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Rezvani Tank designer presents the 2021 Hummer H1 concept

When the M998 Humvee first saw action in the military, the automotive industry never expected it to appeal to regular consumers. Its tactical design and angular form factor was a surprise hit among those who craved a ride with a macho appeal. After purchasing the brand from AM General, General Motors ended up selling three generations of the SUV: H1, H2, and H3. Fans of the rugged platform are in for a treat with the 2021 Hummer H1 concept from Samir Sadikhov makes its debut.

This is definitely a welcome sight after years of being absent from scene following problems within GM. According to industry sources, the last one to roll out of the factory was a Hummer H3 back in May 2010. Therefore, we’re sure that longtime owners of the series will find familiar elements with this bold idea.

With a notable credit to his name for others awesome ride, Sadikhov aims to impress with this proposal. With work under Lamborghini and Rezvani under his belt, he is taking familiar elements and making small enhancements. The 2021 Hummer H1 manages to retain the menacing looks that we all know and love.

Everything about it still retains the military vibe that tells other vehicles to make way or pay. However, it appears sleeker thanks to the dynamic curves on some sections of the body. There are two versions of the 2021 Hummer H1. One is a truck with racks on the hood and roof to haul cargo. Then there is an SUV variant with a four-panel panoramic sunroof instead.

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Images courtesy of Samir Sadikhov

This 900-horsepower Audi SUV is the RQ 900 from Manhart

Not content with the Toyota SupraGR-450 that was recently headlining our page, Manhart is back with another custom ride. This time, it is shifting from a Japanese marque into a label that a little more local. This German tuning outfit is now doing what it does best with an SUV from Audi. With its impressive work on various marques such as Land Rover, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz among others, this project should be equally remarkable. This here is the RQ 900.

Gearheads who have been closely following Audi’s catalog knows that it is an RSQ8. This machine is already a luxury-tier SUV in its original configuration. However, after Manhart lets it run through a gauntlet of upgrades, the result is absolutely mesmerizing any way you look at it. Starting with the stock 592-horsepower 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine, the RQ 900 is ending up with a wicked boost.

How crazy you ask? Well, how about a whopping 900 horsepower and 796 lb-ft of torque at its disposal. Manhart makes it possible through an ECU mod, carbon fiber body kits, a transmission tweak, and new exhaust system. We recommend taking it for a run on the tracks to experience everything it has to offer. This is one souped-up SUV that nobody will want to mess with.

The Manhart is not limiting its work to performance only. Thus, the RQ 900 gets an exclusive decal treatment to give its stealthy exterior some contrast. You end up with a stylish black and gold colorway that stunning. If this is something you want, then hurry up because only 10 examples are available.

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Images courtesy of Manhart

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition from Super Veloce is actually a tribute to Porsche

Our love of automobiles can sometimes go beyond the actual ride itself. For example, if you are die-hard gearhead, there are unique products out there that will impress. We can recall a Bluetooth speaker from Porsche Design that graced our pages before which sourced its parts from a 911 GT3. Then there’s another from the same company which was a writing desk. This time we have something that will perk you up in the morning. This here is the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition from Super Veloce.

The manufacturer outright reveals that this item is definitely for Porsche fanatics. It appears to be an intricately crafted tribute to the air-cooled flat-six power plant of the 993. Super Veloce is crafting it from high-end materials such as titanium and surgical-grade stainless steel. Additionally, some parts use 7075 and 6082 T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. There are also some carbon fiber sections that add to its attractive aesthetics.

Despite what the name suggests, the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is not your standard espresso machine. Instead, it offers the convenience of capsules to ensure that every serving tastes like perfection. Instead of the kitchen counter, it would more at home inside a fancy garage or a man cave. Everything about it just oozes with a style that will certainly make it a fantastic conversation piece.

Super Veloce absolutely knows how to create the most stylish items. The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is an exclusive offering with only 993 units up for production. Then there’s the regular version which sports solver and chrome elements, but a similar form factor.

Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition – $11,065

Images courtesy of Super Veloce

Armortruck Futuristic Armored SUV Concept

We’ve seen plenty of futuristic, apocalypse-ready vehicles over the years. Few of them compare to the share absurdity of the Armortruck Futuristic Armored SUV Concept from Bulgarian designer Milen Ivanov. Ivanov is concept designer /…

Someone needs to turn this ARMORTRUCK concept into an actual vehicle

For geeks like us, seeing the Tesla Cybertruck was a jaw-dropping experience. It’s not often that you can turn something that seems straight from science fiction into a commercial product. While deliveries of the all-electric pickup are still a year away, we want to see something compete against its appeal. To our surprise, one such vehicle might be the most insane to grab our attention. Meet the ARMORTRUCK concept from the mind of Milen Ivanov. Trust us, this is something we would buy in a heartbeat if we can.

The designer already boasts an impressive resume for his work with companies such as Rimac, Dreamworks, and Vilner among others. With proficiency when it comes to exploring designs that tread the fine line between reality and fantasy, we can expect to see a lot of unique stuff. The ARMORTRUCK is likely the mode of transportation that anyone would pick in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

As the name implies, it flaunts visibly thick armor plating that would brush off almost any type of attack. After featuring real-life automobiles with military-grade protection, we believe that this concept has all the basics down. All critical sections appear to be properly shielded and should likely even survive blasts from explosives.

Renders of the ARMORTRUCK also show thick ballistic resistant glass for optimum visibility without sacrificing safety. The gullwing doors are a nice touch and should make entry and exit convenient. Meanwhile, the interior shows seating for up to four people with what appears to be luxurious upholstery and materials. We just hope that a security service company draws inspiration from this awesome futuristic concept.

Check out more form Milen Ivanov

Images courtesy of Milen Ivanov

Novitec revisits the Lamborghini Huracán EVO with its latest project

Just when we thought that the COVID-19 pandemic will wreak havoc on the automotive industry, we are glad to be wrong. While sales might be on a slump right now, carmakers continue to hype up their upcoming wares. Thus, we still regularly spot rides that immediately stand out from the rest. On the other hand, we have some shops that provide stellar customization services. Take for example Novitec, who is up to no good once more as it messes with a Lamborghini Huracán EVO.

It might sound nasty, but this German tuning outfit specializes in some of the most insane automobiles out there. Recently, we have featured their work on McLarens, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. This should put your mind at ease as these guys know their way around exotic supercars. To set expectations properly, the team will unleash the potential of these machines for a price.

Since most owners have the resources to purchase these vehicles, aftermarket splurges are not beyond their capacity. The Lamborghini Huracán EVO is already impressive in its stock form. Nevertheless, Novitec shows us how it takes performance seriously as approaches the upgrades from every angle. The 5.2-liter mid-mounted V10 engine is already a beast of its own. Hence, the tweaks this time around revolve around reducing weight.

The company presents a carbon fiber overhaul as it replaces most of the components with the lightweight material. These include the mirror covers, end plates, air scoops, and side window intakes among others. The Lamborghini Huracán EVO also gets a set of Novitec NL4 forged wheel with 245/30 ZR 20 Pirelli P-Zero tires.

Learn more about it from Novitec

Images courtesy of Novitec

The ERV Hyper is a fully-electric camper for mobile off-grid living

We have been happily talking about how the automotive industry is bracing for a big change soon. Of course, what we mean is the gradual transition from fossil fuels to battery power. Those of us who prefer their rides to stay the same way will need to eventually adapt. It’s fascinating to look back later on and wonder why we have not shifted to the cleaner alternative sooner. After regularly featuring all-electric automobiles, it’s about time we present something else. The ERV Hyper is another exciting preview of an emission-free future.

As electric vehicles are slowly going mainstream, other products related to transportation are adapting to meet the demand. We were recently showcasing the Unicat MD56c, which was a German expedition-tier RV that maximizes energy usage with the help of solar panels. In a similar fashion, ERV is equipping the Hyper with an innovative design to take advantage of the surface space on top.

It will be a while before the Tesla Cybertruck becomes commercially available. Nevertheless, the Hyper appears to be an eco-friendly head start from ERV. The Australian company is outfitting the camper with 2,300-watt solar panel system with a 5,000-watt inverter. This allows owners to use appliances and more that rely on AC power.

For a more reliable backup when it gets dark or on cloudy days, the Hyper packs 14-kilowatt-hour battery. ERV throws in a microwave, a refrigerator, an electric barbecue, and a heater for the water. Other creature comforts include a full-padded 3-piece bed head, Sirroco fans in the bedroom, and a pillow top/inner spring mattress. We can’t wait to see more fully electric models like this soon.

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Images courtesy of ERV

R-Reforged Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS proves that two is better than one

We believe that it would be difficult to find what could be better than an Aston Martin with aftermarket tuning. Sure, other supercars or hypercars could possibly surpass the performance and luxury of the British marque. However, the pedigree that comes with winged emblem is generally like no other. Therefore, the Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS from R-Reforged is for those who want more than one automotive masterpiece in their garage.

This bespoke project comes from a Swiss shop with a penchant for Aston Martins. Thus, it is clear that a lot of love and care is going into each pair. The company is paying homage to the Italian coachbuilder’s outstanding work on the Vantage V12 in 2011. Thus, what we have here is an international blend of craftsmanship sure to attract attention anywhere.

The Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS features two versions of the Vantage V12 – a Coupe and Speedster. It’s a great way for owners to flaunt their extravagance with a top-down or more traditional experience. R-Reforged is tuning the stock 5.9-liter V12 engines up to 600 horsepower, which is an 85 hp bump.

Production by hand will be in R-Reforged’s new U.K. assembly line with several customization options available. The available images of the pair show a silver and gold colorway. Nevertheless, buyers can probably personalize the paint job to suit their tastes. The Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS will ship with intricate aesthetics based on the automotive designs of the 1950s and 1960s. Only 19 pairs are heading for production.

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Images courtesy of R-Reforged

Dragsters should make way for the all-electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, equipment shortages are prompting most high-profile companies to help out. For example, Razer has allocated some of its production lines to manufacture face masks. Meanwhile, a PC gaming outfit is also dedicating manpower to produce ventilators. Just recently, Ford reportedly repurposed its Mustang factory in partnership with 3M to supply respirators to healthcare workers. Thankfully, this does not mean it’s no longer working on its iconic muscle car. In fact, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 shows that it’s very much active.

The Blue Oval – much like most automakers – is investing time and effort to develop emission-free rides. While others focus on SUVs, sedans, and maybe the occasional supercar or hypercar, it messing around with its beloved pony car platform. This is perhaps the most exciting project that we can’t wait to see in showrooms down the line.

This particular prototype is a wild idea that will be competing against some the fastest and loudest machines out there. That’s right, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 is a dragster. However, instead of the menacing and deafening growls you hear on the drag strip, it will be virtually silent. Nevertheless, it promises to impress its rivals with its overwhelming capabilities.

Despite its quiet character, it is shaping up to be beast the moment the lights turn green. You see, it will be boasting 1,400 horsepower and 1,100 lb-ft of torque under the hood. It is projected to conquer the quarter-mile run in less than eight and a half seconds. Come race day, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 must just be the most impressive entry of the event.

Head over to Ford to learn more

Images courtesy of Ford

The Unicat MD56c is the 6×6 expedition vehicle of your dreams

Among the vehicles we love here at Men’s Gear, RVs have a special space in our hearts. These come with all the creature comforts of home but on a mobile platform. Even though these types of transport have a lot to offer its users, there are some caveats that put some people on the fence regarding its purchase. The problem is most models cannot travel long distances over rough terrain. Meanwhile, the Unicat MD56c might be exactly what you have in mind for your next trip.

Be it with family or with friends, this 6×6 monster will answer the call. Don’t let rough roads hinder your adventure as this expedition-grade transportation brims with confidence. This German-made rig starts off with a MAN TGS platform and kitted out with all the essentials.

Not only are you getting one tough machine, it even boasts a maximum capacity of up to 5 people. Furthermore, you can even bring your favorite side-by-side along for the ride so the fun never stops. It goes on the automated lift located at the rear end of the Unicat MD56c. Within its spacious interior is a fully functional kitchenette, a dining area, bathroom with shower, and sleeping area.

With a fuel capacity of 264 gallons, the Unicat MD56c promises a range of 2,050 miles. In addition to its large battery, the solar panel system allows it to soak up the rays for extra power when you need it. The 540-horsepower engine is paired with a ZF 12-speed TipMatic gearbox. We’ll gladly choose this over any average RV.

More details can be found here

Images courtesy of Unicat

U-Boat Worx lets you jump in the Nemo and explore an aquatic paradise

When you’re the type of person who wants to stand out, there are ways to do so in epic fashion. You probably see some folk who prefer to spend their money on marvelous yachts and automobiles. Ships are definitely awesome, but there are some limitations as to what they can do. Sure, it can entertain guests and flaunt your opulence, yet the fun stays on the deck or in the water for a quick dip. If you’re hoping for something else, check out the Nemo from U-Boat Worx.

Submersibles are growing in popularity as the allure of seeing what’s under the surface is an experience of a lifetime. While scuba diving seems like a more accessible alternative, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. According to U-Boat Worx, the Nemo is the lightest one of its kind at just 5,510 lbs. Moreover, it sports a compact design that makes it easy to transport.

Be it on a trailer for your next seaside excursion or aboard your fancy new ship, this watercraft promises to be fun. Up to two people can fit inside this innovative vessel as it dives down up to 330 feet. Explore the beauty of the marine ecosystem as you sit safely within its advanced acrylic pressure hull.

The Nemo provides its owners with an innovative MANTA controller that should make operation hassle-free. Additionally, the built-in pilot assistance system can automate most maneuvers. The Nemo offers up to 8 hours of underwater adventures with a maximum speed of 3 knots. U-Boat Worx certainly knows how to craft a one-of-a-kind submersible.

You’re underwater adventure starts here

Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx

Unicat MD56c 6×6 Expedition Vehicle

We’ve covered more than our fair share of completely absurd, over-the-top, apocalypse-ready expedition vehicles over the years. Part expensive off-road camper, part mobile command center and part emergency shelter, the expedition vehicle is something we’ve…

This 1964 Pontiac Banshee XP-333 is the only one of its kind and is for sale

When it comes to automotive collectors, each individual has their own unique tastes. However, a common trait they all share seems to be the love of old-school rides. While brand new machines that were just recently on the show floor are equally impressive, retro models are a rare find. It is difficult to stumble upon one that’s still in top-notch condition, but we have one that will knock your socks off. What we have here is a 1964 Pontiac Banshee XP-333 and there’s only one even in existence.

Those seeking to acquire a piece of American muscle car heritage should get their checkbooks ready to this coupe. It is the brainchild of John Delorean – the man behind the iconic DMC-12 of “Back to the Future” fame. Originally intended to compete against the Mustang, GM scrapped plans for production. The management likewise worried that it might draw attention away from the Corvette.

This 1964 Pontiac Banshee XP-333 was originally heading for the scrapyard. Nevertheless, one GM employee was able to convince the management to sell him the coupe. There is less than 1,500 on the odometer being that it was only driven out for automotive expos at the time. Many gearheads point out that it is the inspiration for many vehicles down the line.

This two-seater sports a silver coat of paint on its fiberglass body. The interior features red upholstery and elements and is apparently still good condition. Those hoping to purchase this 1964 Pontiac Banshee XP-333 can find it in Milford, Connecticut at a Kia dealership.

Learn more about this vehicle: here

Images courtesy of Napoli Kia

Sailing in sleek sumptuous style aboard the Dynamiq x Klassen GTM 90 yacht

What do you get when you cross the skills of a renowned shipbuilder and the services of vehicle tuning group? If not for the GTM 90, we wouldn’t have known that answer to that question as well. This luxurious vessel is a collaboration between Dynamiq from Italy and Klassen from Germany. Their international cooperation presents a 90.22-foot yacht with all the lavish trimmings the owner wants. When you have the money to commission a watercraft of its quality, it might as well go all out.

Aside from the efforts of the two groups we highlighted beforehand, the GTM 90 adds another player into the mix. The hard chine hull of this all-aluminum seacraft is supplied by Van Oossanen Naval Architects from the Netherlands. We can probably say that this is a three-way partnership with outstanding results.

The automotive influence is clear when you look at this vessel from the side. Klassen probably had an extravagant vehicle in mind during the design phase. The sheer number of customization options available for clients is jaw-dropping. With a base price of a little over $8 million, add-ons can range from as low as $28,000 or as high as $342,000.

This particular GTM 90 from Dynamiq boast an interior supplied Bentley Home. There is a total of four guest cabins and a stunning master suite. Entertaining guests will not be a problems courtesy of the yacht’s spacious areas. Powering it are a trio of Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines for a top speed of 30 knots. It even promises a maximum range of 921 miles depending on the cruising conditions.

Customize your own now: here

Images courtesy of Dynamiq

LEGO Technic lets you build a miniature Ducati Panigale V4 R at home

Many experts were already predicting a global health crisis for many years now. Yet, nobody was expecting it hit in 2020. Although it was already ongoing in late 2019, it was not until a few months later that countries began feeling its impact. Without a vaccine or cure arriving soon, we are probably looking at another few months of indoor isolation. Thankfully, hobbies can help against boredom. If you love brick building just like us, this LEGO Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R is something you should look forward to.

Amid the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, we have been experiencing some of the toughest situations in our lifetime. Nevertheless, we should be grateful that there are courageous people in the front lines.

Medical personnel and first responders are working almost non-stop, while we get to stay home and just basically relax until the world discovers a solution to the outbreak. Now, this LEGO Technic set should appeal to those who miss their two-wheelers.

This sophisticated scale model of the Ducati Panigale V4 R will definitely flip the right buttons for bike enthusiasts. At 646 pieces, it can be a shared project with family members. However, if you desire a challenge, we recommend that you go solo on this one. As with most LEGO Technic offerings, the devil is in the details.

The manufacturer is going the extra mile to include small nuances that will please fans of both the toys and the actual machine. Elements such as the kickstand, windshield, dashboard, and exhaust pipe among others are meticulously crafted. Once it is done, it will become an awesome tribute to the Ducati Panigale V4 R in any home.

Pre-order your own now – $69.99

Images courtesy of LEGO

MANHART presents its take on the Toyota Supra GR-450 and its stunner

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing supply problems for various products globally. However, we are glad that there are no shortages of awesome rides that come our way. This week alone, we featured two badass machines from Hennessey Performance and Novitec. Meanwhile, not to be outdone by the former two, MANHART is parading its latest project for all to see. As the covers drop, what you see here is a Toyota Supra GR-450 with several upgrades thrown in for good measure.

Sharing a similar platform as the BMW Z4, this Japanese coupe certainly oozes a European vibe. This is probably why the German tuning shop finds it easy to work its way around this vehicle. As with most aftermarket enhancements, the goal is to add a bump in power and a tweak performance. In Its stock configuration, the Toyota Supra GR-450 by no means a slouch.

Nevertheless, anything that pushes it beyond its default capabilities is something we want to see. A crucial component for this build is the MHtronik Powerbox and ECU remap from MANHART. This takes the 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine from 340 to 450 horsepower. Torque is likewise higher at 479 lb-ft, while the 8-speed automatic transmission remains the same.

To harness the additional horses under the hood, MANHART adds suspension tuning to the upgrade package. Clients can opt for the coilover variant 3 from KW or lowering springs from H&R. This Toyota Supra GR-450 now sports a set of 20-inch Concave One wheels with a diamond polish finish. Aside from the exterior decals, the designers are keeping the interior as is, but with optional customizations also available.

Check out more from MANHART: here

Images courtesy of MANHART

Hennesy Performance now offers its HPE 900 Twin Turbo R8 package for the Audi R8

When we feel the need to look for awe-inspiring aftermarket enhancements, we can’t go wrong with Hennessey Performance. This American tuning outfit has been churning out jaw-dropping upgrades for some of the most beautiful automobiles out there. Now, what they have on their hands is an Audi R8. This is one of the rare times wherein they work their magic on a machine with a foreign marque. They’re calling it the HPE 900 Twin Turbo R8 and the results are mind-blowing.

This is not their first rodeo when it comes to turning high-performance vehicles. Their past exploits include gigs on a few models from Lamborghini and McLaren. The Audi R8 rolling into the Hennessey Performance shop packs a 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 power plant rated at 562 horsepower. Testing shows that it can go from zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Make no mistake about it, but these are already impressive numbers.

However, with the help of two precision twin-ball turbochargers, high-flow air induction system, and dual inlet pipes, among others, this is no longer your average Audi R8. The HPE 900 Twin Turbo R8 now produces an insane 912 horsepower that can sling it from standstill to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

Clients who plan to get the HPE 900 Twin Turbo R8 upgrade package can look forward to outstanding quality and service. Hennessey Performance issues a 12,000-mile or one-year warranty (whichever comes first). To ensure that it meets the level of performance worthy of the company’s badge, each vehicle undergoes dyno and road testing before release.

Learn more about it: here

Images courtesy of Hennessey Performance