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The Canon Ivy Rec Is A Capable $130 Action Cam

Like it or not, Canon’s still very much in the game, despite the fact that film format’s heydays are long gone. To keep a firm foothold in the modern market, the company has introduced the Canon Ivy Rec. It’s a $130 action camera with waterproofing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi — basically all the typical adventure-proof stuff found on cameras in its category.

The portable shooter, out Oct. 16, started life as an Indiegogo project back in July. The main appeal here, compared to other action cameras, is that it’s got a clippable carabiner clip, perfect if your clumsy but also can’t be bothered with fishing it out of your bag each time you want a shot. Don’t worry if it falls — the Canon Ivy Rec is also shockproof.

We can’t determine if the Canon Ivy Rec takes good shots, though, but the specs sheet portend good things. It boasts a 13-megapixel ⅓-inch CMOS sensor in a fixed-focus lens, which sounds okay, but the lack of autofocus may irk some people. It shoots in 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio. For video, it takes 1080p footage up to 60fps in 16:9, though each recording has a 10-minute limit.

As mentioned, the Canon Ivy Rec features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows you to send photos or videos to a smartphone via Canon’s Mini Cam companion app. If you prefer it old-fashioned, the device saves content onto a microSD card, which you can connect to a computer to offload your shots. The camera comes with a 660mAh battery, and whether or not this is enough has yet to be tested.


Photos courtesy of Canon

Kanu Private Island Is What Exclusive Is All About

If you want a really, really, really exclusive getaway, there’s no better way to hide from society than renting the Kanu Private Island. It redefines exclusivity, offering a slice of isolated respite for a few hundred dollars a night.

The 2.5-acre resort offers utmost privacy for people who just don’t want to stroll around crowd-addled beaches. The space offers five private villas measuring in at 1,000 square feet apiece, enough for 10 kids and 10 adults. Therefore, the Kanu Private Island is perfect for multi-family retreats.

Part of the all-inclusive rate for a week’s stay is arrival by a quick 15-minute private boat — or even a local flight. Guests can also enjoy free meals prepared by a private chef and drinks made with local ingredients. You also get to unwind thanks to multiple complementary massages.

For those looking for something a bit more adventurous, Kanu Private Island has you covered. You’ll find kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear at the ready when the itch for adventure comes up. The resort will even provide a personal boat captain to guide you in your exploration.

A week long stay costs about $4,000, and that accommodates 8 adults, which averages out to $500 a night for each person before taxes. Not bad. Not bad at all. Okay, so the Kanu Private Island is not cheap. But the all-inclusive package sounds like a pretty awesome deal. Not to mention that fact that you’re getting an entire island all to yourself. Hit the link below for more information on booking.


Photos courtesy of VRBO

The 999cc 2020 TERYX KRX 1000 Is Kawasaki’s First Side-By-Side

UTVs or side-by-sides as overlanding junkies call them, show an upsurge in popularity. We think it’s the ability to drive a smaller vehicle that can seat anywhere from two to four people while tackling rough terrain. Kawasaki takes a quick breather from crafting high-performance crotch rockets and is dipping its toes in UTV territory. In its first-ever attempt, the Japanese manufacturer manages to deliver an awesome machine – the 2020 TERYX KRX 1000.

Off-road enthusiasts or overlanding aficionados as some people call them are those to take pleasure in traversing natural obstacles. The equipment required to join the fun range from ATVs, UTVs, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Kawasaki appears to be expanding its repertoire with the introduction of the 2020 TERYX KRX 1000. It comes decked in Lime Green on Metallic Onyx Black or Metallic Moondust White on Metallic Onyx Black. It really does not matter which one you pick because both look ferocious.

Sitting underneath just behind the cockpit is a 999cc 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine. We know that it’s a mouthful but for those wondering, its output is equivalent to about 31 horsepower with 76.7 lb-ft of torque. Kawasaki is pairing the drivetrain with an automatic CVT and selectable 2WD and 4WD settings.

Meanwhile, the dynamic suspension with FOX 2.5 PODIUM LSC shocks and 14.4-inch ground clearance should give you a smooth ride. Furthermore, with the set of four MAXXIS Carnivore all-terrain tries will get you where you need to be. The Kawasaki 2020 TERYX KRX 1000 seats two and offers a cargo bed for whatever needs hauling.

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Images courtesy of Kawasaki

Prevent Falls This Autumn with Efficient, Motion-Sensing LED Path Lights

Don’t even trip. If you’ve got your walkway lined with these wireless motion sensor-activated LED path lights from Mr. Beams, you’ll see everything. They turn on via motion & turn off after 20-seconds. They’re powered by 4 AA batteries which deliver 30-hours of light. Sold in 2-packs.

Check Out These Limited Edition Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo Sneakers

It’s time for another awesome collaboration between an iconic sports apparel company and a British fashion designer. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is another pair of kicks that flaunts an outdoor or tactical vibe thanks to the camouflage print. This limited-edition item is only available via the 1017 ALYX 9SM website. This is the latest of many footwears designed by Matthew M. Williams for Nike. It retains the familiar elements of the older previous variants, which is actually a good thing.

Let’s begin with the most noticeable feature of the Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo, the removable crampon accessory. It might like your average rubber outsole material, but the designer doesn’t want to settle for anything other than Vibram. The material is sturdy, reliable, and delivers exceptional grip to enhance traction on varying surfaces. This allows the user to configure the sneakers for both outdoor and indoor use. The Velcro strap that holds it securely in place makes it easy to detach the outsole.

Upon removal, users can still enjoy the superior cushioning and performance of the Free Run outsole. The upper is a mix of synthetic fabric and leather with a side zipper to give it a snug fit for the user. The laces allow you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort as well. Meanwhile, the moulded overlays not only add some contrast to the patterns but add another layer of durability. The Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP Camo is currently an exclusive sold only by 1017 ALYX 9SM.

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Images courtesy of Nike

Bishops Hill Encampment Is Modern But Old-School Camping

The Bishops Hill Encampment, from Fearon Hay Architects, would like to bring back old-school camping, but with a modern twist.

The camp consists of a pair of small structures resting on an estuarine headland. Each building features a mixture of exposed timber framework with matching timber shutters, topped off with natural oil finish. The resulting look is soothing, outdoorsy. Faithfully evincing the vibe of those good old days of classic camping glory.

The space perches on a sloping land that descends to the waterline, which adds authenticity to the whole setup. Placement, after all, is an often overlooked element in architecture. The space surrounding a structure is often just as important. The structure comes spaced, too, which creates a sheltered central space for outdoor hangouts.

Don’t let the word “camping” make you think this looks any less beautiful or refined, though. If not for the deliberately quaint timber work, this would qualify just as any fancy glamping spot would. But instead, we get something in the middle, with design elements reminiscent of classic camping but fitted for the modern era via modern aesthetic touches.

You’ll see it in the vintage natural-oiled cladding that intertwines with the open-air atmosphere, working together to bring back the vibe of a bygone camping era without losing the spirit of a new one. If you ever find yourself in the Tawharanui Peninsula, make sure to stop by and see the Bishops Hill Encampment for yourself. More information when you hit the link below, and check out more photos of the space, too.


Photos courtesy of Fearon Hay Architects

Sinot Aqua Superyacht Uses Liquified Hydrogen

Meet the Sinot Aqua Superyacht, a new concept yacht that is as innovative as its name is super mundane. Don’t let the moniker throw you off — this is a boat well worth considering.

The Sinot Aqua spent a development period of over five months, and in that span the designers figured out what would make it stand out: liquid hydrogen. That’s right — this is the first marine vessel to be fully powered by liquified hydrogen.

Lateral Naval Architects developed the hydrogen propulsion system that promises smooth and silent sailing at a longer range. With zero emissions. Again, zero emissions. So, how does that work, exactly?

The liquified hydrogen, which will be stored at -253 degrees Celsius in two 28-ton vacuum isolated tanks, is converted into electrical energy via proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The power will provide propulsion, in addition to the auxiliary system and hotel services. The result? A noise-free sustainable sailor that offers a top speed of 17 knots, a cruising speed of 10 to 12 knots, and a range of 3,750 nautical miles. Sander Sinot, the designer, says:

“Our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a true superyacht that is not only groundbreaking in technology, but also in design and aesthetics.”

The interior space offers plenty of room. You can fit 14 guests and 31 crew. You also get a super luxurious 50-foot VIP suite taking up the front half of the upper deck. Also included? A 360-degree observatory. Plus an indoor health and wellness center with a hydro-massage room, yoga space, and workout floor.


Photos courtesy of Sinot

The 2020 Tomcar TX Is A Customizable Military-Grade Utility ATV

Even though it is classified as an ATV, the 2020 Tomcar TX doesn’t resemble one from a glance. After getting a closer look, you’ll see that it’s not your average recreational vehicle. Originally intended for military applications, this versatile machine is designed to operate in unforgiving conditions and the roughest terrain. The platform is flexible and can be customizable to operate in various ways. Examples indicated by Tomcar include water purification, emergency response, farming, security, filming, mining, and more.

This awesome AWD comes in three trims: the TX3, TX4, and TX5. All three sport heavy-duty specifications for both work and fun. Moreover, buyers can opt for a 1.5-liter liquid-cooled gasoline engine that produces 107 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. Or go for an emission-free all-electric version with a 96V three-phase AC motor rated at 120 horsepower 153 lb-ft of torque. The latter is powered by a 38 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The TX3 and TX5 are two-seaters with varying wheelbase in exchange for ample cargo space at the back. Meanwhile, the TX4 seats up to four people with a smaller utility rack. All of the variants enjoy a 17-inch ground clearance as well as a durable aluminum skid plate to protect the drive system form bumps and bruises.

Meanwhile, the four-wheel independent suspension system makes for a smooth ride even on rugged surfaces. At its core is a fully-welded armored steel frame. This gives the 2020 Tomcar TX long-lasting reliability backed by a lifetime warranty. The base model starts at $37,300 and goes up with optional upgrades in tow.

Customize yours: here

Images courtesy of Tomcar

This Vision Venture Camper Concept Is the Future Of Travel

We love it when folks go all out in their concepts. This one, travelers will surely love. The Hymer Vision Venture is a concept camper that imagines what traveling will look like in a few years.

Hymer, a German firm that makes campervans and motor homes, teamed up with a chemical engineering company called BASF to build a concept what spending a few days off the grid will look like in 2025, realistically.

At the heart of it? A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — the same van drivers use to deliver Amazon packages. But this one comes with a custom-made body that hides such humble origins, then clears out plenty of space for a pretty sick cabin that can comfortably shelter two passengers.

Some of the components involves 3D printing, a method that makes this campervan terribly unfit for mass-production. However, only some parts go through that process. If you look at the back part, you’ll see that the Vision Venture fully opens to give the passengers a nearly uninterrupted view of the surrounding nature.

Step inside, look down, and you’ll see the wood flooring, which makes the whole floor seem like an outdoor deck. A small but clever touch that bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors. Hymer even added a built-in BBQ if you feel the urge for some good ol’ backyard grub.

In the cab, you’ll find a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a staircase leads to the roof-mounted bed. For a camper, the Vision Venture surprisingly looks organized and not cramped at all. Much of what you’ll see inside also come from natural materials like wood. As a result, it almost looks like a super chic nature-inspired abode.


Photos courtesy of Hymer

Adidas Adds The Terrex Free Hiker GTX To Its Outdoor Gear Repertoire

Among all other things, the modern man desires gadgets, an awesome home, a fancy car, and a lot more. Most of us probably want the same, but we can’t deny the fact that we occasionally want to get away from it all. The cool thing about it is we can always drop everything and head outdoors. Adidas is here to get you started with a pair of rugged footwear. The Terrex Free Hiker GTX might look like your average sneaker but the technology it packs is anything but.

Not to worry because these will still look great as casual wear, but know that you can do more with it. The thing is, hiking and camping will take you through some of the roughest terrains out there. Thus, what you need is a set of high-performance kicks that will take you where you want to go. Despite the laid-back design, Adidas assures us that it is a heavy-duty piece of gear.

It features a Primeknit upper for superior comfort and just enough stretch adapt to the user’s foot. Unpredictable weather and bodies of water along the way are no match for the GORE-TEX membrane lining. This combo makes the Terrex Free Hiker GTX waterproof and breathable at the same time.

The Boost midsole provides exceptional cushioning that quickly adapts to your movement. The ever-changing terrain is merciless, which is why the Terrex Free Hiker GTX is ready for anything. Some surfaces can become slippery and very dangerous, but the Continental Rubber outsole enhances the grip. Adidas is gradually expanding its lineup and the outdoor gear it is offering is quite promising.

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Images courtesy of Adidas

Cheetah Plains Game Lodge Is Surprisingly All About Relaxation

Don’t get the name wrong. The Cheetah Plains Game Lodge puts relaxation front and center. Set in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the lodge turns traditional safari-style architecture on its head. All this to create a new kind of safari experience that feels authentic. But also as soft-blowed an experience as possible.

Employing state-of-the-art sustainable architecture that incorporates an afro-minimalist aesthetic, the Cheetah Plains Game Lodge pits many different forms against each other, challenging our notions of landscape. The result? A beautiful contrast between things that usually don’t go together but find, here, a thread of harmony amid differences. Here’s lead architect Stefan Antoni on the design:

“The architecture exists to enhance the experience of the outdoors — not to mimic it, but to complement it so that guests may experience the bush more directly, more immediately.”

You’ll find three private houses, comprised of a central building that houses a formal lounge, living room, dining area, and gourmet kitchen. Individually housed bedrooms make up the bulk of this space. They come arranged around the main structure and complete with their own outdoor bathrooms.

The interiors of the Cheetah Plains Game Lodge loosen into an expansive sun terrace and heated swimming pool. Moreover, you’ll find the African greenery enveloping this calm and serene unwinding spot. To protect this slice of paradise, the resort runs mostly on off-grid energy through solar power. What’s more, their grey-water is recycled to lower consumption. Plus, game drives are taken on electric Land Cruiser safari vehicles for least pollution footprint.

Oh, and did we mention each house comes with its own hospitality team? Check it out by hitting the link below.


Photos courtesy of Cheetah Plains

Mountain Life At The Casa MM

Nothing says American like one hand on the wheel, with the other hand hanging lazily by the convertible’s door. This image, of hightailing to the spotless fields of America’s numerous anyplace dirt-lined sojourns, is one of endless drive. The impulse to go somewhere, to keep going. Which is why we don’t bother much with destinations. But if it’s the Casa MM you’re going to, where you end up is just as important as getting there.

Sitting at the foot of a mountain range, the Casa MM not only draws in tourists, but those daring at heart. The spirits seeking the adventure of a lifetime, or at least someplace they can let loose. The nearby trails illicit a sense of wonder and curiosity for travel.

The dwelling itself, too, is a portrait of calm and peace. To combat the high traffic area, it uses a wedge shape: the narrow end of the house is oriented toward the paths, while the roofline is inclines toward the peaks. Positioned this way, the house takes the focus off visiting hikers and places it on the surrounding scenery. The solution seems simple enough to overlook, but the designers of the Casa MM integrated it cleverly.

You’ll also see that it features a sloping profile that mimics the rolling terrain enveloping it. Meanwhile, the concrete and stone facade complements the rugged environment. Some external materials remain exposed on the interior and intersect with wood tones. The combination evinces a unique atmospheric calmness, as if two different properties found a way to get along and converge. The result? Sheer beauty.


Photos courtesy of Alarcia Ferrer

The Tera Cabin Is A 3D-Printed Getaway In The Woods

3D printed homes don’t come as a shock anymore. Ever since this unique method of building entered mainstream techniques we’ve seen a number of experiments employing this kind of printing. The Tera Cabin is one such example, though the difference this time is that it’s far more utilitarian than its superfluous contemporaries.

Using the same space-grade technology as Marsha, which won the NASA Centennial Challenge, SpaceFactory takes 3D print to a whole new level with the Tera Cabin. In and of itself, the dwelling is an impressive experiment. But it stretches beyond just being great because its aesthetic underpinnings have a purpose. The Tera Cabin gives a taste of what life on another planet would be like. And you don’t even have to leave Earth to experience such a sensation.

The cone-like exterior seems rightfully futuristic, like something you’d see in a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie. This structure comes formed thanks to a sustainable mixture of sugar and basalt. It boasts a living area, a sleeping loft, and a bathroom. The windows, which you’ll see come in diamond shapes, provide views of the rural vastness outside. You can also go to the outdoor terrace that overlooks the riverbank for more spectacular voice of the wilderness enveloping the dwelling.

Each stay in this futuristic getaway will contribute to research and development. Comfort and science; two birds with one stone. It will also help SpaceFactory fund future projects. The Tera Cabin will open its doors for visitors starting March 2020. Hit the link below for more information.


Columbia SH/FT Collection Dare You To Brave The Wilderness

Whoever said hiking boots couldn’t slip inside a streetwear get-up should eat their words right this second. Columbia Sportswear unveiled just recently a line of sneakers and boots hybrid, marking the outdoor apparel company’s first venture into the world of sneakers. The SH/FT collection is, compared to its other offerings, much sleeker but still retains the expertly crafted utilitarianism.

The sneakers feature bright yellows and teals, and they unsurprisingly boast sneaker-like silhouettes, to boot (pun intended). With the SH/FT collection, Columbia Sportswear hopes to get some traction from the sneakerhead community, whose members prefer the slick, stylish profiles of Nikes and Adidas rather than the heavy-duty appeal of outdoor wear. Market analyses says there’s an audience for hybrids like this. Here’s Matt Powell, sportswear expert at NPD:

“The sneaker-boot trend has been around for a while, and we’re definitely seeing more blending and blurring of the lines between what’s athletic footwear and what’s fashion footwear.”

The SH/FT collection has much in similarity to Nike’s outdoor-focused ACG line, which couples industry-leading styles and silhouettes with characteristics typical of hiking gear. These urban kicks boast a 100% waterproof stretch-knit composition and call forth the spirit of streetwear’s most reliable footwear.

But they don’t stop on style, of course. This is, after all, a hybrid, so you get the best of both worlds. The gauzy stylish brio of conventional kicks and the robust, skillful craftsmanship boots bring to the table. The SH/FT collection is a win-win situation, in other words. Hit the link below to check out the collection.


Photos courtesy of Columbia Sportswear

This Land Rover Back Packer Concept Needs To Become Reality

There are many ways to enjoy an outdoor adventure. Some choose to go on foot and challenge themselves, while others prefer to use a vehicle to reach their destination. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you end up happy and content. Having a form of transportation is always handy if you are lugging around a lot of stuff. However, ATVs and UTVs normally offer limited space. On the other hand, the Land Rover Back Packer is a unique ride that dares to break the mold.

Before any of you jump the gun, it’s important to know that the Back Packer exists only as a concept. It’s a shame because we really love what it will supposedly offer for nature lovers out there. Inspired by the overlanding capabilities of Land Rover’s four-wheelers, Edwin Senger created an exciting all-electric all-electric modular transport. What’s so intriguing about his proposal is the convenient function of turning into a form of shelter. This means that we no longer have to pack a tent or sleeping bag because this EV is a mobile sleeping pod.

By default, it is an open-top two-seater. When bad weather comes along, just open the headrest extend the roof over. At night-time, the interior becomes a comfy shelter with a see-through section to view the stars. Given its battery-powered nature, the Land Rover Back Packer can recharge using its solar sail. This off-road EV is ready for any surface with a set of airless tire. This needs to become a production model in the future.

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Joshua Tree Desert Retreat Offers A Minimalist Getaway

Look at pictures of Joshua Tree and you’ll see an unmistakable gateway to paradise — the kind that coaxes you to explore and venture out, an interactive kind of vacation marked with the restorative powers of seeing nature unveil itself if you look more closely.

But if you want a more relaxed trip, read on. Smack dab in the Joshua Tree reserve is a minimalist space called the Joshua Tree Desert Retreat. The sophisticatedly subdued house reeks of modern but also scales it down to compliment its barren environs. If you want to get away from the spoils of modern urban life, this is the place to hightail to.

The Joshua Tree Desert Retreat sits on a sandy plot. Inside, you’ll find an office area that cantilevers over a natural slope, propped up thanks to a foundation of stilts. Glazed windows that span from the floor to the ceiling let light in, and also offer a spectacular panoramic view of the mountain landscape enveloping the house. The concrete facade offers protection from the harsh sun and wind.

The entire Joshua Tree Desert Retreat space operates off-grid, too, by the way, and depends on solar panels and a battery back-up system for power. Like the place on which it sits, the Joshua Tree Desert House serves as a reminder of the beauty in spite of precarious living. Yes, the creature comforts don’t come readily available. But that’s kind of the point. Real life, out here, doesn’t come easy and smooth and straightforward. You’ll have to make do with the limits of comfort with amenities taken out. And only then will you truly realize the meaning of getaway.


Photos courtesy of Northworks Architects + Planners

Lexus GXOR Concept

For outdoor adventures, Toyota’s Land Cruiser and other rugged models are great platforms to ride. Meanwhile, the Japanese automaker’s luxury vehicle division is the last place to browse for more elegant alternatives. However, it seems that that’s going to change soon with the introduction of the Lexus GXOR. As the name suggests, the company is taking the regular GX SUV and upgrading the heck out of it. It hopes to attract consumers who want a slice of luxury alongside a large helping of off-road reliability.

Although the GXOR is still in the concept phases, it gives us a preview of what the brand can do for overlanding enthusiasts. Making its debut at the 2019 FJ Summit, this SUV is looking already looking like a winner. Lexus understands what buyers want and hopes to meet their expectations when this finally becomes a production model later on. The one on display during the show comes with third-party upgrades. These aftermarket parts are turning an already capable transport into a more powerful off-road beast.

To prepare the Lexus GXOR for the dynamic terrain, it gets a 2.5-inch lift courtesy of shocks from Icon Vehicle Dynamics. The underside also gains protection from bumps and scrapes with an underbody armor setup alongside frame sliders from CBI. Meanwhile, the set of 18-inch F Sport wheels are equipped with General Grabber all-terrain tires for superior grip and traction. The modifications do not end there, but we want to point out the awesome addition of a Patriot Campers X1H trailer. All that’s left is for everyone to hope that this will eventually go into production with little to no changes.

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Images courtesy of Lexus

Ford Super Duty Tremor Edition Pickup Trucks

You can always count on American carmakers to craft some of the best utility vehicles in the market. We likewise understand that certain Japanese brands are capable of doing the same. What matters the most is that consumers get a machine that can meet their expectations. One of the most reliable automotive companies out there right now is the one sporting the Blue Oval emblem. As such, it’s flexing its muscles with the Ford Super Duty Tremor Edition pickup trucks.

This appears to be a bold move for the company to attract a certain demographic with a love for outdoor expeditions. According to reports, the Tremor Edition trims will be available for two models under its 2020 F-series lineup. To be specific, these are the F-350 and the F-250, which are already capable monsters by default. Nevertheless, you won’t hear us complaining when it comes to upgrades and performance tweaks along the way.

So let’s break it down. The time the Tremor badge made its way onto a truck was back in 2014. This was an older-generation F-150 with a sportier upgrade for both its interior and exterior. Meanwhile, the latest Ford Super Duty Tremor Edition focuses on the off-road capabilities of the pickup truck. Hence, we’re looking at making adjustments to the ride height by at least two inches. This gives it an impressive ground clearance of 10.8 inches. Moreover, this allows your ride to trudge over water up to 33 inches deep. Keeping all of its new powers in check is the brand’s latest adaptive cruise-control tech.

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Images courtesy of Ford

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro Camp Stove

When you’re out camping, the best approach would be to bring stuff that does not take up a lot of space. We’re here to help our readers discover the latest stuff that can help out and we found one for the outdoor chef. Traditionally, all the cooking is done using the campfire, but the uneven heat can give you undesirable results.

Camp stoves are an ideal alternative, but it’s difficult to find the right balance of portability and functionality. Well, that’s about to change because the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro Camp Stove is coming our way.

For the sake of portability, most camp stoves normally utilitarian and feature just one burner. Yet, the Pinnacle Pro manages to sport two and can still collapse into something that measures 1.25-inch thick. This makes it the ultimate camping equipment for those who want to cook like a chef outdoors.

Being able to prepare two dishes simultaneously can greatly enhance meal preparation if there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Thus, it’s awesome to have when you’re with a big group. Moreover, it touts a clever mechanical system that makes it easy to set up and store. A pair of retractable legs keeps the cooking surface at the right height.

Meanwhile, the two 11,000 BTU burners with piezo lighters will handle whatever food is on the menu. As much as we want to have the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro Camp Stove right now, we have to wait until 2020. Hence, we’ll have to make do with using regular models for the meantime.

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Wild & Wolf Portable Barbecue Grill

Just like EDCs, there are a few full-size gadgets and accessories getting the portable treatment. True to our nature, men want to have a contingency plan, which is why we want to bring tools for survival. Occasionally, we also want to have certain stuff handy for instances wherein we feel the need to accomplish something. For example, a lighter and pocket knife is ideal for emergency situations. On the other hand, when you suddenly feel like grilling something anywhere, the Wild & Wolf portable barbecue grill is the awesome answer.

Let’s being by saying that this is one of the more interesting products to come out way. What looks like a small suitcase actually holds a nifty little gimmick. Moreover, it somehow resembles one of those old-school metal lunchboxes. Meanwhile, just flip the clasps open to reveal its actual function as a versatile barbecue grill. Its form factor makes it easy to transport using the handle, while the size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

The set includes a coal tray, a cooking grate, and a built-in stand that folds out and locks in place. It’s perfect for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities that will turn into fun-filled gatherings as your man the grill like a champ. The Wild & Wolf portable barbecue grill is part of the Gentlemen’s Hardware collection of products. For superior durability and performance, its using stainless steel for most of its components. Finally, the Navy Blue coating adds a stylish finish with the logo and a script on each side.

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Images courtesy of Wild & Wolf