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Seinfeld’s ‘CiCGC’ trailer is chock full of stars, cars and coffee

“Oh, we’re really just eating,” Matthew Broderick says with a confused look. “Not saying anything entertaining.” Nope, you’re not, Mr. Broderick, and that’s kind of the point. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is essentially an extension of Seinfeld, the show about nothing. Jerry talks to his comedian friends about, well, being themselves, and there are some automotive glamour shots mixed in. Yet, the show has created enough draw to last 10 seasons, with the 11th launching this month. And we’re pumped.

After a teaser image previewed this season’s guests, the official trailer previews the plethora of excellent vehicles that will make appearances. During the 2:38 clip, we see a Lambretta scooter, a Dodge Monaco police cruiser, a Porsche Carrera GT, a classic Mercedes-Benz station wagon, an early ’60s Cadillac coupe de Ville, a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, a VW Thing, a 1968 Maserati Mistral 4000 Spyder by Frua (we think), a Rolls-Royce Dawn, a Porsche 356 convertible police car, a Nissan Figaro, and a Vespa. 

Those cars will be joined by Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, Ricky Gervais, Broderick, Jamie Foxx, Sebastian Maniscalco, Martin Short, Mario Joyner, Melissa Villaseñor, Bridget Everett, and Barry Marder. Throughout the season, Seinfeld will also be visiting a number of locations outside the typical coffee shops and diners, including Mets home Citi Field, a barbershop, and most importantly, an Arby’s. 

Seinfeld starts the trailer with a message to all the shows that have copied been inspired by the CiCGC format: “If you’re gonna knock us off, get it right!” The new season debuts July 19, 2019 on Netflix. 

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