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Only 100 Units Of The 2020 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series Car Will See Production

Three years after its debut at the North American International Auto Show, Lexus is finally releasing its showstopper to the public. Only 100 examples of the 2020 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series Car will be available and it won’t take long to sell out. The month of August is all about automobiles and you will be seeing more of it here on Men’s Gear. So let’s check all the good stuff that makes this luxury coupe an enticing option for your next ride.

First of all, the form factor of this vehicle is sleek and sexy in every way. Lexus will be offering it in an exclusive Nori Green colorway that actually looks as appetizing as it sounds. The familiar spindle grille dominates the front end as it extends to the tip of the hood down to the bumper.

Its curves are all in the right places and give it an essence of speed even while at a standstill. Furthermore, the 20-inch forged aluminum wheels on the LC 500 Inspiration Series are like the icing to this exquisite cake.

The attractive aerodynamic exterior will become a beautiful blur as it zips by from 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. This is possible thanks to the 5.0-liter V8 engine that pumps out 467 horsepower. The powertrain comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission to move all that power to the rear wheels.

The 2020 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Car flaunts a lavish interior to match its alluring aesthetics outside. There’s a mix of Black Amber leather and Saddle Tan leather for a two-tone effect with Alcantara elements within. Pricing is currently unavailable but don’t it let it stop you from reserving one ASAP.

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Images courtesy of Lexus

This Meyers Manx Is The Actual Dune Buggy From The Thomas Crown Affair

Fans of Steve McQueen are in for a wild ride as Bonhams teases a spectacular must-have item for collectors. You’re looking at the one and only dune buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair. That’s right, this vintage beauty right here is the Meyers Manx that the King of Cool and Faye Dunaway rode in the 1968 movie.

It’s clear that any automobile that McQueen gets his hands on becomes a legend of its own. There’s still enough time to scrounge up all your savings because this bad boy is hitting the auction block next year.

This radical off-road ride will be one of the premium items on offer at the 2020 Amelia Island auction. Being the gearhead that he is, McQueen sought the skills of off-road legend Pete Condos. Together, the duo began working on the dune buggy that will eventually become a star of its own.

The project is a mix of a Volkswagen chassis, a fiberglass body, mag wheels with huge tires and a Chevrolet Corvair engine. The power plant generates about 230 horsepower, which was enough to swiftly move the thousand-pound ride along with its two passengers.

Being in the movie alone is enough to make the Meyers Manx an instant hit. However, this one is the ultimate movie prop thanks to Steve McQueen’s personal involvement with its construction. Bonhams actually has a gem on its hands. Meanwhile, another dune buggy is likewise generating a big buzz. It’s thanks to its modern tribute to another one of McQueen’s machines – the Baja Boot. The Boot Buggy from Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus looks like it’s going to be a huge hit as well.

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Images courtesy of Bonhams

The Boot Buggy From SCG Is Ready For The Baja 1000

When things start to become boring due to the absence of something out-of-the-ordinary, the public loses interest. Car manufacturers normally push for a regular refresh to keep it interesting, but this is exactly what discourages buyers. If you’re a company like Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG), you might want to consider something totally crazy. We’re talking about an outfit that’s responsible for the Le Mans LMP1 and a slew of exotic automobiles. That’s why it’s totally extreme that it’s shifting efforts to develop the Boot Buggy platform.

This is exactly what we were referring to earlier. Not that we’re complaining, but this is honestly a total surprise that others might not fancy. Nevertheless, it is a refreshing turn of events that illustrates the dynamic nature of the automotive industry. James Glickenhaus, a film director and the brand’s founder, gives us an overview of how its new project came to be. He credits Steve McQueen’s Baja Boot for the inspiration. Glickenhaus makes a bold claim that the race version of this high-performance machine will be exceptional.

It appears that the competition-grade Boot Buggy will be able to tackle the Baja 1000 race with ease. At its heart is an LT4 engine that generates a whopping 650 horsepower. Meanwhile, the regular trim packs a smaller 460-horsepower LT1 power plant instead. Other than the engine, everything else should be the same for both models. Tackling the outdoors require heavy-duty equipment. Thus, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is throwing in a suspension system with Fox shocks. Additionally, the 17-inch Method race wheels have BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 all-season tires. This is shaping up to be an exciting year for automobiles.

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Images courtesy of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

The EB110 Gets A Thrilling Tribute With The Bugatti Centodieci

As the festivities are winding down at the 2019 Monterey Car Week, big announcements are popping up like crazy. Take for instance the debut of the Acura Type S Concept celebrates the model’s return after a decade. Moreover, Rolls-Royce is making a heartfelt gesture with the Ghost Zenith Collection to mark the end of the lineup. These are the things that keep us on our toes during this time of year. Another big name manufacturer makes a splash with the reveal of the Bugatti Centodieci and it will knock your socks off.

The brand is already a global icon that’s synonymous with extreme performance. The Centodieci, as the name implies, is 110 in Italian. We believe that it’s a great choice knowing that Bugatti is marking its 110th anniversary this year. According to the French automaker, it will be a limited edition release with only 10 examples in the works.

Furthermore, this coupe is a thrilling tribute to the iconic EB110 that debuted in 1991. We’re thinking that the luxury marque is crafting the Centodieci to show us what the EB110 looks like if it was a new model.

The Bugatti Centodieci is clearly another insane machine with 1,600 horsepower at its disposal. This originates from the 8.0-liter W16 engine that likewise allows it to hit a top speed of 236 miles per hour. This is electronically limited, so this means that it is capable of more than that. Meanwhile, testing shows that it can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.4 seconds and reach 186 mph in a little over 13 seconds.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti

The Ghost Zenith Collection Is An Exquisite Tribute From Rolls-Royce

This year’s Monterey Car Week is full surprises. Rolls-Royce just dropped the news regarding its Ghost Zenith Collection. It’s clear that we’re seeing the automotive industry pull out the big guns and we still can’t get enough. While the others are busy bidding at one of the many auctions that take place, some are eager for juicy tidbits from their favorite brands. One of them is Acura with a preview of the Type S Concept. This model is reportedly making a comeback after a decade of silence.

Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce is highlighting an impressive milestone of its own that likewise spans a decade. However, instead of remembering an absence, the British luxury marque is celebrating 10 years of automotive excellence. Despite the positive message of this announcement, there is also a hint of sadness that goes along with it. The automaker is officially ending the production of its Ghost series. As recognition for the model’s awesome popularity, it is crafting a special edition version that carries an essence of the original concept that started it all.

Each of the 50 examples of the Ghost Zenith Collection will have a bespoke keepsake within. Rolls-Royce literally took the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem from the 200EX in order to craft a unique tribute for each of the limited units. Owners can see it on the center console in the form of an intricate engraving along with the serial number of that particular vehicle. You might want to take a break and relax while you view the starlight headliner and spot the random shooting stars. This feature right here is just sheer opulence at work. In conclusion, Rolls-Royce just set the bar way up high for those who are hoping to follow its footsteps.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce

The Rezvani Tank X Is The Badass SUV We’ve Always Wanted

The rich and famous normally travel in style. Its either first-class accommodations on ships and planes or via private and luxurious modes of transportation. For the most part, when you’re not sailing or flying, a fancy automobile is always ready to provide service. Have a chauffeur drive you around in your luxury vehicle or take the wheel in one of your exotic supercars. If you don’t find any of these appealing, then something like the Rezvani Tank X might be what you’re looking for.

In fact, we would rather pick this beast of a machine over any upscale ride. Perhaps it is the way that this SUV just exudes a confident vibe that makes it so attractive from all angles. Nevertheless, looks along just won’t do. Thus, Rezvani knows what its discerning clientele need and probably want as well. With some fine-tuning in the hands of experts, the Tank X is a luxury-tier 1,000-horsepower overlanding juggernaut that knows no equal. Producing all that power is a 6.2-liter supercharged Demon V8 engine.

Strength is not the only thing going for it. Starting off with a Jeep Wrangler chassis, the Rezvani Tank X is purpose-built to perform even in the roughest of off-road adventures. Each one sports top-of-the-line FOX suspension systems and GRID off-road wheels with all-terrain tires for heavy-duty gripping power. When you need a protection package with your 4×4, go for the Military Edition. This is a comprehensive version of the Tank with a tactical set of upgrades that’s on par with most combat-grade vehicles.

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Images courtesy of Rezvani

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Gets The Hybrid Treatment

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S gets its much-anticipated range-topping variant: the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. Arriving in the first quarter of 2020 with either the Cayenne’s standard body or Cayenne Coupe option, it will cost $163,150‬ and ‭$165,650‬, respectively.

The powertrain is the same plug-in hybrid found in Porsche’s Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. That  shouldn’t be too surprising. Expect the same four-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which is also the same unit in the non-hybrid Cayenne Turbo. It sits up front and hooks up to an electric motor integrated with the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The drive routes to all four wheels via a mechanical all-wheel-drive-system.

The result is 670 ponies and 663 pound-feet of torque. Enough to thrust the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid from zero to 60 in just 3.6 seconds. Far less impressive compared to other hybrids we’ve seen. But certainly nothing to sneeze at. Take into account, too, that this is a hybrid powertrain, and thus comes with certain shortcomings. Anyhow, you get a top speed of 183mph plus a 14.1kWh battery that can provide a short electric range. No EPA-rated figure yet, but keep in mind the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid with the same system boasts an electric range of 14 miles.

The car comes with two performance modes — Sport and Sport Plus — where the engine and electric motor are always working. In the former, some engine power always goes diverted to charging the battery to maintain a certain level of stored charge. In the latter, the engine shoots short, intermittent bursts of charge to maximize the availability of full performance. Learn more below.


Photos courtesy of Porsche

The Ripper ATV Is A Compact Heavy-Duty Off-Road Scooter

Unless you have a car, most city folk often commute or depend on other types of urban transportation. It all depends on what you fancy, which opens up another catalog of options. Take your pick from motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, and so much more, On the flip side, if where you’re heading introduces you to the great outdoors, it becomes a whole new ball game. Luckily, companies that deal with mobility solutions have your back. As such, let’s find out what makes the Ripper ATV worth your time and money.

If you’re considering an all-electric type of transport, the choices are far from limited. Just recently, we featured an off-road motorized skateboard. However, if what you need is multi-function machine that you can use for work and leisure, Ripper’s rugged scooter might be what you need. This compact all-terrain vehicle is suitable for fishing, camping, utility, hunting, and a whole lot more.

By default, it uses a stand-on configuration. This is the optimal setup for owners who want to take full advantage of the built-in racks. You can strap and haul cargo on the front, back, or both. However, if you prefer to sit while driving, an optional seat kit is available.

The Ripper ATV gets its power from a 163-cc Honda single-cylinder engine capable of up to 4.3 horsepower. Likewise, the adjustable shocks and independent front suspension means it’s ready for any terrain. For additional safety, a wrist strap kill switch is a standard add-on. Finally, the handlebars can fold down for easier storage.

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Images courtesy of Ripper

Lexus Is Only Making 100 of the 2020 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series Cars

Three years ago at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Lexus unveiled a production coupe based on the LF-FC concept that everyone thought would be impossible to make work. It was called the…

Ford GT Gulf Heritage Is Now The Most Expensive Mustang

Just 119 of these mega-Mustangs will be built. Meet the 2019 Ford GT Gulf Heritage, a beastly Mustang custom job from Nashville-based Brown Lee Ford, who created it in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Ford’s 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans victory.

Lots of Ford dealers scuttle about showroom floors trying to convince everyone they have the most powerful Mustang ever. They must now deal with a new opponent. Brown Lee Ford enters the competition with an incredibly beastly and limited Gulf Heritage Mustang.

The car, an officially licensed Gulf Oil product, features the classic orange and blue livery and comes bedecked in Gulf motifs all over. The front fenders have it, for starters. So does the rear valence, the seatbacks, and the numbered authenticity plaques.

At $139,995, the Ford GT Gulf Heritage officially becomes the most expensive Mustang Ford has ever put out. And apart from the nostalgic logo work, Brown Lee Ford has also upped the ante in the performance department. You get Brembo brakes in 20-inch alloy wheels, robed in Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, no less. And you’ll also find here a lowered suspension and downforce, care of the functional carbon fiber aero.

You’re also looking at a grille delete, which increases airflow through the radiator. That’s a crucial addition, especially for a car producing as much waste heat as this bespoke Mustang. Under the hood, you’ll find a five-liter V8 engine with a massive three-liter supercharger. The latter of which gulps air down an upgraded intake and pushes it to an air-to-water intercooler. The result is 808 ponies and 675 pound-feet of torque.


Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford

The Ferrari Arno XI Is The Only Ferrari-Powered Boat In Existence

Like the title suggests, this indeed is the only boat in the world to come equipped with the Ferrari goods, so to call it rare would be a gross understatement. duPont Registry has put the Ferrari Arno XI racing boat up for sale, and we’re betting this one isn’t going to stay on the market long.

In October 1953, renowned Italian speedboat racer Achille Castoldi set the world speed record on water for the 800kg boat class while riding the Ferrari the Arno XI. duPont Registry says it’s the only boat built with Enzo Ferrari’s blessing, too.

According to RM Sotheby’s, the auction house which sold the boat back in 2012 for nearly a million dollars, Castoldi had previously built boats with the likes of Alfa Romeo and Maserati. In 1952, however, he ordered a Formula 1 specification V12 engine from Ferrari in the hopes of breaking the 800kg class record.

duPont says the boat has been completely restored. Care of Ferrari’s classic car department, no less. The listing notes it has had a “peaceful retirement,” seeing as how its previous owners didn’t really attempt to break speed records with it. It now spends most of its time leisurely showing off at boat shows during parade laps.

Of course, that could all change with the arrival of a new owner. Castoldi will be hard to beat, but anyone’s welcome to attempt and push past his milestone. You got all 550+ horsepower at your disposal, care of a modified Grand Prix engine that once hit a speed of 150.49mph. That’s a record that stands to this day, mind you.


This Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco Reinstates Classic Style As Superior

Classic Ford Broncos’ latest handiwork is this gorgeous Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco, which proves classic can’t be beat. The shop has added this new ride to its already exemplary stable. The car’s got Henry Ford’s preferred color, complete with a scandalous scarlet-blood red lettering on the front grille.

Go inside and you’ll see an interior as gorgeous as the exterior. Plenty of black-on-black leather with weaved inserts. In other words, it looks and feels pretty expensive. The real spotlight should shine under the hood, of course. There, you’ll find a Ford Racing five-liter Coyote V8 engine with 435 ponies under its belt. Bolted to a four-speed automatic transmission, no less. You also get modern Wilwood disc brakes at all four corners, plus new steering and suspension. Also here, a 2.5-inch lift that makes this Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco run and drive like new.

Nicknamed Vail, this classic ride sports an aesthetic reminiscent of prom, if you can believe that. The ride boasts Tuxedo Black over Black Basketweave leather Coyote restoration, which screams vintage posh. Henry Ford once famously said you can have any color you want, as long as you want black. That’s bonkers, of course — we’ve come across plenty of sweet rides that aren’t black.

Still, the Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco looks so impeccably styled that we may have to agree with the chief automaker just this once. From its campy black over black basket weave leather interior to the Midnight Onyx paint, you’ll find it hard to deny its sheer beauty.


Photos courtesy of Classic Ford Bronco

Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 Drips With Style And Performance

This Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 comes with a handful of special upgrades, like a new tail unit, aluminum side covers, mounting plate for the tail unit, integrated LED lights, a Brakelight, an Alcantara seat, and to top it all off, a limited Hookie Ducati fuel tank design.

Other highlights include Kellerman Atto Signals on the front and rear, plus a 3D printed bracket on the front. You also get a Hookie license plate, a Motogadget m.view mirrors, LSL adjustable clutch, and a brake lever. Tires come courtesy of Pirelli, specifically, MT60 on stock rims.

The Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 draws inspiration from, if you can believe it, magpies. These birds are native to temperate regions in Asia, Europe, and North America. Magpies are members of the crow family, and they’re some of the most intelligent animals in the world, birds or otherwise. They’re so clever, in fact, that they can recognize themselves in front of a mirror.

We’re not sure what about the Hookie Co Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 screams magpie, but perhaps it’s the styling. The all-black profile resembles the svelte, supple body of the black bird, then rounds out the whole look with a splash of white. Just like a magpie.

This custom build takes everything great about the donor bike and improves upon it through refinement and some really clean new details. We’ve already listed the numerous upgrades up top, each more impressive than the last. The best part is if you like this build, you can order a similar one, or make your own by picking up the parts from Hookie.


Photos courtesy of Hookie

Tushek TS 900 Apex Blazes With 950 Horsepower

Since unveiling its first model in 2008, the Renovatio T500, Tushek has adjusted the T500’s platform to add more power and tech, which brings us now to the hybrid TS 900 Apex.

Though a tiny Slovenian supercar maker, Tushek dishes out pretty interesting builds. Its latest car is every bit as formidable as the previous ones, but with more horsepower. A lot of it, actually. The TS 900 Apex pumps out 950 ponies. It’s got a 4.2-liter rear-mounted V8 engine and dual electric motors that produce the said horsepower in addition to 1,032 pound-feet of torque.

Despite this, it’s a fairly lightweight car. That’s mostly thanks to a chrome-moly spaceframe chassis and carbon fiber body. The car tips the scales at just 3,108 pounds. It measures about 700 pounds lighter than the hybrid Acura NSX, which weighs 3,878 pounds.

The car blazes from zero to 60 in just 2.5 seconds, which sounds pretty insane. Tushek also says the TS 900 Apex can hit 236mph. That, everyone, is nearly Bugatti levels of speed. To keep up with that speed power, the car features Pirelli Trofeo Series R tires (235/35 front, 305/30 rear) and massive Brembo brakes. It also boasts a removable hardtop roof (good luck with the wind at its top speed) and scissor doors all too typical of supercars.

Says the company:

“Over the past years, we have intensively developed and constructed advanced technological solutions for our new model.”

Tushek says such “developments are now incorporated in our latest model and have been successfully tested in race-track conditions over the past months.”


Photos courtesy of Tushek

The Yamaha TRITOWN Actively Leans Along With Its Driver

When teasing something new, it’s extremely vital to make a big impact. The competition is fierce with companies doing their best to outdo whatever the other puts on the table. As such, one effective approach to throw out something totally eye-catching that all eyes fall upon whatever it is on show. Thus, we can honestly say that the Yamaha TRITOWN has our full attention from the moment of its unveiling.

The futuristic and captivating design will immediately draw you in, but it’s what’s behind the concept that makes it even more compelling. Just like any other company offering state-of-the-art transportation alternatives, the TRITOWN is an all-electric machine. It’s clear that electrification is the direction that the majority of businesses dealing with mobility plan are planning to follow.

Yamaha reveals that nature is the inspiration for the scooter concept’s dynamic form factor. In fact, the generous curvatures reflect what is rarely visible in the natural world – lines and angles. Just like a skeleton, the frame flaunts an open-work structure with transparent elements that add style to its sleek body.

Meanwhile, this three-wheel urban transport uses proprietary steering system called Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW). This allows the front two wheels to lean in tandem with the driver’s body for stability and better cornering performance. The Yamaha TRITOWN runs on a 380 Wh battery that in turn operates a 500-watt motor in the rear hub. Promising exceptional handling, the electric scooter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. We are eager to see this concept become reality soon with rumors suggesting that it might be available soon.

Learn more about it from Yamaha

Images courtesy of Yamaha

This Land Rover Back Packer Concept Needs To Become Reality

There are many ways to enjoy an outdoor adventure. Some choose to go on foot and challenge themselves, while others prefer to use a vehicle to reach their destination. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you end up happy and content. Having a form of transportation is always handy if you are lugging around a lot of stuff. However, ATVs and UTVs normally offer limited space. On the other hand, the Land Rover Back Packer is a unique ride that dares to break the mold.

Before any of you jump the gun, it’s important to know that the Back Packer exists only as a concept. It’s a shame because we really love what it will supposedly offer for nature lovers out there. Inspired by the overlanding capabilities of Land Rover’s four-wheelers, Edwin Senger created an exciting all-electric all-electric modular transport. What’s so intriguing about his proposal is the convenient function of turning into a form of shelter. This means that we no longer have to pack a tent or sleeping bag because this EV is a mobile sleeping pod.

By default, it is an open-top two-seater. When bad weather comes along, just open the headrest extend the roof over. At night-time, the interior becomes a comfy shelter with a see-through section to view the stars. Given its battery-powered nature, the Land Rover Back Packer can recharge using its solar sail. This off-road EV is ready for any surface with a set of airless tire. This needs to become a production model in the future.

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With Serata Dubai, Lamborghini Takes Us To The Desert

Lamborghini cars off as too formidable for the severe terrain — a chariot too pretty and innocuous to chart unforgiving land. Set aside the anti-utilitarian aesthetic dripped in slick, sharply cut lines. Though they don’t look the part, Lambo’s rides are total desert beasts.

Which is exactly what the Serata Dubai sets out to prove. The exclusive road trip will take you across some of the world’s fastest roads. An inaugural event hosted by Lamborghini Club of America, the unapologetically lavish road adventure befits anyone living the life.

The event will take place over the course of five days in Dubai, which tells all you need to know, really. Many people consider Dubai as the city of extravagance. They built a 500-foot gold-plated picture frame, for example? Why? Well, because they could. Expect the Serata Dubai event to offer something as every bit as opulent.

Participants of this tour will experience the biggest, fastest, highest, and most luxurious things the Middle East has to offer. It will start with a gala dinner at the Burj Al Arab, which proclaims itself as the world’s only seven-star hotel. After that, the guests will spend their days cruising the deserts of the UAE, including a trip to Jebel Jais Mountain, the country’s highest point. The trip also includes a VIP Formula 1 Grand Prix experience. Plus, bonus time in the driver’s seat at a private Dubai Autodrome track event.

Serata Dubai happens November 21 through 26. It will coincide with some of the world’s most significant automotive events, including Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Dubai International Motor Show.


Classic Ford Broncos 1968 Ford Bronco Vail Build

There’s no denying the appeal of a recently restored vintage SUV that expertly mates old school cool with modern amenities. If the Ford Bronco is your vintage truck of choice, you’d be hard-pressed to find…

Land Rover Classic Offers Upgrades For Older Defenders

Speak to anyone about Land Rover and you’ll likely hear them talk about the Defender. This hardy SUV is a big favorite among overlanding enthusiasts who want a dependable and high-performance ride. Currently, the British automaker is working on a new model that will likely make an appearance in the second half of 2019. As with most vehicles that debut within the year, we can expect to it hit showrooms in 2020. Meanwhile, it’s a pleasant surprise that Land Rover Classic will be offering upgrades for older models.

It seems surveys show that people who own older models are usually reluctant to immediately jump on a new release. Perhaps it’s a testament to the quality and reliability of the Defender series, which explains why people hold it in high regard. By offering these series of upgrades, Land Rover reestablishes a close relationship with its consumers. On the other hand, most carmakers would rather that you purchase a brand new machine instead. The upgrade kits will be available for Defender 90 and 110 platforms built between 1994 and 2016.

There are three options to choose from with a corresponding collection of tweaks from Land Rover Classic. To start things off is the $2,200 Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit, which takes care of what the name suggests. Next is the $12,110 Defender Handling Upgrade that includes everything from the first tier along with calipers, brake pads, and disc replacements. Additionally, this throws in a complete set of 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels to the mix. Finally, the $20,640 Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit comes with everything from the first two tiers with engine tuning to add an extra 40 horsepower under the hood.

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Images courtesy of Land Rover