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Ford’s Package Delivery Robots Deploy From Autonomous Cars

Apparently, Ford wants to make your life more convenient and scare the crap out of you at the same time with their package delivery robots that fold up inside autonomous vehicles. Digit is the new…

Stan The Robot Valet

The future of valet parking? Robots, or so Stanley Robotics says with its new Stan robot valet. After a few years of testing, the company is ready to put a fleet or robot valets to use — starting at France’s Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport this week.

The way this works is you leave your car in a special garage-like box. Then one of Stanley’s robots will literally pick your car up and take it to a designated parking spot. When you return, the system will use your flight information to determine when to bring your car back to a box. Then you can just saunter in, hop on, and drive off. Say no more to waiting or searching the parking lot, says Stanley Robotics.

Of course, these robots are self-driving. They’re fairly large (about the width of a small SUV), rectangular-shaped, and essentially act as glorified forklifts. They have sliding metal arms that allow them to lift cars from the tires.

But don’t laugh — they’re more efficient parkers than we are, claims Stanley Robotics. The robot valets can fit 50 percent more cars in the same area. That’s because they were specially engineered to line them up closer.

At the moment, these robot valets will cover 500 parking spaces. But the company says it eventually wants to handle 6,000 spots. But it remains uncertain if Stanley Robotics plans to launch at other airports, too. A test is planned for the Gatwick airport in London later this year. Maybe we’ll know more by then.


MekaMon Berserker V2 Combat Robot

These days, robots are everywhere. Manufacturing companies now use industrial models to handle all the heavy lifting and intricate work. On the other hand, the consumer electronics market also offers various robotic gadget and toys. Then there’s the entertainment aspect of it all, with competitions that pit machine against machine. I like a prize fight with robots instead of humans. If you find everything we just told you interesting, then drop what you’re doing and get the MekaMon Berserker V2.

As the name suggests (which we suspect is play on words for mechanical monster), this remote-controlled robot is made for battle. Moreover, with a name like Berserker V2, other robots should definitely watch out. Unlike other offerings available right now like the Sony AIBO, Anki Vector, and others, the MekaMon is not your average interactive companion. In fact, the item looks like a badass mechanical spider that dispenses death everywhere it goes. Kidding aside, the toy is actually bred for combat both in real life or virtual space.

You heard that right, the MekaMon Berserker V2 is a fighting robot by heart. Users can download a companion app on their smartphones control their fighter via Bluetooth. The left pad controls its movement, while the right pad turns it around. Another thing that’s great about the smartphone app is that it allows you to wage war through augmented reality. Using the camera on your mobile device, a virtual battleground becomes available along with enemy units and structures. On a full charge, you can squeeze out around 1.5 hours of play.

Get it for $249.99

Images courtesy of MekaMon