during the week, have fun, meet up with friends, head to the farmer’s market and also find some time to relax and throw back a brew or two. It’s a lot to do in a 48-hour span of time. That’s why we put together the collection of goods for doing it all on your weekend, from the plushiest fleece to the go-to, catchall bag. Everything is hardwearing, as comfortable as possible and darn good looking — exactly what you need for your weekend. These essentials will keep you comfortable and stylish, no matter what your day entails.

The Boots

What do you look for in a good weekend shoe? It’s got to be comfortable, easy to wear, as rugged as possible and of course, look good. Blundstones are a classic, and none more classic than the 550 Chelsea Boot, Rustic Brown, Style 585. These are tough as nails, ready for anything boots that still slip on with ease and are as light as a feather. They even come with an extra set of footbeds so you can get the perfect fit. These are the kind of weekend boots you can live in — You’ll want to wear them all through the week. So whether you are traipsing around the city to your favorite brewery or striking out somewhere off the beaten path, the Blundstone 550 won’t let you down.

The Other Essentials

Everyday Pant in Athletic Fit by Hill City$128
Silver Crew Socks by American Trench $17
Sherpa Fleece Jacket by Filson $165
“Big Sur” Zippered Tote by Pacific Tote Co. $120
X Corduroy Field Cap by Alex Mills $40
The Standard Pocket Tee by Best Made Co. $48
Oktoberfest by Sierra Nevada Price varies

Some of Our Favorite Camping and Climbing Gear Is 20% Off Right Now

The chilly fall air is quickly approaching, but you have time for one more weekend camping trip. Just to help you get out the door, is offering 20% off some of the site’s stock of camping and climbing gear. This is a great chance to update some of those worn-out items you’ve been using for years with some of the best outdoor kit you can get your hands on. You can find almost anything you need for a weekend outdoors at We put together a few of our favorite items you can grab for 20% that will help you get outside again before autumn. These are just our favorite pieces, but you can also use the code yourself at checkout on a whole mess more of camping and climbing products. All you have to do is use CLIMBCAMP20 at checkout.

Marmot Limelight Tent

This homey three-person tent is a breeze to set up and takedown with the helo of color-coded clips. With a mesh canopy as well as a seam-taped fly, it’s as suited for stargazing as it is for a summer storm. The large D-shaped door makes it a whole lot easier to get in and out, making you one happy camper.

BioLite FirePit

This portable fire pit has it all. From its patented airflow technology to its included grill rack, this firepit will become one of your camping favorites. And it won’t be just you, its X-Ray mesh construction means everyone around the fire can enjoy the view — and the heat. It even includes access to a Bluetooth app that lets you control the flames from a distance.

La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe

These are some of the most high-performing climbing shoes you can find, with light ankle padding to help stem the pain of vicious off-widths and Vibram XS Edge rubber soles for friction on the thinnest footholds. They also have a vented tongue to help ward off sweaty feet so you can go all day on the wall.

Mammut Phoenix Dry Climbing Rope

The Mammut Phoenix SuperDry 8mm Climbing Rope has you covered from mixed pitches to splitter alpine granite. With Coated Core and Coated Sheath technologies, the Pheonix will handle well and perform in both wet and dry conditions. This is the climbing rope you need for all your half and twin rope needs.

Today in Gear: Stress-Free Engagement Ring Shopping, a Prized Japanese Whisky’s Potential Swan Song & More

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and deals. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at

Buying an engagement ring is a pivotal moment. It can also be incredibly stressful, between sourcing a diamond within your price range, picking a style and the mystery of whether or not you got a quality product. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Couple, the first luxury brand selling lab-grown diamonds, can help to make the process not only easier but actually enjoyable. The brand’s lab-grown diamonds are not only atomically identical to mined diamonds, but they are 35 percent larger for your money. The best part? Couple also offers a Diamond Concierge service that can help you to customize your own design and pick a stone that fits your budget and your style.

New & Noteworthy Releases

This World War II-Era, Military Panerai Dive Watch Is Up for Sale

This World War II-Era, Military Panerai Dive Watch Is Up for Sale

Manufactured around 1943, this military dive watch is just one of many vintage Panerais on sale at Oliver Smith Jewelers.

Chevrolet May Be Planning to Destroy the Ford Raptor

Chevrolet May Be Planning to Destroy the Ford Raptor

Ford’s toughest truck has owned its niche of the pickup truck market since it debuted in 2010. Chevy might change that.

Did a NASA-Engineered Supplement Just Help Shatter the Half Marathon World Record?

Did a NASA-Engineered Supplement Just Help Shatter the Half Marathon World Record?

When Geoffrey Kamworor set a new half marathon record time of 58:01, race commentators speculated that he did it with a special drink.

Toyota Sells the Vintage Land Cruiser–Based Truck of Your Dreams, Just Not In the U.S.

Toyota Sells the Vintage Land Cruiser–Based Truck of Your Dreams, Just Not In the U.S.

South Africans may get the coolest Toyota truck on the global market.

This MacBook Charger Is So Tiny It Can Fit In Your Pocket

This MacBook Charger Is So Tiny It Can Fit In Your Pocket

The ideal travel companion for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

This Classically Styled Watch Looks Totally Different from Most Modern Chronographs

This Classically Styled Watch Looks Totally Different from Most Modern Chronographs

The new Yacht Timer watch from Frederique Constant is made for timing yacht races with a clean, handsome interpretation of the chronograph.

This Could Be Your Last Chance to Try One of Japan’s Most Famous Whiskies

This Could Be Your Last Chance to Try One of Japan’s Most Famous Whiskies

Hibiki 17 is among the most-awarded Japnaese whiskies ever. Here’s where to get it before it’s gone forever.

Is Nissan About to Reveal the Electric Car Everyone Really Wants?

Is Nissan About to Reveal the Electric Car Everyone Really Wants?

300-mile range, a practical size, and 0-60 mph in less than five seconds.

Fresh Deals


Gillette Fusion 5 Razor Blad Refills
Save 30%: Now at Amazon, you can save 30 percent on some annoyingly expensive Gillette Fusion5 razor blade refills. This is a great chance to stock up if you shave regularly with a Fusion5 ProGlide razor. Each cartridge features five of Gillette’s thinnest blades (for a more comfortable shave) and a precision trimmer to help groom hard-to-reach areas. Normally $48 for 12 cartridges, the package costs just $34 today. — John Zientek

Roomba i7+ Robo-Vacuum
Save $100: When we reviewed iRobot’s i7+ robo-vacuum, we called it the best robo-vacuum you could buy. But we did so with one caveat: price. The full setup — which includes the vacuum and its charging and trash-dumping base — starts at $1,099. Today on Amazon, the cost is slightly more wallet-friendly.

Marked down $100, the i7+ is the first robo-vac to empty its dust contents for you. Once it senses its dustbin is full, it locks itself into its home base and deposits the trash inside (the base can hold around 30 Roombas worth of trash). It also retains “mission” data every time you send it out to clean, and it uses that data to more quickly clean your home on future missions. It’s all controlled through iRobot’s smartphone app. — Will Price


Seiko SRPC91 “Save the Ocean”
Save 27%: Released in 2018, the Seiko SRPC91 “Save the Ocean” is a Turtle-based special edition diver produced in partnership with Fabien Cousteau, Jaques Yves Cousteau’s grandson and and himself an ocean explorer and conservationist. It features a special blue gradient dial meant to recall the ocean housed in a 45mm stainless steel case, a Hardlex crystal, rubber dive strap and the Seiko automatic 4R36 movement with day-date indication. In partnership with Cousteau, Seiko will dedicate a portion of the proceeds from sales of the SRPC91 to Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Center, dedicated to promoting ocean health and conservation.
— Oren Hartov

G&L Limited Edition Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Guitar
Save 33%:Today at Guitar Center, you can pick up a G&L Limited Edition Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy guitar for 33 percent off. This familiar guitar features the iconic body shape that put Fender on the map paired with a 22-fret maple neck. The bridge is unique and includes 6 individual brass saddles for accurate intonation and added sustain.

The Tribute ASAT Classic has a G&L humbucker in the neck position and a crisp G&L single-coil in the bridge position. This instrument features a limited-edition Mint Green finish and a 3-ply white pickguard.

Now at Guitar Center, this $450 guitar costs just $300. It’s practically a steal, so act fast — the deal will be gone before you know it. — John Zientek


Wolverine Boots
Save 25%: If you’ve been meaning to invest in a new pair of boots but haven’t found the right pair, Wolverine is currently making a compelling case for its hard-wearing styles. Now at Zappos, a bunch of boots from the Michigan-based brand are 25 percent off: choose from American-made lace-up styles including the iconic 1000 Mile boot and the go-anywhere Montague Boot boot. Many sizes are currently available, but with such a substantial discount, they won’t be for long. — John Zientek

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2
Save $50: When Nike announced React foam in 2017, it promised the impossible: foam that’s lightweight, durable, and provides ample cushioning and bouncy energy return. Nike’s materials scientists tested more than 400 chemical combinations until they found the perfect mix, which the first delivered in basketball footwear. But React found its stride after Nike injected it into the Epic React Flyknit, a running shoe that gained a considerable following throughout 2018.

It wasn’t surprising that the Epic React Flyknit 2, released earlier this year, would also be a success. It features the foam that’s embedded in its name as well as Nike’s sock-like knitted upper, Flyknit. But for the follow-up, Nike tweaked that part of the shoe’s construction: the upper is stretchier, more supportive, and comfier with a lower heel cuff. Right now, the shoe is $50 off on Nike’s website. — Tanner Bowden


Cole Haan Suede Bomber Jacket
Save 50%: If you want to score a classic leather jacket for an incredible deal, head over to Nordstrom Rack today. Currently, you can save 50 percent on a few suede bomber jackets from Cole Haan. The zip-up style features two hand pockets, a cotton-linen lining and a ribbed collar and cuffs. Available in olive, navy and tan, this $500 jacket now costs just $250. — John Zientek

Apple Watch Series 4
Save up to $100: Apple officially announced the Apple Watch Series 5 last week and, in doing so, also stopped selling the Series 4, presumably because it’s slightly too similar to the new flagship offering, with the exceptions the Series 5 has an always-on display and a new sensor (a magnetometer) that allows it to work as a compass, showing you which way you’re facing while using Apple Maps. The Series 5 also comes in titanium models, although those are significantly more expensive. That said, it’s a great time to shop for the Apple Watch Series 4 because it’s on sal. It also has a bunch of the newer features that the Series 3 lacks, including fall detection, a built-in EKG and a variety of fitness features. If you shop on Amazon right now, you can buy a Series 4 with cellular for as little as $399, which is $100 off. If you don’t need built-in LTE, which I’d argue that most people don’t need (nor do they want to pay the extra $10 each month on their phone bill), you can get a pretty good deal on GPS-only models of the Series 4, too. — Tucker Bowe |

Today on Gear Patrol

This Scottish Company’s Affordable Watches Are Unlike Anything Else on the Market

This Scottish Company’s Affordable Watches Are Unlike Anything Else on the Market

anOrdain has been making affordable enamel-dialed watches since late 2018, but it took the company 3 years to perfect its process.

Why Every Kitchen Absolutely Needs a Vacuum Sealer

Why Every Kitchen Absolutely Needs a Vacuum Sealer

Jimmy Papadopolous thinks everyone needs a vacuum sealer, a pair of weird Japanese knife sharpeners & more.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review: The Mustang You Really Ought to Want

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review: The Mustang You Really Ought to Want

There are plenty of new Mustangs to choose from these days—but the Bullitt hits the sweet spot.

Galaxy Note10+ Review: Big, Beautiful, Best in Class

Galaxy Note10+ Review: Big, Beautiful, Best in Class

The Note10+ is a real powerhouse of a phone and if it has a primary flaw it is only that it may be more phone than you need or want to pay for.

The Best Habits and Products for a Safe, Smooth Shave

The Best Habits and Products for a Safe, Smooth Shave

Blade replacement, cleaning, post-shave hygiene and storage.

Test, Learn and Shop at the Stocked Product Marketplace in NYC

Test, Learn and Shop at the Stocked Product Marketplace in NYC

On Day Two of Stocked, there will be even more opportunities to learn more about products and shop them IRL — and after 12 PM, it’s completely open to the public.

This Is the Best Affordable Sports Car You Can Buy Right Now

This Is the Best Affordable Sports Car You Can Buy Right Now

Our Editor’s Pick for the best affordable sports car you can buy right now is the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Discover the Gear That Inspires Chris Burkard at Stocked 2019

Discover the Gear That Inspires Chris Burkard at Stocked 2019

We’re excited to announce that adventure photographer and documentarian Chris Burkard will be headlining day one of Gear Patrol’s upcoming event, Stocked.

Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

All the Stylish Essentials to Grab on a Trip to Detroit

Editor’s Note: In the second part of our Off the Beaten Path series in partnership with Montblanc, we’re telling the stories of Detroit — America’s off the beaten path, but rising, city. In this series we look at Detroit through the lens of those who know it best, its tastemakers, experiencing the very places they feel are worth a stop.

The story of Detroit, the underdog, clawing itself back from decades of neglect and mismanagement (culminating with the city’s bankruptcy in 2013) has been told time and time again. The rock bottom home prices attracting transplants, the urban farms popping up and new industry finding its way to the city are well recorded along with the “ruin porn” that defined the outsider’s view of the Motor City for much of the aughts. But in 2019, things are different in Detroit. “America’s Comeback City” is back, but if you’re not there, you may not know that. Whether you are going to Detroit for work or just for a vacation, the city has more than enough to offer and take in. Not least of which is the burgeoning fashion scene of makers and boutiques helping to define the Detroit style.

With companies like StockX calling Detroit home, style has a natural place here. And not everyone is a recent transplant. Born and raised in the city, with over 14 years of tailoring experience, Nelson Sanders is one of Detroit’s own defining what it means to get dressed in this city. Sanders runs his own custom tailoring shop in the city’s downtown — a stone’s throw from the Quicken Loans headquarters (which relocated there in 2010 as a bet on Detroit’s future) — aptly named Dandy. Working with Italian and English fabrics, Sanders offers clients a fully custom experience with a knack, as he says, for a certain Detroit flourish. With Sanders as our guide, he took us on a tour of his stylish Detroit for some more à la carte offerings that would be worth bringing back from any trip to Motor City.

Sanders’s Dandy is located inside another well-regarded brick and mortar style haven, Détroit Is The New Black. This 2,300-square-foot shop stocks a mix of local designers as well as those on a global scale and has room for Dandy to take in clients for fittings as well. With pieces only to be found in-store — Détroit Is The New Black’s e-commerce is pretty limited — and a rotating crew of Detroit-based designers and a collection of hard to find magazines, the shop is well worth a visit, regardless if you are getting measured for one of Sanders’s suits.

Detroit is, of course, an iconic blue-collar city. Not only the birthplace of the nation’s auto industry but also Carhartt was founded in nearby Dearborn — it seems fitting the next stop would serve up some denim threads. Detroit Denim Co. was founded in 2010 and nearly a decade later they are still making everything there in its Rivertown factory. With the shop right off the factory floor, you can get your new jeans hemmed in a matter of minutes. But it isn’t only handcrafted jeans you can grab to bring back from your trip to the city at Detroit Denim Co., there are also limited runs of workshirts, leather goods and even tote bags — which caught our eye. From custom-tailored suiting to selvedge denim, Detroit is worth a visit if just for the pieces you can bring back.

Along with Sanders, we put together a directory of the must-visit shops and some of the Detroit styles to bring home for yourself.

The Bag for the Journey

The Ultimate Guide to Iceland

Some things are popular for good reason, like traveling to Iceland. With a population of just around 338,000, Iceland has tracked more than 2 million visitors annually in recent years. Tourism numbers have steadily increased during the last decade, only recently starting to plateau. Rugged, green and teeming with untouched land, the country is a feast for the eyes and a playground for the adventurous. Whether thinking of visiting for the first time or the fifth, there is no shortage of ways to experience this extraordinary place. But with crowds, the vastness of the terrain and only so many days in a given itinerary, you’ll want to make the most of your trip. Read on for our tips on how to do it well and the gear to pack for the journey.

The setting

A short flight from the eastern US — a quick five or so hours from New York, for example — Iceland can offer reasons to visit year-round. While the Northern Lights are likely the draw in winter, summer highs reach about 57 degrees Fahrenheit on average so it’s a prime reprieve from the high heat in most temperate climates.

You’ll likely begin your journey in Reykjavík: Only around 122,853 people live here, meaning the capital city is home to a whopping 60% of the population and much of the country is uninhabited. And what’s out there is packing a punch. Within that pristine, hardly populated environment, there are around 10,000 waterfalls, 130 volcanic mountains, 800,000 sheep, 80,000 shaggy horses and glaciers covering more than 11% of the land.

What to See & How to Do It

There is plenty to see and there’s plenty of advice out there on how best to do it — starting with clues on beating the crowds. All who advise on seeing the main attractions of Iceland will tell you to arrive early in the morning or in the evening for the best experience. This is true. However, you’ll want to pack your days full and if you are based in Reykjavík arriving bright and early everywhere you want to go may not be entirely possible. Drives can take a few hours to traverse the countryside and arrive at most of the sites.

So here’s our number one recommendation: Get into a single-engine plane to take in as much of the Icelandic landscape as possible. Leaving from Reykjavík Domestic Airport, you can see volcanic mountaintops, coastline, geysers and cyan thermal pools all within a short hour (or longer, if you so desire). It may sound gratuitous but this will be time well-spent — not to mention, it’s your best bet to avoid the crowds. If you don’t have your pilot’s license, we recommend getting on board with Haraldur Diego, affectionately known as the Volcano Pilot, who is a trusted aerial resource flying in and out of the domestic airport.

Of course, the scenery on the ground will make it worthwhile to also travel by car and you won’t be disappointed by traveling along famous Route 1 (also known as Ring Road). And, yes, you should definitely rent an SUV. Below are a few noteworthy stops all within a drive of the capital city.

We’ve already suggested a stop at Silfra within Thingvellir National Park for one of the best dives in the world, but while you’re in the park, it’s well worth the short drive to the trail leading to Öxarárfoss, a waterfall flowing from the river Öxará. It’s not the largest waterfall you’ll likely see on your trip — cascading 37 feet — but the short trek to its base is picturesque and makes the experience that much greater. The trail is approximately a two and a half-mile loop and filled with noteworthy geography thanks to the fissures formed all around this area from the North American and Eurasian plates shifting. The jagged basalt is flanked by vivid green moss, bounty from the perpetually wet surroundings making this short hike an easy way to take in the astounding natural beauty of Iceland (just a short 30 minutes from Reykjavík).

The powerful falls at Seljalandsfoss are flooded with glacial runoff from the well-known, occasionally pesky Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Cascading nearly 200 feet, the waterfall is among the most spectacular on the southern coast, just a short drive off of Route 1. A path leads behind the falls adding to the allure of this location — and means it does draw a crowd. You will be hard-pressed to find yourself alone here in the height of summer but the spectacular strength of the falls makes it worth a stop.

Continuing on from Seljalandsfoss, a 2.5-hour drive from Reykjavík, the black beach on the edge of Vik should be a stop on every visitor’s list. From the volcanic sands of Reynisfjara beach, you’ll have a view of the Reynisdrangar sea-stacks, which rise some 216 feet from the sea. While the rock-filled beach is a magnificent must-see, this is not a location to seek out for a leisurely swim. Reynisfjara is known for its powerful current — the waves make for a great show but aren’t to be messed with.

The Gear

Hybrid apparel is the move here. Rain may come on and off, you’ll likely get close to a waterfall, hike a bit and then pop into a restaurant at the end of the day. Look for clothing that will perform but also look sharp if you don’t find time to change before dinner. It also will keep you packing light (particularly if you’re just visiting for a long weekend and don’t want to check a bag).

First and foremost, always choose an accessory that’s made to work for you in all circumstances — for this trip, that was Panerai’s 47mm Submersible Carbotech™. Days can be long trekking from one destination to the next so our team appreciated having a watch as lightweight as the Carbotech™. Making a material that’s 14% lighter than Titanium is no small feat and wearing it really lightened the load. Knowing the composite material is also incredibly tough gave us a little extra confidence hiking through slippery volcanic rock a little easier (this watch can take a beating if it has to). And while the black dial with constrasting luminous hour markers and dots served us well scuba diving at Silfra, it also was welcome on land that’s marked by fickle, dark skies.

Next up, a sturdy hiker is a must. It rains more than 200 days per year in Iceland so you’ll often be traversing some slippery — along with rocky — surfaces. Our pick is Danner’s Mountain 600 — it’s a shoe that serves well on a hike but seamlessly fits in the city center, so you’ll get a lot of utility from these boots. Not least, apparel: We opted for a kit by Arc’teryx. It is the cream of the crop when it comes to stylish performance wear. As Nordic weather can change quickly, wind and water resistance layers (like a solid vest, for example) are the best bet. We went with light quick-dry pants and a hooded, wind-ready jacket on most days.

The Watch for the Journey

Panerai’s proprietary Carbotech™ material is made by compressing thin sheets of carbon fiber at a controlled temperature under high pressure together with a high-end polymer PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), binding the composite material. In simple terms: this material is incredibly durable while being remarkably lightweight. The process also ensures that no two are alike; each timepiece has completely unique striations. And no matter what situation you find yourself in, the improved lume on this watch will serve you well. For this latest version, Panerai used a new technique cutting markers out of solid blocks of lume, giving them a 3D quality and greater visibility. Equipped with Panerai’s P9010 in-house movement, it has a power reserve of 72 hours, an immersion scale, black dial with luminous hour markers and dots, a unidirectional bezel, and water resistance up to 300 meters. Learn More

The Tech Forward Pack That Will Keep You Connected

Finding the best bag for all your traveling can be a hard nut to crack. Today, of course, it isn’t just about the cut and comfort of a bag — though those will always be at the top of the list — but also how seamlessly it can integrate your specific tech needs. Today, your backpack almost certainly has a cushioned laptop sleeve at the very least. The Connect Smart Pack from Kathmandu comes outfitted with integrated technology for convenience and security making this bag a trusty travel companion ready to take on any adventure. This offering from Kathmandu is sure to change the way you pack for foreign lands.

Key Specs

Dimensions: 54cmx W 34cm x D 26cm
Battery Strength: 25 hours of talk time
Weight: 36.4 oz

The Connect Smart Pack can keep you plugged in when you are on the road, so you can stay in the moment without worrying about how to stay charged. But of course, it wouldn’t be Kathmandu if it wasn’t also a great backpack. It doesn’t just rely on its battery features, the Connect Smart Pack also features a streamlined and organized design that would make any travel junkie envious. It is easy to hit the road with one of these on your back.

Charging Capability

With the Joey smart unit built into the Connect Smart Pack, your bag is capable of keeping your smartphone easily juiced up. Its powerful battery allows you to travel for days without having to recharge — adding up to 25 hours of talk time to your smartphone in one charge. You can also charge your Joey smart unit while simultaneously keeping your device plugged in so you never have to stop the power flow. Another top feature of the Joey is the connected smartphone app that allows you to allocate how much time to charge each of your devices so they all get the attention they deserve.

Security Features

The Connect Smart Pack is also chalked-full of security features as well thanks to the Joey. Through the Joey smart unit and its app, there is a distance alarm that alerts you when your phone becomes separated from your bag — especially useful if you are out exploring a new unknown locale. You can also dial your phone straight from the Joey unit built into the bag to help you locate it if you do get separated from your trusty smartphone. All together the Connect Smart Pack doesn’t just feature a charger but is a full-on piece of wearable technology.

Superb Organization

Like any good knapsack, this bag has its organizational components locked down. The Connect Smart Pack features sleeves for laptop and tablet as well as an inner compartment for your devices’ cables — so you will be sure to have all of them at your fingertips no matter where you are. Of course, you also have pockets to fit your phone, keys, drink bottle and other items. If you are traveling in the dark, the pack is outfitted with internal LED lights to help you find what you are looking for.

Lightweight Harness

At the end of the day, a bag is only as good as how comfortable it is to carry it. And in that area, Kathmandu is no slouch either. A molded back panel designed to protect your tech and fit comfortably on your back to help carry the load. The breathable, light harness will help you go the distance in comfort and keep your sweat from bringing you down. There is no better way to haul what you need from your next adventure or your routine business trip.


The Rolex Essentials for Any End of Summer Occasion

The last days of summer are quickly approaching. Soon your slight tan line from your watch will be all that is left of the summer sun. Hopefully, your early Fall travels will bring you to destinations that will allow you to soak up a bit more sun and get your last swim before the chill is in the air. This is how to pack so that you can cherish the last of the summer weather between vows and the open bar. From the bag to stash your suit, to the perfect trunks and shades for the end of summer.

The Watches

Having a business-ready and a lounge-ready timepiece can be a tall order. Everest makes the best aftermarket watch bands you can invest in for your Rolex so you can look just right no matter the situation — from fine leather straps for the rehearsal dinner and ceremony to water-ready rubber bands for the poolside. Traveling with more than one watch can be a bit touch and go if you aren’t careful enough, but Everest can help you out there too. With handcrafted leather watch rolls and pouches, you can make sure all the timepieces you bring along for the long weekend are secured. The watch roll has a naturally tanned leather exterior that will be sure to age well while the interior is a soft material for maximum protection against scratches with three interior removable watch pillows for easy access. Everest accessories are the perfect way to change up your watch game and keep them safe along the way.

Curved End Rubber Strap by Everest $235
Curved End Leather Strap by Everest $240
Leather Watch Pouch by Everest $65
Two Watch Roll by Everest $285
Ceramic GMT Master by Rolex
Submariner Date by Rolex

The Essentials

Barton Perreira: Thurston Sunglasses$395
Sabah: in Blue $195
Hill City: Easy Swim Suit $68
Filson: Rugged Twill Suit Cover $375
Utility Canvas: A-Frame Weekend Duffel $178

DUER’s Updated T-Shirt Will Keep You Dry

Duer knows a thing or two about making comfortable and stylish garments. Its No Sweat T-Shirts are a no-brainer when you are looking to stock up on some new elevated basics. More than just your average tee, DUER’s T-shirt is crafted like its bottoms with high stretch, low synthetic blend of cotton, Tencel and spandex fibers so the shirt moves with you. It is patterned with an underarm gusset for even more range of movement and a slim fit in the body for a more cleaned up look. But the real knock out of the DUER No Sweat T-Shirts is the natural wicking performance of the brand’s N2X fabric so you stay dry when you get busy. Give the DUER No Sweat T-Shirt a try, you might end up grabbing a few more.