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The GTA-R from Alfaholics is a restomod unlike any other

Over the years, it has been a hit-or-miss affair for a certain Italian carmaker. Nevertheless, fans of the marque continue to support whatever rolls out of the factory. This is what we mean about loyalty, but sometimes it has to stop in order to have the brand learn from their mistakes. On the other showcasing restomod like the Alfaholics GTA-R right here should also be effective. In fact, sources tell us that a few automotive aficionados would rather choose it than more modern Alfa Romeos out there.

It’s easy to understand why once you see this vintage beauty up close. The Alfaholics GTA-R starts off with an old-school 105 series coupe. The level of detail that goes into the restoration of this machine is impressive. From start to finish, approximately 3,000 hours of work go into each example. Experts will be handcrafting everything from premium materials and components only.  In short, owners are getting only the best.

Customization options available include, the GTA-R, a Spider-R convertible, or a Ti-R saloon. It’s you’re ride so you get to dictate how you want to have it. Alfaholics wants its client’s input every step of the way. The engine, upholstery, dashboard, suspension, lighting, seats, and more are fair game. Thus, you’re looking at a bespoke service unlike any other in the market.

If a buyer fancies more modern upgrades, Alfaholics will gladly oblige. The shop mentions, sequential electronic fuel injection, titanium wishbones, carbon fiber body panels, and even air-conditioning. The GTA-R and its other configurations will surely be awesome acquisitions for collectors and motoring enthusiasts.

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Images courtesy of Alfaholics

The Rimac Hyper Cyber concept channels a cyberpunk vibe

Whenever a discussion comes up about how motorcycles of the future would look like it is highly likely that Kaneda’s bike from Akira will become a reference. In fact, many designers rely on aesthetics to deliver a specific vibe. Appearing more like a cockpit sourced from a fighter plane, it continues to inspire concept models and even actual commercial releases. Attempting to channel a cyberpunk essence, digital designer 3D-Mente is presenting the Rimac Hyper Cyber.

Those of you who have been closely following the exploits of the always awesome Elon Musk have surely seen the Tesla Cybertruck. The hyper-futuristic form factor with sharp angles all around is perhaps the closest we can compare to the concept motorcycle. Our best guess is that if this eventually heads to production, it would be an all-electric transport.

What appears to be a metallic fuel tank cap might be a cleverly disguised charging port. Although the images do not show a visible instrument panel, it could be just under the cowl. The front is dominated by a rectangular LED headlight cluster. Meanwhile, the real features a turn signals and a brake light assembly as well. 3D-Mente even shows it beside a concept hypercar with glowing circuitry patterns on its surfaces.

The Hyper Cyber is actually one of the many entries for the Rimac 2080 Design Challenge. We hope the Croatian carmaker finds it feasible to produce an actual physical concept to show off down the line. This goes to show some artists deserve recognition for pushing the envelope beyond the future.

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Images courtesy of 3D-Mente/Rimac

The 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe sports a fresh look with reliable performance

Fans of certain automotive brands are usually quite particular about certain aspects when a new model comes out. It could be an element that they consider a signature of the marque. These include features, performance, trims, after-market add-ons, and aesthetics. Changes to the latter are probably something that most carmakers avoid at all cost as to keep their loyal clientele happy. Nevertheless, the 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe, now bears a striking alteration that might alienate longtime owners.

The company probably expects criticism to arise shortly after the debut of the latest addition to its beloved model series. On the other hand, potential buyers who want a fresh take will likely love what they see. Any hardcore gearhead would know that it has somewhat to do with the iconic kidney grilles. For the longest time, people recognize this feature as an exclusive aesthetic of BMW vehicles.

Over the years, the evolution of what folks see upfront has been dramatic. However, the new look it gives the 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe actually seems striking in our opinion. While some of you will disagree, we must understand that change must be constant for manufacturers to adapt to the market. The bigger and angular grilles actually function to direct more air inside for proper cooling.

This optimizes the performance of its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder or 3.0-liter 6-cylinder TwinPower engine. These produce 255 horsepower and 382 horsepower respectively. Testing shows that the latter can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. You can likewise choose to configure your 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe with an optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

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Images courtesy of BMW

Ford is unleashing its new Mustang Mach 1 in 2021 but we want one now

No matter what others might say, there’s always a special space in our hearts for muscle cars. Perhaps it’s the essence of Americana that ships with each vehicle along with raw power under the hood. We find this mix appealing for all the right reasons and for sure many think the same way. Ford has been ticking the right boxes for a while now and it’s doing it again with the 2021 Mustang Mach 1.

Those who have been following the carmaker’s exploits with its iconic pony car lineup know that is special. The original was a performance-focused offering that made its debut in August 1968 for the following model year. The upcoming version brings forth the same approach as a limited-edition variant. While it does flaunt familiar design elements of the newer ones, the front fascia is notably fresh.

On top of the small change in aesthetics, the Mach 1 does not skimp on what matters the most. Hence, let’s get to it and see what it hopes to bring to the table when it graces showroom floors next year. The 5.0-liter V8 engine generates 480 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Ford is coupling it with Tremec six-speed manual transmission and sourcing it from a Mustang Shelby GT350.

Further enhancements include a GT350 oil cooler system, a rev-matching system, and a short-throw shifter with a twin-disc clutch. Those who are getting the 2021 Mustang Mach 1 with a six-speed manual configuration are eligible to drop even more for the Handling Package. Optional add-ons such as white cue ball shift knob and Dark Spindrift instrument panel make it even cooler.

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Images courtesy of Ford

The VanDutch 40.2 revisits a classic leisure vessel with modern upgrades

For those who want to splurge on the finer things in life, owning a luxurious ship is a way to go. If lavish mansions, fancy cars, and private jets are not enough, a show of pure extravagance on the water is maybe what you need. Nevertheless, not everyone prefers the massive size of a superyacht. Therefore, this is where the VanDutch 40.2 steps in to overpower your senses. This is a striking vessel that flaunts elegance all around and we can’t wait to talk about what it offers.

Starting off with the numbers, this beauty is 40’ 11” inches long. As for the beam and draft, these measure 11’ 1” and 2’ 10” respectively. This watercraft has room for 10 passengers, which is great for a small intimate cruise or party. As the name implies, the 40.2 is a follow-up of the VanDutch 40 which came out about a decade ago.

According to sources, naval architect Frank Mulder deserves credit for the striking design of the original. In fact, it was the star of the show at the French Riviera at the time. Moreover, celebrities were also on board watching the F1 Grand Prix during the Monaco Boat Show. As a tribute, 164 examples were built followed by the 40.2 close to the end of 2019.

Notable features of the VanDutch 40.2 include a spacious deck, a sun pad, a mid-ship lounge, and more. SilverTech provides the upholstery, while the Esthec Nautical decking sports a pleasing light gray. If it gets too hot, the automated Bimini top should provide cool shade. Another option is to head below deck and enjoy the creature comforts it offers.

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Images courtesy of VanDutch

The 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S receives a Heritage Design Edition makeover

Porsche seems to be on a roll lately with several new products and tie-ins for the year 2020. We’re talking about stuff like an espresso machine that looks like the marque’s engine, a sleek wind-resistant lighter, and a collection of bespoke rides. Then there’s the 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S that is available in two trims. What makes it even more interesting is the option to install a seven-speed manual transmission. Now, the manufacturer is following up with a fancy Heritage Design Edition.

Fans of the manufacturer out of Stuttgart, Germany will immediately recognize the automatic and unique roof system. This is a tribute to the classic model that was unveiled in 1965. For the Heritage Design Edition, Porsche is calling on its 1950s racing pedigree to inspire this modern machine.

Buyers are in for a treat as it sports glossy metallic cherry red colorway. The latter gives viewers a nice contrast against the deep crimson and white liveries that adorn the exterior. Porsche claims that the shade of its coat is a custom creation that appears intense and fits the current period. As for the Targa bar, it is in silver with the scripts on each side in gold.

As for the interior, the Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition impresses yet again. The two-tone aesthetic comes from the Atacama Beige corduroy on the side panels and seats and Bordeaux Red leather for the rest. If the owner wants more, the carmaker’s in-house design label also offers a companion timepiece to match the ride.

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Images courtesy of Porsche

The Urbet Ego is a capable and reliable e-scooter with a unique aesthetic

To be honest, the first time we saw the Urbet Ego from the side, its silhouette reminded us of a helmet with two wheels. Kidding aside, this odd-looking ride’s retrofuturistic aesthetics will definitely turn heads. Moreover, the fact that it is an all-electric transport should interest some of you. Perhaps it’s the peace of mind we get from the zero-emission option we have instead of regular combustion models. So, what makes this unique? Let’s find out together as we check it out

Let’s start with the manufacturer – Urbet – which is a Spanish outfit that specializes in electric mobility solutions. Its lineup of products currently offers several models, but the Ego stands out among its siblings. This electric scooter’s appeal evidently comes from the unconventional design ignites interest from onlookers.

Its most striking feature might be the cantilever approach of the front-end. However, many are quick to point out that it shares a similarity with the Rumble V series form Rumble Motors. It may share the look but its specifications make it an entirely different machine. Moreover, its pricing is more attractive than what the other marque offers. Hence, we’re going with the Urbet Ego for now.

This battery-powered scooter relies on a 72-volt 42-aH battery that can fully charge in seven hours. According to its product page, the Urbet Ego can manage a top speed of 55 mph. As for the range, it promises to deliver approximately 74.5 miles on a single charge. The 3,000-watt electric motor is hub-mounted and is practically silent. On the other hand, there is an option to toggle a speaker to play back engine noise to alert those around you.

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Images courtesy of Urbet

Federal Moto channels Top Gun with its Danger Zone custom bike

With a name like Danger Zone, this custom bike from Federal Moto sounds like an action movie title. To our surprise, it appears the inspiration does come from a cult classic flick that remains popular to this day. To set it straight, we’re not talking about the F-14 Tomcat (which is another level of awesome on its own), but something else. Fans will recall that in Top Gun unless Pete “Maverick” Mitchell was in his fighter, he was on a Kawasaki GPz900R instead.

Due to the film’s overwhelming popularity, it launched the early member of the Ninja sports bike series into stardom. Almost everyone back in the day owns one or desires to have it later on. Thus, the Chicago, Illinois-based shop is presenting a bespoke take of its own which is absolutely jaw-dropping. Draping it in glossy black with a small touch of green, we’re looking at a stealthy machine that’s ready for action.

“We all know that movie,” states the outfit’s Michael Muller in an interview. “And we always knew that when Federal Moto built its first custom sportbike, we’d need the beefiest bad boy of the 80s: the GPz1100.” The Danger Zone is apparently a commission from an Ohio resident with a love for his KTMs and Kawasakis.

According to Federal Moto, the donor bike gets a series of tweaks. These include a custom saddle, subframe, and exhaust. Other add-ons are a 3D-printed tail section, a Motogadget Motoscope Pro digital dashboard, and a unique vertical array of LED headlights. Moreover, some parts receive a coating of Cerakote for additional protection. Finally, the Danger Zone boasts a stock engine that produces 120 horsepower with 73 lb-ft of torque on demand.

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Images courtesy of Federal Moto

The Walkcar from Cocoa Motors is an odd yet unique all-electric personal transport

Those of us who are in the market to own more mobility options now have a huge catalog to pick from. In fact, you have probably seen some of them on our pages over the past few months. There was a lengthy period of just staying indoors unless there’s a need for resupplying the essentials. Now that the government is gradually easing restrictions for moving around, it’s time to test out some new stuff such as the Walkcar from Cocoa Motors.

We are all familiar with electric skateboards, scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards, and the Segway among others. The Walkcar, on the other hand, appears to be unlike anything we have seen before. Nevertheless, the moment you catch a glimpse of it in action, it will immediately seem familiar. Probably the best way to describe the product is a reimagined motorized skateboard.

Instead of the traditional “popsicle” shape, the Cocoa Motors gives it form factor of a 13-inch laptop. That’s not a joke because the designers were probably prioritizing storage space during its concept stages. As such, users must understand that is primarily for urban commuting. However, with enough practice, owners will be doing tricks in no time.

The Walkcar boasts a carbon fiber and aviation-grade aluminum construction. Knowing the durability profile of the materials, it should be rugged enough to stand up to abuse. It offers two speed settings: Sport mode at 10 mph or normal mode at 6.2 mph. The range on a full charge is anywhere between 3.1 to 4.2 miles depending on several factors. At 6.4 lbs only, Cocoa Motors is evidently not joking around when it comes to portability.

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Images courtesy of Cocoa Motors

The Cowboy 3 is one awesome e-bike that does not look like one

Aside from some of the coolest vehicles that we regularly feature on our pages, we love to showcase other types of transportation. Studies show there is a remarkable drop in pollution amid the current health crisis. With governments lifting restrictions experts already are already predicting issues with commuting via public means. As such, alternative personal mobility solutions such as the Cowboy 3 might be something to consider.

What appears to be just a regular bicycle, is actually a fully functional electric model. We always found e-bikes as a perfect zero-emission platform for a lot of reasons. Those hoping to stay fit and get to where they’re going can always use the pedals like a conventional two-wheeler. On the other hand, users can let the motor do all the work and ride off with ease all the way.

Unlike other similar machines, the Cowboy 3 retains the conventional bicycle look thanks to some clever engineering. What usually it away are the visible electric motors and huge battery packs that stand out like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, the manufacturer did a great job of seamlessly integrating its power source into the frame. Owners can get up to 44 miles on a full charge which just takes 3.5 hours to fill up.

Weighing in at just roughly 37.25 lbs. it should be easy to move around for storage or parking. You can even connect the e-bike wirelessly via Bluetooth to interface directly from your smartphone (via the companion app). Moreover, this allows the onboard crash detection system to notify your emergency contacts if you ever get into an accident. Finally, the Cowboy 3 also comes with LED headlight and a flashing brake light for low-light visibility.

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Images courtesy of Cowboy

The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster is an exclusive carbon fiber supercar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for years now, you should be aware of the love affair between high-performance carmakers and carbon fiber. The material is popular for the strength which apparently exceeds that of steel. Moreover, its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for fuel economy and handling. Thus, it’s with delight that we present the 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. Those of you who have a grasp of Spanish or Italian should know that the name refers to a hundred years.

This rare supercar is a luxurious and elegant tribute to the marque’s founder and namesake Ferruccio Lamborghini. The vehicle commemorates his 100th birthday in a jaw-dropping fashion that is sure to catch the attention of fans and collectors. There were 40 examples in total 20 of which were coupes while the rest were roadsters. Those familiar with the manufacturer’s exploits will recognize it as special versions on its Aventador SV model.

What makes the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster remarkable is the exclusive use of carbon fiber in its construction. Generous use of it is on full display through its body and even down to the wheels. With the help of Grand Touring Automobiles – a luxury car dealer in Toronto, Ontario – willing buyers now have a chance to own it.

Documentation shows the odometer at 369 miles with pricing set at $3.7 million. Carbon fiber is truly the star of the show as almost everything is made out of it. A peek at the interior shows a bold contrast of colors with elements in Rosso Alala and Nero ade shades. Nevertheless, the carbon fiber theme continues inside. The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster is definitely a looker that only a few can afford.

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Images courtesy of Grand Touring Automobiles

Khyzyl Saleem reimagines an icon with his Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept

Some vehicles are destined to become icons that will be the subject of admiration for years to come. Automotive designers responsible for these creations turn into legendary household names among enthusiasts. As such, manufacturers tread carefully when revisiting these models and choose to present them in their original form. However, it takes guts to twist the formula and showcase your own take on a timeless classic. A daring soul — Khyzyl Saleem – attempts to introduce some tweaks that give us the Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept.

Many will agree that it risks infuriating fans of the stock 80s supercar from the Italian marque. Nevertheless, we have to give him credit as his take on the Lamborghini Countach retains some familiar elements. There’s a noticeable control in the redesign which adds curves in the right places. This allows the body to keep the angular sections to remind onlookers of its identity

Modern touches that immediately catch our eye are the LED strip lighting that replaces the regular headlights. This approach is likewise visible while viewing the Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept from the back. This shows how Saleem remarkable control as not to overwhelm the vehicle with too many changes.

Meanwhile, the designer also draws attention to the NACA duct, which opens up to show more of the rear section. It sports a lower ride height and sits on a set of Rotiform ultra-wide wheels. This Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept is one remarkable take on a beloved machine. We can’t wait to see more from the artist in the future.

Check out more from the concept artist: here

Images courtesy of Khyzyl Saleem

McLaren Introduces the exclusive and sinister 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis

When it comes to naming their cars, some manufacturers draw inspiration from various mediums. Gearhead can probably enumerate some off the top of their heads. A few we can recall right away include the Cobra, Mustang, Viper, Ram, Impala, Barracuda, and Spider among others. We could notice the theme here is to emulate the raw power, speed, and more of these creatures. Interestingly enough, a British marque is taking the more menacing route. Here is the McLaren 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis.

Although the name sounds like a tribute to the northern lights, it’s definitely not about the aurora borealis. To our surprise, its origin is more deadly in nature but still awesome nonetheless. McLaren is commemorating the final 12 examples of its open-top supercar with an exclusive colorway. it apparently comes from the unique iridescent color of a venomous arachnid – the Segestria Florentina.

Depending on the viewing angle, the surfaces of its exterior produces a myriad of hypnotic colors. Meanwhile, these can range from dark green, purple, and black. It does not end there as web-like patterns in Napier Green are distributed around the 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis. We can spot it on the side mirrors and spoiler, while the headrests of its carbon fiber racing seat sport a different pattern.

The interior likewise receives a similar sinister treatment as the plush Alcantara upholstery features green stitching. The 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis even promises an acoustic extravaganza with its 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system. Aside from the aesthetics, McLaren is keeping the specifications intact. Only 12 examples of this model will be available for purchase.

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Images courtesy of McLaren

James Dyson is waving goodbye to its all-electric car project

Most of you probably know a guy named James Dyson. That’s right we’re talking about that British inventor responsible for those crazy-expensive vacuums and bladeless fans. Aside from the usual fare that we see from the brand, the company actually has a cool project on the side. It seems that he was planning to be more than just the king of premium and innovative household appliances. In a bid to compete with the likes of Tesla, the Dyson electric car was going to be an intimidating contender.

Aside from the creature comforts you would expect from a high-end vehicle, all-electric models strive for the best mileage. Before one even considers buying an emission-free ride, the range should be on the top of your list. A lot of factors contribute to this such as weight, aerodynamics, driving style, and batteries. The latter is exactly what Dyson was focusing on in the concept phases of his transport.

Meanwhile, work on the Dyson electric car apparently started in 2016. After acquiring Sakti3 — a solid-state battery startup – for $90 million the rumor mill began churning. Originally, the plan was to mass-produce innovative battery technology for the companies that need them. Eventually, the direction shifted to the production of an all-electric automobile under its own marque.

With over 600 people working on it, multiple patents were being filed at the time. Thanks to its aluminum construction and massive battery unit, the Dyson electric car is capable of 600 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, before the SUV could make its official debut, it was cancelled.

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Images courtesy of Dyson