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Nordstrom Rack Has Select Red Wing Boots on Sale for Almost Half Off

We suspect the current crop of Nordstrom Rack sales means they’re trying to clear up valuable space on the shelves, but we can’t confirm or deny that for sure. What we can tell you is…

Oliver Cabell Phoenix Shoes Are 3D Printed from Recycled Bottles

There’s no doubt in our minds that Oliver Cabell is the best new sneaker brand of the past few years, but their recently released Phoenix sneaker seals the deal. It’s a stylish, airy shoe with…

New Balance 996 Collabs

New Balance enlisted the help of several Japanese labels and together they came up with some pretty rad designs. Most notable of all for us is this New Balance 996 kicks from nonnative. For its 996 Collaboration Project, nonnative took a simple approach, reducing the kicks to their bare essentials.

The focus is on materials, not so much the branding. Which is why the shoes swap out the large “N” logo typically found on the 996 in favor of a smaller, subtler “NB” logo. This is a radical choice, but a sublime and very calculated one. The change seems small, sure, but it takes a lot away, including the cruft endemic to New Balance shoes.

There’s also a hairy suede, something you don’t see everyday from a pair of New Balance kicks. The brand added a yellowed sole on top of the suede to make it look like a used sneaker from the ‘80s. We’re not entirely we’re too pleased with this design choice, but it’s something. This variant also has a thicker tongue plus elastic straps, which means you can wear it comfortably even without lacing up.

Other brands New Balance collaborated with for this project include United Arrows, N.Hoolywood, Beams+, atmos, and mita. They’re an oddball bunch — some drew inspiration from minimalist design choices while others took more risks. Still, any person will surely find something from this collection to like. But for us, nonnative’s simple, nondescript look reigns supreme. Hit the link below for more information.


Photos courtesy of New Balance

Nike Air Max 1 Sketch To Shelf

The Nike Air Max  1 Sketch to Shelf comes out this July 20 for $269. That’s a hefty purchase, but for good reason. If you’re a sneakerhead, chances are you know who Tinker Hatfield is. The designer has created some of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time. However, it’s the Air Max 1, in its original University Red colorway, that’s perhaps the most iconic of all.

This variant started the entire Air Max 1 line, which to this day remains one of Nike’s most popular series. Nike is honoring Hatfield and the Air Max 1’s origins by releasing an iteration. One that’s literary taken from sketch then brought to life.

The sneaker arrives in this University Red colorway as an homage to the original Air Max 1. However, it comes scribbled in this raw sketch design gimmick that makes the pair look like a sample unit. You can look at this in two ways. Firstly, it looks rather rudimentary and unfinished. However, this sensibility gives it a homespun feeling. The “unfinished” splashes of red and grey on the uppers lend to a look of sublime in its rawest form. Add to that handwritten details highlighting each component and you got yourself a pair of barebones-chic kicks.

Make no mistake — this is a collector’s item. It’s hard to imagine masses flocking for this variant given its highly unusual design. If you want it, the online raggle is now open on END Launches until July 20. The price, as mentioned, is set at $269. Check out the link below for more information.


Photos courtesy of Nike

Nike Aircraft Collection

Have you ever experienced this scenario — you see something so incredibly pretty that you want to purchase it. Only when you’re throwing your cash at the screen, you realize suddenly that it’s not even real?

Dang you, concept cars. This time around, it’s not a car but a series of sneakers. By Ukraine-based designer Danya Shulipa, the Nike Aircraft Collection draws inspiration from aviation legends like Air Force 1 Utility.

Shulipa took three of Nike’s most iconic silhouettes, which comprise his made-up collection. The aforementioned Air Force 1 Utility references the Discovery (OV-103), an iconic NASA transport spacecraft. It’s got a black and white color scheme, “Discovery” branding, and a small NASA patch on the shoe’s wing.

The SF Air Force 1, meanwhile, draws from the famous Boeing B-17G, a four-engine bomber that helped carry out missions during the Second World War. It features a khaki upper, Air Force branding, and a pull tag that reads, “Remove Before Flight.”

The last pair in Shulipa’s collection gets its look from the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, which boasts a shadowy silhouette. The design is a faithful homage to the sleekness of the supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, complete with a zippered tongue that’s lifted from the Air Max 720.

The Behance page in which the project’s on isn’t in English, but you can try your luck with Google Translate. But even if you can’t understand the language, though, design is universal. And in this case, it’s excellent design, one that crosses language barriers.


Photos courtesy of Danya Shulipa

Converse Renew Canvas

Fashion trends come and go but some withstand the tide and are almost perpetual or so it seems. One beloved icon of sneaker culture is still fashionable since its debut in 1917 and will remain so for a long time. As such, even the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars continue to sport the iconic design of the original.

An attempt to re-tool its design has so far been met with negative reactions. We’re talking about the All Star II, which was quickly discontinued after two years in the market. Learning from their mistakes, the brand is relying on a new gimmick to advertise the Converse Renew Canvas.

First things first, purists who want the old-school aesthetic will feel right at home with this new entry. On the surface, everything looks exactly like it should be. However, it seems that underneath that familiar layer is an innovative new approach to its construction. Sustainability is the name of the game here as Converse takes a bold step to reduce unnecessary waste.

Each pair will feature an upper that’s made entirely out of recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The company assures its consumers that this new material does not change how the shoes feel and perform. The cool thing about it is knowing the fact that your purchase is an eco-friendly step in the right direction.

The Converse Renew Canvas is not the only one of its kind out there. Adidas is also doing its share of sustainable manufacturing. In fact, there are already three models hitting retailers soon. These are the Futurecraft Loop, Alphaedge 4D, and Tour360 XT. The latter two are both a collaboration between the German sports apparel company and Parley for the Oceans.

Get it here

Images courtesy of Converse

Converse Renew Is Making Chuck Taylors out of Recycled Materials

When it comes to iconic sneakers, there are few as legendary as the Converse Chuck Taylor. They might have originally been named for an American tennis player from a handful of decades ago, but Chucks…

Native Plant Shoe

Climate change is now rearing its ugly head as the consequence of man’s foolish actions. In fact, experts claim that it’s already too late to mitigate the effect it has on global temperature. The only thing we can do now is to reduce emissions in order to slow down the process. Thankfully, carmakers are in the process of switching over to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, other manufacturers also need to start working with sustainable materials to reduce non-biodegradable wastes. It’s comforting to know that there are upcoming products that will be fully-recyclable or in the case of the Native Plant Shoe, biodegradable.

What this means is that we won’t be seeing these kicks piling up in landfills or floating about in the ocean. Among sports apparel companies, Adidas is spearheading efforts to produce footwear that use plastic waste. Its most notable creations include the Futurecraft Loop as well as a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans for the Alphaedge 4D and Tour360 XT. The latter two reportedly make us of ocean plastic to craft its comfortable uppers. Meanwhile, the Plant Shoe boasts an even better solution using a zero-waste concept for its products.

The brand claims that its kicks are 100 percent plant-based and 100 percent biodegradable. Therefore, let’s break down each of its components to see where the magic happens. The lasting board uses eucalyptus pulp, while the midsole is a combination of sisal and cork. For the insoles, its a mix of cotton, linen, kenaf, and corn felt. The uppers are a combination of cotton and pineapple fibers. Next is the durable outsoles that use hevea milk to create an additive-free latex. Finally, the laces are made of cotton, which makes the Native Plan Shoe a stellar example of sustainability.

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Images courtesy of Native

Up to 35% off Almost 1,000 Sale Items at Nike

Nike just kicked off another sale with up to 35% off a wide range of their entire product line. Sneakers. Shorts. Hoodies. More sneakers. Pants. Running Jacket. Even more sneakers. Running shoes. Hats. Tees. Trainers.…

Nike React Presto

The React Presto is Nike’s latest silhouette, set to launch very, very soon. The speaker blends the Swoosh company’s cutting edge React technology with the refined, iconic design of Presto sneakers.

Fittingly for these ultra colorful kicks, Nike is launching a very tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign that’s reminiscent of the Presto ads that catapulted the sneaker to mainstream fame. But that was back in 2000, this is now. As such, Nike knew better than to rest on its nostalgic laurels alone. Although it’s still super fun to see Nike retooling the old Presto campaign. As such, you’ll find each colorway paired with cartoonish characters not unlike the Animoji populating iPhones. Each are inspired by the new silhouettes colorways, obviously.

There’s “Brutal Honey,” whose accompanying kicks feature heavy use of black and yellow, closely resembling a bumblebee. Then there’s “Rabid Panda,” which takes cues from the adorable little creature, only this time a bit brutal. You’ll either love or hate its white midsole with black detailings and navy upper. That’s also comes with a hint of orange at the outsole for some flair. There’s also “Psychedelic Lava,” which draws inspiration from the lustrous pastel colors of a lava lamp.

Each variant comes with a Presto-inspired plastic lace cage, as well. And of course, who can forget that super comfortable React outsole? With an inner bootie for a flexible fit, to boot.

Nike will launch Brutal Honey and Rabid Panda on May 9. There’ll also be Nike by You variations that will roll out, so make sure to watch out for that.


Photos courtesy of Nike

Get an Extra 50% off over 400 Reebok Sale Items If You Act Fast

In all of the hullabaloo of Nike, Converse and adidas releases and sales, we all forget that certified Dad brand Reebok also has quite a few sneaker options worthy of consideration. And since they just…

Save an Extra 20% on over 1,000 Sale Items at Nike

If you’re still waiting to update your spring wardrobe, now’s the time. Nike just kicked off an extra 20% off sale that runs until 3/6. All you have to do to capitalize on the sale…

Nike React Runner WR ISPA Sneakers

Nike just dropped the details for their latest sneaker release, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier with this release. ISPA sneakers–aka Improvise. Scavenge. Protect. Adapt.– combine standard features with a number of unique attributes that…

CH1 GTX Hunting Boots By Under Armour And Cam Hanes

Who better to make tough-as-nails gear than Under Armour, already a trusted name in stylish and durable essentials?

And create it did, with the help of bowhunting expert Cam Hanes. The result is a pair of smartly designed kicks as robust and unwavering as the sport its for.

Hunting is, of course, not for the faint of heart. It requires you be present at all times, with heightened senses and a keen grasp of your space. That’s not going to happen if your shoes suck. You’ll only end up distracted and uncomfortable. That’s exactly what the CH1 GTX Hunting Boots address, helping even neophytes get into the right headspace for their backcountry digs.

Under Armour and hanes spent three years working on the CH1 GTX. They needed that amount of time to stitch everything together and make sure every inclusion has a purpose. You’ll find Gore-Tex membrane on the footwear’s construction, plus a vapor-permeable mesh and Cordura polyamide for optimum performance while you’re and about scouring for beasts.

An integrated two-zone BOA lacing system comes standard, as well as anatomical insoles with double-density EVA foam for maximum comfort while trudging the great outdoors. Needless to say that these boots are made not just for walking, but for all kinds of heavy-duty action. Hanes himself had worn it while taking down one of his largest backcountry bulls to date. That’s basically the ultimate stamp of approval right there.

Under Armour will release the CH1 GTX Hunting Boots this summer for $300 a pair.


Photos courtesy of Under Armour

Roadster Driving Boot By Pagani And Piloti

Italian car manufacturer Pagani and driving shoe specialist Piloti have joined forces to create the perfect pair of footwear for even the most discerning car enthusiast.

The companies took inspiration from the soft elegance of the Pagani Huayra Roadster. The result is the chic-looking shoe you see above, called the Roadster Driving Boot. Having spent two years in development, each pair is handmade in Italy and features top-grain leather construction.

On top of that, it’s got pliable CX6 carbon fiber panels for maximum durability. These panels are great because they cut down on heft and weight, making for a relatively lightweight and comfortable pair. It’s an element borrowed directly from Pagani’s line of hypercars, most of which heavily use carbon fiber as well.

Beyond its brutalist and utilitarian but still lithe and sleek aesthetics, the shoe also features something called Roll Control 2.0. This heel extends the shoes’ cushioning to the heel, which helps maximize comfort when driving. There’s also CNC + laser etched anodized aluminum hardware baked in. Name another pair of shoes that has that? Blanking? We thought so.

If none of the above has convinced you to get one, this might: Only 250 pairs will be sold worldwide. That’s not a typo — the Roadster Driving Boot is literally one of the rarest shoe finds you’ll ever purchase. Granted, you might stick to your Nike or Adidas kicks once you hear the price tag — just $849, folks — but purely for rarity alone, these are a steal.

They’re available now from Piloti’s online store, but make sure to order half a size down as they’re not true-to-size.


Photos courtesy of Pagani and Piloti