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Top five strangest things found in storage lockers

Storage units are excellent spaces to house bulkier items while decluttering your house or moving and are even used by businesses to keep stock safe and secure before being shipped.

However, over the years storage units all over the world have been opened up and inside the strangest of items have been discovered. This usually occurs when payments aren’t kept up on the unit and so its contents are sold to make room for another tenant.

From first edition comic books worth millions to actual people, here’s a quick round-up of five of the strangest things found inside storage lockers.

Nicolas Cage’s stolen Superman comic

Actor Nicolas Cage is best known for his iconic movie roles, not so much his passion for buying first edition comic books. However, in 1995, Cage purchased Action Comics No.1 which featured the first Superman comic ever printed.

It was later stolen and hidden in a storage unit. When payments weren’t kept up on the unit its contents were purchased by collectables expert Mark Balelo who discovered the comic which was then reunited with its famous owner.

A burglar

In 2011, Ronald Dennis entered a storage unit with the intent to burgle it. Later, he found himself locked inside after a guard noticed the door of the unit was open and locked him in. The police were called when the guard later heard Ronald trying to escape the unit and they opened it to find the wannabe burglar inside.

An amputated foot

For many of us, if we found an amputated foot in a grill we bought at auction we’d want to find its owner and be rid of it. But Shannon Whisnant, of Maiden North Carolina, saw an opportunity for fame. Shannon bought a BBQ smoker at an auction that was selling off possessions from storage units that had not been paid for.

He opened the grill later to find the foot and called the police. They tracked down the owner but instead of returning the amputated foot, Shannon began charging people to come and take a look at the severed limb and encouraging media attention.

The foot’s owner, John Wood, wanted his body part back but Shannon stated that it was now his property. A legal battle ensued which was captured in the documentary Finders Keepers in 2015 that told the story of the strange discovery.

Pirate loot

A storage unit containing $500,000 worth of Spanish pirate gold from the 16th Century was uncovered by Storage Wars team Dan and Laura. The gold was so heavy that it required three people to move the loot out of storage!

A submarine car

This storage unit find sent waves through the community of James Bond fans. Under piles of old blankets and sheets, a man found the Lotus submarine car that featured in the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. The new owner of the vehicle had purchased the storage unit’s contents for just $100 and the car was then bought by none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk for just under $1 million.

How alcohol can ruin men’s mental health

The condition of suffering from a mental health illness and a comorbid alcohol or drug abuse problem is called dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. Discerning between an alcohol-induced mental illness and a mental condition that existed before an alcohol use disorder is not an easy task. Clinicians emphasize the importance of treating co-occurring disorders simultaneously as they usually create a vicious cycle. Treatment requires an integrated approach that helps a person to become and stay sober and address their psychological problems.

The Relationship between Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health

Co-occurring conditions have their own specific symptoms that may affect an individual’s ability to maintain a stable family life, perform at work or school, handle life’s difficulties, and empathize with others.

What is even worse, these health conditions also affect each other. When a mental health problem remains untreated, the alcohol abuse problem continues to worsen. And vice versa, the increase in alcohol consumption usually exacerbates the symptoms of a mental health issue. That’s why it’s important to find a rehab for men: men-only addiction treatment centers that offer medical help for patients with a dual diagnosis.

Don’t hesitate to seek help. You are not alone with this problem. 9.2 million American adults experienced a co-occurring mental illness and a substance use disorder in 2018. A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that about 50% of individuals with severe mental health illness use some substance. And 37% of alcohol abusers suffer from at least one serious mental disorder.

What Happens To The Brain And Body From Alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse and addiction have many adverse effects on the body. Here are some of them:

  • Alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamin B1, which is an important brain nutrient.
  • It changes metabolism, functions of the heart, and blood flow.
  • It is linked to poor nutrition.
  • Alcohol affects several parts of the brain; it contracts brain tissues, destroys brain cells, and depresses the central nervous system.
  • Binge drinking may lead to such alcohol-related brain diseases as cerebellar atrophy, hepatic encephalopathy, peripheral neuropathy, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, frontal lobe dysfunction, and Korsakoff’s amnesic syndrome.
  • Alcohol intoxication is a common reason of car accidents, fights, and falls that can lead to traumatic brain injuries.
What Kinds Of Mental Illnesses Can An Alcohol Addiction Cause?

People who abuse alcohol undergo changes in their behavior. They include:

  • An inability to set and stick to limits on how much and how often alcohol is consumed;
  • An inability to cut back on alcohol intake or quit drinking;
  • The occurrence of alcohol cravings between the episodes of drinking.

An addicted person who stops drinking or falls below a certain point starts experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal which can be really severe. Rapid and unexplainable mood swings are the major psychological indicator of the withdrawal syndrome. The person can feel depressed, anxious, nervous, or restless. They can lose mental clarity.

People who suffer from alcohol use disorder are at high risk of developing co-occurring mental disorders, such as:

  • Major depression and other depressive disorders;
  • Bipolar disorder (known as manic depression) and other bipolar disorders;
  • Anxiety disorders (social anxiety disorder, specific phobia, etc.);
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s (NIAAA) report, the risk of having depressive or bipolar disorder is roughly 3.6 to 4.1 times greater among alcohol-dependent people compared with the general population. Alcoholics experience anxiety disorders about 2.6 times more often than others and develop PTSD about 2.2 times more often.

Denial often gets in the way of seeking treatment for male addiction. It can be hard to admit that you can’t control alcohol consumption.

People often deny having mental health issues. The symptoms can frighten them, so they may ignore them and hope they disappear. Shame and fear are major barriers to admitting the problem. But these two health disorders can happen to anyone. And it takes more strength to admit an illness and seek a men-only rehab that to cover it up.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Mental Illness

Mental illnesses may depend on the symptoms prior to alcohol consumption and/or develop because of it. To understand the diagnosis, medical professionals collect and analyze the following information: the patient’s gender, family history, and length of illness.

Since alcohol addiction can cause and exacerbate personality disorders, and mental issues often lead to relapses, both conditions must be treated concurrently. Men-only rehab programs for patients with dual diagnosis integrate treatment approaches for addiction and mental illness and include:

  • use of peer-led support groups
  • a “coaching” therapy style
  • medication regimens tailored to each patient’s specific syndromes.

Men’s rehabilitation employs special psychotherapeutic methods useful for dually diagnosed patients:

  • relapse-prevention therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • motivational interviewing
  • social skills training groups.

Health should always be a priority. Don’t procrastinate with treatment. The sooner you get it, the better.

Hot Wheels Gives Us The Cybertruck Way Ahead Of Tesla

We have to admit that when Tesla took the covers off the Cybertruck, it left us awestruck at the sight of its unconventional design. Instead of the sleek curves found on most modern vehicles, what we get is a rugged angular beast. Further adding to its futuristic aesthetics is the fact that it is a zero-emission vehicle. That’s right, it runs on batteries, which should keep you squarely in Mother Nature’s good graces. While the actual pickup truck is still more than a year off, Hot Wheels has your back with a 1:10 scale R/C Cybertruck.

The brand has been making some of the best collectible toys since 1968 and also offers bigger scale toys. If you prefer an even smaller version, there’s also the 1:64 scale R/C Cybertruck up for pre-order right now. Getting back to the topic, the 1:10 model is a limited-edition item that collectors will love to own.

We consider it as a great chance to take the own a piece that represents an automotive marvel of the future. Just like its full-size counterpart, you can expect this R/C machine to handle off-road terrain like a boss. Hot Wheels claims that it can even manage a scale speed of up to 250 miles per hour. Its all-wheel-drive system should mimic the real thing.

Other cool features to expect include a removable Tonneau “Vault” cover, a telescopic tailgate that turns into loading ramp, and functioning headlights/taillights for low-light visibility. Hot Wheels even throws in a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker to remind us of Elon Musk’s iconic presentation snag. A full charge of its 9.9V, 3,300mAh battery should give up to an hour of pure fun. The R/C Cybertruck will retail for $400.

Grab yours: Here

Images courtesy of Hot Wheels

Get ready for Halo Infinite with the Halo Nerf collection

With Microsoft gearing up for a big presentation at E3 2020, gamers are eager to see what is on the agenda. Of course, we know that the Xbox Series X will be the star of the show, but a powerful console is nothing without a good library of games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is promising fans that there will be a bunch of titles from Xbox Game Studios. However, we all know people want to see Halo Infinite in action. With the hype is in full swing, Hasbro presents the Halo Nerf collection of blasters.

This isn’t the first time the manufacturer collaborated with a major video game franchise. We can recall a tie-up with the ever-popular Fortnite as well as Activision Blizzard’s hit shooter Overwatch. Now, it is bringing the world of Master Chief and the Covenant to life. Other than the iconic protagonist and his lovable AI companion, the world Halo is full of popular enemies, vehicles, ships, and weapons.

The latter is perhaps the most popular items gamers want to have in real life. Therefore, Hasbro is ready to indulge. The Halo Nerf blasters currently feature three models due to come out this fall. first off the block is the MA40 which will be in the game when it comes out later this year. The magazine holds 10 darts and the blaster uses four C batteries to operate. it will cost $50.

Next are two new entries for the MicroShot catalogue and both of these should be on every fan’s wishlist this holiday. First up is the SPNKR followed by the Needler. Both of these will retail for $10 and will ship with two darts. The Halo Nerf series will launch on October 1, 2020.

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Images courtesy of Hasbro

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush Coaches Your Next Brushing Experience

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush takes the mundane out of brushing and makes it fun and exciting. It allows for personalization to properly guide you on your next cleaning session.

This new toothbrush uses 3D and AI technology to coach you on how to brush your teeth properly or even better. It features a smart pressure sensor that helps keep you from brushing too hard or too soft as if you’re just going through the motions of brushing your teeth  The sensor also informs you when you are doing it right so your gums stay protected. Meanwhile, 3D tracking guides you to all areas of the mouth, across six brushing zones, for a thorough clean. Top, back, front surface, and more, it watches your progress.

Moreover, the Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush comes with an interactive display that makes your brushing experience fun and educational. It delivers personalized brushing encouragement in real-time. The display shows a smiley face for a job well done and even counts the dentist-recommended two minutes so you never miss a proper toothbrushing experience.

This innovative toothbrush comes with seven cleaning modes including daily clean, whiten, and sensitive, to name a few. It connects to the Oral-B app via Bluetooth and functions on a rechargeable battery. It comes with a click-in-place magnetic charger that delivers a full charge in less than three hours.

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush stays with you whether you’re at home or traveling. You can take it anywhere with you and pack it in its premium travel case and refill holder.

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Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Photos courtesy of Oral-B

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock remotely secures your home

Protect your home from unwanted guests with the all-new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This security device not only monitors who comes in and out of your house. It also lets you share access to your home to family and friends.

Experience peace of mind when you leave your home with the added security features of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It uses an auto-lock function which automatically locks your front door once it’s closed or after a specified amount of time. It uses geofencing to automatically unlock the door when you come home.

Meanwhile, a DoorSense sensor tells you whether your door is secure. This saves you from a return trip home when you are uncertain if you’ve left your front door open or not. If not, then Smart Alerts let you know of any changes whether the door is ajar or unlocked.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with a dedicated mobile app that lets you know the goings-on of your front door and also grants you remote access to your home. It lets you remotely open the door for friends and family and lock after them when they leave. You can also send them secure keys through the app. The app also provides an activity feed that lets you see the exact time when guests enter and leave your home.

The device is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant for voice commands. The app uses both Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption and TLS for added protection. Likewise, it offers phone number or email verification and quick app disabling for lost phones.

Installation of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy. It’s compatible with most cylinder deadbolts and takes less than 10 minutes to attach it on the inside of your door.

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Images courtesy of August

KEEP Secure Stash Box Is Perfect Protection For Your Herbs

Philip Wilkins and his co-founders want you to say goodbye to storing your weed inside Ziploc bags, makeup bags, or even under floorboards. They have created something far better: The KEEP Secure Stash Box, which is not just any ordinary portable storage device.

It not only keeps your cannabis stash safe from prying hands but also seals any odour at bay. It uses a hermetic seal to keep your weed fresh and odour-free. This way, it ensures that no one can smell your stash and know its location but you.

Moreover, the KEEP Secure Stash Box discreetly stores recreational drugs because of its sleek appearance. It features an LED display that shows the time and outdoor temperature. This makes people easily mistake it as a bedside alarm clock. It is no ordinary storage device too. It is smart-enabled so you can easily monitor your cannabis stash anytime and anywhere.

You can use its companion app to secure locking, unlocking, and monitoring through WIFI and Bluetooth. A built-in biometric lock that connects to your smartphone enables you to access the device through a passcode, thumbprint, or facial recognition, depending on your phone’s security feature.

Meanwhile, the interior features humidity and temperature monitors, a built-in scale, an organization pod, and a removable rolling tray. The device can store up to 28 grams of flower or a total cannabis weight of 4.4 pounds. The KEEP Secure Stash Box comes in two colour variants namely black and white. It also has a USB charging cable so you can recharge the battery.

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Images courtesy of KEEP

KOHLER Moxie Showerhead + Smart Speaker Is You All-In-One Bathroom GAdget

Take singing in the shower to the next level with KOHLER Moxie Showerhead + Smart Speaker. Equipped with Alexa, the showerhead allows you to queue up your favourite music playlist. This makes taking a bath not only fun and lively but also time-consuming (pun intended). If you prefer hearing the latest news then you can ask Alexa to play the daily news or current events for you straight from your showerhead.

The KOHLER Moxie Showerhead is a circular ring that easily allows the attachment of the speaker in the middle. The waterproof speaker attaches snugly around the ring-shaped showerhead through magnets. The magnets make it easy to remove the speaker and recharge its battery through its bundle, cordless dock. A full charge to the speaker’s built-in Lithium-ION battery gives up to five hours of audio playback with Alexa enabled. Without Alexa, it is up to seven hours of audio playback tuned by Harmon Kardon.

Unlike other speakers that muffle sound against running water, the speaker lets you listen to music or audio freely even when the shower is on full blast. The device emits a white noise-cancelling frequency that ensures that music or audio playback can still be heard over running water.

The beauty of the speaker on the KOHLER Moxie Showerhead is that it is not just specific for the showerhead. Since it is removable, then it can be used outside the shower space to stream music or news in any room.  It is also Bluetooth-ready, which means it can sync with any wireless devices including smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and more.

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Images courtesy of KOHLER

Charmin GoLab Is Cutting-Edge Tech For The Bathroom

Men’s Gear makes it a point to feature unique and cool items we spot online. However, it would be a cool change of pace to show something quirky yet fun. CES 2020 is a hotbed of new and interesting tech ideas. As such, you can be sure to stumble upon something that can qualify as crazy. Nevertheless, its always the weird ones that spark the most discussion. Charmin – an American brand that specializes in toilet paper – is teasing a collection of tech that makes us smile. These include the Rollbot, SmellSense, and V.I.Pee from the brilliant mind of Charmin GoLab.


Let’s start off with the V.i.Pee. Depending on the type of event you are attending, it sucks that the call of nature can take you away from the action. It could be during a concert, a presentation, and other similar gatherings. Charmin GoLab is a portable toilet assembly that comes with a wall-mounted Oculus Rift S headset. This lets you do your business and use AR technology to virtually stay in attendance to whatever is going on. However, this does bring up questions about the sanitary nature of this installation.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re going number two and you run out of toilet paper during the cleanup process? Welcome to the club as millions of people undergo the ordeal when they least expect it. Charmin GoLab proses an awesome solution with the help of robotics. The RollBot is a compact app-connected machine that will deliver a fresh roll to you when you need it. It even comes with a lovable bear face that you will be glad to see when the situation arises.


Finally, the last cool tech from Charmin GoLab should be standard equipment in all public bathrooms. Nobody likes the nasty odours that greet you the moment you step inside the lavatory. Hence, this gadget monitors the carbon dioxide levels to determine if it’s safe to enter. We can’t wait to see the tech hit mainstream markets in the future.

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Images courtesy of Charmin

Coca-Cola Just Made A Coffee Machine Called &Drip

We here at Men’s Gear just love it when our internet excursions lead us to something unique and unexpected. We’ve seen unlikely collaborations, weird yet quirky items, and other similar stuff. Once in a while, a company that specializes on one thing chooses to step into new territory which might be a hit-or-miss affair. However, it seems that this next item we’re going to show you could be the right kind of crazy. Here is the Coca-Cola &Drip, which looks like a compact soda dispenser at first, but actually brews a hot cup of joe.

You read that right. This is Coca-Cola we’re talking about, but a coffee machine is something we did not see coming. Nevertheless, the &Drip still appears classy enough to proudly sit on your kitchen countertop. Japanese design studio Nendo is responsible for its pleasing aesthetics while Makuake was handling its crowdfunding campaign. It is such a big hit in its home country that all 400 if the first batch were all snapped up quickly.

Thanks to its surprisingly warm reception it is getting, Coca-Cola is apparently considering another release soon. What makes the &Drip stand out from other capsule coffee makers is the proprietary technology behind its pods. According to reports, the manufacturing process effectively seals the coffee with less than 1 per cent exposure to oxygen. This keeps the flavours and aromas intact until the users brew a fresh cup. Taking a sip will taste just like a freshly prepared cup of java from your favourite café. Ultimately, with a price of $130, the next production might sell out all over again.

Learn more from Coca-Cola

Images courtesy of Coca-Cola

The New Ember Mug 2 Lasts Longer And Comes With Smart Features

Depending on your preference, most beverages can be consumed either hot or cold. We’ve seen some of the best containers that feature remarkable insulation technology. These can often maintain the temperature at your desired level for hours on end. However, when it comes to cold drinks, one might need to keep it inside the freezer or chiller after a certain span of time. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier when you’re dealing with hot or warm options. Self-heating mugs and other vessels are not exactly new, but the Ember Mug 2 goes beyond that.

We’ve seen almost everything getting the smart treatment and Ember is doing the same for its new product. The original did a fine job of keeping our drinks warm or piping hot, but its time for an upgrade. Perhaps the biggest upgrade aside from its smart functions is the battery life. The original model lasts just a little over an hour, while the 14-ounce Ember Mug 2 goes about an hour and 20 minutes. It might not seem much, but every minute counts. Likewise, the 10-ounce version gets 10 minutes more.

On the other hand, if the charging coaster is nearby, you can practically keep your drinks hot all day long. Some like it warm and some love it hot. Take advantage of the smart connectivity by adjusting the temperature remotely from the companion app on your smartphone. Just wait for the notification LED on the bottom to light up when your beverage reaches the ideal temperature. Finally. don’t worry about coffee or tea staining the Ember Mug 2. The scratch-resistant ceramic coating should keep it virtually spotless.

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Images courtesy of Ember

The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse Takes Us Back To Our Childhood

This here is the 8BitDo N30 – a wireless mouse inspired by a beloved Japanese gaming icon. But before we take a closer look, let’s talk about the current state of the retro gaming market. If you’re feeling the gaming nostalgia creeping in, it’s a good thing to have options. That’s why we’ve been scrounging up all the cool retro stuff gamers would love from the internet and found a few noteworthy items.

For those in the market for a more premium option. Love Hultén is the way to go. For a more generic type of experience, most major video game companies have you covered. Sony, Nintendo, SEGA, SNK, Konami, and others are offering a compact version of their classic consoles. Then there’s 8BitDo – an awesome brand that specializes in gaming gear that oozes style and just enough vintage aesthetics.

We have seen and used most of the company’s products and the verdict is their controllers are fantastic. Not only do these look and feel like their original counterparts, the quality and performance it brings to the table are top-notch. The N30 is a must-buy for fans of the NES and all things Nintendo.

The colourway screams Nintendo Entertainment System all the way and the buttons are the cherry on top. Instead of ones you find on a regular mouse, the left and right buttons are round and bright red. Meanwhile, the area where your thumb normally rests features a familiar directional pad as well. Even though it’s not obvious, the space between the two buttons is touch-sensitive for scrolling. The 8BitDo N30 wireless mouse boasts a 120-hour battery life on a single AA battery and a 10-meter range.

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Images courtesy of 8BitDo

San Francisco Clocktower Penthouse Is Keys To The City

This San Francisco Clocktower Penthouse lends you a staggering view of the SoMa neighborhood, and it’s on the market now for a wee $6 million.

100 years ago, the clock tower was part of Max Schmidt Lithography Printing Co., at the time the largest printer on the West Coast. In 1993, architect David Baker remade it into a loft space.

The couple who purchased the penthouse put it up for sale in 2016, with an asking price of $8.5 million. Not one bit. They lowered it to $6.25 million, but still the listing never found any interested buyer. Now, it returns, with 250,000 shaved off the asking price.

Potential owners get 3,000 square footage of space. And that’s just the indoors we’re talking about. They also are privy to 1,300 square footage of outdoor space courtesy of a wrap-around deck. Of the 127 lofts in the building, only the penthouse has access to the clocktower. The clock still functions to this day, with the building’s homeowners’ association taking care of upkeep.

The penthouse features original hardwood and concrete flooring, not to mention brick all throughout the space. On walls, you’ll find massive windows that let plenty of light in and provides spectacular views of the city. The third floor houses a game room, complete with a Dirty Harry pinball machine. Now that’s vintage.

In all, the penthouse has two bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms, and a glass-covered fireplace. The fourth and farthest floor is the clock tower room, where you can chill and see the inner gears of the timepiece.


Photos courtesy of Compass and Open Home Photography

The My Arcade Retro Champ Is A Switch For Classic Gaming

These days, there’s no shortage of game systems that can let you play vintage software. Video game manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony, SNK, and a bunch of others are cashing in on the craze. However, these platforms are normally marketed with pre-loaded games and designed to look like the console it represents albeit in miniature form. Hence, they are affixing the word “mini” on most of these products. Then there’s the few that threat the fine line between being a sleek multi-function device and an ugly hybrid mess. Thankfully, the My Arcade Retro Champ fit the former description perfectly.

We’ll start by telling you that although it does not seem intentional, The Retro Champ resembles a popular game system. We have to give it to My Arcade for keeping just enough elements to make it stand out on its own. Nevertheless, there is a slight resemblance to Nintendo’s latest machine. It really depends on the eye of the beholder, but we can say that it appears to be a chunkier Switch. You can think of it as a reimagination of how the hybrid game console would look like if it played NES and Famicom games.

The portable game system is compatible with both the American and Japanese game cartridge, which makes it quite versatile. It sports a 7-inch colour display and promises around three to five hours of battery life on a single charge. Just like the Nintendo Switch, it features a built-in kickstand for tabletop gaming. Furthermore, owners can also hook it up to their TV via the HDMI interface. Finally, as an added bonus, My Arcade is throwing in a cleaning kit to help restore your cartridge collection.

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Images courtesy of My Arcade

The Analogue Pocket Is A Miniature But Powerful Portable Gaming Platform

Retro gaming just continues to grow as more tech companies start to realize the potential market for niche devices. Most of these products are designed to run indie games like the Playdate, which even features a small hand crank. Then there’s more premium and artistic stuff from Love Hultén, which look like instant collector’s pieces. Most of these handheld gadgets usually emulate a beloved classic – the Nintendo Game Boy. With that in mind, the Analogue Pocket seems like the most versatile of the bunch.

When we say that it is the most flexible portable gaming device, we were not exaggerating. According to the product page, it is compatible with huge library of games. It will run cartridges for the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance. Moreover, it will likewise support Game Gear cartridges via an adapter.

The Analogue Pocket is more than just a gadget for playing games. It is also capable of becoming a portable workstation for users to create music. This function is available through the Nanoloop program for the device. Going back to what it does best, this awesome gaming gadget comes with the Analogue Dock. This accessory allows you to output your games to your HDTV. Now all that’s needed is a pair of Bluetooth controllers preferably from 8BitDo or wired connection via USB.

If you’re interested after reading about all the cool stuff it can do. The Analogue Pocket will start shipping in 2020 for $199. Word is that it will be on offer in limited numbers only, which means you have to act fast.

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Images courtesy of Analogue

Kanu Private Island Is What Exclusive Is All About

If you want a really, really, really exclusive getaway, there’s no better way to hide from society than renting the Kanu Private Island. It redefines exclusivity, offering a slice of isolated respite for a few hundred dollars a night.

The 2.5-acre resort offers utmost privacy for people who just don’t want to stroll around crowd-addled beaches. The space offers five private villas measuring in at 1,000 square feet apiece, enough for 10 kids and 10 adults. Therefore, the Kanu Private Island is perfect for multi-family retreats.

Part of the all-inclusive rate for a week’s stay is arrival by a quick 15-minute private boat — or even a local flight. Guests can also enjoy free meals prepared by a private chef and drinks made with local ingredients. You also get to unwind thanks to multiple complementary massages.

For those looking for something a bit more adventurous, Kanu Private Island has you covered. You’ll find kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear at the ready when the itch for adventure comes up. The resort will even provide a personal boat captain to guide you in your exploration.

A week long stay costs about $4,000, and that accommodates 8 adults, which averages out to $500 a night for each person before taxes. Not bad. Not bad at all. Okay, so the Kanu Private Island is not cheap. But the all-inclusive package sounds like a pretty awesome deal. Not to mention that fact that you’re getting an entire island all to yourself. Hit the link below for more information on booking.


Photos courtesy of VRBO

The NZ House Is A Near-Zero Energy Home

It was a few years ago when city officials in Phoenix, Arizona tasked designers to come up with a solution for the need of more sustainable architecture in the city’s very hot climate. In 2016, the city showed off a road map designed to turn Phoenix into a completely carbon-neutral zero-waste city. A year later, it launched a design competition, which called on local architects to design net-zero energy homes. One among many proposals is the NZ House.

Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects took home the crown. The studio came up with a super affordable three-bedroom home called the NZ House. The designers were rewarded $100,000 for their ingenuity, and the plan is now available for widespread use.

“[The] goal was to show how simple moves could result in significant [environmental] changes,” says Imirzian.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most newly built homes score a HERS index of 100, the metric used to rate a household’s potential energy consumption. The NZ House scored zero. The house measures 2,100 square feet and costs only $344,000 to build. To meet the competition’s requirements, the studio analyzed how the energy “envelope” would perform by looking at materials, along with the roof, ceiling, and wall assembly.

They also considered the climate in Phoenix, which led them to use high-performance glass, which reduces heat transmission from outside. They also added retractable fabric screens for improved shade and passive cooling without resorting to AC units. The project is a fascinating look into how low can we go in terms of energy. Hit the link below to learn more.


Sony Will Take On Samsung’s The Wall TV With Its Crystal LED Modular TV

If you’ve been paying attention to the tech industry, you’ll know that 4K resolution is the new norm. Regular HD TVs have been slowly making their exit as consumers demand more pixels per inch on their displays. However, brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony are making the next move to push for even more. Drop by your local store or official showrooms to check out what these latest models bring to the table. On the other hand, Sony is teasing an exciting type of technology that looks promising – Crystal LED.

Other brands are currently marketing 8K-resolution TV as the next big thing. Meanwhile, the Japanese company is already exploring beyond that threshold. Sony understands that in order to be ahead of the game, it needs to make bold decisions.

Therefore, while everyone else is fixated with 4K and 8K, it introduces a modular model that can output images up to 16K. Some will argue that this is purely for commercial purposes, but the manufacturer begs to differ.

Sony hopes to target consumers who want even bigger displays for their entertainment needs. Instead of using modern projectors for home theater setups, its Crystal LED technology will apparently outperform everything else. So far, the only dealbreaker to this type of screen is the installation.

Unlike conventional flat-screen TVs, it requires professional assistance to get everything working. Due to its modular nature, consumers can possibly go for an insane 790-inch configuration that will rival any cinema. Sony’s Crystal LED displays won’t come cheap either. The $5.8 million price tag will make anyone think twice about its purchase.

For more details: click here

Anekona House For Volcano Lovers

If you like to be within the vicinity of volcanoes, this Hawaiian retreat sounds like heaven on Earth. Meet the Anekona House, a shape-shifting structure near the town of Waimea. It looks out over a wild stream and the rugged, panoramic beauty of Hawaii Island.

The owners of this house consists of a multi-generation family of artists and professional chefs. They wanted a home where they could chill outdoors but one that used only the rawest form of materials and minimal construction methodologies.

The resulting home relied on site-cast concrete, prefabricated steel, and local lava rock. The home features two contrasting linear sections bisecting a central corridor. The first half serves as the public area and looks like a row of pavilion-like living and entertaining spaces underneath a steel roof. The second half, meanwhile, offers up a splendid contrast. You’ll see here a series of heavy concrete bunkers that offers more privacy than the first half of the home.

As mentioned, bisecting the Anekona House is a lengthy corridor separating the bunkers and concrete interior walls. Elsewhere, you’ll find barn doors that wrap around the exterior walls and between each pavilion area, which means the family can open up the private spaces if they wanted to. These doors create a level of functionality that doesn’t interrupt the main purpose of the design in the first place. A clever architectural decision.

Power comes from a solar array on the roof, which makes the Anekona House completely self-contained. It also has natural cooling and uses all LED power, which makes it a fine choice for those who aim to live off-grid.


Photos courtesy of Mauna Kea Realty

The Philips Hue Filament Collection Mixes Vintage Looks With Modern Tech

As technology evolves, so does the stuff we love. We get to enjoy the creature comforts these upgrades deliver and also benefit from new functions. These include mobile devices, automobiles, wearables, and household appliances. Nevertheless, the old-school flavor never really goes out of style, which is we still yearn for the things from the past. Hence, this is exactly why companies are tapping into feelings of nostalgia to give us cool products. Philips is jumping on the bandwagon to give us Hue Filament bulbs.

Most of the time, LED lighting is great for a lot of applications. Moreover, the smart-enabled kind delivers a level of versatility that the older models cannot offer. However, Philips understands the existing demand for niche products that exude a retro vibe. This newest addition to the Hue lineup comes with modern technology and distinctly vintage design.

Most LEDs bulbs feature a frosted cover to diffuse the light to give off a softer glow. The Hue Filament collection, on the other hand, goes for clear glass. There are three variants available with different bulb shapes to suit your tastes. Similar to the regular hue catalog, these can be controlled via Bluetooth and compatible with Android or iOS smartphones.

For smart home integration, the Hue Filament series works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant without a hitch. Meanwhile, those who plan to use it with Apple HomeKit or Microsoft Cortana need to have the Hue Bridge accessory. Philips is listing a maximum brightness of 530 lumens and a color temperature of 2,100K.

Check out the catalog: here

Images courtesy of Philips