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Save up to 90% off over 7,500 Sale Items at Nordstrom Rack

It’s no secret that Nordstrom Rack is just one big collection of items that didn’t sell at, or were returned to, Nordstrom. You love the clothing, shoes, bags, watches and everything else that Nordstrom expertly…

Nike Co-Founder’s Handcrafted Waffle Spikes Auction

It’s not uncommon to find pairs of old Nike shoes in online auctions, but it takes a particularly special pair to get Sotheby’s to create an auction just for them. Enter Bill Bowerman’s Handcrafted Waffle…

AETHER’s First Sneaker Is Here and It’s Called the Dalton

AETHER has always impressed us with their impeccably-crafted, perfectly-appointed, and un-fuck-wit-able gear that seamlessly bridges the gap between motoring protection and modern style. Their latest release, the Dalton Sneaker, expounds on everything that made the…

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Lows

Supreme just dropped the details on this year’s Spring / Summer collection. While there’s the usual amount of ridiculous–Leica binoculars, Swaroski crystal belts, MAC tool chests and the like–most of the collection is actually wearable.…

The Nike Space Hippie Collection Is Turning Trash into Sneaker Treasure

Whether you’re talking celebrity and athlete collaborations, material innovations or the classics, some of–most of–the best sneakers of all time have come bearing the Nike swoosh logo. As much as we’d all like to give…

Kengo Kuma x ASICS Metaride AMU

This shoe is the result of the beautifully colliding worlds of architecture and footwear. Designed in a collaborative effort between ASICS and famed Japanese architect and professor Kengo Kuma, the Metaride AMUs blend synthetic hoops…

Oliver Cabell Phoenix Shoes Are 3D Printed from Recycled Bottles

There’s no doubt in our minds that Oliver Cabell is the best new sneaker brand of the past few years, but their recently released Phoenix sneaker seals the deal. It’s a stylish, airy shoe with…

Adidas Pulseboost HD

If you’re into running quite a bit, you’ve probably heard of the Pulseboost already, Nike’s line of excellent running shoes. The shoes have received enormous praise for their high level of comfort. And they’re also pretty responsive, what with the sock-like Adapt Knit upper and Adaptive Traxion outsole.

Suffice it to say they’re the perfect pair for both those who just decided to get into running or have run aplenty and seek good, reliable kicks. The Adidas Pulseboost HD provide plenty of support and grip, ensuring optimum movement and speed, regardless of what surface you chose to grind them on.

Thankfully, Adidas has just made the kicks a little bit better. The Pulseboost HD shoes come with a brand-new midsole that adds another layer of stability to the already impressively spec’d kicks. HD, here, means “high density. The Pulseboost tech this time hovers closer the the ground, ensuring a refined mix of balance and springiness. In effect, that gives you not only increased efficiency, but also comfort and ergonomics.

You can buy the Adidas Pulseboost HD right now; they became available back in July 13. Like the original Pulseboost, though, it’s going to cost you a bit. The kicks are $140, which is a tad bit on the pricey side but is not surprising of Adidas. Other colorways just became available now. Perhaps if the price didn’t sway you then, these new paints will. Hit the link below to see the listing on Adidas’ website.


Photos courtesy of Adidas

New Balance 996 Collabs

New Balance enlisted the help of several Japanese labels and together they came up with some pretty rad designs. Most notable of all for us is this New Balance 996 kicks from nonnative. For its 996 Collaboration Project, nonnative took a simple approach, reducing the kicks to their bare essentials.

The focus is on materials, not so much the branding. Which is why the shoes swap out the large “N” logo typically found on the 996 in favor of a smaller, subtler “NB” logo. This is a radical choice, but a sublime and very calculated one. The change seems small, sure, but it takes a lot away, including the cruft endemic to New Balance shoes.

There’s also a hairy suede, something you don’t see everyday from a pair of New Balance kicks. The brand added a yellowed sole on top of the suede to make it look like a used sneaker from the ‘80s. We’re not entirely we’re too pleased with this design choice, but it’s something. This variant also has a thicker tongue plus elastic straps, which means you can wear it comfortably even without lacing up.

Other brands New Balance collaborated with for this project include United Arrows, N.Hoolywood, Beams+, atmos, and mita. They’re an oddball bunch — some drew inspiration from minimalist design choices while others took more risks. Still, any person will surely find something from this collection to like. But for us, nonnative’s simple, nondescript look reigns supreme. Hit the link below for more information.


Photos courtesy of New Balance

Nike Air Max 1 Sketch To Shelf

The Nike Air Max  1 Sketch to Shelf comes out this July 20 for $269. That’s a hefty purchase, but for good reason. If you’re a sneakerhead, chances are you know who Tinker Hatfield is. The designer has created some of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time. However, it’s the Air Max 1, in its original University Red colorway, that’s perhaps the most iconic of all.

This variant started the entire Air Max 1 line, which to this day remains one of Nike’s most popular series. Nike is honoring Hatfield and the Air Max 1’s origins by releasing an iteration. One that’s literary taken from sketch then brought to life.

The sneaker arrives in this University Red colorway as an homage to the original Air Max 1. However, it comes scribbled in this raw sketch design gimmick that makes the pair look like a sample unit. You can look at this in two ways. Firstly, it looks rather rudimentary and unfinished. However, this sensibility gives it a homespun feeling. The “unfinished” splashes of red and grey on the uppers lend to a look of sublime in its rawest form. Add to that handwritten details highlighting each component and you got yourself a pair of barebones-chic kicks.

Make no mistake — this is a collector’s item. It’s hard to imagine masses flocking for this variant given its highly unusual design. If you want it, the online raggle is now open on END Launches until July 20. The price, as mentioned, is set at $269. Check out the link below for more information.


Photos courtesy of Nike

Nike Aircraft Collection

Have you ever experienced this scenario — you see something so incredibly pretty that you want to purchase it. Only when you’re throwing your cash at the screen, you realize suddenly that it’s not even real?

Dang you, concept cars. This time around, it’s not a car but a series of sneakers. By Ukraine-based designer Danya Shulipa, the Nike Aircraft Collection draws inspiration from aviation legends like Air Force 1 Utility.

Shulipa took three of Nike’s most iconic silhouettes, which comprise his made-up collection. The aforementioned Air Force 1 Utility references the Discovery (OV-103), an iconic NASA transport spacecraft. It’s got a black and white color scheme, “Discovery” branding, and a small NASA patch on the shoe’s wing.

The SF Air Force 1, meanwhile, draws from the famous Boeing B-17G, a four-engine bomber that helped carry out missions during the Second World War. It features a khaki upper, Air Force branding, and a pull tag that reads, “Remove Before Flight.”

The last pair in Shulipa’s collection gets its look from the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, which boasts a shadowy silhouette. The design is a faithful homage to the sleekness of the supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, complete with a zippered tongue that’s lifted from the Air Max 720.

The Behance page in which the project’s on isn’t in English, but you can try your luck with Google Translate. But even if you can’t understand the language, though, design is universal. And in this case, it’s excellent design, one that crosses language barriers.


Photos courtesy of Danya Shulipa

BAIT X Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury

It’s amazing to think that Pixar’s first box office hit would turn into a major franchise for the company. What followed were a steady flow of amazing movies that are now beloved classics by both young and old. Moreover, the studio continues to pay homage to the title that put them on the map. Already in its fourth installment, the film’s dynamic duo are inspiring a fresh set of iconic kicks with a unique feature in tow. The BAIT X Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury is a mismatched pair of pure awesome from all angles.

We’re thinking that the non-matching aesthetics is marketing these shoes as highly-collectible. This unorthodox configuration is technically quite rare but not unheard of, which is why we want it so badly. Let’s start off with the right shoe, which features an upper mostly in blue denim. Meanwhile, the overlays are a mix of yellow and white/black cow print, with red pull tabs on the tongue and heel portion. Obviously, this side represents our cowboy friend Woody.

Meanwhile, the left half of the pair dons a more intergalactic colorway akin to the space ranger’s suit. There are splashes of white, purple, and green with a small hint of yellow and red as well. The BAIT X Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury is one fun collaboration that commemorates the premiere of Toy Story 4. Good luck hunting for these because it seems there won’t be a public release. Fans of the franchise will be shelling out big bucks once resellers get their hands on a few.

Check out BAIT for more stuff

Images courtesy of BAIT

Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus

When it comes to technical releases, Adidas is killing it. Its latest, the Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus, is no exception. Combining sharp aesthetics with topnotch utilitarian sensibilities, this new pair of kicks proves Adidas is hell-bent on innovating its technical prowess even further.

The shoes feature all-day versatility, which is to say they’re perfect as your spring or summer fair. That’s really no surprise given this is Adidas we’re talking about — the brand, after all, is synonymous with quality. Although summer’s almost ending, there’s still plenty to gush about here.

Take the street-to-trail profile of the kicks, for example. Not only do you get a shock-absorbing EVA midsole, which makes them ideal for gallivanting around the city, the kicks also have abrasion-resistant upper reinforcements. In other words, Adidas combined durability and comfort and gave it to us in one neat package.

The rubber outsole gets a tough tread, which is a nice touch on top of impressive flourishes found here. That means these are great for hiking trips, too. Though we’d err on the side of actual hiking footwear if you’re planning any backcountry endeavor.

The colorway is red and black, which some people will love and some will hate. That’s fine. This is no emblem of streetwear fashion, after all. That’s not to say, however, that they aren’t stylish. They are. But in a way that prioritizes slickness over style. If you’re not that patient about finding the perfect sneakers and just want a pair that’ll last for a good long while, get this. The Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Plus is one of the most reliable pairs of kicks you’ll ever purchase.


Parley X Adidas Alphaedge 4D

If you’re thinking that the eco-friendly movement is just for carmakers, then you’re clearly missing out. Widen your search parameters a little bit and you’ll see that there’s more to it than emission-free rides. Doing everything we can to save the environment for future generations has our full support. That’s why we are featuring items that show our readers that sustainability is doable and can be cool at the same time. How, you ask? Well, take a look at the upcoming Parley X Adidas Alphaedge 4D and you’ll understand what we mean.

The German sportswear company is embracing new and futuristic manufacturing processes to create unique kicks. Earlier this month, Adidas unveiled the Futurecraft Loop, a high-performance footwear designed for running and made from fully recyclable materials. Every part of this shoe uses TPU that goes through special processes to make it soft, hard, and even flexible. On the other hand, the collaboration with Parley for the Oceans applies a different approach. Save for the ADIDAS 4D midsole, the upper is crafted from collected marine plastic debris.

Adidas is calling the material Ocean Plastic and credits Alexander Taylor for its application. Other than the sustainable upper, the Parley X Adidas Alphaedge 4D is all about the one-of-a-kind midsole. The company is 3D-printing these using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology. The process involves digital light projection, programmable liquid resins, and oxygen-permeable optics. You end up with a durable and flexible latticework that offers superior cushioning and stability for casual and athletic usage. We’re hoping that its success will lead to more colorways other than the Aero Green it comes with.

Discover more here

Images courtesy of Adidas

Lebron Icon QS In Triple Black

Nike is collaborating with john Elliott again to produce a new colorway for the Lebron Icon QS. The mid-top silhouette is getting the Triple Black palette this time around. The new iterations comes in Nike’s Quickstrike iteration and emphasizes textures. And also detailing that’s focused on comfort.

Of course, not everybody likes black, more so Triple Black. And this is no match for the Volt variant coming soon. Still, it’s got its own charm to it. Fans might love the more understated look it provides.

The kicks feature black leather and mesh on the upper, with matching laces. Below, you’ll find a translucent green outsole, which is the only splash of color in these sleek kicks. The toe’s got the signature Swoosh branding, but you won’t find Elliott’s decals until you look at the insole. Surprise, surprise: it comes in a dark shade.

“The Icon has become part of my uniform,” says Elliott. “It’s deeply ingrained in the brand, from the way we style our lookbooks, to how we live in Los Angeles.” He adds that this Lebron Icon QS Triple Black version is versatile because the upper makes for a layered look. In layman’s terms, this means it’ll go great with almost any style of socks.

The kicks will hit Elliott’s flagship store in Los Angeles on May 22, 23, and 24 via limited units. They might sell some tie-dyed socks there, too. Then these will drop online on May 25 at Elliott’s website. Check out some more pictures below.


Photos courtesy of Nike

Nike X Undercover Daybreak

Undercover’s Jun Takahashi is one of the most thrilling designers you should all watch out for. That is if he hasn’t already impressed you with his collaborations with Nike for the past decade. This year’s Undercover collab, pulled from last year, enters 2019 with a more vibrant coat of paint.

Takahashi has retouched the Nike Undercover Daybreak kicks with a touch of modern but still uniquely carrying his signature quirks. You get what appears to be a revised approach to Nike’s 1979 Tailwind sneakers. Key to the modernity is a tiny addition — a speckled, plastic heel piece that gives it ample futurism.

The rest of the sneaker retains its signature traditional nylon upper with suede overlays. Undercover branding slithers along the lateral midsole and tongue tag. Nike and Takahashi always manage to steal the spotlight wherever they hitch up and do something together. Don’t consider this one an exception.

The kicks are part of the Swoosh brand and Takahashi’s Spring/Summer 2019 Paris runway show, and they’ll finally hit stores this summer. Nike will offer them in three colorways, as well. Personally, we enjoy Takahashi’s riff on the utilitarian stereotype, deconstructing it so as to surface the rambunctious over the tried and tested. That explains the traditional styling that slowly evolves into an aggressive heel element. Truly, it will not to everyone’s liking. But it’s an attempt with sheer conviction, and what better to demand from art than that?

The Nike Undercover Daybreak kicks start selling all over the globe June 7.


New Balance Refreshes the Original Dad Shoe

What dads have known & loved forever is all still here in the iconic 990 from New Balance. The 990 V.5 is just the latest variation of the tried-and-true dad classic, featuring the same gray and white colorway with low-key reflective hits. For a “nice Sunday morning jog”, “a quick trip to the hardware store” or “throwing the ol’ pigskin around in the backyard,” no other shoe quite compares.

LA’s No.One Sneaker Brand Drops Most Intricate Shoe Yet

Meticulously handcrafted in Los Angeles by bespoke footwear brand No.One, the Delta Elk sneaker features an upper made of wild Scandinavian elk hide from U.K. tannery C.F. Stead & utilizes both the rough & soft side of the hide for texture. The shoe also features hand whip stitching, UV printed branding, and waxed laces in white or grey cotton.