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Salomé Yachts Proudly Shows Off The Luxurious Atlantic Yacht Tender

Appearing more like an exotic hypercar than a watercraft, the Salomé Yachts Atlantic embodies a racing vibe from bow to stern. Perhaps the reason behind the resemblance lies with the designer’s pedigree with automotive endeavours. Helming the construction of the sleek yacht tender is Etienne Salomé, whose impressive stint with Bugatti is giving us this stunning vessel. This is probably the closest anyone can drive an amphibious version of a high-performance luxury automobile.

According to sources, Salomé is designing the Atlantis with influences from the Bugatti Type 57SC and Formula 1 race cars. The name alone already is an obvious homage to the Atlantic model from the French luxury automaker. Looking at the sleek dynamic curves of its exterior, the yacht tender boasts an aesthetic that demands speed.

The 12-meter vessel’s flow-through hull apparently reduces drag to keep it stable during operation – one of many F1-inspired applications. There is enough room to ferry up to nine passengers wherever they need to go. The Atlantic features a Volvo Penta Glass cockpit system – a collaboration with Garmin – with an optional self-docking technology.

Moreover, Salomé Yachts is equipping the Atlantic with twin Volvo Penta engines at 440 horsepower each for a total of 880 horsepower. Owners can push the yacht tender up to anywhere between 55 to 60 knots. Those hoping to own one now should know that it is still in the concept stages. However, the manufacturer plans to present fully functional units soon. Pricing is not available as of the moment but the announcement might be during the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show.

More details coming soon: here

Images courtesy of Salomé Yachts

This Peugeot Boxer 4X4 Concept Is A Full-Fledged Van

The Peugeot Boxer concept varies greatly from most 4x4s in that it doubles as a fully functional van. It’s great if you’re serious about going to different adventures, less so if you like your 4x4s slick-looking.

This doesn’t have the world’s greatest design, to be sure, but surely most people can let aesthetics fly by in favor of optimum utility. Even still, the Peugeot Boxer campervan concept probably has everything you’d ever need for all your off-roading shenanigans.

Underneath, you’ll find a BlueHDi 165 engine and a six-speed manual, which translates to 273 lb-ft of torque. You also get a part-time four-wheel-drive system, which makes this beastly monstrosity able to climb up any terrain, even the most unforgiving ones. The Peugeot Boxer stands a bit taller with 1.18 inches of extra height and 1.97 inches in the rear. It sits on BF Goodrich off-road tires, which offer great traction under any condition.

Inbuilt LED lighting makes it perfect for camping trips, you’ll find them just above the windshield. Go inside and you’ll find 107.6 square feet of living space, complete with Alcantara upholstery. This area includes a sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom. You even get a Peugeot eM02 FS Powertube electric mountain bike on the mounted rack out back. Plus, a canoe on the roof rack will surely give you more amazing outdoor adventures.

The only downside is that this is just a concept at the moment. There’s no telling when this beastly overlander will enter production, if it’s ever headed there, that is.


Photos courtesy of Peugeot

Silent Assassin E-Scrambler Is Droog Moto’s Quietest Build To Date

Droog Moto has done it again. The Silent Assassin E-Scramble, its latest build, is its quietest ever. Made for a client, the ride features a Brammo Empulse R base. That means it has a power of 40 kW, with a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Interestingly, the battery drives a six-speed transmission.

What makes this even more special? An electric build. Droog Moto just proved that custom heavy metal builds don’t always have to be loud and contribute to pollution. The result is a bike that zooms with nary a peep.

You’ll find here Droog’s signature angular styling on full display, complete with a faux tank and exposed battery mounts, giving the bike a gorgeous industrial look. Not only that, the bike’s sharp edges and classy finish give it extra visual oomph, a mix of utilitarian and badass.

The lone client for which this was made gets a rear shortened rear subframe, which comes completely new with a leather skateboard seat. Plus, design elements that mimic exhaust pipes. The Silent Assassin E-Scrambler rides on 17-inch Marchesini wheels and an adjustable 43mm Marzocchi fork.

Electric is the way to go, Droog Moto seems to declare. You’ll find a J1772 level II charging system onboard. One that’s capable of fully juicing the Silent Assassin E-Scrambler in just 3.5 hours. Additionally, every 10 minutes of charge provides five miles, or eight kilometers of range. As for other flourishes, you get a 7-inch LED headlight. It’s fitted with into a steel tracker plate paired with a sleek hand-formed front fender.


Photos courtesy of Droog Moto

This Kawasaki Bobber Was Built With No Limits In Mind

You know what makes custom builds actually interesting? Not possibilities. Limits. Be it budget constraints or technical challenges, these substances can really render some fascinatingly clever workaorunds. Which is all to say they can bring out true creativity. This custom Kawasaki Bobber isn’t one such build, though.

Taiwan’s 2LOUD latest handiwork came from a childhood dream. Luckily, that child turned our very, very successful later in life, and wanted to realize their dream bike without any sort of identifiable limit. The result? A tremendously beautiful build that literally bears not a single shortcoming.

2LOUD’s custom Kawasaki Bobber fits the man who already has everything in life. He has all kinds of supercars in his ultra-fancy garage. He wears expensive perfume. His timepiece collection? To die for. And he’s the kind of person who buys sneakers then promptly forgets about them forever. The bike has a no holds barred design, thanks to the fact that the owner in question gave no restrictions on the custom build. He allowed them to go bonkers and let the bike evolve to whatever shape or form they wanted it to.

Here, you’ll find a fully customized stainless steel swingarm and handmade steel handlebars. Also, a clean-up of all the electrics, plus new custom leather upholstery, and a reshaped tank and rear fender. The shop also did a repaint and refinish from nose to tail, among other refinements. If you’ve ever wondered what a bike made without limits looks like, you’re looking at it. Hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of 2LOUD

This Awesome 2011 Ford X ROUSH Performance Mustang Is Heading To Auction

When somebody says pony cars and custom in one sentence, we immediately know that it’s going to be awesome. This time, we have an exceptional beauty courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum. To be specific, it is a 2011 Ford X ROUSH Performance Mustang making its way to the auction block this month. It will be on public display before it is sold off during the 2019 Petersen Gala, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

If you’re hoping to see the iconic racing stripes on most souped-up Mustangs, we sorry to say there’s none. However, what you will see is a stylish glossy finish on the sleek grey paintwork. Another attractive exterior element is the set of ROUSH 20-inch graphite wheels equipped with TrakPak Brake system. These look even better with the suspension upgrade kit that lowers its ride height for more stability.

Additionally, a close-up tour around the machine reveals a stainless-steel Axle-Back exhaust package. Likewise, the front and rear elements have been reworked for an even more aggressive stance. These include fog lights, a new grille design, as well as a custom splitter for the front. Meanwhile, the rear hoses a more subtle change to the diffuser.

The 2011 Ford X ROUSH Performance Mustang will be the highlight of the evening as the auction unfolds. One lucky bidder will get a chance to drive home this custom machine. Meanwhile, proceeds from the sale of the vehicle are heading to the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation. This non-profit charity that helps educate qualified students annually.

Learn more about it: here

Images courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

LeVen 90 Yacht For Your shallow Depth Adventures

The LeVen 90 is probably the shortest yacht you’ve ever encountered — the thing has a depth of just 4.5 feet. Really, really tiny. But not in performance. Made specifically for shallow water adventures, this wee ride packs a slight punch, still.

The shallow LeVen 90 build is made possible thanks to the use of Voith Linear Jets, which offer propeller protection, low noise and vibration, and high efficiency at a low maintenance. The all-aluminum performance yacht cal slip into anchorages or even reach white beaches where other, much bigger yachts fear to dock.

The LeVen 90 comes from the Dutch word “Level,” which means “life” in English. It is the brainchild of Florida-based entrepreneur Lucas Silva who was seeking a yacht to cruise on with his family to his beloved Exumas island chain in the Bahamas.

Designed with the outdoor lifestyle in mind, the LeVen 90 boasts a nearly 40-foot-long sundeck, with expansive bow seating, plus a huge rear Opacmare Transformer swim deck for launching kayaks or jet skis. You also get full-width doors that open up the main salon to the rear lanai deck, which Silva calls The Great Room. And instead of the forward end of the cabin transforming into a helm station, Silva uses it as an open space, full-width eat-in galley. With huge central island and bar stools, to boot.

Below deck, guest passengers can stay in the four en suite staterooms. Cabin crew, meanwhile, can stay in the addition two staterooms.

For power, we’re talking a pair of 1,900-hp MTU V12s which will push the yacht to a top speed of 26 knots. Also onboard is 3,170 U.S. gallons in fuel capacity, which translates to a range of around 400 nautical miles.


Photos courtesy of LeVen Yachts

The Scania AXL Concept Truck Drives Itself

The Scania AXL is the coolest looking dump truck you’ll ever see. And here’s the kicker — it doesn’t even need a driver to run.

The fully autonomous truck doesn’t have a passenger cab at all. With that element eliminated, Swedish outfit Scania rethought the design in a radically different way. The vehicle relies on a blend of old and new technologies to navigate though constructions sites.

Since it’s cab less, the designers took that as an opportunity to come up with bold choices. For example, they made it lower than a standard truck. They also gave it curved LEDs and a cascading grille. You’ll find the cameras, radars, and sensors — on which the vehicle relies for accurate navigation — on the black panel, which also displays the massive Scania emblem.

For any autonomous vehicle, software is king. The Scania AXL concept truck is no exception, of course. As mentioned, it comes decked with a suite of cameras, laser, and radars. Onboard computers piece together information the hardware receives and maps it all out and tells the truck where to go, when there are obstacles, and when to stop. Because a human can’t take over when something goes awry, engineers programmed a high degree of redundancy into the system for safety.

The concept truck’s actual specs remain unknown, though. Scania keeps mum on these finer details. But we do know the Scania AXL relies on an internal combustion engine that burns renewable biofuel. The concept truck in its current form runs on biodiesel, but you can swap out the engine with one that burns another type of fuel like biogas. Yes, this thing’s modular.

Learn more when you hit the link below.


Photos courtesy of Scania

The Biomega EV Is A Fun Urban Transport With A Modular Battery System

For electric vehicles, there are a few ways manufacturers approach the design. The most popular option is to make it look as futuristic as possible. Next, is to combine elements of a traditional vehicle with a cutting-edge electric powertrain. Next is to just let the designer’s imagination run free to craft something quirky, fun, and innovative. The Biomega EV falls in the latter category as it presents a playful vibe that hosts a capable emission-free transport.

Biomega is not exactly a name that rings a bell in the automotive industry. This Danish brand has its roots deeply planted with making awesome bicycles for the eco-minded traveler. However, we believe that its first attempt at a four-wheeled transport produced an exceptional machine. Unfortunately, this is still a prototype version. The company plans to release a production model by 2021, which is still a little ways off.

Each wheel is powered by a dedicated motor. All four combine to generate up to 82 horsepower with 118 lb-ft of torque. With a max speed of 80 mph, a full charge of its 20 kWh battery can deliver a range of up to 100 miles. Meanwhile, the body uses lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer an aluminum crossbeams for additional safety.

The Biomega EV seats a maximum of four passengers including the driver with ample legroom for comfort. One of the impressive features of this upcoming ride is the modular battery system. According to the manufacturer, owners can quickly access and replace the batteries to extend the mileage in between charges. We can’t wait to see these on the road soon.

Discover more: here

Images courtesy of Biomega

Aurora Powertrains Is Offering An All-Electric Snowmobile For Personal Use

Judging by the upsurge of emission-free mobility solutions, it clear that electrification is paving the way for the future. Even the most bull-headed carmakers are accepting the inevitable shift to eco-friendly platforms. We’ve probably seen almost all types of transportation modified for battery power. Meanwhile, Some of our readers know how challenging it can be to traverse over surfaces with heavy snowfall. Thankfully, Aurora Powertrains is offering an all-electric snowmobile that can handle even the toughest conditions.

Originally, the company was intending to manufacture these awesome rides for guests going on its Aurora eMotion safari. This eye-opening adventure takes you on a trip across the Arctic Circle. Hence, after undergoing grueling tests in the most extreme locations in Finland, its ready to personal use. Similar to modern EV technology the snowmobile even recharges its batteries via regenerative braking down slopes.

Aurora Powertrains is offering two models: Touring and Utility. The former boasts 80 kW with 160 Nm of torque, while the latter is capable of 100 kW with 240 Nm of torque. Traditionally, colder temperatures are a nightmare for batteries. Nevertheless, the advanced thermal management system takes care of the rest. Both versions are reportedly capable of traveling up to 40 km before needing a charge and can seat up to two people.

Traditionally combustion engines are noisy, which can ruin the experience for those seeking tranquility. The optimal solution is going all-electric and enjoy the sounds of nature as the gentle hum of the motor pushes you along. Aurora Powertrains is apparently working on a Long Range variant for the Touring model. Electric snowmobiles are the only way to travel and save the environment at the same time.

Learn more about it: here

Images courtesy of Aurora Powertrains

Continental Teases The Future Of Mobility With Its Conti C.A.R.E. Smart Tire System

Over the years, automobiles have seen a big jump in innovation. These upgrades make modern vehicles safer, drive faster, handle better, and reduce environmental impact. All the aforementioned elements can be found on most EVs and improvements are not stopping anytime soon. The humble tire is often a neglected piece of modern technology that plays an important role while we drive. It’s responsible for transferring all that power into traction as it pushes our machines forward. Continental is hoping to make some cutting-changes with the Conti C.A.R.E Smart Tire System.

Getting a flat tire is never a fun situation during your travels. Replacing the deflated one with a spare is not an easy task. Under the blazing sun or in a freezing snowstorm, nobody wants to be outside servicing their vehicles. In hindsight, there are innovative concepts out there that have great potential to replace the classic pneumatic rubbers. However, these have yet to undergo a lot of testing before any of them become the new standard.

The industry is likewise exploring the feasibility of self-driving vehicles. And a flat tire is one of the many problems that impede implementation. Requiring passengers to step down and manually replace the wheels ruins the futuristic experience. Thus, Continental wants to help by automating the process. The Conti C.A.R.E Smart Tire System will feature sensors that can detect tire pressure and use a pumping system to regulate everything to recommended specifications. Just remember that properly inflated tires are safer, lasts longer, and boosts fuel economy on the road.

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Images courtesy of Continental

The Vision Mercedes Simplex Is A Stunning All-Electric Tribute To The Mercedes 35 PS

Being an automotive junkie means that you need to have an open mind. On the other side of the spectrum are purists and nostalgic individuals who want nothing to do with innovative ideas. It will be hard to convince the latter group, but Mercedes-Benz might just have something to make them think twice. Enter the Vision Mercedes Simplex a tribute to the first modern vehicle that started out as a race car. Eventually, it was reworked for regular use on public roads during its time.

The automotive industry is gradually crossing over to electric power in order to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, it is only natural for Mercedes-Benz to present the Vision Mercedes Simplex as an all-electric concept. Unfortunately, this awesome machine is currently just a showpiece only concept for now. However, there’s no rule against dreaming about riding this around the city.

This open-top two-seater features a striking combination of colors. The front half is a stunning white, while the remaining portion is in elegant black with a striking blue seat. Rose gold elements add an alluring contrast, while a glass panel occupies the front instead of a grille. Additionally, the LED lights supposedly indicate the current status of the Vision Mercedes Simplex.

The form factor intentionally resembles the classic Mercedes 35 PS – an innovative race car of its era – designed by Paul Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. Funding the project was Emil Jellinek, an affluent automobile entrepreneur. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Mercedes Simplex looks like an exciting teaser for future production models. We can only hope there’s is enough demand for the German carmaker to consider putting one on the assembly line.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

This Custom Off-Road Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear Is For Sale

Overlanding is an activity for heavy-duty trucks, ATVs, and SUVs. It is common to see brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Jeep, Toyota, and others dominate the trail. However, the arrival of the Lamborghini Urus saw a new player join the fun. The luxurious machine has the makings of a supercar, yet is configured for off-road travel. Now, something that defies logic enters the arena as a custom Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear dares to forge a path across rough terrain,

This odd, but jaw-dropping vehicle features several modifications that allow it traverse challenging surfaces. The most noticeable enhancements raise the ride height and add fender flares to accommodate bigger all-terrain tires.

Up top is a roof rack to help carry stuff that won’t fit inside the trunk or cabin. Additionally, an LED light bar is ready to illuminate the path when the need arises. Move to the rear and you can spot the spare tire mounted on top of the engine bay cover.

The matte gray colorway with black elements adds a slightly sinister vibe to an otherwise sleek supercar. Inside the lavish cabin are generous amounts of leather upholstery that cover the seats and most surfaces. Under the hood is the stock 5.0-liter V10 producing 500 horsepower on demand with 398 lb-ft of torque.

Coupled with its six-speed automatic transmission, this custom Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear will travel over anything in its path. The Urus is still the best way to go in our opinion, but it’s not every day that anyone stumbles upon a supercar purposely tweaked to put other SUVs to shame.

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Images courtesy of Classic Youngtimers Consultancy

The Vagabund Moto V12 Is A BMW R100RT On Steroids

Chalk it up to Vagabund for the most formidable bicycle builds ever. The company’s latest handiwork? A completely beastly transformation of the BMW R100RT. Meet the Vagabund Moto V12.

Builders Paul Brauchart and Phillip Rabl have crafted a robust reputation for their perfectionism for bike builds, with every little detail considered and honed to top-notch configuration. The new Vagabund Moto V12 BMW R100RT is further proof of their unbeatable eye for detail and precision.

On the outside, it looks like a high-performance bike with some hints of steampunk but also the slickness of classic bodies from a few decades ago. It looks formidable, punishingly eye-watering, and rightly so. However, surprise, surprise — this is completely street-legal. You read that right.

You get a matte black paint, understated and a perfect, controlled choice. Adding gloss would have made it overkill. You also get a fiberglass reinforced plastic wheel cover plus 3D printed fork covers with integrated LED markers. Vagabund also reduced the front fork to 60 mm with a retro fit collective, upper triple tree, and fork nuts. Also here? A new weld-modified rear frame and shortened LSL streetbar. If those have not caught your attention yet, maybe the new exhaust will.

The modified exhaust system uses a HATTACH Y-pipe with silencer, which is a pretty incredible addition on top of all the amazing customizations already mentioned. It all comes together with the milled Vagabund emblem for an ultra-classy look. The Vagabund Moto V12 offers a sinister aesthetic with street-legal performance. What more could you ask for, really?


Photos courtesy of Vagabund

Sinot Aqua Superyacht Uses Liquified Hydrogen

Meet the Sinot Aqua Superyacht, a new concept yacht that is as innovative as its name is super mundane. Don’t let the moniker throw you off — this is a boat well worth considering.

The Sinot Aqua spent a development period of over five months, and in that span the designers figured out what would make it stand out: liquid hydrogen. That’s right — this is the first marine vessel to be fully powered by liquified hydrogen.

Lateral Naval Architects developed the hydrogen propulsion system that promises smooth and silent sailing at a longer range. With zero emissions. Again, zero emissions. So, how does that work, exactly?

The liquified hydrogen, which will be stored at -253 degrees Celsius in two 28-ton vacuum isolated tanks, is converted into electrical energy via proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The power will provide propulsion, in addition to the auxiliary system and hotel services. The result? A noise-free sustainable sailor that offers a top speed of 17 knots, a cruising speed of 10 to 12 knots, and a range of 3,750 nautical miles. Sander Sinot, the designer, says:

“Our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a true superyacht that is not only groundbreaking in technology, but also in design and aesthetics.”

The interior space offers plenty of room. You can fit 14 guests and 31 crew. You also get a super luxurious 50-foot VIP suite taking up the front half of the upper deck. Also included? A 360-degree observatory. Plus an indoor health and wellness center with a hydro-massage room, yoga space, and workout floor.


Photos courtesy of Sinot

The Briko Cerebellum One Is A Smart Cycling Helmet

The first thing anyone should consider before riding a bicycle or motorcycle is gearing up for safety. Cycling has its fair share of hazards that can seriously injure your body. Experts will always tell you to invest in a good helmet and it’s for your own good. Briko is introducing a cutting-edge headgear that comes with a collection of features designed to keep the users away from harm. Therefore, you can focus on having fun and getting a good workout while Cerebellum One takes care of the rest.

The Cerebellum One made its debut at the 2019 Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. For those unaware, it is one of the largest trade show for the cycling industry. Hence, a perfect venue to showcase exciting new products to consumers.

Drawing inspiration from modern automobiles that sport front and rear-mounted cameras, Briko reworks the cycling helmet. Both sensors can record 4K videos at 30 fps, which are wirelessly transmitted to the user’s smartphone.

Meanwhile, those who normally mount their handsets on the handlebars can turn it into a digital rear-view mirror as well. Furthermore, the built-in radar system will notify the user if a vehicle suddenly approaches from behind.

Since accidents are unpredictable, Briko equips the Cerebellum One with an emergency function. After a nasty spill or fender bender, motions sensors will send an SMS with the coordinates of the crash site to the appropriate people who can help. Finally, a dehydration sensor will remind the wearer to take a break to quench their thirst.

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Images courtesy of Briko

The 2020 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Is A Blast From The Past

With its latest bike, Harley-Davidson proves it never, ever forgets where it came from. The heritage vibes are real and immediately apparent with the Low Rider S, which brings back the good old knuckle-draggers the brand became highly vaunted for.

Any person with even a smidge of interest in bikes knows who Harley-Davidson is, and more importantly, what it represents. Long seen as a staple brand in the motorcycling world, the company has been trying to redefine its way forward by creating units that offer a mix of nostalgia and future-forward sensibilities.

Still, it’s important to always look back and know where you came from. The new 2020 Low Rider S does so unapologetically. The ride proves Harley-Davidson hasn’t burned its history book, and probably never will.

Though it may not arrive as the brand’s most powerful bike this year, here you’ll find an example of a more forward-thinking Harley-Davidson. The Low Rider S is a performance cruiser that tips its hat to the West Coast heritage of the customized lowrider Harleys of the ‘80s.

The new bike only comes in black and gray, adding to its formidable overall look. As for innards, you get a Milwaukee-eight 114 cubic inch V-twin, capable of making 119 pound-feet torque. For parts, you get a pair of big ol’ 300 mm disc brakes, with another disc in the back. Harley-Davidson also tucked in the front forks a bit, decreasing the rake to 28 degrees, two less than the Low Rider. Find out more when you hit the link below.


You Can Get This Used 1972 Detomaso Pantera

The Detomaso Pantera never made much of a splash. Despite its incredible wedge shape and excellent performance, its era looked elsewhere and this did not catapult the ride into icon status. Everyone instead patronized the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars of that day, with this one promptly careening into near obscurity. Times have changed since. Plenty of people now admire this car. And you can have one. Check out this 1972 Detomaso Pantera.

When we say, admire, we really mean go berserk over. Once severely under-appreciated, the Pantera Detomaso now has a bevy of admirers who see it for what it truly is capable of. Underneath, you get a Ford V8 engine maxing out at 330 ponies, a lot for its day. The engine is mated to a five-speed transmission, as well.

Suffice it to say that the Detomaso Pantera did not come under-equipped when it came to either aesthetics or performance. The 1972 model here remains one of the best-kept samples in the world. This particular unit shows only 70 miles on the odometer, which means it’s got plenty of buck left to bang.

You also get a number of pretty cool modifications. For starters, you’ll find larger aftermarket wheels with staggered front and rear sizes. This, plus the period look, set off the whole look of the exterior. The interior, on the other hand, features custom bucket seats and an Alcantara trim in a black and blue theme.

Despite all those, the ride never made a huge name for itself back in the day. Scoop up an overlooked part of history when you hit the link below.